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  1. “Hello Future. Hello Transformation.” This is the future-orientated motto of the EUROBIKE 2024 conference program

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    Source: Eurobike

    The EUROBIKE 2024 program will focus on industry transformation within an international and societal framework, with an emphasis on steering the mobility revolution towards sustainable outcomes. It explores the dynamics of the bike ecosystem and business, addressing challenges through EU regulations, data insights, and innovative solutions. The conference agenda combines practical insights with visionary ideas, merging overarching concepts with actionable steps.

    Over four days, the conference offers a platform for discussing industry transformation. In collaboration with leading bike industry organizations such as ZIV, Zukunft Fahrrad, VSF, CONEBI, and CIE, Eurobike has developed a program addressing the holistic needs of the bike ecosystem while planning for future adaptations. There’s also a focus on fostering communication and driving political and social change on various levels.

    The conferences centre around six core themes: Innovation, Digitalization, Sustainability, Inspiration, Retail, and People. Through various formats such as knowledge sharing, interactive exchanges, and networking, participants engage in dialogue that links theory with practice. The expo’s business days from July 3-5 attract trade visitors worldwide, offering a program aligned with European and German bicycle industry organizations. These sessions complement the trade show’s themes, with guided tours providing firsthand experiences, comprehensive insights, and networking opportunities.

  2. Eurobike 2024 on Further Expansion Course

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    New exhibitors, markets and network expansion with pop-up office in Frankfurt

    Friedrichshafen/Frankfurt – The 32nd Eurobike is further expanding its position as a global platform for the bicycle and future mobility industry. An excellent level of bookings received to date, many new registrations and the further network expansion with a pop-up office to open in Frankfurt as well as the launch of new events in Istanbul and Jakarta – all of this shows where the journey will take us next.

    At the last two editions of Eurobike, first up on the agenda was the move to Frankfurt, followed in 2023 by expansion, growth and optimization. As for 2024, the signs point to further expansion and orientation towards the future of the bicycle and light electric mobility industry. The topics of energy and mobility transition are ubiquitous, unavoidable and future global fields of action. The European market is the one leading the way in their development, utilization and relevance. “We are very pleased that, despite the current challenging market environment, we have this overwhelming call to action coming from the industry, so that future topics can take center stage at Eurobike 2024. The current market situation creates a lot of need for discussion, pressure to act and the necessity of repositioning, which benefits us,” explains Stefan Reisinger, Managing Director of the Eurobike organizer fairnamic GmbH.

    As the leading trade fair, Eurobike will in 2024 once again be the platform for industry players to exchange views on economic, social and political developments, and showcase their innovations. The more than 200 newly registered exhibiting companies, coming from all over the world, represent the entire spectrum of the bike and LEV industry. With the recently announced formats Asiabike Jakarta and Eurobike Istanbul, there will be further synergy effects and future market opportunities for the exhibitors as well as the specialist audience.

    fairnamic shows presence in Frankfurt

    True to the motto “Think global – act local,” the further expansion of activities and presence in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main area is also high on the list of priorities for 2024. In addition to the company headquarters of fairnamic GmbH in Friedrichshafen, the Eurobike team is opening a pop-up office in Frankfurt, thus ensuring an even closer connection to the regional cultural events of the Hessian metropolis. The temporary office will open in the creative center and venue Massif Central in mid-January. Stefan Reisinger explains this step: “Our goal is to make Eurobike even more visible in Frankfurt, to expand networks and partnerships with other events as well as associations, employers and opinion-makers on the scene. The Massif Central offers us exactly these possibilities.”

    About Eurobike:

    Eurobike is the central platform of the cycling and future mobility universe. Together with visionaries from politics, business, society and the mobility industry, it creates space for communication, new ideas, change of perspective, and strong partnerships for innovative mobility solutions and new business models. With Eurobike, the booming and rapidly changing bicycle and future mobility industries have found a common platform. It sets new standards and identifies key topics in the areas of sports, leisure, health and mobility, makes continuous progress and brings the global community together live. The 32nd Eurobike will take place on the grounds of Messe Frankfurt from Wednesday, July 3 to Sunday, July 7, 2024. For more information, go to: www.eurobike.com

    About fairnamic GmbH:

    With the founding of fairnamic GmbH, the trade fair companies Frankfurt and Friedrichshafen are sealing a partnership focusing on innovative mobility. The market position in the future markets of bicycles, e-bikes, micromobility and general aviation is strengthened by pooling expertise and market knowledge, global positioning, brand strength and speed. The joint venture focuses on the Eurobike and AERO brands and their satellites. The objective is to expand and further develop the two flagship trade fairs. For more information, go to: www.fairnamic.com

  3. micromobility expo 22 is open for speakers

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    Held in Hannover between 19-21 May 2022, the micromobility expo stands for micromobility in urban areas and is the central contact point for knowledge transfer and exchange of experience. 

    Expo organisers have put out the call for expert speakers to share their insight and knowledge to guests, with the deadline for interested speakers to register topics being 7 November 2021. A panel of qualified judges will review and decide which speakers shall be added to the schedule. Chosen speakers will receive free expo entry for themselves and a number of guests

    The comprehensive conference program presents products and concrete solutions for micromobility in urban areas, as well as a platform for knowledge transfer and experience exchange. At its core is the pursuit and development of socially and ecologically just mobility. The expo seeks to bring together relevant experts and professionals and generate solutions to the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility, and does so via a three day program of lectures, panel discussions, project presentations and opportunities to try out the latest products in the industry.

    Florian Eisenbach, project manager at organizer, Deutsche Messe, elaborated on the conference: “The mobility turnaround in urban areas will only succeed through the interaction of industry, science, public administration and politics. With the conference, we are creating a platform for this exchange, in which we take all perspectives into account. In this way, we are providing additional impetus”.

    Speakers from various fields are welcome, such as science, research and universities, students as well as business, industry, production and sales, and can apply on the following topics, in any format:

    Mobility of the future

    Potentials and resources: Micromobility as a building block of sustainable, socially just mobility.

    • Micromobility & Climate Protection
    • Mobility culture, ethics & trends
    • Political & legal framework

    Urban-spatial development

    Micromobility and urban development: mobile quality of stay and quality of life

    • Mobility planning & transport infrastructure
    • Urban mobility concepts & neighborhood development
    • Virtual mobility

    Urban & intra-urban logistics

    The still unknown side of micromobility: Applications and innovation

    • Urban-Rural
    • Green Logistics
    • Robotics

    Safety & Security

    Personal integrity and safety in road and traffic areas

    • Traffic safety
    • Driving Safety
    • Insurances

    Multi- and Intermodality

    Integrative solutions and systems

    • Infrastructure solutions
    • Public transport & last mile – commuter traffic
    • Sharing systems

    Free Agers

    Users at the Center Micromobility for all

    • Design
    • Handling & Functionality
    • Access & Acceptance

    Interested exhibitors may also note that an early booking discount is available until November 15, 2021

    Source: https://www.micromobilityexpo.de/en/press/press-releases/micromobility-expo/press-release_1217

  4. Eurobike rescheduled to November 2020

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    The Corona pandemic continues to hold the world in a stranglehold. Given the ban in Germany on major events until 29 August 2020 and the scale of preparations and procedures for Eurobike, holding the show just two days later is practically impossible. Due to this, Messe Friedrichshafen has decided not to run Eurobike 2020 on the planned date from 2 to 5 September or in its usual format. Instead, the organisers are holding a one-off Eurobike Special show some two and a half months later – from 24 to 26 November 2020. The event will be a pure B2B concept and the ideal platform as a working trade fair with intensive expert and professional exchange. “We are providing the first, unique opportunity for the bike industry to meet in this challenging year to maintain retail contacts and help drive new impetus,” announces Klaus Wellmann, CEO Messe Friedrichshafen.

    Initially proposed as a “Plan B” back in April, the new schedule is now being implemented. This year, the bicycle industry will be meeting in Friedrichshafen from Tuesday 24 to Thursday 26 November, with a pure B2B format. The working fair will run for three week days, without a public day and is scheduled for much later in the year in order to provide sufficient time for preparation and organisation. Given the current circumstances, it will take into account the interests of the industry, retail and the media, as the most important stakeholders in this business-focused show. Stefan Reisinger, Head of Eurobike explains: “Suppliers, brands and retailers are all starting the 2020 bike season facing very difficult conditions and will hopefully benefit from recovery effects over time. One thing is certain, all industry players will have to adapt to the postponed development of the season compared to previous years. The later Eurobike date gives the whole bike industry an opportunity to make plans at the end of the 2020 season for the coming sales and production season. As such, it also offers a unique chance to meet up, to exchange ideas, and to work and network this year.”

    The concept for this year’s Eurobike working trade fair will not include popular events, such as the Public Day, Eurobike Party, Test and Demo Areas and other elements from the supporting programme. “It is not inconceivable that we will still all be following the social distancing regulations in November,” says Eurobike Project Manager, Dirk Heidrich. The shorter duration and lower concentration means that exhibitors will be offered cost benefits in the form of reduced booth prices and the Retail First ticketing programme will still be available. Regarding availability of and conditions for accommodation in Friedrichshafen and the surrounding area, the November date brings obvious advantages.

    Meanwhile, the original planned Eurobike date at the start of September is going to be put to good use. The “Bike Biz Revolution – Conference for Visionaries” will be held on Tuesday, 1 September 2020. The Eurobike organisers are running the new, highly-acclaimed conference as planned – only in a digital format. This will offer international industry players a digital meeting point to meet and discuss on the usual show date. The organisers are also planning to extend the digital offer to include formats for the Eurobike Award, Eurobike Travel Talk and Start Up Day. For further information and regular updates on the Eurobike Special from 24 to 26 November 2020, visit www.eurobike.com.

  5. Eurobike: early September instead of middle of Summer

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    LEVA-EU is very pleased to read that Messe Friedrichshafen is adjusting the dates for Eurobike 2019. Instead of the originally scheduled dates from 31 July to 3 August, the forthcoming 28th edition of the leading trade exhibition will now take place from Wednesday, 4 September to Saturday, 7 September 2019 in Friedrichshafen.

    The wish expressed by numerous market players to move Eurobike to a later date in future has received tremendous support both during and after the past trade exhibition. We are now pleased to be responding to this wish and are moving Eurobike back to its traditional date at the beginning of September,” announced Klaus Wellmann, Chief Executive Officer of Messe Friedrichshafen. The organisational concept of three days for trade visitors and the concluding show day addressing the general public will be retained.

  6. LEVA-EU presentation at Eurobike: Anti-dumping duties on e-bikes injure importers

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    During a presentation at EuroBike, e-bike importers discussed the ongoing anti-dumping investigation opened by the European Commission in October 2017 which may result in the imposition of duties on imports from China.

    Importers expressed concerns that this investigation may deal a fatal blow to their businesses and the thousands jobs they represent. Indeed, duties as high as 189% on imports from China could kill off the affordable end of the market and severely restrict competition.

    What’s happening? Following a complaint brought by the European Bicycle Manufacturer’s Association (EBMA) on 8 September, the European Commission opened an investigation into imports of e-bikes from China on 20 October 2017. Since 4 May 2018, the European Commission imposed the registration of all new e-bike imports with the competent custom authorities. By 20 July 2018, Brussels will decide whether to impose provisional duties on e-bikes. A final decision on definitive duties is expected in January 2019. In the meantime, they may decide to collect duties retroactively from importers.

    Speaking at Eurobike, Annick Roetynck, LEVA-EU Manager, said: “The situation for importers is intolerable. Some importers have shipments waiting at sea. If they cannot be unloaded and sold, the importers lose their investments. If the Commission decides to collect duties retroactively, importers may lose their entire business. This is already punishment before a verdict was reached. The chaos and uncertainty created by this baseless procedure pose an existential threat to small businesses and the growing e-bike market in Europe.”

    Moreover, the case is completely opaque and riddled with procedural absurdities. First of all, complainants refuse to make public the export data on which they based their complaint, which goes against the importers’ due process rights. Second, the European Commission is using Switzerland (!) as a benchmark to analyse prices in its investigation. Having compared the production cost between Switzerland and China, the Commission alleges a dumping margin of 193% to 430%.

    Finally, the complainant failed to prove any injury to the European e-bike industry. As was maintained by LEVA-EU during various public hearings in front of the Commission, the profitability numbers of the EU producers in the sample have never been higher. Largely, that is because European e-bikes are leading the upper price segment of the market.

    In response to continued violations of their due process rights, today a lawsuit against the European Commission has been initiated. The official case was logged on Tuesday 10 July 2018. Annick Roetynck, LEVA-EU Manager, said: “An application for annulment with the General Court of the EU has been filed. We are seeking the annulment of the registration regulation, which was neither based on facts nor imposed with due process and is effectively causing a chilling effect for the importer’s businesses.”

    The imposition of 189% or higher dumping duties would seriously affect affordable e-bikes, just as they are rising in popularity. E-bikes are becoming more frequently used by young people, commuters, seniors and urban delivery services alike. At a time when the EU is struggling to reach its climate targets in transport and our cities are congested, Europe should work for sustainable mobility solutions rather than engage in unwarranted protectionist measures.

  7. LEVA-EU Dumping Information Meeting at Eurobike and Dumping Injury Survey

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    The Commission’s decision to register imports of e-bikes from China has caused great injury to the companies in the Collective of European Importers of Electric Bicycles and to many more SMEs throughout Europe. The uncertainty about potential retroactive collection of duties and the level of potential duties is causing enormous chaos.

    To provide clarification on the case, LEVA-EU organizes an information meeting on the dumping case at Eurobike open to all interested parties.

    LEVA-EU Manager, Annick Roetynck, will present an overview of what has happened so far and what is still to happen: the procedure, registration, retroactive collection, provisional duties, decision on final duties, … After the presentation, together with a few members of the Collective, she will answer all questions the participants may have.

    The information meeting is open to all interested parties but prior registration is required. Participation is free for LEVA-EU and Collective Members. For non-members to participate, they have to register and pay on this website: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/leva-eu-information-meeting-dumping-case-e-bikes-china-tickets-46608013824.

    Also, on behalf of the Collective, LEVA-EU has launched a survey to measure the injury.

    Should the European Commission pursue the 189% duties as mentioned in the Registration Regulation, this will force many companies to close or to go bankrupt. The Registration Regulation is currently resulting in shortage of electric bike supplies, price increases and considerable losses.

    The Collective of European Importers of Electric Bicycles wants to show to the Commission how many companies are affected and to what extent the Registration Regulation has and still is causing damage.

    That is why LEVA-EU has, on behalf of the Collective, launched a short survey for importers, dealers or any other stakeholders in the electric bicycle business. Anybody affected by the anti-dumping proceeding in general, and the Registration Regulation in particular, is invited to help the Collective to show the European Commission the level of injury this is causing by completing a short survey low, which is available here:


  8. Join LEVA & LEVA-EU’s get together at Eurobike

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    LEVA and LEVA-EU have the pleasure of inviting you to join them for a get together on Monday 9 July 2018 at Eurobike. We welcome you at our booth, from 4.30 onwards, which is located on the first floor of the West Entrance, stand number FW-OG 101.

    We invite you for a drink and a chat with a variety of colleagues, an excellent networking opportunity. This get together is an informal networking event, open to  anybody with an interest in light, electric vehicles.

    For further details, please contact Annick Roetynck, LEVA-EU Manager, email leva-eu@telenet.be, tel. +32 9233 60 05.

  9. LEVA-EU Information Meeting on Dumping Case at Eurobike

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    LEVA-EU is fighting, together with a group of European importers, against the anti-dumping proceeding concerning electric bicycles from China. The whole European LEV-business will suffer if anti-dumping duties are to be applied. A large number of companies will be forced out of business, the offer will shrink, prices will increase and consumers will be turned away from electric bicycles. Reduced competition will adversely affect research and development.

    This case has been the single most important topic of conversation in the electric bike business this year and will be the topic of conversation at Eurobike. With that, a lot of rumours, fake news and alternative facts are going around, causing even more disruption.

    LEVA-EU organizes an information meeting on the dumping case at Eurobike to tell the correct story, from our side of the fence of course. The information meeting is open to all interested parties.

    LEVA-EU Manager, Annick Roetynck, will present an overviewof what has happened so far and what is still to happen: the procedure, registration, retroactive collection, provisional duties, decision on final duties, … After the presentation, together with a few members of the Collective, she will answer all questions the participants may have.

    To ensure that your questions get answered at this meeting, we encourage you to send them in advance to leva-eu@telenet.be.

    As the meeting takes place over lunch time, a modest lunch will be offered to the participants.

    The information meeting is open to all interested parties but prior registration is required, click The information meeting is open to all interested parties but prior registration is required: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/leva-eu-information-meeting-dumping-case-e-bikes-china-tickets-46608013824. Please bring your ticket with you.

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