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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs)?

Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) are all 1, 2, 3 and 4-wheeled vehicles that are propelled by an electric motor or by a combination of electric motor and human power. This includes monowheels, electric hoverboards, skateboards, electric scooters, self-balancing vehicles, electric bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, quadrimobiles, etc.
In technical terms, LEVs are all vehicles included in the L-category, as well as a number of vehicle excluded from the L-category.

What is LEVA-EU?

LEVA-EU stands for Light Electric Vehicle Association in Europe and is the only trade association that works exclusively for LEVs in Europe. LEVA-EU was founded in 2017 by Annick Roetynck. LEVA-EU has partners and members around the world. Today (March 2018), LEVA-EU has more than 30 members in EU member states, China, Norway, Russia and Switzerland.

Is LEVA-EU a government organization?

No, LEVA-EU is a trade association and a non-for-profit association, officially registered in Belgium.

Is LEVA-EU related to LEVA in the USA?

Yes, LEVA-EU has a licensing agreement for the use of the name LEVA. But LEVA-EU and LEVA are also partners in the same mission, each with their own regional, specialist knowledge and connections.

Where is LEVA-EU based?

The LEVA-EU head office is in Gent, Belgium, which is very close to Brussels, which provides LEVA-EU with very easy access to the European institutions that are making the rules for LEVs.

How many people work for LEVA-EU?

LEVA-EU is a young association, established in 2017, with two members of staff. Furthermore,  Dennis Hu (胡锴铁) is Director for China Affairs. The association is managed by Annick Roetynck who has a very long experience in and in-depth knowledge of this business. She has a masters’ degree in political science and she has been working in the LEV-business since 1987. Follow Annick on LinkedIn here.

LEVA-EU has a very extensive network, not only in Europe but also in the USA and in Asia. The LEVA-EU network comprises:

  • Producers, importers, distributors of LEVs, components and accessories
  • the European Commission, European Parliament, and Permanent Representations of the Member States
  • National and local authorities responsible for transport/mobility
  • Associations related to the LEV-sector
  • Trade exhibitions
  • LEV trade press
  • Wider European electromobility community through the Platform for Electromobility

Furthermore, LEVA-EU works together with universities and research institutes. LEVA-EU has a special relationship with two Belgian universities: VUB (University of Brussels) and the Gent Campus of KU Leuven (University of Leuven).

Are there any rules for putting LEVs on the market in Europe?

Yes, there are many different types of rules applicable:

  • Technical regulations to which the vehicles must comply;
  • Safety and environmental regulations for instance relating to Li-Ion batteries, to the recycling of end-of-life vehicles, etc.;
  • Road traffic rules and terms of use relating to issues such as number plates, insurance, helmet wear, etc.
  • Liability/warranty regulations;

Can you tell me if I am compliant with EU regulations?

We do not offer auditing services for your products or organization, but we are able to inform and advise you on the legislation that is directly relevant to you, as well as keeping you updated with regulatory changes, so you can stay ahead of the game in product design, manufacturing and logistics.

How can I find out which rules apply to my products?

LEVA-EU has full details on all rules for all Member States in the EU. You can obtain the information either by paying a consultancy fee or by becoming a member of LEVA-EU, which gives you free access to the LEVA-EU information service.

What are the benefits of becoming an LEVA-EU member?

If you join our organization, you can enjoy the many benefits of LEVA-EU membership. The membership fee depends on the number of staff in your company and is available upon request.

Does LEVA-EU have more to offer than information on rules?

LEVA-EU is able to offer you very valuable and extensive market assistance and advice. We can help you with questions such as:

  • In which European countries should I first start my activities and why?
  • How should I organize my European activities?
  • Is my product suitable for the European market?
  • How about liability legislation?
  • What is the potential of the LEV-market in Europe?
  • What is the future of LEVs in Europe?
  • How can I recruit European staff or find distributors for my product?
  • How to handle translations for the European market?
  • In which trade shows should I participate, which trade shows should I attend?
  • How to establish contacts with the European trade press?

How do I become a member, and how much does it cost?

Please complete our signup form and we will be in touch, or if you have any other questions, use our general contact form, and you are welcome to call +32-923-36005. For Chinese enquiries, please contact Dennis Hu at Make it China, [email protected], tel. +44-7598-024148.

The membership fee depends on the number of staff in your company and is available upon request.


Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.


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