micromobility expo 22 is open for speakers

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Held in Hannover between 19-21 May 2022, the micromobility expo stands for micromobility in urban areas and is the central contact point for knowledge transfer and exchange of experience. 

Expo organisers have put out the call for expert speakers to share their insight and knowledge to guests, with the deadline for interested speakers to register topics being 7 November 2021. A panel of qualified judges will review and decide which speakers shall be added to the schedule. Chosen speakers will receive free expo entry for themselves and a number of guests

The comprehensive conference program presents products and concrete solutions for micromobility in urban areas, as well as a platform for knowledge transfer and experience exchange. At its core is the pursuit and development of socially and ecologically just mobility. The expo seeks to bring together relevant experts and professionals and generate solutions to the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility, and does so via a three day program of lectures, panel discussions, project presentations and opportunities to try out the latest products in the industry.

Florian Eisenbach, project manager at organizer, Deutsche Messe, elaborated on the conference: “The mobility turnaround in urban areas will only succeed through the interaction of industry, science, public administration and politics. With the conference, we are creating a platform for this exchange, in which we take all perspectives into account. In this way, we are providing additional impetus”.

Speakers from various fields are welcome, such as science, research and universities, students as well as business, industry, production and sales, and can apply on the following topics, in any format:

Mobility of the future

Potentials and resources: Micromobility as a building block of sustainable, socially just mobility.

  • Micromobility & Climate Protection
  • Mobility culture, ethics & trends
  • Political & legal framework

Urban-spatial development

Micromobility and urban development: mobile quality of stay and quality of life

  • Mobility planning & transport infrastructure
  • Urban mobility concepts & neighborhood development
  • Virtual mobility

Urban & intra-urban logistics

The still unknown side of micromobility: Applications and innovation

  • Urban-Rural
  • Green Logistics
  • Robotics

Safety & Security

Personal integrity and safety in road and traffic areas

  • Traffic safety
  • Driving Safety
  • Insurances

Multi- and Intermodality

Integrative solutions and systems

  • Infrastructure solutions
  • Public transport & last mile – commuter traffic
  • Sharing systems

Free Agers

Users at the Center Micromobility for all

  • Design
  • Handling & Functionality
  • Access & Acceptance

Interested exhibitors may also note that an early booking discount is available until November 15, 2021

Source: https://www.micromobilityexpo.de/en/press/press-releases/micromobility-expo/press-release_1217


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