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VeloBiz LEVA-EU joins SME organization 23/02/2023
NieuwsFiets LEVA-EU sends open letter to Frans Timmermans 22/02/2023
The Pack LEVA-EU sends open letter to Vice-President Timmermans asking for regulatory clarity for light electric vehicle industry 20/02/2023
MicromobilityBiz Trade organisation LEVA-EU joins European Small Business Standards organisation 10/02/2023
Bike-EU LEVA-EU asks the Netherlands to check EU legality of its LEV-framework 27/01/2023
NieuwsFiets LEVA-EU: 'The Netherlands is violating its own law' 24/01/2023


Source Article Date
eMobilServer Electromobility: light vehicles as the key to the traffic turnaround 12/12/2022
Bike-EU Europe takes next hurdle to finalise the battery regulations overhaul 13/12/2022
Velo Biz LEVA criticizes EU-wide customs chaos 25/11/2022
RadMarkt Leva-EU against "customs discrimination" of pure e-bike providers 22/11/2022
Cycling Industry News Anti-dumping confusion as LEVA-EU receives new word on eBike parts 21/11/2022
Saz Bike Leva-EU calls on the EU to abolish punitive tariffs 21/11/2022
RadMarkt LEVA-EU and Stromer present white paper for speed pedelecs 13/09/2022
Cycling Industry News Speed pedelec white paper shows high potential for leaving the car at home 13/09/2022
Saz Bike Stromer and LEVA-EU want to convince European countries of S-Pedelecs 13/09/2022
BikeBiz LEVA-EU and Stromer launch speed pedelec white paper to raise awareness about their use 13/09/2022
NieuwsFiets Stromer and LEVA-EU argue for better s-pedelec policy 11/09/2022
Bike-EU European Commission to hold open workshop addressing LEV legislation 08/09/2022
RadMarkt LEV legislation: LEVA-EU demands a say for the LEV industry 07/09/2022
BikeBiz LEVA-EU calls on LEV sector to have their say on legislation in European Commission workshop 05/09/2022
NieuwsFiets More than 40% less emissions from LEVs 05/09/2022
Saz Bike EU lifts punitive tariffs on China imports for an e-bike manufacturer 17/05/2022
Bike-EU European General Court withdraws anti-dumping duties for Giant Electric Vehicle Kunshan 17/05/2022
Cludcar Lightweight electric vehicles may be the answer to sustainable personal mobility 01/05/2022
Springer Professional Light electric vehicles reduce emissions 21/04/2022
Newsrnd Light electric vehicle: 44 percent less CO2 emissions than passenger cars 08/04/2022
TZ Light electric vehicle: 44 percent less CO2 emissions than passenger cars 08/04/2022
Aktuelle technik Study: Light electric vehicles could drastically reduce climate-damaging emissions 04/04/2022
Ee-news DLR: Light electric vehicles could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transport by more than 40 percent 01/04/2022
Motormobiles DLR: More than 40 percent less emissions from light electric vehicles 31/03/2022
Next Mobility Light electric vehicles could replace three quarters of car journeys in Germany 29/03/2022
Ecomento Study: More than 40 percent less emissions possible with light electric vehicles 29/03/2022
Mc-Folket Light electric vehicles the transport of the future for the climate 29/03/2022
Cycling Industry News Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) key in fight against climate change 29/03/2022
Welt Study on light electric vehicles 28/03/2022
Motorzeitung Study on light electric vehicles - Small climate savers 28/03/2022
Autoevolution Light Electric Vehicles Could Be the Answer for Sustainable Individual Mobility 28/03/2022
Sonnenseite More than 40 per­cent less emis­sions through light elec­tric ve­hi­cles 28/03/2022
Oekonews STUDY: Klimajoker E-light vehicles 28/03/2022
Rhein-zeitung Small climate rescuers - study on electric light vehicles 28/03/2022
Kiratas Study: Battery-powered light vehicles could significantly reduce CO₂ emissions 27/03/2022
Heise Study: Battery-powered light vehicles could significantly reduce CO₂ emissions 27/03/2022
SmarterWorld 40 percent less emissions from light electric vehicles 25/03/2022
Spacewatchafrica DLR study reveals over 40% less emissions from light electric vehicles 25/03/2022
Zeroemission New report: Light electric vehicles are key to climate protection 24/03/2022
Adlershof More than 40 percent less emissions from light electric vehicles 24/03/2022
Evwind More than 40 percent less emissions through light electric vehicles 24/03/2022
Ibexpub Switching To Light Electric Vehicles Could Reduce Car Emissions By 44%; Possible For 75% Of Car Trips – German Study. 24/03/2022
Bike-EU ‘E-bikes and LEVs earn leading position in policy making’ 24/03/2022
NieuwsFiets Crucial key role LEV in the fight against climate change 24/03/2022
Bike-EU LEVA-EU report to show potential of LEV’s in climate change fight 15/03/2022
RadMarkt Leva-EU: DLR report presentation via hybrid event 10/03/2022
Bike-EU EU decision opens up market for generator driven or Series Hybrid e-bikes 24/02/2022
Sazbike Chainless electric bikes are classified as EPAC 22/02/2022
RadMarkt EU Commission confirms: "Series Hybrid" bicycles are EPACs 22/02/2022
NieuwsFiets EC agrees with LEVA-EU about Series Hybrid e-bikes 21/02/2022
BikeBiz Series Hybrid cycles are EPACs excluded from L-category, European Commission confirms 21/02/2022


Source Article Date
RTL Nieuws Interest group electric scooters: 'The Netherlands violates EU law with additional requirements' 26/10/2021
Micromobilitybiz LEVA-EU calls on Dutch government to abandon LEV plans 26/10/2021
NieuwsFiets 'Investigative Council for Safety demonstrates a lack of knowledge' - LEVA-EU 12/10/2021
Tweewieler LEVA-EU wants government to withdraw national requirements for LEVs 04/10/2021
Cycling Industry News LEVA slams Dutch proposal to introduce own regulations for e-mobility market 27/09/2021
Legaal Rijden The authorization framework for LEVs is illegal by European standards 25/09/2021
BikeBiz LEVA-EU commissions research into potential of LEVs to fight climate change 22/09/2021
Cycling Industry News LEVA-EU commissions research into potential of light EV’s to fight climate change 22/09/2021
Sazbike Leva-EU kritisiert Konzept, Umzug und Termin der Eurobike 2022 09/09/2021
Cycling Industry News As e-Mobility evolves can we afford not to discuss electric bike speeds? 03/09/2021
Nieuwsfiets LEVA-EU pakt informatief uit op Eurobike 03/08/2021
Global Ebike Source LEVA-EU Books Two Major Victories in Improving EU-Legislation 03/08/2021
Bikebiz LEVA-EU ‘cautiously welcomes’ study calling for dedicated legislation for LEVs 07/07/2021
Cycling Industry News LEVA-EU welcomes study calling for legislation for light electric vehicles 07/07/2021
Cycling Industry News LEVA-EU warns proposed EU battery rules will harm manufacturers 11/05/2021
Bike-EU Proposal for new EU Machinery legislation leads to uncertainty in the industry 04/05/2021
Sazbike EU-Kommission will Pedelecs aus Maschinenrichtlinie ausschließen 30/04/2021
NieuwsFiets LEVA-EU wil speciale categorie voor LEV accu’s 27/04/2021
Cycling Industry News LEVA-EU to hold information meetings on EU battery proposal 20/04/2021
Bikebiz LEVA-EU to hold meetings on EU battery proposal 20/04/2021
MicroMobilityBiz European Commission confirms legislation for light electric vehicles is ‘unsuitable’ 30/03/2021
Cycling Industry News European Commission concedes legislation for light electric vehicles due revision 30/03/2021
Legaalrijden Europese Commissie: machinerichtlijn is ongeschikt voor LEVs 29/03/2021
Bike-EU LEVA-EU calls again for regulation dedicated to zero tailpipe emission vehicles 23/03/2021
Sazbike Leva-EU stellt neues rechtliches Konzept für Elektroräder vor 16/03/2021
Electricvehiclesresearch LEVA-EU Proposes new Concept of Zero Tailpipe Emission Vehicles 22/02/2021
Nieuwsfiets LEVA-EU lanceert ZEV-concept bij Europese Commissie 18/02/2021
Bikebiz LEVA-EU presents new ZEV concept to European Commission 17/02/2021
Cycling Industry News Proposal made to EC for new zero emission vehicles category 17/02/2021
Sazbike Leva-EU stellt neues rechtliches Konzept für emissionsfreie Fahrzeuge vor 17/02/2021
Smartride Pora na emancypację małych pojazdów elektrycznych w UE”. Nowa wizja branżowej organizacji LEVA-EU 16/02/2021
Electricvehiclesresearch LEVA-EU Calls for Amendment to E-Bike Legislation 22/01/2021
Radmarkt LEVA-EU fordert Gesetzgebungs-Änderung für reine E-Bike-Hersteller 21/01/2021
Sazbike Taiwan wird wichtigster Exporteur für Elektroräder in die EU 20/01/2021
MicroMobilityBiz LEVA-EU calls for end to ‘discrimination’ against EU e-bike assemblers 19/01/2021
Sazbike Leva-EU fordert Zollerleichterungen auch für reine Elektroradhersteller 19/01/2021
BikeBiz LEVA-EU calls for amendment to legislation ‘discriminating’ against e-bike manufacturers 19/01/2021
Bike-EU LEVA-EU supports e-bike makers claim against ‘unjust’ component regulation 19/01/2021
Bike-EU European Commission proposes to update Battery Directive 15/01/2021
Cycling Industry News LEVA-EU advises the EC on ‘discrimination’ against EU e-Bike assemblers 12/01/2021
Nieuwsfiets LEVA-EU wijst EC op discriminatie e-bikefabrikanten 05/01/2021


Source Article Date
Shangwuju 欧洲轻型电动车行业协会LEVA-EU推出新的ZEV概念 24/12/2020
BikeBiz Voting closes next week for BikeBiz Awards 2020 16/11/2020
The Verge Cheating VanMoof e-bikes will be slowed outside the US 10/11/2020
Electricvehiclesresearch LEVA-EU Proposes ZEV-Concept for Light Electric Vehicles 05/11/2020
Sazbike Masse mal Geschwindigkeit: Leva-EU fordert neue Kategorie für Elektrofahrzeuge 02/11/2020
MicroMobilityBiz LEVA-EU proposes ZEV-concept for LEVs to remove ‘legal bottlenecks’ 02/11/2020
BikeBiz LEVA-EU proposes ZEV-concept for light electric vehicles 02/11/2020
Todo Mountainbike La legislación de las bicicletas eléctricas en Europa se va a revisar, y es muy necesario que lo haga 21/10/2020
Diario de Sevilla La legislación de las bicicletas eléctricas, a examen 18/10/2020
Pedelec LEVA-EU proposes Zero Tailpipe Emissions category 16/10/2020
Electrive EU Commission to review light electric vehicle type-approval 12/10/2020
Bicycle Retailer LEVA-EU to champion better rules for manufacturers as board member is appointed as SBS-expert 08/10/2020
Bike-EU EU Commission initiates review of e-bike and LEV type approval 08/10/2020
Pedelecs LEVA-EU holds industry meetings ahead of EU LEV type approval review 08/10/2020
Sazbike EU überprüft Vorschriften für Elektrofahrzeuge 08/10/2020
MicroMobilityBiz European Commission to review regulation surrounding LEVs and type approval 07/10/2020
BikeBiz European Commission launches review on regulation relating to LEVs 07/10/2020
Cycling Industry News European Commission confirms light electric vehicle legislation rethink 07/10/2020
Velostrom Die Importe von Pedelecs in die EU schrumpfen um mehr als 30% – zu Lasten Chinas und zu Gunsten Taiwans. 05/10/2020
Rad Markt EU: Ausnahmen von der Regel bei Strafzoll auf E-Bikes aus China 05/10/2020
Cycling Industry News Amendment gives EU assemblers clarity on circumvention, but questions remain 05/10/2020
Sazbike Leva-EU fordert EU-Kommission zur Gleichbehandlung von Herstellern auf 02/10/2020
Bike-EU EU implements regulation for imported Chinese e-bike parts 30/09/2020
Radmarkt LEVA-EU: neues Logo und neuer Web-Auftritt 23/09/2020
Velobiz LEVA-EU spendiert sich einen neuen Auftritt 23/09/2020
MicroMobilityBiz LEVA-EU launches new website to offer ‘clearer and better-presented’ information for members 22/09/2020
Velobiz Leva-EU informiert zum Thema Akkutransport 04/09/2020
Politico E-scooters ready to scoot across the Channel / 03/09/2020
Bike-EU Cross-industry platform to support safe battery transportation 03/09/2020
BikeBiz Free battery transport information now available through cross-industry platform 02/09/2020
Cycling Industry News European Commission prompts light electric vehicles regulation investigation 28/08/2020
Nieuwsfiets Agressieve inval douane België bij e-bikebedrijven 26/08/2020
Cycling Industry News LEVA-EU calls for evidence on “aggressive” customs actions towards e-Bikes 18/08/2020
MicroMobilityBiz LEVA-EU calls on European e-bike companies to report “aggressive” customs actions 18/08/2020
Bike-EU Industry veteran to give LEVA-EU more EU leverage 17/08/2020
BikeBiz LEVA-EU board member Eddie Eccleston appointed SBS-expert 13/08/2020
Sazbike Leva-EU fordert EU auf, Elektrolastenräder von EU-Norm auszuschließen 11/08/2020
Cycling Industry News Cycle biz vet Eddie Eccleston appointed SBS exper 07/08/2020
Tweewieler UK laat e-stepjes en e-bromfietsen zonder typegoedkeuring toe 20/07/2020
BikeBiz E-bike imports into EU shrink 16/07/2020
Tweewieler Duitsland op kop in Europese e-bike markt; meeste import uit Taiwan 16/07/2020
Electrive E-scooter trials could see the UK move beyond EU rules 12/07/2020
Bike-EU No LEV legislation changes imminent as new study is launched 10/07/2020
Bikenews European E-Bike Market Continues to Flourish 09/07/2020
Radmarkt LEVA-EU: europäischer LEV-Markt surrt spurstabil nach oben 08/07/2020
Pedelecs-elektro-fahrrad EU-LEV-Markt wächst und gedeiht weiter 08/07/2020
Pedelecs Rules continue to frustrate e-cargo & speed pedelec growth, says LEVA-EU 01/07/2020
Bicycleretailer Light Electric Vehicle trade association LEVA-EU urges EC to match green transport rhetoric with action 30/06/2020
Vivocyclo E-steps met zadel zijn illegaal N.A.
Bikenews LEVA-EU Argues Blanket Regulations Choking LEV Sector 26/05/2020
Bikenews LEVA-EU Argues Blanket Regulations Choking LEV Sector 26/05/2020
Speedpedelecvlaanderen LEVA-EU wil wijziging LEV-verordening door EC 26/05/2020
Nieuwsfiets LEVA-EU wil wijziging LEV-verordening door EC 25/05/2020
Citylogistics LEVA-EU says EU regulation is ‘choking’ light electric vehicles 18/05/2020
Electricvehiclesresearch LEVA-EU says Blanket EU Regulation Choking Light EV Sector 13/05/2020
Pedelecs-elektro-fahrrad LEVA-EU: Europäischer Pedelec- und E-Bike Markt weiter auf Wachstumskurs 13/04/2020
Bikenews Leva-EU Argue Case for Speed Pedelec Rule Relaxation 24/02/2020


Source Article Date
Electricmotorcycles European Commission consults on OBD for electric L-category vehicles 16/10/2019
Electricmotorcycles European Commission launches research into braking systems for L3e-A1 16/10/2019
Cycling Industry News Taiwan and EU pick up slack as China’s e-Bike exports to Europe slump 16/07/2019
Bikenews LEVA EU to Host EN 15194:2017 Information Meeting 09/07/2019
Cycling Industry News LEVA-EU organises e-bike dealer trip to China 20/05/2019


Source Article Date
Bike-EU Call on Importers To Protect Themselves Against Potential Retroactive Collection of Dumping Duties 23/10/2018
Bike-EU Importers Collective: E-Bike Duties Are ‘Abuse of Trade Defense Instruments’ 19/07/2018
Bike-EU LEVA-EU Start Dumping Injury Survey and informs on dumping case at Eurobike 28/06/2018
Bike-EU Questions on EU Imposing E-Bike Dumping Duties Retroactively 13/02/2018


Source Article Date
Chinasquare Waarom de klacht tegen ‘dumping’ van Chinese elektrische fietsen belangrijk is 13/12/2017
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