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"Bizbike first came into touch with LEVA-EU when we were seeking legal support in interpreting and monitoring the anti-dumping pricing policy. In the beginning, we opted for them because, just like us, they focus on (electric) mobility in general.

Our first experience was positive, and cooperation has not stopped since. LEVA-EU is an association that not only gives advice, but also acts as a unifying sector group. Today, we gain and exchange knowledge and advice on a regular basis. Together we stand stronger and shape the future."

- Louis Vanhove, CEO Bizbike

"We have been developing and producing e-folding bikes for over 10 years, and when we found LEVa-EU, we decided to join the organisation for several reasons. As a small to medium sized company, it is sometimes hard to find the correct information about rules, legislation and more governmental controls in the electric vehicle industry and market.

LEVA-EU has brought us clear information on many subjects we didn’t even knew that existed. We also believe that LEVA-EU will help our team together with peers in our industry to open doors to other areas in the world and to give us the feeling that we are not an island in the electric vehicle market. By joining forces as SME companies, we are strong and we are able to make comments on newly developed rules in the EU. We are both happy and proud to be a member of LEVA-EU."

- Ton van den Oetelaar, Shinga Lacros E-folding Bikes

"Alligt has joined to benefit from LEVA-EU’s knowledge, because the rules are often not clear and often there is no consistent structure in the rules for lightweight human-electric hybrid vehicles.

I also hope that one day we will enjoy simpler rules and a level playing field for large and small companies, or that smaller companies could be (temporarily) exempted from bottleneck rules that are only feasible for large companies. Finally, we hope that, with the help of LEVA-EU, the maximum continuous rated power limit of 250 W will be dropped to be replaced by maximum speed and maximum acceleration."

- Leo Visscher, Alligt

"CAKE want to be part of such a vital organization like LEVA-EU, which supports the industry with excellence."

- Stefan Ytterborn, CAKE - Founder and CEO.

"LEVA-EU is the first industry organization we joined with intuEdrive, and we will certainly stay on board.
LEVA-EU is lobbying 2.0 with a strong consideration for the SME nature of the industry but also trying to bring the real facts to the table.
We do love the passion and knowledge of the LEVA-EU team!"

- Jorrit and Tomas, Co-Founders intuEdrive

"LEVA- EU has a tremendous inside knowledge of the way of working of the European LEV market. LEVA-EU is a great partner and we highly value our cooperation."

- Taco Carlier, Co-Founder VanMoof.

"We've wanted to join Leva-EU for quite some time and we made it happen early 2020. Leva-EU's mission to support the acceleration of LEV adoption is aligned with our vision: to make cities better places by elevating the daily commute to the next level in terms of speed, comfort and freedom of movement. LEVA-EU’s network, their representation of Cowboy and their strategic counsel on matters such as regulations and market changes will be an important asset in our toolbox going forward."

- Vincent de Gaultier, Vice President Manufacturing Cowboy

"Podbike is on a mission to re-define urban mobility and we believe light electric vehicles play an instrumental role in the shift towards a more sustainable future.

We highly appreciate our partnership with LEVA-EU as they share this view and actively contribute to making it happen by providing market and regulatory insight and by bringing the industry together as one voice to future proof regulations.

- Åge Højmark, CEO Podbike

"We are convinced light electric vehicles play a key role in accelerating the energy transition. At City Smart Bike, we aim to help make this happen. However, we are also acutely aware of the turbulent geopolitical times and rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles. Therefore, we believe our industry needs to come together, so peers can openly share knowledge and combine their strengths. LEVA-EU seems to be solution to make that happen. It has helped us navigate the treacherous terrain around EU legislation and is a reliable partner in these highly politicized times."

- Daan & Lucas Hermsen

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