Eurobike 2024 on Further Expansion Course

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New exhibitors, markets and network expansion with pop-up office in Frankfurt

Friedrichshafen/Frankfurt – The 32nd Eurobike is further expanding its position as a global platform for the bicycle and future mobility industry. An excellent level of bookings received to date, many new registrations and the further network expansion with a pop-up office to open in Frankfurt as well as the launch of new events in Istanbul and Jakarta – all of this shows where the journey will take us next.

At the last two editions of Eurobike, first up on the agenda was the move to Frankfurt, followed in 2023 by expansion, growth and optimization. As for 2024, the signs point to further expansion and orientation towards the future of the bicycle and light electric mobility industry. The topics of energy and mobility transition are ubiquitous, unavoidable and future global fields of action. The European market is the one leading the way in their development, utilization and relevance. “We are very pleased that, despite the current challenging market environment, we have this overwhelming call to action coming from the industry, so that future topics can take center stage at Eurobike 2024. The current market situation creates a lot of need for discussion, pressure to act and the necessity of repositioning, which benefits us,” explains Stefan Reisinger, Managing Director of the Eurobike organizer fairnamic GmbH.

As the leading trade fair, Eurobike will in 2024 once again be the platform for industry players to exchange views on economic, social and political developments, and showcase their innovations. The more than 200 newly registered exhibiting companies, coming from all over the world, represent the entire spectrum of the bike and LEV industry. With the recently announced formats Asiabike Jakarta and Eurobike Istanbul, there will be further synergy effects and future market opportunities for the exhibitors as well as the specialist audience.

fairnamic shows presence in Frankfurt

True to the motto “Think global – act local,” the further expansion of activities and presence in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main area is also high on the list of priorities for 2024. In addition to the company headquarters of fairnamic GmbH in Friedrichshafen, the Eurobike team is opening a pop-up office in Frankfurt, thus ensuring an even closer connection to the regional cultural events of the Hessian metropolis. The temporary office will open in the creative center and venue Massif Central in mid-January. Stefan Reisinger explains this step: “Our goal is to make Eurobike even more visible in Frankfurt, to expand networks and partnerships with other events as well as associations, employers and opinion-makers on the scene. The Massif Central offers us exactly these possibilities.”

About Eurobike:

Eurobike is the central platform of the cycling and future mobility universe. Together with visionaries from politics, business, society and the mobility industry, it creates space for communication, new ideas, change of perspective, and strong partnerships for innovative mobility solutions and new business models. With Eurobike, the booming and rapidly changing bicycle and future mobility industries have found a common platform. It sets new standards and identifies key topics in the areas of sports, leisure, health and mobility, makes continuous progress and brings the global community together live. The 32nd Eurobike will take place on the grounds of Messe Frankfurt from Wednesday, July 3 to Sunday, July 7, 2024. For more information, go to: www.eurobike.com

About fairnamic GmbH:

With the founding of fairnamic GmbH, the trade fair companies Frankfurt and Friedrichshafen are sealing a partnership focusing on innovative mobility. The market position in the future markets of bicycles, e-bikes, micromobility and general aviation is strengthened by pooling expertise and market knowledge, global positioning, brand strength and speed. The joint venture focuses on the Eurobike and AERO brands and their satellites. The objective is to expand and further develop the two flagship trade fairs. For more information, go to: www.fairnamic.com


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