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Businesses in the light electric vehicles sector face complicated European and national rules and regulations to get their products to market. The result is time and money spent making sure you are getting it right and understand these rules and regulations. And yet, there is a simple solution.

LEVA-EU can guide you through this maze of legislation, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. 

Our in-depth knowledge means we can provide members with fast and detailed answers to any questions they may have about the industry. 

We have also published a collection of briefings on a range of issues we believe will assist light electric vehicle businesses the most. These are available to members free of charge.

If you are not a member, you can still get access to this information for €250 (ex VAT) per briefing. This includes all updates published afterwards as well as replies to any questions relating to the briefing. If you join LEVA-EU within three months of buying a briefing, we will deduct the cost from your membership fee.

To obtain a briefing send a mail with the briefing title to [email protected] including your company details + VAT number. This allows us to send you the invoice. You will obtain the briefing upon payment of the invoice.

LEVA-EU briefings 

  • Imposition of countervailing and anti-dumping duties on electric bicycles from China: This briefing has details on the duties and on how to continue to produce/import electric bicycles in a legal way.
  • Duty suspension: For certain bicycle components there is no production left in the EU. Therefore, the EU has decided to suspend the regular import duties on certain bicycle parts. The briefing has all further details including the procedure to apply for suspension.
  • Rules of Origin: Companies that are considering the import of electric bicycles from non-EU countries other than China, must comply with the rules of origin. These rules differ, depending on whether the EU has a preferential trade agreement with the country. The briefing has the rules of origin for Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam. Rules for any other country upon request.
  • Light Electric Vehicles Market Report 2019
  • E-Bike Import & Export Statistics
  • EU technical requirements for LEV batteries: The European technical requirements for batteries for light electric vehicles depend on the type of vehicle. This briefing has all the details.
  • (Electric) Trailer regulations in EU Member States: There are some European harmonised technical rules on (electric) trailers for (electric) bicycles. As a result, each member state can decide on its own rules, both in additional technical regulations and terms of use. LEVA-EU is currently establishing an overview of all these rules. This is a work in progress, the current briefing has details for Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Other countries upon request
  • Registration Procedure for L-category Vehicles in EU Member States: This briefing is useful for companies selling L-category vehicles, including speed pedelecs, directly to consumers in EU member states. If you sell L-category vehicles directly to consumers without a distributor, the consumers must comply with administrative requirements to be able to import and register the purchased vehicle. This briefing outlines the requirementsin Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom.Procedures in other countries upon request.
  • Low Speed Mopeds: Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands have a specific low-speed moped category in their traffic code. This briefing has all details on terms of use for this category.
  • German legislation on electric scooters and self-balancing vehicles (PLEVs): Germany has introduced legislation to allow for electric (kick) scooters to use public roads. This comes with some complicated rules, which are explained in detail in this briefing.

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