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  1. The Verge interviews management on VanMoof 2.0: a new hope

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    The electric bike company’s new leadership is interviewed about plans to relaunch and expand into more e-mobility areas.

    Source: The Verge

    After being a big player in the e-bike market for years, VanMoof abruptly announced its bankruptcy last summer, leaving 200,000 users uncertain about the future of their e-bikes, with the possibility of no component or service centers being able to assist them. Since then it has been purchased by urban mobility manufacturer, Lavoie, who have implemented new management to outline plans for its future.

    Two of its three new leaders, Elliot Wertheimer and Nick Fry, were recently interviewed by technology news outlet, The Verve, about VanMoof’s relaunch plans and the broadening of its product range. They strongly expressed their enthusiasm to keep existing VanMoof riders on the road, and described their schemes to revitalise the company and expand into new e-mobility areas.

    Van Moof 2.0

    For the European market, VanMoof’s 2024 relaunch will prioritise current riders by rolling out replacement parts to retailers with in-house repair shops, then it will resume e-bike sales from its existing catalogue, and follow with the launch of a new VanMoof branded e-scooter.

    Wertheimer and Fry stated that like before, pre-bankruptcy, VanMoof’s product engineering, product design and technology development will still be fully in-house, with the company rehiring many of its previous staff based in Amsterdam.

    The Verge article delves into more detail about the brand’s plans, the expertise of its new management and how they plan to turn things around and make VanMoof successful again. Click here to read the interview in full.

  2. Leading e-mobility brand LAVOIE acquires VanMoof to accelerate its global growth and redefine premium urban transport

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    LAVOIE, the premium e-mobility company backed by global technology company McLaren Applied, has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the VanMoof premium e-bike business.

    Under the terms of the agreement, the acquisition will see LAVOIE and McLaren Applied inject stability into the VanMoof operations, then combining and integrating their premium capabilities to create a next-generation e-mobility business and establish a world-leading premium e-mobility offering.

    The move forms part of LAVOIE’s global growth strategy to redefine premium e-mobility and transform movement around busy urban areas, as part of an enjoyable and more active lifestyle.

    The expansion will include e-bikes in parallel with LAVOIE’s existing premium e-scooter operation with an exciting synergy allowing the business to redefine the growing e-mobility sector by approaching urban mobility via the world of serious automotive engineering. This acquisition will allow this expanded company to tap into the leadership of independent technology pioneers McLaren Applied.

    Nick Fry, McLaren Applied Chairman: “The acquisition of VanMoof underscores our commitment to strengthen and grow our world-leading e-mobility business. We see a huge potential to transform the way people travel around the congested cities of the world in a more active and enjoyable way.”

    “This exciting deal helps us to accelerate global growth, allowing us to increase the scale and quality of products and services we can offer to our customers. We are fully committed to being leaders in manufacturing premium e-mobility products that are redefining the category with each ride.”

    Eliott Wertheimer, LAVOIE CEO: “With its next generation of e-bikes, smart technology, innovative design, and loyal customer base, VanMoof and LAVOIE fit together perfectly. VanMoof has 190,000 customers globally and our commitment is to continue to keep those riders on the road whilst we stabilise and efficiently grow the VanMoof business and continue to develop its world-class products.”

    The LAVOIE team is driven by a desire to redefine the future of personal urban mobility and provide viable solutions to the challenge of urban commuting in congested cities. LAVOIE believes that e-scooters and e-bikes offer a sustainable and efficient form of transportation.

    LAVOIE is McLaren Applied’s premium e-mobility company. LAVOIE is a subsidiary of technology pioneers McLaren Applied, not McLaren Group. Although McLaren Applied was part of the Group for 20 years, it is now under different ownership and is an independent entity from McLaren Group, McLaren Automotive and McLaren Racing.


    McLaren Applied’ s LAVOIE is totally committed to improving personal mobility. Using its heritage in premium automotive, combined with strong pedigrees in engineering and science, LAVOIE re- imagines products you can trust will improve personal transportation and add enjoyment to every journey. Operating at the intersection between high-end design and superlative performance, LAVOIE is set to redefine urban mobility and become a major global player in the premium e-mobility market. www.lavoielectric.com

  3. The ingeniously simple S4 & X4 e-bike from VanMoof

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    Source: VanMoof, 9th May 2023

    VanMoof distills 13 years of in-house innovation into its most accessible and reliable ride yet. The S4 & X4 come equipped with iconic tech and in four vibrant new colors.

    The very best of VanMoof, ingeniously simplified

    The latest release from the city e-bike pioneers distills 13 years of in-house innovation, expertise, and rider feedback. The new VanMoof S4 & X4 share the iconic frame shapes of the best-selling VanMoof S3 & X3, but have been entirely rebuilt to offer the very best of the brand’s technological innovation in its most simple, accessible, and reliable models to date.

    “One of the hardest things in life is to make things more simple. With the S4 & X4, we’ve mastered the art of simplification to make our e-bikes more accessible and reliable than ever.”

    Taco Carlier, Co-founder of VanMoof

    Signature VanMoof tech, streamlined design, and all-new parts

    Optimized for fast, frequent rides, the S4 & X4 feature automatic 2-speed gear shifting and an integrated Gen 4 Kick Lock that secures the rear wheel with a tap. VanMoof’s signature anti-theft tech including onboard alarms and location tracking is built-in for worry-free riding. The rider-favorite Turbo Boost provides on-demand acceleration, and dynamic motor support creates an effortlessly intuitive ride. A built-in phone mount allows the VanMoof app to be used as a dashboard, tracking every ride’s speed, duration, and distance. The S4 & X4 come in four vibrant colors: Evergreen, Sunbeam Yellow, Purple Fog, and Foam Green.

    “We spend a lot of time listening to prospective riders. And what we heard clearly was the desire for our key features and iconic VanMoof design – in an e-bike that was even more simple, more accessible, and more reliable. We designed the S4 & X4 specifically to meet their needs”

    Ties Carlier, Co-founder of VanMoof

    The VanMoof S4 & X4 launches worldwide via vanmoof.com from May 9 for $2,498 / £2,198 / €2,198. In the EU, Evergreen will be on sale from May 9. Purple Fog will be on sale in late May, Sunbeam Yellow in late June, and Foam Green in late July. In the US, Evergreen will be on sale in late May, Purple Fog in June, Sunbeam Yellow in July, and Foam Green in late July. In the UK, Evergreen will be on sale in early June, Purple Fog in late June, Sunbeam Yellow in July, and Foam Green in August. Riders can join the waitlist to be notified before each color goes on sale.

    About VanMoof

    VanMoof was founded in 2009 by Taco and Ties Carlier, two Dutch brothers who dreamt up the perfect city bike. Today, its sleek, multi-award winning e-bikes offer a high-tech and feature-rich experience for a global community of riders. As the world’s fastest growing e-bike brand, VanMoof is on course to redefine the future of urban mobility and get the next billion on bikes. VanMoof sells its e-bikes directly to riders online, with hubs in over 50 cities worldwide, from Paris and New York, to San Francisco and Tokyo.

  4. Time to test ride: VanMoof reveals the all-new S5 & A5 are ready to take to the streets

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    LEVA-EU member VanMoof reveals that the VanMoof S5 & A5 are available to test ride in Amsterdam and Berlin (with test rides to be available in other cities across the globe throughout August and September).

    Following a record-breaking launch in April that achieved unprecedented website traffic and an international buzz, VanMoof’s latest e-bikes are now ready to take to the streets. Riders can test ride both models of the brand’s latest generation of groundbreaking city e-bikes, the VanMoof S5 & A5.

    Test ride schedule

    While Amsterdam and Berlin are the first two cities to launch test rides, riders will be able to book test rides in London, Paris, Hamburg, Munster, New York City, and San Francisco later in August and September. 

    Test rides will be available in further cities across the world through September and October.

    New bikes, new frames

    Both new 5-Series frames offer riders the easiest and accessible way to ride a VanMoof. The S5 is a refresh of the unmistakable VanMoof straight frame with slightly smaller wheels. The high riding position remains the top pick for controlled cruising. The brand-new A5 model has a lowered step-in frame, making it easy to jump on and off on nimble city rides. The all-new frame was designed with people new to biking in mind.

    Engineered to perfection

    The VanMoof S5 & A5 feature a re-engineered ultra-silent and powerful motor, a long-range battery, an extra powerful Boost button, and all the latest VanMoof anti-theft tech. The new handlebar interface made of LED Halo Rings communicates real-time feedback on speed, battery levels, unlocking and more. The all-new lowered step-in A5 frame opens the opportunity for more riders worldwide to have their first e-bike experience. The VanMoof S5 & A5 come in a gray finish and are available to buy for the introductory price of $2998.

    How to book a test ride

    Riders can view which cities worldwide currently offer test rides and book theirs here.

  5. Biking in Style: VanMoof takes over the streets of Paris during Fashion Week

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    All eyes were on Dutch e-bike brand and LEVA-EU member VanMoof, who brought a new, eye-catching mobility trend to this year’s Men’s Paris Fashion Week

    During Men’s Paris Fashion Week, VanMoof rallied an international crew to showcase the ease of city living on an e-bike during one of the busiest and most visible times of the year for the industry. The transformative potential of the e-bike took center stage during VanMoof’s appearance at Paris Fashion Week. Proposing that riding electric offers city dwellers the chance to reclaim their space, the city e-bike pioneers encouraged people to use their bikes as a tool to unlock the endless potential of a modern-day city.

    All eyes on VanMoof

    Paris Fashion Week has traditionally been a place where editors, stylists, tastemakers, and creatives from around the world come together for seven days to determine the direction of the fashion world. Those who flock to the yearly event have traditionally used cars to drive around the congested city in stuffy 30-degree heat, stuck in endless traffic jams and frustrated at the thought of being late to the next show.

    But this year showed that trend to be a thing of the past. This June for the first time, VanMoof supplied over 50 e-bikes to give visitors from all over the world the opportunity to travel around the streets of Paris without breaking a sweat.

    VanMoof’s current Parisian riders include designer Stephane Ashpool, Simon Jacquemus, and Sarah Andleman, each of whom are regularly sighted riding VanMoof e-bikes in the city. This season they were joined by international musicians, editors, and creatives including the likes of Skinny Macho, Aminé, Diplo, David Fischer from HighSnobiety, Dazed street-style photographers and many more.

    A bike-positive future for Paris

    The e-bike brand’s noticeable presence across shows, events, and parties in Paris comes at a crucial time, as attitudes towards biking in the city are undergoing a change. The city municipality is actively encouraging biking, having introduced multiple incentives to make choosing an e-bike more accessible – an act that makes it clear that city legislators worldwide are recognizing the fundamental need to accelerate efforts to both facilitate and encourage biking in urban areas. As part of the city’s Bike Plan, 180,000 additional bike parking spots will be added to the current total of 60,000 – more than tripling the city’s bike racks. And between now and 2026, Parisian riders will gain 180 km of long-awaited and permanent bike lanes.

    Read the full press release and see the custom VanMoof e-bikes here.

  6. VanMoof expands leadership with Gillian Tans in new role as President

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    Former Booking.com CEO ushers in VanMoof’s next stage of global expansion

    Today, LEVA-EU member VanMoof has announced the appointment of Gillian Tans as President: a major new hire for the e-bike company. She takes up the new position with immediate effect. Gillian joins the world’s fastest growing e-bike brand at an exciting time.

    Focus on scale and experience 

    Gillian Tans was previously CEO of Booking.com. During her 20 year tenure, Tans oversaw the company’s massive expansion from a Dutch start-up to becoming the world’s leading online travel agency. At VanMoof, she’ll help realize the vision of making electric biking the default transport choice for moving around our cities worldwide. 

    As President, Tans will lead the company’s management team and oversee business operations, helping to further solidify VanMoof’s position as the breakthrough leader in today’s rapidly growing mobility category.

    Founders Taco and Ties Carlier have been working closely alongside Tans since she first invested in the company several years ago. Over the years the brothers have developed deep respect for Tans’ considerable managerial and executive expertise. Tans’ appointment will allow the Carlier brothers – who remain Co-CEOs – to focus on long-term strategy. Ties will remain focused on product innovation, while Taco will be dedicated to the scale-up’s global corporate strategy.

    Expansion of management expertise 

    The company’s decision to introduce the role of President is the result of many months of operational planning and marks the next phase of VanMoof’s growth. Tans’ experience combines years at the highest executive level, building world-class teams and scaling global operations – all factors that will be crucial in the next stage of VanMoof’s growth.

    VanMoof S5 & A5 launch success

    After tripling sales in 2020, VanMoof has grown its service footprint to 50 locations worldwide over the last year. The recent reveal of VanMoof’s next generation S5 & A5 e-bikes on April 5 saw all early stock sell out ahead of shipments. With the e-bike wave showing no sign of slowing down, VanMoof continues to be the catalyst for widespread e-bike adoption across cities worldwide.

    “Born and raised on a bike, I’ve seen first hand how riding opens cities up. As a dedicated VanMoof rider myself, I’ve been following Taco and Ties’ journey over the years and I’m thrilled to play a part in scaling this unique brand at such an exciting moment.” – Gillian Tans, President VanMoof

    We’re very excited to have Gillian join us. She’s been an incredibly valuable mentor to me and Ties over the years. It’s great that we can now build VanMoof’s next chapter together. How we scale is as important as how we develop our product. Deepening our leadership with Gillian expertly sets VanMoof up to realize our ambitious goals in this next chapter for the company.” – Taco Carlier, Co-founder VanMoof.

  7. VanMoof reveals its next-gen e-bikes including the long-awaited step-in frame

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    A brand new angled frame with lowered step-in is VanMoof’s most accessible to ride e-bike yet, and comes with multiple cargo options.

    On April 5th, VanMoof announced its latest generation of e-bikes, the VanMoof S5 & A5. Fully re-engineered features include an ultra-silent powerful motor, long-range battery, powerful boost, and the latest VanMoof anti-theft tech. The new handlebar interface made up of LED Halo Rings communicate real-time feedback on speed, battery levels, unlocking, and more. The long-awaited lowered step-in A5 frame opens the opportunity for more riders worldwide to have their first e-bike experience. Check out the promo video here.

    New step-in frame 

    Both new 5-Series frames offer riders the most easy and accessible way to ride VanMoof e-bikes yet. The S5 is a refresh of the unmistakable VanMoof straight frame with slightly smaller wheels. The high riding position remains the top pick for controlled cruising. The brand new A5 angled frame is designed for wider accessibility and keeps riders feeling closer to the road. The lowered step-in makes it easy to jump on and off and heightens comfort and confidence for people new to biking. In addition, the A5 comes with multiple cargo options making it the perfect ride for city errands. It is designed to transport the near equivalent to a small city car.

    Easy and intuitive use

    Usability was paramount in the design process, a requirement being that even first-time e-bike riders feel confident using the bike. The industry-first Halo Ring Interface, integrated into the e-bikes’ handlebars, is a new signature feature designed to give riders immediate and intuitive feedback. It shows speed, battery levels, and connectedness.

    The famed VanMoof anti-theft technology has been honed with a revamped in-wheel kick lock, bigger pin, and new auto retract function. The bike secures itself with a tap, and is able to unlock automatically upon the rider’s return. A new optional phone mount and USB-C charging port turn every rider’s phone into a dashboard. This makes navigation and on-the-go charging easy, whilst also offering a data-rich ride thanks to the updated VanMoof app.

    Ultra smooth riding experience 

    A series of detailed improvements elevate the bike’s stability, usability, and overall riding experience amounting to the smoothest one yet. The ultra silent Gen 5 motor, long-range battery, and powerful boost make up the connected ‘power system’ at the heart of the bikes. This complex network of intelligent sensors and responsive parts is engineered to work together giving riders an ultrasmooth, second-to-none riding experience. The VanMoof S5 and A5 respond to the rider’s own distinct pace and movement thanks to upgraded electronics, rebooted torque sensor and Gen 5 E-shifter. The remastered design and integrated tech mark a revolutionary leap forward, and have been honored with the prestigious Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ design award.

    Only a handful of parts remain from our previous models, the S3 and X3. Every last detail from the frame down to the chip sets and sensors has been engineered for the smoothest, most powerful ride ever.” Ties Carlier, VanMoof Co-founder.

    On sale 

    The VanMoof S5 & A5 come in gray and are on sale worldwide from April 5 for $2998. Deliveries start from July. A range of accessories, including an optional click-on external battery, become available early Summer 2022. To manage demand and delivery times, riders get access to purchase via waitlist. Sign up to the waitlist at vanmoof.com.

  8. Jonathan Hum joins VanMoof as Global Chief Marketing Officer

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    VanMoof adds Masterclass VP & Head of Marketing to its Management team

    VanMoof has announced a major new hire with its appointment of Jonathan Hum as its Global Chief Marketing Officer. Hum will lead across all aspects of the brand’s marketing output as it consolidates its position as the global leader in the rapidly developing and fast-maturing field of e-bikes and urban mobility.

    Leading creative strategist with prestige brand track record

    Hum has over 20 years of brand, agency and marketing experience, having held previous positions such as Global Senior Director of Brand Marketing at Nike and Managing Director at renowned design and communications agency, AKQA. Hum’s leadership at MasterClass as VP, Marketing was pivotal during its period of huge breakthrough growth as the EdTech platform tripled its valuation in under two years. Hum joins the ride at a similarly crucial time for the e-bike pioneers: As the world’s fastest growing e-bike brand, VanMoof’s scale has skyrocketed over the last year, offering a high-tech and feature-rich experience for a community of almost 200,000 riders (and counting) worldwide.

    “2022 is set to be an incredibly exciting year for VanMoof. This is a brand and a product that is redefining city mobility and pioneering real change. I’m thrilled to be joining the ride and ready to lead VanMoof’s next wave of growth.”Jonathan Hum, CMO, VanMoof.

    “Jonathan’s appointment gives VanMoof a massive injection of expertise from the highest levels of international brand building. His creative vision and sharp marketing know-how will help us take VanMoof marketing capabilities to the next level.”Taco Carlier, CEO and Co-founder, VanMoof. 

    “With unrivalled and multifaceted experience in brand agency and marketing, we can’t wait to see what Jonathan can bring to the table in 2022 and beyond.” Ties Carlier, CEO and Co-founder, VanMoof. 

  9. VanMoof puts its e-bikes’ security to the test against stop-motion “Super Thieves” in latest ad

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    The Dutch e-bike brand has collaborated with Oscar-nominated Isle of Dogs, Fantastic Mr. Fox & Corpse Bride animator Tobias Fouracre to create a charming depiction of its theft-defying tech

    VanMoof has launched “Hard Times For Super Thieves” – a playful new campaign that demonstrates the power of its anti-theft technology and Peace of Mind coverage. The film takes the form of a series of mockumentary-style studio interviews with some highly-skilled e-bike burglars, who speak candidly to the camera about their troubled attempts to steal a VanMoof.

    Following the brand’s epic Summer TV spot, leading British animator Tobias Fouracre steps up to craft an equally artful film, continuing VanMoof’s imaginative approach to brand building. The advert revolves around three finely detailed, stop-motion puppets and their foiled attempts to steal an impressive 3D-printed VanMoof S3 replica. The result is wildly inventive and light-hearted – a powerful and unique approach to handling the serious subject of bike theft and security. The characters include a Master Lockpicker who’s repeatedly confused by the bike’s nifty keyless locking system, an International Art Thief who can’t outsmart the bike’s anti-theft tracking system and a Cyber Security “Specialist” who struggles to crack its lock code. But despite their criminal tendencies, the “Super Thieves” are a highly likeable bunch.

    “Real deterrents are needed to keep your VanMoof safe. Bringing these features to life in a vivid way was the film’s goal. We couldn’t be happier with the way it’s turned out. We love the characters, and we love the stop-motion approach. It makes for a truly unique and playful way to talk about a tricky subject.” Colin Cornwell, Creative Director, VanMoof

    One year of Free Peace of Mind coverage

    The film launch coincides with VanMoof’s current offer, where prospective riders can get a whole year of three-year Peace of Mind Theft and/or Maintenance coverage for free when they buy a VanMoof S3 or X3. The offer is available globally from January 26 until March 31.


    Production Company: Rowdy

    Director: Tobias Fouracre

    Producer: Daisy Garside

    CMO: Andrew Smith (VanMoof)

    Creative Director: Colin Cornwell (VanMoof)

    Producer: Kim Buttery (VanMoof)

    More Super Thieves Images

    Interview with Tobias Fouracre

    VanMoof Press Releases

    About VanMoof

    VanMoof was founded in 2009 by Taco and Ties Carlier, two Dutch brothers with a vision of the perfect city bike. Now their bikes are changing cities and leading the current wave of people choosing e-bikes. VanMoof’s sleek, multi-award-winning rides offer a high-tech and feature-rich experience for a passionate worldwide community of 150,000 riders and counting. The iconic integrated frames mirror a fully integrated end-to-end company that has upended the bike industry by taking complete ownership of everything from design and production to sales and after-service. As one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, VanMoof is on course to redefine the future of urban mobility and get the next billion on bikes. VanMoof Brand Stores can be found in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, and Tokyo, with expansion planned to 50 cities worldwide through dedicated Service Hubs by the end of 2021. Ride the Future at vanmoof.com.

    About Tobias Fouracre

    Tobias is a veteran of the animation industry with an eye for detail. As a lead character animator, he has worked on Corpse Bride, Fantastic Mr Fox, Frankenweenie and was animation supervisor on Isle of Dogs. All four films have received Oscar nominations for the best-animated feature. Tobias also directs children’s T.V. with series that include Club Penguin for Disney and Koala Brothers for the BBC. Advertising credits include work for everyone from Specsavers to Marmite.

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