Leading e-mobility brand LAVOIE acquires VanMoof to accelerate its global growth and redefine premium urban transport

217 days ago

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LAVOIE, the premium e-mobility company backed by global technology company McLaren Applied, has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the VanMoof premium e-bike business.

Under the terms of the agreement, the acquisition will see LAVOIE and McLaren Applied inject stability into the VanMoof operations, then combining and integrating their premium capabilities to create a next-generation e-mobility business and establish a world-leading premium e-mobility offering.

The move forms part of LAVOIE’s global growth strategy to redefine premium e-mobility and transform movement around busy urban areas, as part of an enjoyable and more active lifestyle.

The expansion will include e-bikes in parallel with LAVOIE’s existing premium e-scooter operation with an exciting synergy allowing the business to redefine the growing e-mobility sector by approaching urban mobility via the world of serious automotive engineering. This acquisition will allow this expanded company to tap into the leadership of independent technology pioneers McLaren Applied.

Nick Fry, McLaren Applied Chairman: “The acquisition of VanMoof underscores our commitment to strengthen and grow our world-leading e-mobility business. We see a huge potential to transform the way people travel around the congested cities of the world in a more active and enjoyable way.”

“This exciting deal helps us to accelerate global growth, allowing us to increase the scale and quality of products and services we can offer to our customers. We are fully committed to being leaders in manufacturing premium e-mobility products that are redefining the category with each ride.”

Eliott Wertheimer, LAVOIE CEO: “With its next generation of e-bikes, smart technology, innovative design, and loyal customer base, VanMoof and LAVOIE fit together perfectly. VanMoof has 190,000 customers globally and our commitment is to continue to keep those riders on the road whilst we stabilise and efficiently grow the VanMoof business and continue to develop its world-class products.”

The LAVOIE team is driven by a desire to redefine the future of personal urban mobility and provide viable solutions to the challenge of urban commuting in congested cities. LAVOIE believes that e-scooters and e-bikes offer a sustainable and efficient form of transportation.

LAVOIE is McLaren Applied’s premium e-mobility company. LAVOIE is a subsidiary of technology pioneers McLaren Applied, not McLaren Group. Although McLaren Applied was part of the Group for 20 years, it is now under different ownership and is an independent entity from McLaren Group, McLaren Automotive and McLaren Racing.


McLaren Applied’ s LAVOIE is totally committed to improving personal mobility. Using its heritage in premium automotive, combined with strong pedigrees in engineering and science, LAVOIE re- imagines products you can trust will improve personal transportation and add enjoyment to every journey. Operating at the intersection between high-end design and superlative performance, LAVOIE is set to redefine urban mobility and become a major global player in the premium e-mobility market. www.lavoielectric.com


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