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  1. MAHLE SmartBike Systems and Prototype: Simplifying wheel assembly with MAHLE’s integrated solution

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    LEVA-EU member MAHLE has announced its exciting collaboration with high performance bicycle parts specialist, Prototype, to offer integrated solutions to the market, with the goal of simplifying the wheel assembly process and the overall bike assembly.

    The collaboration focuses on enabling brands to assemble the entire rear wheel, with MAHLE Rear Hub motor included, directly from Prototype. This partnership aims to make the process easier for both brands and dealers.

    MAHLE SmartBike Systems recognizes the importance of delivering high-quality products to dealers while streamlining the brand’s operations. By simplifying and optimizing the wheel acquisition and assembly process, MAHLE believes it can provide a more efficient solution for brands and manufacturers, resulting in a smoother and optimized experience.

    MAHLE SmartBike Systems believes this integrated solution will benefit everyone involved in the electric bicycle industry, from the wheel assembly to the positive impact on the industry.

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  2. MAHLE SmartBike System in Eurobike 2023: Unveiling Smart solutions to expand Smart Mobility

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    MAHLE SmartBike Systems will show its cutting-edge solutions for the eBike industry in Eurobike 2023 in its main booth in Hall 8, Stand H14 and in the Demo area in F28 Pavilion 12, taking place from June 21st to 25th in Frankfurt. It does so with the focus on three strategic areas: Smart Accesories, innovative App features and drive systems designed for all segments including Gravel, Urban and Road.

    The range of offerings includes the X20 rear hub system, which is not only the lightest on the market but has also been recognized with the most relevant awards in the industry. Additionally, the company will be presenting a complete variety of smart accessories and new App features that will take the connectivity with the SmartBike to the next level.

    This year, Eurobike, the major international trade fair in the bike industry, arrives exceeding last year’s number of participating exhibitors. The second edition of this leading trade fair in Frankfurt will see even more exhibitors on board, making it an event not to be missed.

    Following its SMART premise, MAHLE SmartBike Systems will present its latest innovations with the aim of leading smart mobility in the Bike industry. Highlights include the new Range Extender e185, recently launched by the company and now joined by the charging base Energy Hub, as well as the new functionalities of My SmartBike APP to take connectivity between the Bike and rider to the next level. Visitors to the booth will also be able to see disruptive drive system solutions for eBikes, especially suitable for segments such as Gravel, Urban and Road and try them out in the Demo Area.

    The new Range Extender e185 from MAHLE represents a revolution for riders who want to go further or tackle the most demanding routes. Weighing only 1.1 kilograms, the company says it is the lightest on the market and has the best weight-to-capacity ratio, providing 171 Wh of power to increase the range up to 60km.

    The Range Extender e185 is said to be the only range extender on the market that fits into a standard bottle cage and is compatible with any electric Bike ePowered by the successful MAHLE X20, the lightest drive system on the market, providing extra range for the battery with minimal additional weight.

    Now, on top of that, the new Energy Hub is a charging base for the Range Extender e185 that allows hassle-free charging by simply resting your device on the Energy Hub and starting charging, ensuring the rider never runs out of battery. Nevertheless, this game-changing accessory goes beyond charging your Range Extender e185 with ease but also turns it into a cutting-edge power bank to charge other devices like cell phones or computers, becoming the perfect accessory to expand all the possibilities of your MAHLE X20 System.

    In addition, and in line with the digital DNA of the company to lead smart mobility in the eBike industry, MAHLE One ecosystem will be presenting some new features designed to enhance the riding experience in a more active way:

    Smart Assist

    Smart Assist is a personalized mode within the System that, based on the inclination of the terrain and the weight of the user, adapts the behavior of the MAHLE X20 System to guarantee a seamless and intuitive riding experience at each moment of the ride.

    Bike Update Through App

    Also showing is a convenient feature that allows the rider to update the System software with their mobile phone from My SmartBike App via Bluetooth® in just a few minutes.

    Strava Integration

    In addition, MAHLE SmartBike Systems is thrilled to offer Strava Integration, so the riders can now record their activities with any device that can be linked to the platform, and once uploaded, the activity can be imported into the My SmartBike App, transforming communication between the two platforms into a two-way communication.


    Finally, the brand is introducing Routing, a feature that allows the rider to create routes based on their Strava activities or a GPX file, not only riding from point A to point B but also receiving clear guidance and instructions to enjoy the route in My SmartBike App along the way.

    Next generation e-Light Drivetrain Integration

    This year, in Eurobike 2023, the company will present the integration project of the MAHLE X20 System with an innovative electric drivetrain technology for eBikes. A joint project between Pinion Smart.Shift, Desiknio and the intelligent and lightweight MAHLE X20 drive system, it is designed to take electric shifting in the e-light eBike segment to the highest level. These unique e-light bikes, equipped with a MAHLE X20 hub motor and an integrated 240Wh battery, are the first to combine the maintenance-free Pinion gearbox with the Smart.Shift technology, and a Gates belt drive made of carbon to create an innovative and worry-free drivetrain for sleek and lightweight eBikes.

    X20: the lightest and most awarded drive system on the market

    MAHLE X20, the lightest system on the market, weighing in at only 3.2 kg, is also the most advanced in its class, offering a frictionless 55 Nm of torque with a seamless start and cutoff to the assistance.

    Additionally, because of the way the system is integrated in the frame, the natural pedaling feeling and the functional and minimalistic HMI, X20 is a great help to the rider in not getting distracted from the road and the ride. Thanks to all this, MAHLE X20 has been awarded as the most innovative system in the latest two edition of the two leading awards in the industry: Eurobike Innovators Prize and Design & Innovation Awards.

    X35+: the most balanced solution

    X35+ System provides the perfect solution for daily use, combining extremely light and ideal power performance to assist and offer the right support for natural riding. The system can easily switch on at the touch of a button, helping safety in urban mobility.

    MAHLE SmartBike Systems stand is in Hall 8, Stand H14, and in the Demo area at F28 Pavilion 12, where visitors will have the chance to personally test the innovations and technologies that ePower the most innovative eBikes on the market.

  3. MAHLE powers the new Stevens e-urban bike

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    Source: MAHLE

    Urban cycling and road technology collaborate in the Stevens E-Strada 8.3.4, e-powered by LEVA-EU member MAHLE’s X20 hub motor

    The latest E-Strada 8.3.4 FEQ E-Urban Bike, ePowered by MAHLE’s ultra-compact X20 hub motor, delivers the requirements of commuters who prefer power and performance, fast touring riders and tech-savvy fitness bikers, by way of road bike technology and streamlined design.

    Power and Performance from MAHLE X20 System

    The impressive MAHLE X20 System drives the E-Strada 8.3.4 FEQ via a torque comparable to a 55 Nm mid-motor. Inclines and headwinds are readily overcome by riders, who are left to enjoy a slick power assist delivery that can last for up to 75km. With a fully integrated 236 Wh battery, the range can be further extended by choosing the Range Extender e185.

    Lightweight design for e-urban scenarios

    The combination of an ultra-light, high-tech carbon frame and the MAHLE X20 hub motor provide the E-Strada 8.3.4 FEQ with enough drive for rapid commutes and hilly roads, thanks to an expansive gearing selection.

    Fully integrated system

    With low weight and discreet placement, the X20 drive system from MAHLE offers the perfect solution for lightweight and sporty eBikes. In addition, a concise head unit that includes Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, a brightness sensor and a 3D accelerometer showcase all of the required information in a readily-accessible light design.

    Adventure riding readiness

    The E-Strada 8.3.4 FEQ is also delivered with a comprehensive package that incorporates the requirements of any touring riders. The kit includes fenders, and all-important lighting solutions with an LED seat post and performance lighting. This safety-focused design offers convenience for any fans of eBike adventures.

  4. MAHLE X20 ePowers the first e-Gravel bike from Mondraker

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    LEVA-EU member, MAHLE SmartBike Systems, is the core of Mondraker’s adventure, long-distance, and technical terrain-focused gravel e-bike.

    Mondraker has embraced the Gravel category, launching the Dusty, its first electric gravel bike, as a way to return to the origins of cycling based on fun, the ability to go further, and the pleasure of pedaling over more complicated terrain. All of this comes with a very marked off-road character, something that is in perfect alignment with the philosophy that Mondraker applies to all its mountain bikes.

    The versatility of the new Dusty ePowered by MAHLE X20 looks to encompass the three most in-demand disciplines of gravel bikes: adventure, long-distance, and technical terrain.

    The e-Gravel adventure bike
    For short and explosive rides when there is only an hour or for those 1-2 days, the Dusty offers all the range a rider could ever need by just choosing the length and intensity of the ride.

    e-Gravel bike for long distances
    The new Dusty ePowered by MAHLE X20 System can travel up to 180km with its 350Wh internal battery, depending on the level of assistance and altitude gain. The Range Extender e185 applies 171 Wh of extra power, allowing the rider to go farther than ever by extending the electric range for up to 60 kilometers.

    e-Gravel riding on more technical terrain
    The new Dusty has been designed to offer unparalleled damping, providing significant comfort and control over technical terrain, enabling the rider to take the eBike far beyond what is imaginable.
    Mondraker has collaborated with MAHLE to develop specific firmware to define the assistance characteristics of the motor for use on gravel eBikes, with the goal of simulating the effort always made by the rider. This concept is called “WATTS ON DEMAND,” and follows these three core principles: Non-intrusive system, sufficient support to satisfy use for gravel riding and an “unlimited” range.

    MAHLE X20: The most natural assisted pedaling experience
    The new Dusty is ePowered by MAHLE X20, the lightest system on the market, weighing in at only 3.6 kg (iX350 battery included), and the most advanced in its class, offering a frictionless 55 Nm of torque with a seamless start and cutoff to the assistance.
    The Dusty has three levels of assistance that are fully configurable through the MySmartBike App. Regardless of which of the three available assistance levels is selected, the lack of aggressive pedaling transitions provides an excellent balance between the power applied and the assistance provided by the MAHLE X20 System. As such, the assistance of the motor at all three levels is applied progressively and is proportional to the cadence. Regardless of the selected level, the contribution is progressive and completely natural.

  5. Martin Wellhöffer becomes a member of the MAHLE Group Management

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    Martin Wellhöffer becomes a member of the management of the LEVA-EU member MAHLE Group for the mechatronics and electronics division. The 44-year-old graduate engineer in vehicle technology has been with the Group for almost 20 years, most recently as Corporate Executive Vice President Sales and Application Development. He succeeds Wilhelm Emperhoff, who is retiring. The new MAHLE sales manager will be Dr.-Ing. Roger Bush.

    Thanks to his many years of service at MAHLE, Martin Wellhöffer is very familiar with the group and will master his new tasks as a graduate engineer in automotive engineering with excellent results,” said Prof. Dr. Heinz K. Junker, Chairman of the MAHLE Supervisory Board. “The Mechatronics and Electronics division plays a fundamental role in the transformation of our Group towards e-mobility.” Electrification is a major strategic area at MAHLE. The company focuses in particular on the development of e-drives and charging technologies for e-vehicles.

    On behalf of the MAHLE supervisory bodies, I would like to thank Wilhelm Emperhoff for more than a decade of dedicated service to the Group. I wish him all the best for the next chapter of his life,” added the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Emperhoff has managed the business unit since it was founded in 2020. Before that, he was Managing Director for the Filtration and Engine Peripherals business unit for seven years.      

    Martin Wellhöffer has spent his entire career in the MAHLE Group. After completing his studies in automotive engineering, he joined MAHLE as a trainee in sales in 2004, where he then spent several years in various positions, including key account manager, looking after important MAHLE customers. In 2015 he took over the management of corporate strategy and sales planning. Wellhöffer has been Corporate Executive Vice President Sales and Application Development since 2019 and is also a member of the MAHLE Executive Board.

    Martin Wellhöffer’s successor will be Dr.-Ing. Roger Busch (50). “Roger Busch has a well-proven system understanding for vehicle drives and thermal management as well as many years of experience with our customers all over the world. With it, MAHLE is taking the next steps towards the mobility of tomorrow,” said Arnd Franz, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of MAHLE.

    Roger Busch started his career at Robert Bosch GmbH. In 2015 he became managing director of the then joint venture Bosch Mahle Turbosystems. In 2019 Busch moved to the MAHLE Group. Here, as Vice President, he managed the profit center for compressors and currently product development in the thermal management business area.

  6. MAHLE SmartBike Systems partners with ZyroFisher to expand its partner network

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    LEVA-EU member MAHLE SmartBike Systems, leader of the lightest and most compact drive systems for eBikes, has announced a strategic partnership with ZyroFisher, a major provider of aftermarket and warranty services for the cycling industry. This partnership is a key step in MAHLE’s goal to expand its partner network to more regions in the coming months.

    As the exclusive aftermarket distributor for MAHLE SmartBike Systems in the UK and Ireland as well as in France, through its subsidiary Royal Velo France, this collaboration is part of MAHLE’s strategy to improve customer service for their eBike components, which can be found in more than 60 leading industry brands. It will allow MAHLE to expand the reach of their innovative systems and will improve efficiency, providing aftermarket distribution support.

    MAHLE SmartBike Systems’ portfolio has grown exceptionally in recent years and currently, some of the most technologically advanced electric bicycles on the market worldwide are equipped with one of our systems, X20 and X35+, beside accessories such as Range Extenders, PulsarOne and eShifters.

    The partnership with ZyroFisher will allow MAHLE SmartBike Systems to expand the reach of its innovative systems and will improve efficiency within the value chain, providing top-notch aftermarket distribution support.

    With a strong commitment to innovation and technology for the design and development of the most compact, light, and smart drive systems for eBikes, MAHLE SmartBike Systems by partnering with ZyroFisher can further solidify its position as a leader in the eBike market and bring its innovative solutions to even more riders around the world.

    About MAHLE SmartBike Systems:
    MAHLE SmartBike systems is the leading supplier of hardware and software solutions behind some of the most innovative eBikes in the world. Its innovative solutions are guided by continuous dialog between the bicycle brands, dealers, and riders. Headquartered in Palencia (Spain), MAHLE SmartBike Systems is the subsidiary of MAHLE Group, leading international supplier to the automotive industry. commitment to innovation and technology for the design and development of the most compact, light, and smart drive systems for eBikes, MAHLE SmartBike Systems by partnering with ZyroFisher can further solidify its position as a leader in the eBike market and bring its innovative solutions to even more riders around the world.

    About ZyroFisher:
    ZyroFisher is a leading distributor of brands into the cycling market in the UK. They enable brands to reach their full potential, offering a complete end-to-end service to connect with the end consumer, as well as offering warranty services. Representing some of the most well-known brands in the industry they are based on a state-of-the-art 100,000 sq ft warehouse in the Northeast of England.

  7. Mahle X20 drive system production begins in Slovenia

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    Source: RadMarkt

    LEVA-EU member, Mahle, has begun production of the X20 e-bike drive system at its assembly line in Slovenia. The site, located in Šempeter pri Gorici, currently employs around 20 workers and has already delivered its first engines after becoming operational this year.

    The Mahle X20 drive system weighs less than 3.2 kilograms – including the battery and control unit. The motor delivers an impressive 23 Newton meters of power directly to the wheel, comparable to a mid-motor of 55Nm of torque, making the model suitable for gravel bikes, racing bikes, and urban e-bikes. Within the X20, a range of sensors monitor acceleration, speed, torque, temperature, and cadence. Artificial intelligence then works within the motor to continuously adjust drive power in line with cyclist behavior.

    Dr. Armin Messerer, Vice President Mechatronics and responsible for the E-Bike Drive Systems division at Mahle shares, “We are pleased that the industrialization of the X20 went so smoothly and that we have already been able to deliver the first e-bike motors from Šempeter to our customers. With our X20 drive system, which can be installed almost invisibly in the frame and hub, we offer our customers a top-class product that sets new standards in terms of power-to-weight ratio.

    Image via: RadMarkt
  8. All-new drive unit for SCOTT Addict eRIDE

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    The SCOTT Addict eRIDE now features the new MAHLE X20 system, released 20th April 2022- the world’s lightest e-road bike just got faster, more versatile, and even more powerful. LEVA-EU member SCOTT’s eRoad bike raises the bar yet again.

    The SCOTT Addict eRIDE has been the cornerstone of the brand’s eROAD segment for a couple of years and this benchmark lightweight E-Bike just raised the bar again. Working with drive train partner Mahle, the bike now features a new lighter, more powerful system – the Mahle X20.

    The result is a bike for the discerning rider, a truly lightweight package at 10.6kg. Full integration with an engine that can be tuned to provide custom levels of support and simply turned off when not needed.

    E-Road bikes aren’t on this earth to make things easier. They’re here to make things more interesting, to help you climb higher, longer and steeper. 

    Discover the features and technologies behind the SCOTT Addict eRIDE below.

    Visit the official SCOTT Addict eRIDE webpage here.

    View the release video for the e-bike here.

    Design and Integration
    SCOTT’s DNA is ITD – Innovation, Technology, Design – and the Addict eRIDE featuring the Mahle X20 is an excellent example of this. Everything on the bike from components to drive train and drive unit works as a single system. The minimalist design of the drive unit allows SCOTT to keep the aesthetic and design of its premium road racing bike the Addict RC, and a fantastically low weight of 10.6 kg.

    A major enabler of this is the new X20 system from Mahle. This hub-driven motor allows for a minimalist silhouette so it’s truly indistinguishable from a traditional road bike. Hidden in the downtube is a 250Wh battery with the possibility of replacing a water bottle with a Range booster to further extend your horizons.

    As the drive unit is located in the hub, the new X20 hub features an innovative plug system and a standard thru-axle making the removal of the rear wheel as easy as on a regular bike. Integration extends to the controls: a simple button on the top tube showing power and mode through color and optional shifters under the grip tape.

    The new Mahle X20 sees power increase to 60Nm which means a smoother and more powerful acceleration for the rider with more power on tap. The Mahle unit is hub-driven which leads to a very smooth experience for the rider in terms of power delivery.

    The system has evolved across the board from weight to performance and integration.  The new rear hub weighs in at 1.399kg, shedding over 500g from the system with better integration and control. The hub also switches to a standard 142×12 thru-axle and can take a full range of freewheels from SHIMANO, SRAM and N3W.

    It’s a true smart system that can make adjustments through a range of sensors including a new torque and cadence sensor in the bottom bracket. These allow the E-Bike to accurately read each watt of power you apply, giving the user the appropriate response thanks to AI and Machine Learning. The system learns from you and adapts to your needs and the environment at every moment leading to a better riding experience.

    Smart Riding
    A key benefit of the new X20 system is the ability to customize the system to the rider’s preference. Do you want maximum support when the road gets steep or simply minimal support and to be pushed hard physically? Only have two hours for a ride but want to cover more ground? This is also possible. The Mahle ONE app allows the rider to set their own limitations, not the road.

    In short, the system can adapt to you and to your needs. A simple Sunday spin in January can be just as pleasurable as a long day up the Stelvio Pass in Europe. Your bike, your way.

    Customization is simple using the new Mahle ONE app. Riders can personally configure the level of power and response from the system at each of the three power modes. 

    As an additional benefit, the drive unit is dragless. This allows the rider to turn the system off to conserve battery on a descent or on the flat. Your battery is no longer a limit.

    Light Weight
    The lightest electric-assist road bike frame on the market just got even lighter. With a frame weight of just 1.04kg, a drive unit total system weight of 3.2kg and a complete bike weight of 10.6kg, the Addict eRIDE is a milestone in the electric road assist category. More than a number, the Addict eRIDE has been developed in close collaboration between our dedicated eRIDE and road engineers to perfectly balance the needs of a drive unit with the superior carbon layering of a World Tour-proven road bike.

    For eROAD bikes which seek to replicate the feeling of a traditional bike, the low weight of the Mahle X20 system is really a game-changer that contributes to low overall bike weight.

    SCOTT and Mahle first worked together on the Addict eRIDE models released in 2020. With a shared philosophy of seamless integration and uncompromised riding performance, the two brands have reached the perfect synergy with the integration of the new Mahle X20 system into SCOTT’s Addict eRIDE models, rider-focused innovations that result in a better riding experience.

    The Addict eRIDE Range
    The Addict eRIDE is available in 5 different models including a dedicated Contessa version as part of SCOTT’s Contessa Signature Collection: Addict eRIDE Ultimate (9.999,00 €), Addict eRIDE 10 (7.499,00 €), Addict eRIDE 20 (6.999,00 €), Addict eRIDE 30 (5.999,00 €). Contessa Addict eRIDE (6.999,00 €). Pricing may vary according to market.

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