MAHLE X20 ePowers the new Beat and X-Beat from MMR

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MMR, the leading bicycle manufacturer for renowned athletes such as Fernando Alonso, Oscar Freire, or the international artist Edgar Plans, among others, launches its new models of eBikes Beat for road and X-Beat for gravel. Both models, which will be ePowered with MAHLE X20 system, share the same frame, reflecting a more practical and ecological vision from MMR.

Simple design to make a difference.

The new Beat and X-Beat stand out for their clean, cable-free aesthetics. To achieve this, the brand has worked to offer a careful and aesthetic machining of the rear hub and the use of larger diameter bearings to facilitate internal wiring. These aspects, together with the exceptional MAHLE X20 full system integration and the attention to detail from MMR engineers’ team in polishing the most visible welds, make the new Beat and X-Beat make a difference.

X20 in the new road and gravel eBikes from MMR.

MAHLE X20 system, with its iX2 battery, has managed to reduce the weight of these two new eBikes from MMR by 500 grams. From the brand, its founder Chechu Rubiera highlights the “torque sensor as one of the greatest contributions of X20 by allowing to adapt more faithfully the rider’s demand for assistance, being remarkable the difference in rides with steep slopes”.

Sergio Gómez, brand product manager, adds to the advantages the thru axle that “provides greater rigidity and better centering of the wheel and its brake disc in the frame and caliper” allowing easy removal.

Finally, José María López, MMR product engineer, points out that “the simple gesture of assembling the wheel makes it possible to connect the motor to the system, without needing to do it manually with plugs that are sometimes difficult to align and connect”.

Beat and X-Beat: two versatile eBikes.

In the design of Beat and X-Beat, the MMR engineering team committed, from the beginning, to express a practical and ecological vision. With this purpose, Beat for road and X-Beat for gravel, share frame and incorporate elements such as rivets in frame and fork, more likely adventure trips and bikepacking, to add luggage rack and mudguards.

From MMR, they explain that the merger of these two models and concepts meets the demand of the riders who seeks versatility in eBikes, with which you don’t take anything away to enjoy everything.

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