MAHLE SmartBike Systems and ZyroFisher: new full-service assistance for dealers and riders

92 days ago

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• MAHLE SmartBike Systems extends its service assistance in UK offering a dedicated after sales support for the electric bicycles equipped with their systems.
• ZyroFisher, leader aftermarket and warranty service, will be in charge to provide this comprehensive service for dealers and riders.

MAHLE SmartBike Systems portfolio has grown exceptionally in recent years and currently, more than 80 leading industry brands worldwide are powering their most innovative and technologically advanced electric bicycles with X20 and X35+ Systems, beside accessories such as Range Extenders, PulsarONE and eShifters.

Guided by this wide presence and the continuous dialogue between the brands, dealers and riders, this MAHLE SmartBike Systems and ZyroFisher agreement allows to offer a comprehensive warranty and support service for both dealers and end users in UK. It also makes it easier to contact for warranty claims and get detailed information about MAHLE’s systems.

This partnership with ZyroFisher will allow MAHLE SmartBike Systems to expand the reach of its innovative systems and will improve efficiency within the value chain, providing top-notch aftermarket distribution support.

Dealers and end users are advised to contact support at: Mahle.Service@zyrofisher.co.uk or by calling +44 (0)800 051 7557 with any enquiries.

About MAHLE SmartBike Systems:

MAHLE SmartBike systems is the leading supplier of hardware and software solutions behind some of the most innovative eBikes in the world. Its innovative solutions are guided by continuous dialog between the bicycle brands, dealers, and riders. Headquartered in Palencia (Spain), MAHLE SmartBike Systems is the subsidiary of MAHLE Group, leading international supplier to the automotive industry. commitment to innovation and technology for the design and development of the most compact, light, and smart drive systems for eBikes, MAHLE SmartBike Systems by partnering with ZyroFisher can further solidify its position as a leader in the eBike market and bring its innovative solutions to even more riders around the world.

About ZyroFisher:

ZyroFisher is a leading distributor of brands into the cycling market in the UK. They enable brands to reach their full potential, offering a complete end-to-end service to connect with the end consumer, as well as offering warranty services. Representing some of the most well-known brands in the industry they are based on a state-of-the-art 100,000 sqm ft warehouse in the Northeast of England.


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