MAHLE: Meet the Future of eBike Control: The Duo Remote

55 days ago

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MAHLE SmartBike Systems expands its range of accessories for X20 with the Duo device. This new remote allows the eBike rider to have full control on the system without moving their hands from the handlebars.

Duo has two buttons whose operation is very simple: the upper button raises the assistance level of the system with a short press and, if it has lights, the rider can turn them on and off with a longer press. The lower button, on the other hand, decreases the assistance level with a short press and activates the “Walk Assistance” mode with a long press.

This device for flat handlebar is an ideal accessory for both urban commuting and off-road riding. In addition, the new MAHLE SmartBike System remote needs no batteries – its power comes from the eBike battery.

The new Duo joins the other accessories compatible with the X20 System: eShifters, PulsarONE and Range Extender e185. MAHLE SmartBike Systems is committed to the safety and comfort of cyclists, which is why the development of new accessories always occupies an important place in our product portfolio.

For more information:
Duo website: https://mahle-smartbike.com/duo-remote/
Accessories website: https://mahle-smartbike.com/accessories/
MAHLE SmartBike Systems website: https://mahle-smartbike.com

MAHLE SmartBike Systems

MAHLE SmartBike Systems is the specialized division for the design and development of drive systems for electric bicycles of the German MAHLE Group, an international leader in sustainable mobility solutions for the present and the future.

The team, of more than 150 people, is made up of software and hardware engineers, industrial and electronic engineers, quality specialists, 3D designers, creative, production and materials experts and a long list of professionals to which are added another 80 people distributed in the different centres of the group in Spain, Germany, and Asia.

With Palencia as the headquarters of this great project, MAHLE SmartBike Systems brings together the R&D, Marketing, Operations and Sales activities of MAHLE in the electric bicycle industry.

MAHLE ultra-light and compact systems, consisting of the motor, batteries, controllers, components, and all types of intelligent solutions for electric bicycles, are integrated and perfectly interconnected with each other to offer the rider a fully customized experience. For all these features, more than 80 brands worldwide, including those whose innovation is revolutionizing the cycling
industry, incorporate MAHLE drive systems as the perfect choice in terms of integration, cost and efficiency for electric mobility.


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