1. Netherlands e-bike insurance market increases to €621 million

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    Source: Nieuwsfiets

    The recent E-bike Monitor survey conducted by Multiscope reveals that the Dutch market for e-bike insurance rose by €71 million in 2023, among other highlights.

    The study interviewed 5,554 respondents aged 18 and over, representative of the Dutch population. It found that most e-bike owners (62%) insure their bike, and that owners of electric hybrid models are the most likely to take out insurance, with 67% of these bicycles insured.

    The report details the insurance costs for e-bikes, averaging out at €14 per month. Insurance of an e-fat bike is highest at €23 per month, while owners of electric city bike models pay € 14 per month. In total, the Dutch e-bike insurance market was €621 million in 2023 – an increase of €71 million compared to 2022.

    It was found that 50% of the insurance was taken out online, and that the risk of theft is one of the reasons for insurance; 6% of electric bicycle owners reported having had their e-bike stolen at least once. 

  2. Trenergy bikes a perfect fit for Bruges tender

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    Madame Vélo recently delivered fourteen models from Trenergy through a tender via the OCMW Bruges to the Buurtsport and De Blauwe Lelie sub-operations.

    Source: Nieuwsfiets.nu

    The OCMW is a public center for social welfare that provides a number of social services and thus ensures the well-being of citizens in need. Many people in Belgium have insufficient means of subsistence or even no permanent place of residence. All these people can receive social assistance from the OCMW, because everyone who legally resides in Belgium is entitled to it. Each municipality or city has its own OCMW that offers a wide range of services.

    Could it also be done with Trenergy, Madame Vélo asked

    A few months ago, a tender was issued via the OCMW in Bruges for the purchase of 16 e-bikes. The bicycle shop Madame Vélo of Syl de Baets had participated in that tender and had originally used bicycles from QWIC. That was just before they went bankrupt. When the QWIC models were no longer available, De Baets had to look for another suitable bicycle brand. During that period she met Pascal Chow, dealer manager of Trenergy in Belgium, at a fair where test bicycles were on display. “We then started talking and she asked if I wanted to come over,” says Chow. “She had a number of QWIC bicycles included in a lease application, but that was no longer possible due to the bankruptcy at that time. The question was: Would it also be possible with you?”

    That question was easy for Chow to answer and an appointment was quickly made. They then went through the Trenergy collection together to make a good selection. “The choice ultimately fell on the Trenergy Performance Belt 2.3 SE, our second most expensive bicycle. This is a real all-rounder and very fully equipped with a powerful Bafang mid-motor and an intube battery, belt drive and automatic lighting,” continues Chow. Once the choice was made, Madame Vélo first became a Trenergy dealer and they successfully participated in the tender. We were their lifesaver, they said.”

    Travel target group employees by bicycle as much as possible

    Like many other companies, sustainability is also a spearhead at OCMW Bruges and welfare associations. They encourage employees to travel as sustainably as possible. Through a subsidy call from Flanders, a total of sixteen new bicycles were purchased through the Buurtsport and De Blauwe Lelie sub-projects. Two Birdy folding bikes from Riese & Müller plus the Performance Belt 2.3 SE from Trenergy. These bicycles are mainly used for assignments within the local service economy (LDE).

    “The mission of Buurtsport Brugge is to encourage all Bruges residents to exercise more, including those who belong to vulnerable target groups. Exercise promotes mental and physical health,” says Pablo Annys, alderman for social affairs. “That is precisely why we also encourage our target group of employees to make as many small (work) trips by bicycle as possible. These people often come from poverty and do not have the means to purchase a decent bicycle. Service bicycles partly solve this problem. With the support of Flanders, we were able to invest in sixteen electric bicycles, two of which were folding bicycles.”

    “The purchase of new company bicycles shows that as an employer we promote a cycling culture”

    The bicycles were supplied by the bicycle shop Madam Vélo from Bruges, which proudly supports the project within SPOOR and De Blauwe Lelie. “The employees of OCMW Brugge regularly use their personal vehicle for business travel. These trips are necessary, especially for the people of Buurtsport, who constantly work at external locations. But car traffic causes high mileage reimbursements and extra CO2 emissions,” says Christian FILLET, deputy general manager of the City of Bruges. “With the electric bicycle, we tackle these two bottlenecks efficiently. The purchase of new company bicycles shows that as an employer we promote a cycling culture and leave the car on the sidelines more often. In summary: better for our people, our organization and our planet.”


  3. Wisper Electric Bikes appoints new Technical Service Manager

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    Wisper expects the addition of Mike Crossman will help the brand maintain its leading customer and dealer support.

    E-bike brand Wisper Electric Bikes is delighted to announce the arrival of Mike Crossman to its team, it anticipates its new manager (who holds nearly 20 years of cycling industry experience ranging from shop mechanic to area sales manager) will help cement the brand’s reputable support system.

    Wisper’s CEO David Miall said the following about the new appointment: “We are thrilled to have Mike joining us as his passion for the bike industry and pre-existing strong relationships with members of our dealer network, will help to drive Wisper forward into what we feel will be a very exciting time for the company.”

    Crossman will replace Adrian Wietrizk, who has been in the position for over 5 years.

    About Wisper Bikes

    Wisper Electric Bikes are a dedicated team of bicycle enthusiasts based in the village of Kemsing near Sevenoaks in Kent. The business fervently believes electric bicycles are hugely significant in the fight to reduce congestion and pollution in villages, towns and cities.

    The business also sees the electric bike as great fun, enhancing the joys of cycling, something which makes this mode of transport more accessible to everyone, whether looking for a bike to commute to work, ride around town, get fit and healthy, or simply to enjoy the countryside.

    One of the pioneers in the e-bike industry, Wisper has been developing e-bicycles for nearly 20 years. Every e-bike in the Wisper range comes with a five-year frame warranty and a two-year parts and battery warranty, providing customers with complete peace of mind. In addition, the Wisper after-sales team is recognised as one of the very best in the industry, providing high levels of service and care for customers’ bikes.

    Developed in the UK built in Portugal

    All Wisper bikes have been designed and developed in the UK, whilst the Portugal-based Wisper team builds the bikes to the brand’s high standards.

    This care and attention to detail, combined with 99% of bikes being sold via the Wisper dealer network, ensures the brand maintains its “Excellent” 4.7 / 5 rating on Trustpilot – the highest ranking of any e-bike brand in the UK.

  4. Pendix: Zwickau electric drives for Greek bicycle innovations

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    What do Zwickau in Saxony, Germany and Thessaloniki in Greece have in common? In the case of the young companies Elektronio and LEVA-EU member Pendix, it is their fascination for innovating new solutions in the field of mobility. The partnership between the Greek innovation hub for two- and multi-wheelers and the Saxon e-bike drive specialist has now lasted more than six years. Time for a closer look.

    Elektronio is a micromobility solutions company founded in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2015. It manufactures customized electric bikes and electric kick scooters to meet various urban transportation needs. It is produced on customer request, using a handcrafted process. This start-up runs a lab with a showroom in the city center of Thessaloniki and offers other services and products. These include conversion kits for electric bicycles, an e-bike service and a large selection of bicycle accessories. Our journey as a start-up started with the launch of a single model, a tilting tricycle. We now have a complete portfolio of nine micromobility models on the market. Some solutions are aimed at urban commuters, others are freight models for delivery traffic, and we have also developed some special models for people with disabilities,” says Anna Chlioura. She founded the company together with co-founder Pantelis Zarkos and also acts as marketing manager.

    The mobility start-up serves both corporate and end customers and sees its unique selling point in a mix of adaptability, innovative design, and occupying market niches that are neglected by competitors. An example of this is the Patin.e electric scooter. Here the manufacturer does not focus on the portability of the vehicle, but rather on its safety and a certain loading capacity. This means that the scooter can also serve as a mini delivery van.

    On the same wavelength when it comes to technology and design

    The Greek company has been cooperating with Pendix GmbH, a Saxon manufacturer of electric bicycle drives, since 2017. The start-up became aware of the Zwickau supplier through the Praxi Network, a Greek organization for technology transfer and innovation promotion. “We were looking for a reliable supplier for the electric part of our bicycles. What interested us most about Pendix was the technology, performance and design of the mid-drive system developed by the company. We also liked the fact that we could easily have the mid-engine as a retrofit for our services, remembers Anna Chlioura.

    “Electronio asked us at the time because it needed an electrical solution with high functionality and easy installation to optimize its vehicles. It was also important to our customer to find a long-term partner with efficient after-sales support,” explains André Seifert, Sales Manager at Pendix GmbH. In its sixth year of collaboration, the Greek start-up has primarily used the mid-engine Pendix eDrive in various e-bike models. In addition, the Pendix eDrive IN rear wheel hub motor from Zwickau production has been used for a few months now. “We tested the Pendix eDrive IN for a special electric tricycle for wheelchair users traveling with their loved ones. We are currently producing a small series of this special model with the hub motor. This offers an additional function for our e-bike, reversing, which makes it even more mobile, explains Anna Chlioura.

    The right “electrical fit” for every idea

    We work with our customers according to an all-in-one strategy. This includes all steps from development to service. Elektronio receives all physical components and the necessary software from us from a single source. Every component is configured for the customer, meaning the drive can be installed and used immediately,” says Sales Manager Seifert. In addition, the mentality of the young company from Saxony also found favor with the start-up from Thessaloniki. The supplier also gives small manufacturers access to its high-end products and promotes their development efforts. “Pendix regularly gives us new suggestions on how we can improve our small vehicles. It is also a source of inspiration for us with its constantly evolving product range. We are certain that we can develop our bike ideas without restrictions and that we always have the right ‘electrical fit’ through our supplier. As a newbie in this industry, we have also gained confidence from working with it.

    Transmission problem solved with transport bike

    There is no shortage of new mobility concepts at the Greek start-up. An updated version of the Kouvala.e freight model will come onto the market in the next few months. The last edition of the transport bike had a problem transmitting the drive power from the pedals to the rear steering wheel and the two front drive wheels. A chain was out of the question, so Electronio looked into alternatives. Thanks to the Pendix eDrive IN, this problem is easily solved. In this serial hybrid drive, the original Pendix mid-engine was converted into a generator on the pedal crank, it transmits the one generated by the driver energy as well as speed and torque signals via cable to the wheel hub motors. This eliminates the chain drive train’s problems in energy transmission. Without a chain, the drive system now runs completely wear-free and there are hardly any maintenance costs. The integrated mid-engine Pendix gDrive, which will come onto the market in 2025, has already caught the start-up’s interest. This will also be used in different models in the future.

    About Pendix:

    The bicycle drive manufacturer Pendix, founded in 2013, is part of the Pendix Group. On the market since 2015, the employees of Pendix GmbH focus on the further development and marketing of products such as the Pendix eDrive, the hub motor Pendix eDrive IN and the integrated mid-motor Pendix gDrive. From drive production in Zwickau and the VSC.BIKE bicycle production in Allstedt, the drives, components and bicycles are sold or used by more than 750 authorized Pendix dealers, 37 bicycle manufacturers worldwide and 35 industrial customers. High quality, sustainability, reliability and smart technologies drive Pendix to deliver the best possible quality and make a contribution to the environment.

    Further information: https://pendix.de/

    Contact person/contact:

    André Seifert, Sales Manager Pendix

    Tel.: +49 375 270 667 14

    Email: a.seifert@pendix.de

  5. MAHLE SmartBike Systems and Prototype: Simplifying wheel assembly with MAHLE’s integrated solution

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    LEVA-EU member MAHLE has announced its exciting collaboration with high performance bicycle parts specialist, Prototype, to offer integrated solutions to the market, with the goal of simplifying the wheel assembly process and the overall bike assembly.

    The collaboration focuses on enabling brands to assemble the entire rear wheel, with MAHLE Rear Hub motor included, directly from Prototype. This partnership aims to make the process easier for both brands and dealers.

    MAHLE SmartBike Systems recognizes the importance of delivering high-quality products to dealers while streamlining the brand’s operations. By simplifying and optimizing the wheel acquisition and assembly process, MAHLE believes it can provide a more efficient solution for brands and manufacturers, resulting in a smoother and optimized experience.

    MAHLE SmartBike Systems believes this integrated solution will benefit everyone involved in the electric bicycle industry, from the wheel assembly to the positive impact on the industry.

    Learn more

  6. Join LEVA-EU for meeting on damage to EU e-bike companies by dumping measures

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    On 16 November 2023, LEVA-EU will be hosting a meeting in Brussels for EU e-bike companies who are being attacked by the customs, by OLAF or both, following the anti-dumping and countervailing measures against electric bikes from China. We have reports of companies in virtually all member states being threathened with duties, fines and even prison sentences for company managers, for alleged violation of the trade defence measures.

    LEVA-EU invites all companies who are under attack as well as their lawyers to a meeting in Brussels on Thursday 16 November. The purpose of the meeting is two-fold. We want to consult with the companies on a plan of action to systematically raise the issues with the European Commission, Parliament, Olaf and customs services. Secondly, we want to enable the lawyers defending the attacked companies to exchange information and expertise to optimise their defence.

    This week, LEVA-EU will send out direct invitations to those companies that have already contacted the association with respect to their problems with customs and/or OLAF. All other companies who have not been in touch with LEVA-EU yet, are invited to report to the organization by phone +32 475 500 588 or by email annick@leva-eu.com. The meeting is open to both LEVA-EU members and non-members.

    Further information about the meeting of 16 November will follow but those interested in attending are invited to contact LEVA-EU Manager Annick Roetynck as soon as possible by phone, +32 475 500 588 or by mail, annick@leva-eu.com.

    Before the Summer, the Commission has announced the expiry of the measures against electric bicycles from China in the Official Journal. LEVA-EU is anticipating a review and potential renewal of the measures. In the meantime, the Kafkaesque legislation and the multiple actions by national customs services and OLAF, cause unacceptable disruption and damage to many European companies. Ahead of the anticipated review, LEVA-EU called a while ago on all companies affected by the measures for evidence. The response was so overwhelming that LEVA-EU now decided to invite all affected parties to a meeting in Brussels on 16 November.

    LEVA-EU’s call for evidence resulted in a tsunami of companies calling at LEVA-EU’s booth at Eurobike to report on their ordeal. The stories are harrowing and the measures customs are threatening with are such that they will simply destroy businesses. The actions are taking place across Europe as well as in countries outside Europe, including Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, … The allegations are very diverse: circumvention of dumping measures against electric bikes assembled outside the EU, circumvention through assembly in the EU, wrong application of rules of origin, wrong HS-classification, circumvention of anti-dumping duties on essential bicycle parts, wrong use of the Commission’s exemption, assembly without end-use authorisation, assembly of parts not within time limit or simply “fraud“. Entrepreneurs are threatened not only with overdue duties and staggering fines but worse, imprisonment. One of them has effectively been detained for several weeks.

    LEVA-EU has been working relentlessly to explain all legislation pertaining to this e-bike case. In meetings with the European Commission, we have explained the many aberrations an discrimination in the rules, the net result of which being that it’s virtually impossible to start-up a new e-bike business in Europe, while many existing businesses are under threat due to unfair rules. Ahead of the review, we will continue to do so. To this end, we are in the process of drawing up an inventory of as many cases as possible of European companies that are being investigated by customs and/or OLAF.

  7. ICE Trike’s Ultimate Collection is back for 2023

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    ICE Trikes announce their ULTIMATE Collection is back for 2023! These trikes are the very definition of the word ultimate. The best trikes, the best level of componentry and the very best specifications built in the UK. These trikes are fully loaded with features like full suspension, powerful electric assist motors, high level componentry offering superb rider comfort and accessories to match.

    If you’re looking for a trike with a superb level of equipment with nothing left out, these trikes are for you. ICE Trike’s customers have asked them for the very best specifications and the Ultimate Collection is exactly that. The Ultimate Collection has three very special trikes.


    The Adventure Ultimate. Designed to inspire confidence and provide you with the most comfortable riding experience. From family rides on the trails to transcontinental expeditions the name of this trike says it all. Fitted with a powerful Shimano EP8 motor, a wide range 14-speed Rohloff or an Enviolo Automatiq Hub gearing system and full suspension, it’s almost guaranteed to make every ride a real experience.


    FROM £11,750 / $14,375 / €12,950


    The Adventure HD Ultimate. This is truly the definition of versatility and heavy duty durability. The Adventure HD is built with an increased weight capacity and a larger rider cockpit. This trike will generate the enthusiasm and peace of mind that it can take anything you throw at it. Fitted with a powerful Shimano EP8 motor, a wide range 14-speed Rohloff or an Enviolo Automatiq Hub gearing system and full suspension it’s designed with comfort and confidence in mind.

    ICE Adventure HD Ultimate


    FROM £11,850 / $14,495 / €13,050

    Contact your local dealer

    The Sprint X Tour Ultimate Is a real connoisseur’s trike designed for full on touring, fast day rides and commuting over mixed terrain. Fitted with a powerful Shimano EP8 motor, a wide range 14-speed Rohloff or an Enviolo Automatiq Hub gearing system and full suspension, it’s designed with comfort and confidence in mind. All you need to ride off into the sunset.


    FROM £11,850 / $14,495 / €13,050

    If you’re looking for a trike with a superb level of equipment with nothing left out, these trikes are for you. You can also add accessories or change options to build your Ultimate Trike that suits your individual needs. To buy simply Contact your local dealer or Contact Us if you do not have a dealer near you, the ICE Trike team will be happy to help.

  8. A study into the use of e-bikes shows an increase in regular activity.  

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    Source: Journal of Transport and Health

    Previous studies have shown that e-bike owners cycle more and drive less than they would without access to an e-bike. Support schemes for e-bikes exist in a number of countries, but knowledge about the effect of subsidies on active transport is limited. A new study into an Oslo-based e-bike subvention scheme reports on the uptake and use and the accompanying benefits.

    To boost the uptake of e-bikes, Oslo City Council introduced a subvention program (€500) for e-bike purchasers in 2016. Applicants disclosed a travel diary, answered a web survey on usage, and downloaded an app to support their activities. The survey results from the trial group were compared with two control groups; an outside sample of individuals and subvention receivers who had not yet purchased the e-bike. Compared to the control groups, the trial group increased cycling activities by 17–22% after subsidized e-bike purchase and a range of 11.6–19.3 km. The subvention led to more cycling activity and it concluded that financial incentives may contribute to a boost in active transport, even when the subvention is of a simplistic kind that does not target specific population segments.

    E-bikes have increased in popularity worldwide during the last few decades and represent the fastest-growing segment of the transport system (MacArthur et al., 2014). One aspect of e-bikes that is attracting more and more research interest is their effect on mobility patterns (Peterman et al., 2016). The e-bike has notable results regarding the impact on daily transport modes compared to regular cycling and walking. Distances are increased and even those only considered to be accessible by active transport are considered; traditional cycling barriers are reduced (de Geus and Hendriksen, 2015).  The e-bike may also reach population segments that are not prone to regular cycling or walking and particularly important for countries with current low bicycle use. However, the most rapid uptake has occurred in countries with high existing bicycling shares.

    A scoping review by Bourne et al. (2020) highlighted that the impact of the e-bike on travel behavior is largely influenced by the primary mode of travel prior to the introduction of the e-bike, largely a shift from traditional bicycles or cars. Physical activity has obvious health benefits and due to the electrical motor assistance, barriers such as long distances and hills become easier to overcome (de Geus and Hendriksen, 2015), and hence facilitate more physical activity in everyday life (Oja et al., 2011). The potential downside of the motor assistance is that it requires less self-generated power (i.e. energy expenditure) for a given time and distance, compared to a non-assisted bicycle. However, the e-bike is found to require physical activity of at least moderate intensity (Bourne et al., 2018)

    To boost e-bike sales, various forms of support schemes or incentives have been introduced, driven by a concern for the environment and for public health. Learning about the mode-share effects and changes in the overall cycling of such schemes is of particular interest, as it is an open question whether the motivation to use the e-bike after purchase is the same among subvention receivers as among “normal” e-bike purchasers. This recent study assesses the effect of subsidizing the purchase of e-bikes on users’ daily mobility patterns, and overall bicycle usage. Bicycle usage was measured by two items; how far (in kilometers) were ridden and whether the use was for transport or exercise. The trial group was also asked if (and when) they had bought the e-bike and first put it to use. To match the control group to the trial group they were also posed the question: “If you were to buy a bike today, would you consider an electric bike?” Possible answers were: “Yes, absolutely”; “Yes, maybe”; “I don’t think so”; “Don’t know” and “No, certainly not”.

    The app data was collected over a period of two months and the total number of trips recorded was 219,105. The largest difference in car use was between prospective buyers and those who had purchased an e-bike, and some of the higher cycling mode share was due to decreased use of public transport. The study was only designed to look at the relatively short-term effects of the subvention program and some participants had owned their e-bikes for five months. The data indicated that the earliest adopters cycled more than the latecomers, but this could just as well be a result of stronger motivation as of length of ownership. Typically, many people will cycle less or stop cycling completely in the winter months.

    The study concluded that financial incentives can contribute to a boost in active transport even when the subvention is simplistic and doesn’t target specific population segments. For subvention receivers participating in the study, the increase in cycling was significant so promoting e-bikes with fiscal incentives seems to work as intended in a Nordic country with relatively low cycling levels.

  9. CAKE launches three new bikes designed for younger riders

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    Source: Electrek

    The Ready, Steady, Go line includes three models of two-wheelers to get kids riding from a young age

    LEVA-EU member, CAKE, has unveiled three new models aimed at children above 18 months. The range consists of the CAKE Ready, a 12” balance bike, the CAKE Steady, a 16” single-speed pedal bike, and the CAKE Go, a fully electric mini dirt bike. The first two models are designed to introduce young riders to bikes, with the final ‘Go’ model being a fully-fledged LEV for individuals six years or older.

    The small-format electric dirt bike has a parent-controllable speed limit of up to 40 km/h (25mph), adjustable in line with rider skill level. Weighing 32kg, the model has a 1hr run time thanks to the included 48V 8.8Ah battery. The model will retail for €3,500 with a €200 down payment.

    CAKE is not the first company to make such a move, with competitors Harly-Davidson and SUPER73 making similar models in the past. Clearly, there’s no limit to how early one can start building brand loyalty!

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