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What do Zwickau in Saxony, Germany and Thessaloniki in Greece have in common? In the case of the young companies Elektronio and LEVA-EU member Pendix, it is their fascination for innovating new solutions in the field of mobility. The partnership between the Greek innovation hub for two- and multi-wheelers and the Saxon e-bike drive specialist has now lasted more than six years. Time for a closer look.

Elektronio is a micromobility solutions company founded in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2015. It manufactures customized electric bikes and electric kick scooters to meet various urban transportation needs. It is produced on customer request, using a handcrafted process. This start-up runs a lab with a showroom in the city center of Thessaloniki and offers other services and products. These include conversion kits for electric bicycles, an e-bike service and a large selection of bicycle accessories. Our journey as a start-up started with the launch of a single model, a tilting tricycle. We now have a complete portfolio of nine micromobility models on the market. Some solutions are aimed at urban commuters, others are freight models for delivery traffic, and we have also developed some special models for people with disabilities,” says Anna Chlioura. She founded the company together with co-founder Pantelis Zarkos and also acts as marketing manager.

The mobility start-up serves both corporate and end customers and sees its unique selling point in a mix of adaptability, innovative design, and occupying market niches that are neglected by competitors. An example of this is the Patin.e electric scooter. Here the manufacturer does not focus on the portability of the vehicle, but rather on its safety and a certain loading capacity. This means that the scooter can also serve as a mini delivery van.

On the same wavelength when it comes to technology and design

The Greek company has been cooperating with Pendix GmbH, a Saxon manufacturer of electric bicycle drives, since 2017. The start-up became aware of the Zwickau supplier through the Praxi Network, a Greek organization for technology transfer and innovation promotion. “We were looking for a reliable supplier for the electric part of our bicycles. What interested us most about Pendix was the technology, performance and design of the mid-drive system developed by the company. We also liked the fact that we could easily have the mid-engine as a retrofit for our services, remembers Anna Chlioura.

“Electronio asked us at the time because it needed an electrical solution with high functionality and easy installation to optimize its vehicles. It was also important to our customer to find a long-term partner with efficient after-sales support,” explains André Seifert, Sales Manager at Pendix GmbH. In its sixth year of collaboration, the Greek start-up has primarily used the mid-engine Pendix eDrive in various e-bike models. In addition, the Pendix eDrive IN rear wheel hub motor from Zwickau production has been used for a few months now. “We tested the Pendix eDrive IN for a special electric tricycle for wheelchair users traveling with their loved ones. We are currently producing a small series of this special model with the hub motor. This offers an additional function for our e-bike, reversing, which makes it even more mobile, explains Anna Chlioura.

The right “electrical fit” for every idea

We work with our customers according to an all-in-one strategy. This includes all steps from development to service. Elektronio receives all physical components and the necessary software from us from a single source. Every component is configured for the customer, meaning the drive can be installed and used immediately,” says Sales Manager Seifert. In addition, the mentality of the young company from Saxony also found favor with the start-up from Thessaloniki. The supplier also gives small manufacturers access to its high-end products and promotes their development efforts. “Pendix regularly gives us new suggestions on how we can improve our small vehicles. It is also a source of inspiration for us with its constantly evolving product range. We are certain that we can develop our bike ideas without restrictions and that we always have the right ‘electrical fit’ through our supplier. As a newbie in this industry, we have also gained confidence from working with it.

Transmission problem solved with transport bike

There is no shortage of new mobility concepts at the Greek start-up. An updated version of the Kouvala.e freight model will come onto the market in the next few months. The last edition of the transport bike had a problem transmitting the drive power from the pedals to the rear steering wheel and the two front drive wheels. A chain was out of the question, so Electronio looked into alternatives. Thanks to the Pendix eDrive IN, this problem is easily solved. In this serial hybrid drive, the original Pendix mid-engine was converted into a generator on the pedal crank, it transmits the one generated by the driver energy as well as speed and torque signals via cable to the wheel hub motors. This eliminates the chain drive train’s problems in energy transmission. Without a chain, the drive system now runs completely wear-free and there are hardly any maintenance costs. The integrated mid-engine Pendix gDrive, which will come onto the market in 2025, has already caught the start-up’s interest. This will also be used in different models in the future.

About Pendix:

The bicycle drive manufacturer Pendix, founded in 2013, is part of the Pendix Group. On the market since 2015, the employees of Pendix GmbH focus on the further development and marketing of products such as the Pendix eDrive, the hub motor Pendix eDrive IN and the integrated mid-motor Pendix gDrive. From drive production in Zwickau and the VSC.BIKE bicycle production in Allstedt, the drives, components and bicycles are sold or used by more than 750 authorized Pendix dealers, 37 bicycle manufacturers worldwide and 35 industrial customers. High quality, sustainability, reliability and smart technologies drive Pendix to deliver the best possible quality and make a contribution to the environment.

Further information: https://pendix.de/

Contact person/contact:

André Seifert, Sales Manager Pendix

Tel.: +49 375 270 667 14

Email: a.seifert@pendix.de


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