1. Laka and ListNRide partnership announced

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    A partnership between Laka and ListNRide had been launched to offer assurance and a better riding experience for bicycle riders and rental listers alike

    • Laka and ListNRide have partnered up to offer a seamless insurance integration 
    • Bike listers in the EEA will automatically receive insurance for  their bike rentals through listnride.com
    • This partnership aims to offer peace of mind for both the rider and the lister when renting out bikes and transform any place into the perfect ride. 

    Munich, 14/03/2023  – Laka, the award-winning micromobility insurtech that offers a unique collective insurance model in the UK, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany, is pleased to announce a partnership with ListNRide, the leading European bike rental platform.

    With ListNRide you now know where to rent any bike with peace of mind. Is there a bike that you have always had your eye on, but never got to try? Perhaps you are visiting a new city or country, but bringing your own bike is too much hassle? Maybe you just want to try something new? With ListNRide, finding the right bike for your needs is easy and convenient!

    Laka and ListNRide recognise that borrowing anything from someone else can be a risky business but with integrated fuss free insurance – there is no need to worry. Reducing the barriers when trying new things or exploring new cities is central to this likely pair.

    Laka’s commercial insurance is a great way to insure bikes for companies that rent them out, especially because it eliminates the need for them to create and manage their own insurance program, which can be time-consuming and costly. Additionally, by using Laka, ListNRide can take advantage of Laka’s expertise in the micromobility insurance market, which allows them to offer their customers comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. This is a win-win situation for both ListNRide and their customers.

    “We are really pleased to be able to offer ListNRide customers peace of mind and to protect the image of ListNRide as the best place to rent a bike.” said Tobias Taupitz, CEO of Laka. “As a disrupter in our own right we are continually looking for partners changing the way we cycle.”  

    “Through extensive conversations with both our private and commercial listers, we learned that insurance coverage, that provides both peace of mind and convenience, is an important and natural next step, as we continue to innovate and bring value-add solutions for our loyal customers and trusted partners”, said Gert-Jan van Wijk, MD of ListNRide.

    For more information about Laka and ListNRide please visit https://laka.co/de/gewerbliche-fahrradversicherung  and https://www.listnride.com/renting-a-bike

    About Laka

    Laka, winner of the ‘Best Cycle Insurance Provider’ Award five years in a row, was founded to better serve individual cyclists and businesses with a fairer, collective-driven approach to insurance. With a tech driven and customer centric approach, Laka has built on being an award-winning cycle insurer, to now being uniquely positioned as the go-to micromobility insurance provider in the UK and Europe. www.laka.co

    About ListNRide

    Launched  in 2017, ListNRide exists as an online booking platform for high-quality bike rentals anytime, in anyplace. Dedicated to transforming every place into the perfect ride, we foster a global cycling community through connecting riders with individual listers, mom and pop shops, and bike brands.

  2. E-bikes in the fast lane: record year reported for Germany’s bicycle trade

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    Source: ZIV

    The ZIV Bicycle Industry Association and VDZ Association of the German Bicycle Trade have published market figures for bicycles and e-bikes in 2022, reporting another record year for the German bicycle trade.

    E-bike production in Germany reached an all-time high, increasing to 1.72 million units (+20% from 2021), while sales also reached a new peak with 2.2 million units sold (+10% from 2021). A key driver of this growth is the clear trend towards second bikes. In addition to an urban bike or e-bike, consumers often opt for a second sporty or cargo bike.

    E-bikes hold a market share of 48% in Germany and, according to Burkhard Stork (Managing Director of the ZIV), are expected to overtake non-motorised bicycles in terms of unit numbers for the first time this year. In some product categories, such as mountain and cargo bikes, there is now a clear dominance for power-assisted bikes.

    The average sales price including VAT across all sales channels and models was €2,800 for e-bikes (this data includes the increasing share of high-priced cargo bikes, which pushes up the average price). Demands have changed and customers today want higher quality components, such as the gearshift, brakes, tires, and lighting, as well as a strong battery, suspension, app connection, good design, and long service life.

    The ZIV estimates the total stock of e-bikes in Germany at the end of 2022 to be 9.8 million units, meaning that there are significantly more than 10 million e-bikes on the road today. With regards to health benefits and mobility transition, e-bikes are used much more often and over longer distances; an average of 1,500 to 2,000 kilometres per year.

    E-mountain bikes have overtaken e-trekking bikes as the most popular type of e-bike among buyers, a shift that occurred in 2021 and has continued in 2022. There were 836,000 e-mountain bikes sold in 2022 (+23% from 2021), compared to 616,000 e-trekking bikes (-4% from 2021). In addition to e-mountain bikes, the biggest increases in demand have been for sporty e-bikes such as road, gravel, and fitness bikes, as well as e-cargo bikes and speed pedelecs.

    1.45 million e-bikes were imported in 2022, with the share of imports from EU countries being around 69% and the import share from Asia increasing slightly to 27%. This is due to the expansion of production in the EU/production sites in neighbouring EU countries, independence within the EU from developments in customs, and anti-dumping duty on imports of e-bikes from China.

    Around 98% of e-bike exports went to countries in the EU and EFTA. The Netherlands remained the most important export country with 24% (139,000 units), however this represents a significant decrease compared to 2021 (34% or 209,000 units). Austria and France followed at a distance with 12% each (same as 2021), Switzerland with 11% (+9% from 2021), Belgium with 11% (+8% from 2021), and Italy with 6% (same as 2021).

    Read the full report here.

  3. National Cycling Congress and Eurobike to coincide for the first time in 2023

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    Source: Eurobike

    With the recognition of sustainable living and a healthy lifestyle, bicycle uptake continues to increase, yet work remains to make it even more appealing. The National Cycling Congress, organised by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport and the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing, Germany’s flagship cycling trade congress, takes place in Hesse on June 20 and 21, a month that stages another key bicycle event, the 31st Eurobike, which runs from June 21 to 25.

    The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport and the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing have endeavoured to make two June events work in tandem. Federal Minister Volker Wissing states: “Next year we are going to combine two major dates for the cycling community in Germany and therefore create more and better opportunities for an exchange between professionals, cycling enthusiasts and policymakers. My goal is to have us all pulling together at our National Cycling Congress to make it easier for people to choose sustainable modes of transport. This includes systematically closing gaps in the cycling network and improving the relationship between bicycles and other vehicles. Since Eurobike follows right after, I’m hoping for plenty of input for digital and innovative solutions. I’m looking forward to a successful event in Frankfurt.”

    Hessian Minister of Transport Tarek Al-Wazir adds: “We’re delighted that in June 2023 Hesse will be a focal point for cycling thanks to the National Cycling Congress and Eurobike. For years, we’ve been working not only on making cycling safer. We’ve also been bolstering the role of the bicycle as an everyday means of transport and improving the overall cycle infrastructure. We’ve been investing record sums of money every year to make this happen. The trade events next year will give us the opportunity to showcase Hesse as the perfect place for cycling and to learn from each other by sharing ideas with experts, cyclists, associations, companies in the bicycle industry and policymakers.”

    The National Cycling Congress in Messe, Frankfurt, will feature insights from industry experts and clubs and associations. Planning, policy, business, challenges and visions for the future of cycling will be debated, allowing federal government, state governments and municipalities to share ideas on innovative solutions that make cycling more appealing. Last year, over 2,800 experts attended the virtual events, so 2023 is set to be particularly encompassing.

    Following the event, bicycle industry enthusiasts and organisations will attend the Eurobike trade fair. Stefan Reisinger, fairnamic managing director and head of Eurobike commented, “We’re delighted that Eurobike’s new Frankfurt edition will continue to live up to the fair’s claim of strengthening political positioning as it is scheduled to coincide with the National Cycling Congress both in terms of time and location,” further adding, “The bicycle industry brings together policymakers and scientists at Eurobike, the epicentre of innovation and development of the bicycle sector. The good thing is that Eurobike will now take place well before the main holiday season in most countries, which puts it in an even better position to establish itself as the leading international meeting place for the bicycle and future mobility industry.”

    The 8th National Cycling Congress is organised by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV), in cooperation with the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing. Originally founded in 2009 by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, the congress is a biennial event, and is attended by government agencies, private companies, and associations, as well as individuals involved with cycling, transport and mobility or in issues associated closely with cycling.

    More information on the 8th National Cycling Congress and the Eurobike is available from:





  4. Gdynia first city in Poland to receive help with e-bike purchases

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    Source: The Mayor.EU T.V. Iolov

    The Polish city has reserved an annual budget with an objective to increase the use of this sustainable transport option.

    The City of Gdynia is forecasting an increase in the number of electric bikes in use around the city, not simply because the weather permits it, but because local authorities have announced a new wave of subsidies to aid local residents with e-bicycle purchases.

    The 2022 pilot scheme was met with considerable praise and was somewhat pioneering. As a result, officials have doubled the funding. This transpires that in 2023, the reserve amounts to PLN 200,000 (about 42,500 euros), meaning that 80 local residents will find it more simplistic to purchase an environmentally friendly bicycle.

    Soft mobility and Gdynia.

    Of some importance, the directive on granting subsidies to residents remains unchanged from 2022. There remains a 50% subsidy on the eligible costs incurred, but not more than PLN 2,500.

    An evaluation survey was implemented following last year’s campaign, in which 80% of people who received a subsidy admitted that the purchasing aid did, in fact, increase their interest in this sustainable mode of transport. More than half of those taking part said that they used their electric bikes in colder months, and 97% of purchased bikes receive regular use.

    Last year’s grant turned out to be a great success. The residents were looking forward to the next pool and since December we have received a lot of calls asking when we will restart the project. We are glad that the residents want to change their transport habits and despite the fact that some time has passed since the application was submitted, they are still willing to take advantage of the subsidy,” explained Marek Łucyk, Deputy Mayor of Gdynia for Development.

    Half of the funds provided for the subsidy have been provided by the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdańsk.

  5. T&D. The new venture from Bafang

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    Source: Bafang

    ‘Electric Evolution’ signifies five pioneering e-motorcycle drive systems.

    Boasting 20-years of e-bicycle engineering, Bafang has branched out into what is arguably a logical next step forward, e-motorcycle drive systems. Manufactured in the same R&D location in Suzhou, China, T&D represents another opportunity to embrace greener technologies and a sustainable future.

    Why e-motorcycles?

    Bafang can contribute to the planet’s electric revolution and joins the e-motorcycle market as it begins to gather some significant pace. With many fans and partners alike, Bafang is set to make a good impression on the market with the new venture.

    When quizzed about the inner workings of T&D, Head of T&D, Vice General Manager of Bafang, Sunny He shared, “As a team, we sincerely value the harmonious existence of nature and humanity and are keenly aware of the natural demand for sustainable and intelligent products for our shared future. One way to achieve that coexistence is to follow the natural rhythm of things, and the time of e-motorbikes has truly arrived, the time is rife to go green.”

    The name, T&D, originates from Chinese culture; Tian & Di, or heaven and earth. It is reflective of the brand’s harmonious ecosystem outlook and is set to win many fans.

    What T&D will offer.

    Five e-drive systems have been developed by T&D to deliver electric solutions for every rider. On offer are off-road, sports, touring, urban, and indoor entertainment drive systems, all developed to produce the very best propulsion and riding experiences in accordance with nature and the planet. All the components in each drive system are certified as “green”, an accolade for other manufacturers to follow. More information can be found on the new T&D website and by subscribing to the T&D newsletter.

    Product highlights.

    FE01 (Storm) Off-Road Drive System:
    • Compact and lightweight design weighing only 21.66Kg
    • Vehicle-grade software architecture using the CAN communication protocol
    • Peak power at 60Kw
    • Torque exceeds 125N.m
    • Accomplishes climbing gradients of up to 60%
    • 0 – 50Km in 2.8s
    • 90% system efficiency

    LI01 (Forest) City Commuting Drive System:
    • Simple and efficient lightweight structure
    • Multiple high-precision current and temperature sensor motor
    • 72V 50Ah imported lithium battery
    • BMS with 6 major protection functions
    • 247N.m rear wheel torque
    • Top speeds of circa 80Km/h
    • Nimble and manageable handling

  6. MAHLE powers the new Stevens e-urban bike

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    Source: MAHLE

    Urban cycling and road technology collaborate in the Stevens E-Strada 8.3.4, e-powered by LEVA-EU member MAHLE’s X20 hub motor

    The latest E-Strada 8.3.4 FEQ E-Urban Bike, ePowered by MAHLE’s ultra-compact X20 hub motor, delivers the requirements of commuters who prefer power and performance, fast touring riders and tech-savvy fitness bikers, by way of road bike technology and streamlined design.

    Power and Performance from MAHLE X20 System

    The impressive MAHLE X20 System drives the E-Strada 8.3.4 FEQ via a torque comparable to a 55 Nm mid-motor. Inclines and headwinds are readily overcome by riders, who are left to enjoy a slick power assist delivery that can last for up to 75km. With a fully integrated 236 Wh battery, the range can be further extended by choosing the Range Extender e185.

    Lightweight design for e-urban scenarios

    The combination of an ultra-light, high-tech carbon frame and the MAHLE X20 hub motor provide the E-Strada 8.3.4 FEQ with enough drive for rapid commutes and hilly roads, thanks to an expansive gearing selection.

    Fully integrated system

    With low weight and discreet placement, the X20 drive system from MAHLE offers the perfect solution for lightweight and sporty eBikes. In addition, a concise head unit that includes Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, a brightness sensor and a 3D accelerometer showcase all of the required information in a readily-accessible light design.

    Adventure riding readiness

    The E-Strada 8.3.4 FEQ is also delivered with a comprehensive package that incorporates the requirements of any touring riders. The kit includes fenders, and all-important lighting solutions with an LED seat post and performance lighting. This safety-focused design offers convenience for any fans of eBike adventures.

  7. Segway launches its low-cost electric moped

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    Source: Clean Rider M. Torregrossa

    Launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the new E300SE from LEVA-EU member Segway boasts a top 105km/h speed, range capacity of 130km and all for less than 5,000 €.

    Following a range of electric scooters that do not require a license, Segway have now entered the 125 market with the E300SE, based upon the same design as the E110SE but with more advanced engineering.

    10 kw maximum power.

    Segway’s new electric moped is powered by a rear wheel motor from QS Motor, producing 10 kW of peak power (7.8 kW nominal) via 5 operating modes. The E300SE reaches 50 km/h from a standing start in 2.9 seconds and on to a top speed of 105 km/h, thanks to rear wheel torque of 200 Nm.

    Three battery capacity.

    Housed on the lower part of the moped, the Segway E300SE has two 2 kWh batteries as standard, 74V – 27 Ah, allowing range between 85km and 130km. An additional battery can be added to bring the total capacity to 6 kWh. This arrangement allows 37 litres and 27 litres of storage respectively. Each battery can be removed and recharged in just three hours from household power supplies.

    The Segway E300SE is also equipped with connected functionalities and a remote update device, and showcases ABS disc brakes on the front and rear 12-inch wheels. With this set up, the model can transport two passengers.

    Less than 5,000 €.

    The E300SE is due for launch on the market in May. The moped is one of the cheapest in its class at only 4,790 € for the two-battery version, or 5,990 € for the version with additional battery. Offered prices may be lower depending on market and national incentives.

  8. Segway-Ninebot showcase new features for 2023

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    Source: Clean Rider M. Torregrossa

    LEVA-EU member Segway-Ninebot is expanding its range of electric scooters in 2023, from entry-level to advanced models.

    The Sino-American brand presented its new range at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where their 125 electric scooter, the Segway E300SE took stage with other models.

    G2 Max: an upscaled option

    In comparison to the 2019 MAX G30, the new MAX G2 can boast more power and better performance. An integrated rear wheel motor that develops 900 watts of peak power, a double suspension system and a new 551 Wh battery, propel the scooter to 25 km/h and offers a certified alternative to the new Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra. A supplementary feature is the integration with Apple’s “Find My” function, meaning the scooter can be easily located via a mobile phone.

    The cost of the new Segway G2 is not yet announced, although prices are estimated to be around 1,000 €

    Segway-Ninebot MAX G2Segway-Ninebot MAX G30
    Nominal Power450W350W
    Peak Power900W700W
    Max Speed25km/h25km/h
    Maximum Range50km65km

    A revisited F2 range

    The F2 Series has also been redeveloped to address mid-range requirements. Comprising three models – F2, F2 Plus and F2 Pro – the updated models have a wider handlebar and integrated indicators.

    Segway-Ninebot F2Segway-Ninebot F2 PlusSegway-Ninebot F2 Pro
    Rated Power400W400W450W
    Peak Power800W800W900W
    Max Speed25km/h25km/h25km/h
    Battery367 Wh460 Wh460 Wh
    Maximum Range40km55km55km

    The developments are largely based around battery upgrades, where the basic models detail a pack of 367 Wh and the F2 Plus increases to 460 Wh. The F2 Pro, with upgrades to the front suspension and engine obtained from the G2, generates 900 watts of maximum power.

    Segway E2: the entry level option

    Two models in the E2 series are the latest low-cost offer from Segway, specifically designed for short journeys. The E2 showcases a 450 watt motor and a small 220 Wh battery that allow a single-charge journey of 25km and a 20km/h maximum speed. The E2 Plus has the same battery but a more powerful engine that delivers 25km/h.

    Segway-Ninebot E2Segway-Ninebot E2 Plus
    Nominal Power250W300W
    Peak Power450W500W
    EngineFront WheelFront Wheel
    Max Speed20km/h25km/h
    Maximum Range25km25km
  9. Minister of Transport, Clément Beaune, lays out French plan on scooters

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    Source: Le Journal du Dimanche. J. Droz, G. Idoux

    The laxity has lasted too long” says French Minister, following a surge in accidents.

    Scooters in free circulation could be banned before the age of 14 or 16, according to a recent interview with Clément Beaune. The French Minister of Transport, compelled operators to, “act very quickly” to reduce road accidents, further commenting that legislations may be made if their reaction is lacking.

    There is ongoing conflict over the introduction of scooters, and France’s latest national plan proposes strong measures to regulate their use with all of those involved, namely elected officials, associations and operators. Supportive comments from politicians and parents of children who had been involved in accidents were shared, to encourage changes from city officials who regulate in accordance with the 2019 law on mobility.

    Some local authorities have struggled to impose regulations on operators, so a national structure is suggested. The state will take control of agendas and agree them with operators and communities alike. The tightening of two-person traffic controls is just one example.

    Beaune finished his interview, commenting that if more regulation is needed, it will be enforced.

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