POLIS 24 calls for speakers and sponsors

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Billed as Europe’s leading sustainable urban mobility event, the conference provides an opportunity for cities and regions and other stakeholders to showcase their transport achievements

POLIS, the leading European network of cities and regions dedicated to advancing innovative technologies and policies for local transport, has issued a call for dynamic speakers and sponsors to participate in the Annual POLIS Conference 2024. Scheduled for November 27 and 28, the event will take place in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and will focus on fostering innovation and celebrating achievements in the realm of urban mobility.

The Call for Speakers is officially open, welcoming submissions until April 26, 2024. With a spotlight on 43 diverse priority topics related to urban mobility, the conference invites speakers to share insights, results, and lessons learned from their mobility initiatives. From technical parallel sessions to interactive workshops and discussions, the platform aims to explore and showcase innovative solutions within each chosen topic.

Abstract submissions must emphasize the innovative dimension of proposed solutions within the selected topic. Successful speakers will be notified in June 2024, just ahead of the release of the draft Conference program and the commencement of registrations.

In addition to the Call for Speakers, POLIS encourages companies, organizations, and initiatives to enhance their visibility through 13 available Sponsorship and Exhibition packages. The Call for Sponsors and Exhibitors is now open, and interested parties can download the Sponsorship form to apply. For customized sponsorship and exhibition packages, individuals can contact Alexia Collignon at acollignon@polisnetwork.eu and Julie Lucca at jlucca@polisnetwork.eu.

The conference offers a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange among European local and regional authorities, industry players, research centres, universities, and NGOs. Since its establishment in 1989, POLIS has been a driving force in promoting sustainable mobility by deploying innovative transport solutions. The network facilitates partnerships and collaboration throughout Europe, aiding its members in accessing European research and innovation funding and results.

Interested speakers may submit their abstract here.


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