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  1. Rad Power Bikes News

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    LEVA-EU member Rad Power Bikes has recently published two articles on the benefits of using an e-bike. Also, find out about the role their cargo bikes play to reduce congestion and pollution on the streets of New York.

    In five reasons riding an e-bike is not cheating, you will find what benefits e-bikes bring to the table based on new scientific research. This study concludes that riding an e-bike provides the same kind of workout compared to a conventional bicycle. While most research is about regular e-bikes, find here also a pilot study on e-MTBs and user experiences.

    If you are curious to what extent e-bikes can play an role in changing mobility, find their article five ways e-bikes can help save the world. Using an e-bike is more than just a fun activity, they can help to secure a cleaner future as well. It means less pollution especially when replacing a car as commuting vehicle.

    Right now, about 50 cargo bikes of Rad Power Bikes are on the ground in New York. They are part of a movement to reduce congestion and pollution in the city. More and more often  cargo bikes are replacing trucks for last-mile delivery, for example in densely populated areas such as New York. Continue to read here.

    Photo credits: Rad Power Bikes

    Find the link of the e-MTB study also on LEVA-EU’s website at resources : http://leva-eu.com/light-electric-vehicle-research/

  2. Rad Power Bikes News

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    LEVA-EU Member Rad Power Bikes has created a digital home for ebike news, culture and Rad Stories.  It is called The Scenic Route, to discover things that can inspire and empower ebike riders, whether it’s technical advice from their resident team of experts or the adventures of fellow Rad riders. Rad Power Bikes strives to tell stories about a world where transportation is energy-efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all.

    Most recently, they have put the spotlight on Chris Douglas, a longtime Radvocate who made a decision that saved another man’s life.

    Subscribe to The Scenic Route to hear more about Douglas, learn about how to prep your drivetrain for winter, and get updates on all things Rad.

  3. Rad Power Bike introduces first 250W ebike: the Rad Runner

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    Fully optimized from the ground up, the RadRunner electric utility bike is unlike any ebike you’ve ever seen.
    This newest creation from LEVA-EU Member, Rad Power Bikes is a purpose-built problem solver that’s part moped, part cargo bike, and totally rad.

    Stacked with power, range, and comfort at an accessible price of € 1,199/$1,299,  the RadRunner stands out in its ability to offer multiple riding modes. With its patent-pending convertible seat, both the cyclist and a friend can ride scooter style.

    Designed to fit a wide variety of applications and all of Rad’s universal accessories, the RadRunner runs with anything it’s put up against.
    Dig in to the details here: https://radpowerbikes.eu/pages/radrunner

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