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  1. RadTrike 1 – Rad Power Bikes’ First Electric Tricycle

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    LEVA-EU member Rad Power Bikes welcomed the first electric tricycle in its lineup. An iconic adult tricycle with an impressive weight load capacity (188 kg/ 415 lbs), unmistakable Rad fat tires, and an impressive low step-in frame.

    The RadTrike 1 will be exclusively available in the USA in 2023 and may make an appearance in Europe and the UK in 2024 depending on interest from local Rad Communities.

    While this electric tricycle is not yet available in Europe, let’s take a look at what would be the same across the USA and European models:

    • Impressive weight load capacity of 188 kg (415 lbs) with a limit of 147kg (325 lbs) max rider weight
    • Extremely low step-in height (stand-over height) of 34 cm (13.4”)
    • This adult tricycle fits riders with heights of 163 – 185 cm (or inseam measurements between 25-35 inches)
    • Estimated reach on a full battery between 32-88 km (20-55 miles)

    Check out the tech overview via Rad Power Bikes’ YouTube channel, here.

    So what would be different in Europe from the US model:

    • The European model will be equipped with a 250W motor to adhere to EU regulations (unlike the US model, which comes with a 750W motor)
    • The RadTrike 1 in Europe will be a pedelec trike. This means it will not be equipped with a half-twist throttle (unlike the US Rad ebikes); instead it will come with a Twist Power Assist to help you get launched with the bike. The Twist Power Assist will provide acceleration up to 6 km/hrs but will not provide additional speed without the rider pedaling the bike.

    If you want the RadTrike 1 to come to Europe, make your voice heard by signing up, here.

  2. Rad Power Bikes announces new CEO and opens UK service centres

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    Source: Cycling Industry News, M. Sutton

    Phil Molyneux becomes the CEO of LEVA-EU member Rad Power Bikes, following previous positions at Sony and Dyson.

    Molyneux will replace Mark Radenbaugh, who steps down from the role of CEO but remains the brand’s Chairman. “With Phil now leading the day-to-day operations, Mike will focus on eBike advocacy and innovation. Together they are devoted to accelerating the eBike revolution,” shares the Seattle-based eBike company.

    Rad Authorized UK Service Partners

    To improve after-sales service in the UK, partnerships across the nation have begun. The creation of authorized repair locations is a tried-and-tested method for improving customer satisfaction and is likely to help Rad Power grow its UK presence.

    The selected locations will offer all-around servicing capabilities, including the acquisition of spare parts for any Rad Power Bikes model. With a valid warranty, all labour and service costs are free of charge to the customer.

    In addition to regular services, Rad Partners will also have the option of offering a test ride on a Rad Power Bike, giving the brand a new physical presence.

  3. Rad Power Bikes aims to expand its network of European service partners

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    Souce: Nieuwsfiets.nu

    LEVA-EU member Rad Power Bike sells directly to consumers and has been increasingly establishing its cooperation with experienced bicycle specialists to create Rad Authorized Service Partners. This European coverage is especially useful if a consumer wants to have the bicycle repaired while on the road – for example during a holiday in Europe.

    In the Netherlands, Rad Power Bikes work with several selected companies such as KwikFit in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven, Fietscentrum in Lelystad and Fietskorpel in Voorburg. With more and more Rad Power Bikes e-bikes on the road, the brand is looking for local bike shops to help them keep those e-bikes in good shape. The American manufacturer promises entrepreneurs growth opportunities for the company by servicing, assembling and/or delivering Rad Power Bikes. Partners will receive individual practical training if required, and detailed problem-solving guides. Servicers can expect attractive fees, clear agreements and their own communication channel, exclusively for partners.

    Test Drives at Rad Authorized Service Partners

    Local bicycle repair shops can guarantee service and services on behalf of Rad Power Bikes, with the skill set to can keep the e-bikes with their specific characteristics in excellent condition. As Rad Authorized Service Partners, they provide professional maintenance and repair for all of the brand’s e-bikes. In addition, warranty work can also be performed, which is covered by the warranty and is free (parts and labour) for all RAD customers.

    In addition to the aforementioned services, Rad Authorized Service Partners also offer the opportunity to test-ride Rad Power e-Bikes. Consumers can experience for themselves the comfort and safety of a bicycle with ‘Fat Tires’.

    As the company continues to grow, with more riders switching to a Rad Power Bike, it is important for the American manufacturer to expand its range of service partners.

  4. ‘Cycle’ B2C subscription service launches in Berlin – featuring LEVA-EU member Rad Power Bikes

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    Source: SAZ Bike, T. Lambert

    The e-bike rental service Henry Mobility (Berlin), which previously specialized in the commercial sector, is now also aimed at end customers. The subscription service under the name ‘Cycle’ starts in Berlin.

    Rad Power Bikes have paired up with Cycle to provide two cargo bikes for the pilot project: Radrunner and Radwagon. The subscription will be priced at EUR 79.90 per month, with a choice between monthly rentals or a cheaper annual contract.

    Compared to other cargo bikes, Rad Power’s offering may seem small, but with their robust luggage racks at the front and rear and the high payload of 136 and 156 kilograms, they offer significantly more transport options than conventional bicycles.

    Included in the service are maintenance, insurance, and workshop appointments – all available via the smartphone app. Having previously only catered to B2B clients, the service’s launch in Berlin is a new B2C venture, with the potential to expand into additional European cities.

    The Radwagon 4: Available via Cycle, Berlin
  5. LEVA-EU member Rad Power Bikes launches UK website

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    Rad Power has recently announced the launch of a new UK-only website for customers in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. In 2022, the brand’s priority is to improve its processes and create a better experience for customers, and this new initiative aims to do exactly that! 

    The details:

    The new website; radpowerbikes.co.uk is built to serve customers in the UK. Products, prices, and inventory levels are specific to deliveries in these regions, dispatching from a Manchester-based warehouse. 

    What does this mean for Rad Power customers? 
    With this new addition to UK operations, Rad Power will shorten the delivery timeframes for in-stock products from eight weeks to 15 working days on all UK deliveries. 

    The radpowerbikes.eu site will now only serve customers with delivery addresses in the EU.

  6. Introducing the RadExpand 5 – Rad Power Bikes

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    LEVA-EU member Rad Power Bikes expands its range with the latest generation of electric folding bikes. This RadExpand 5 is lighter, has bigger all-terrain tires, handles better, comes with a heavy-duty rear rack preinstalled, and is available in a black (and white) frame.

    After the resounding success of previous models, Rad Power Bikes took on the feedback received from many of the 400,000 riders in the community to create a new edition to meet new desires. From here the RadExpand range was born.

    The RadExpand 5 is a natural go-getter with all the benefits of a regular folding bike. “It’s a lot of little things,” says Rad Power Bikes Chief Product Officer Redwood Stephens, “that add up to a big difference.” The main change launching this e-bike off-road and onward to adventure is the tire width – the RadExpand’s tires are now four inches wide, a true “fat tire” e-bike for tackling all terrain. It offers improved ergonomics for a wider range of riders, courtesy of adjustable high-rise handlebars that can be moved in or back. And, should a rider want to load up with cargo – the bike’s high quality and heavy-duty included rear rack will allow so.

    The new step-through frame allows for riders of heights 147cm to 178cm and is the ideal frame for those with limited mobility. Additionally, the bike’s weight has been reduced by 2.3kg, motor cable adjustments have been made for easier maintenance, and a new ergonomic saddle with a built-in handle makes for easier riding and transportation.

    The RadExpand “provides incredible value,” emphasizes Redwood. “The value for what you get is off the charts – you have a 250-watt powertrain coupled with a 672-watt-hour battery that takes you up to 70+ kilometers per charge, and Rad-engineered details you expect.” Such details include waterproof connectors, electrically integrated lights, and puncture-resistant tires.

    View the RadExpand 5 product page here.

  7. Rad Power Bikes secures extra $154 million investment becoming most funded ebike company in the world

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    This funding comes on the heels of a previous $150 million investment the company announced in February of this year, marking investors’ confidence in the company’s leadership position and the enormous role for ebikes as a climate solution

    SEATTLE, Oct. 28, 2021 — Rad Power Bikes™, North America’s largest ebike company, today announced $154 million in funding from existing investors to supercharge its global efforts to get more people out of cars and onto electric bikes. This round is led by Fidelity Management & Research Company LLC, with investments from funds and accounts advised by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc., Counterpoint Global (Morgan Stanley), Vulcan Capital, Durable Capital Partners LP, and The Rise Fund, TPG’s multi-sector global impact investing strategy. This funding will be used to boost investments in product and technology innovation, accelerate the company’s omni-channel sales and support channels, and diversify manufacturing and supply chains, including investments in North American and European production.

    “I built my first ebike in my garage 15 years ago. Since then I’ve been on a mission to get as many people on ebikes as possible because of the countless ways they improve people’s lives,” said Mike Radenbaugh, CEO and Founder, Rad Power Bikes. “We believe in practical and utilitarian ebikes for the masses, which has led us to creating entirely new categories of ebikes, and drives our accessible pricing, inclusive product design, and industry-pioneering direct-to-consumer sales and service. This record-breaking investment from some of the world’s most respected late-stage investors accelerates our efforts to redefine transportation and mobility, offering car-replacement solutions to people from all walks of life that are energy efficient, enjoyable and accessible.”

    “We believe that as an industry leader, Rad Power Bikes has a compelling market opportunity to fulfill the potential of ebikes as an effective transportation and mobility solution globally,” said Andrew Davis, Director of Private Investments at T. Rowe Price. “In our view, they have the management team, technology strength, and operational expertise to succeed over the long term and to play an important role in addressing the world’s current and future climate challenges.”

    With its community of riders growing rapidly, Rad Power Bikes is expanding its physical footprint for those who need service or want to shop in person. This funding will accelerate the expansion of Rad Mobile Service and Rad Retail Stores, tripling the number of physical locations by the end of 2022.

    In 2021, the company opened multiple new distribution centers, and by year’s end will have tripled capacity to deliver bikes and accessories to more customers within a week or less of ordering in North America. Rad Power Bikes will use this investment to continue increasing and strengthening its logistics and fulfillment capabilities, including new distribution centers in the U.S, Canada, U.K. and Europe.

    Ebikes are critical to addressing the global climate crisis as gas powered transportation is the largest contributor to carbon emissions in the U.S. There are an estimated 250 million cars on U.S. roads, with 59 percent of car trips being five miles or less.1 The EPA estimates that if everyone in the U.S. ditched their cars for just half of their trips under one mile there’d be savings of 2 million metric tons of CO2 per year — the equivalent to taking 400,000 cars off the road.2 Rad Power Bikes travel up to 45 miles or more on a single charge, allowing riders to replace much longer trips and take an even bigger bite out of carbon emissions. In addition to greatly reducing emissions, ebikes get people moving, improving their mental and physical health. Studies show that people who regularly commute by bike have a lower risk of death associated with cardiovascular disease or cancer, according to the British Medical Journal3; notably, a recent study found that ebike riders saw increased health benefits by riding more often and for longer than traditional bike riders.4

    “Replacing cars requires innovative solutions. We obsess over our customers and how our bikes and accessories can best fit into their daily lives and replace car trips. From teens and professionals commuting to school and work, to parents running errands and dropping kids off at school, to retirees discovering the joy of riding again with loved ones, and even our commercial last-mile customers delivering groceries in busy city streets,” said Radenbaugh. “People worldwide are turning to ebikes over cars, getting exercise and enjoying their commute rather than dreading it — all while feeling great about reducing their emissions.”

    This investment brings total financing transactions since the inception of the company to over $329 million, the most funding for a direct-to-consumer ebike company to date.

    J.P. Morgan acted as sole placement agent on the transaction.

    1 – National Household Travel Survey

    2 – Environmental Protection Agency

    3 – British Medical Journal

    4 – Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives

    Source: Rad Power

  8. Rad Power Bikes News

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    LEVA-EU member Rad Power Bikes has recently published two articles on the benefits of using an e-bike. Also, find out about the role their cargo bikes play to reduce congestion and pollution on the streets of New York.

    In five reasons riding an e-bike is not cheating, you will find what benefits e-bikes bring to the table based on new scientific research. This study concludes that riding an e-bike provides the same kind of workout compared to a conventional bicycle. While most research is about regular e-bikes, find here also a pilot study on e-MTBs and user experiences.

    If you are curious to what extent e-bikes can play an role in changing mobility, find their article five ways e-bikes can help save the world. Using an e-bike is more than just a fun activity, they can help to secure a cleaner future as well. It means less pollution especially when replacing a car as commuting vehicle.

    Right now, about 50 cargo bikes of Rad Power Bikes are on the ground in New York. They are part of a movement to reduce congestion and pollution in the city. More and more often  cargo bikes are replacing trucks for last-mile delivery, for example in densely populated areas such as New York. Continue to read here.

    Photo credits: Rad Power Bikes

    Find the link of the e-MTB study also on LEVA-EU’s website at resources : https://leva-eu.com/light-electric-vehicle-research/

  9. Rad Power Bikes News

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    LEVA-EU Member Rad Power Bikes has created a digital home for ebike news, culture and Rad Stories.  It is called The Scenic Route, to discover things that can inspire and empower ebike riders, whether it’s technical advice from their resident team of experts or the adventures of fellow Rad riders. Rad Power Bikes strives to tell stories about a world where transportation is energy-efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all.

    Most recently, they have put the spotlight on Chris Douglas, a longtime Radvocate who made a decision that saved another man’s life.

    Subscribe to The Scenic Route to hear more about Douglas, learn about how to prep your drivetrain for winter, and get updates on all things Rad.

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