1. SUPER73’s one-off bike brings the old world to the new to tackle the Wall of Death

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    In this unique collaboration, LEVA-EU member SUPER73 created a custom build, designed for the ultimate thrill seeker, Marvin Prinssen.

    The origins of the wall of death lay among the carnivals and fairs of the early 20th century. This newfound phenomenon amazed crowds of all ages, hitting its peak popularity before the 1950s. With walls popping up everywhere from Coney Island to Blackpool, this death-defying stunt inspired a generation of riders. The roar of bikes like Indian Motorcycle’s 1923 Scout became commonplace within these towering cauldrons of noise. In recent years it has become something of an anomaly, lost to the annals of time, slipping through the cracks and crevasses of a world so ready to forget the past. But there are still those few who march to the beat of their own drum and move proudly against the mainstream.

    After a visit to a wall of death and a chance encounter, an unlikely relationship formed at Wheels and Waves, Biarritz 2022. Marvin Prinssen, affectionately known as Marvellous Marv, is a Dutch wall of death rider and one of the heads behind The Lucky Daredevils. He’s a rugged eccentric with a patchwork of tattoos and an infectious smile. He seems totally relaxed as his bleached blonde mullet billows in the wind as he cruises effortlessly along the wall. His motley crew has been stunning crowds across the globe for years.

    After a brief discussion on how a SUPER73 would fare if put to the test on the wall, we decided to let Marv do what he does best. Take a look at how it ended up here.

    We decided to create an electric bike that is custom-made for the wall of death in every way. One that Marvin and his crew could incorporate into their shows. The spokes were reinforced and strengthened while a rigid front fork keeps the bike sturdy when battling against the intense g-force. An extended seat upholstered with anti-slip material helps keep the riders stuck to the bike. The bike was changed to single speed and a throttle added to allow the riders to get up to top speed as quickly as possible. The goal here was to create something that would not only catch your eye but be able to take whatever the wall could throw at it. A stark copper paint job gives the frame that SUPER73 pop while the relocation of the battery keeps it safe from any spills amongst the tHrills.

  2. CAKE and Volta Trucks join forces to provide world’s first electric microhub for last-mile deliveries

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    LEVA-EU member CAKE and Volta Trucks have announced a joint initiative for providing global fashion giant the H&M Group with fully integrated, electric deliveries to its customers in Paris. Starting in February, the H&M Group will be able to deliver its orders all the way from the warehouses to the door of the customer, leveraging an unparalleled, efficient combination of electric trucks and electric two-wheelers. Tailored for future urban logistics, this solution aims to have a minimum impact on the city environment.

    “As a majority of today’s last-mile delivery chains will soon be banned in many of the world’s largest cities, H&M seeks to engage in future-proof solutions already now. This will enable for contributions of lower emissions and less congestion, while benefiting from far more efficient deliveries all the way to the end customer, paving the way for both healthier cities and business advantages,” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO, CAKE.

    Rolling hubs, and couriers on two wheels

    CAKE and Volta Trucks were both founded to tackle the modern challenges of transportation. Coming from two different vehicle platforms, yet sharing the same objectives, the integration of the two technologies offers immediate opportunities for e-commerce and the fast-growing delivery industry, now on its way to meeting game-changing laws and regulations globally.

    Volta Trucks, whose vehicles are electric trucks with industry-standard loading capacity, has developed a design that offers emission-free transportation and enhanced safety in urban environments. Allowed to pass through future city borders, the electric trucks make the perfect vessel for carrying full loads of parcels, and harbour in central locations while parcels are delivered last-mile by a set of CAKE bikes reaching the customers fast, without impacting the traffic, or struggling with parking.

    “We’ve designed the full-electric Volta Zero to be the cleanest, safest and most efficient urban delivery vehicle. Most of our customers are using trucks to deliver from out-of-town warehouses to inner-city stores. But as a forward-thinking brand, we’ve always sought innovative partners to deliver new and industry-redefining solutions. The partnership between Volta Trucks, CAKE and H&M Group will showcase how a combination of zero tailpipe emission transport solutions can bring benefits to brands, customers, and city centre environments.” says Essa Al-Saleh, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks.

    “An important part of our approach is to work openly and closely with partners, including to reduce emissions throughout our value chain. Initiatives like those with Volta Trucks and Cake help us advance our sustainability goals faster than we could on our own and have a positive impact in leading the transformation to a better fashion future. This starts with improving sustainability performance in our own operations and demonstrating the resilience of a sustainable business direction”, Paul Ticehurst, H&M Group Logistics Transport Lead.

    Paris leads the way

    Paris is one of the first cities in the world to regulate city transportation in favour of congestion and the climate. The French capital is targeting a late 2023 introduction of legislation, effectively limiting the movement of cars in its city centre. CAKE electric mopeds and motorcycles will be exempt from the ban that is expected to remove approximately 100,000 cars from the streets each day. Additionally, two-wheelers using combustion engines will by September 1st be subject to parking fees, while electric alternatives continue to enjoy free parking on Paris streets.

  3. CAKE unveils new model: The Bukk

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    The next level in the category of light electric off-road performance motorcycles is unveiled at the Italian Expo, EICMA 2022.

    LEVA-EU member CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles has unveiled the Bukk, a new off-road platform, with an initial limited edition-50 units, designed for trail and track use. The Bukk performance is equivalent to the A2 classification and continues CAKE’s commitment to accelerate the transition towards a zero-emission society, combining excitement with responsibility.

    “The Bukk represents the boundary-pushing performance ambition of CAKE products. This is a true next-level, off-road electric platform”, says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO at CAKE.

    “In our drive to promote sustainability, extending life cycles is a key focus enhancing purpose, innovation, performance and physical quality. The learnings from developing race and off-road motorcycles give us insight into what true durability really means. A key component that is being implemented in all our products, from basic commuter models to hard-core utility vehicles, is stretching life cycles. CAKE’s mission has always been to respect our world and those who live in it while inspiring towards zero emission, where true excitement blends with responsibility. This is what the Bukk is all about.”

    At 85 kg, the Bukk offers a category-leading power-to-weight ratio. Engineered and manufactured from scratch, including new and unique tooling, the frame, its geometry, suspension and components are new and unique, made with the lightest and most carefully considered alloys, constituting the new performance category. The newly developed drivetrain with 72V battery and 16kW motor delivers 420Nm of instant electric torque and a top speed of +100 Km/h, with three ride modes giving an array of riding style choices. Together with WP and Öhlins attuned suspension, the Bukk provides incomparable agility, control and speed, silently without polluting trails and tracks.

    The name Bukk means Thunder Cloud in the ancient language from the island of Gotland, CAKE’s testing ground and inspiration for the naming of all of its products.

    Just 50 Bukks will be produced during its limited edition run and will be finished in CAKE’s iconic Race series yellow tones. These 50 limited editions are available to order at 14,970$ / 14,970€ from November 8th on ridecake.com.

  4. The future of micromobility – an interview with Laka CEO Tobi Taupitz

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    The future of micromobility is an interesting prospect. Soaring fuel costs, environmental pledges, and changing work habits are already seeing our towns and cities transform thanks to micromobility vehicles. But what next?

    Catch up with LEVA-EU Member Laka’s CEO Tobi Taupitz, as he discusses all things micromobility and how LAKA fits into the equation in the organization’s latest press release.

    What is micromobility?

    Micromobility is here to stay. It’s gone from a buzzword in the technology world to a fixture of our everyday lives. Whether that’s the bike we jump on to get to work, or the e-scooters you see in towns and cities.

    But what does ‘micromobility’ actually mean? Well the dictionary definition says micromobility is “the use of small, low-speed vehicles as a means of personal transport”. Seems straightforward enough.

    Tobi has a more detailed view:

    “For me, micromobility means bikes, cargo bikes, e-scooters & e-mopeds – but you can now see all sorts of interesting use cases that don’t quite fit the description. Micromobility really hones in on short(er) distance travel. The use cases are quite interconnected. You can use an e-moped to deliver a pizza or you can use it to get from A to B.

    I suppose what links micromobility is that these aren’t vehicles primarily used for fun. Even if they are a fun way to get around. So I think what we’re talking about is beating traffic and being smarter about getting from A to B.

    When we think about micromobility insurance customers, it’s the commuter and transportation side on the one hand, and it’s the commercial and business side on the other. This narrows down the segments we are serving in the micromobility space.

    Micromobility is evolving of course. There is a BCG paper that came out in May that predicted what Micromobility will look like by 2030, which was super interesting and insightful. It’s just inspiring how the world is changing.”

    Micromobility stats at a glance

    The paper that Tobi refers to paints an interesting picture of the current micromobility landscape too. Here are the key takeaways:

    • Bike ownership is still expected to be the biggest market by volume at €35 Billion Annually
    • Subscription vehicles are the fastest-growing segments in the micromobility market
    • More than 30% of all their survey respondents use a bike several times a week, if not daily
    • Among city dwellers, 41% use a micromobility vehicle to commute
    • The top six reasons people choose micromobility were of almost equal importance: flexibility, reliability, price, the weather (when it is pleasant), safety, and the opportunity to save time by reducing travel time.

    Bikes clearly play a big role in driving micromobility forwards too. A report from We are Possible found that cargo bikes have the potential to cut emissions by 90% compared to diesel vans and are 60% faster than vans in urban centres.

    This is what Pedal Me have managed to achieve through excellent rider training, operational efficiencies, and using the best cargo bikes for the job.

    What does the future look like for micromobility?

    Tobi says the key to micromobility’s success in the future is having vehicles that can outperform traditional cars & vans.

    “We’re seeing cargo bikes that can carry more and more. It’s really taking off. That’s the use case of the EAV for example. It’s more of a van than an e-bike. This shows that some of the creative solutions are already out there.”

    The EAV that Tobi is referring to is an awesome look into how our cities will soon look. If not how they look already.

    EAV build eCargo vehicles for emerging use cases and new urban environments. Their vehicles are designed down from a van, not up from a bike: a fundamental innovation in eCargo bike design. This unique hybrid allows more deliveries in a shorter amount of time by accessing cycle lanes and pedestrian routes.

    Micromobility vehicles are on the rise but how will this affect our towns and cities? What patterns are we seeing in how people now use urban spaces?

    Whilst catching up with EAV we asked head of partnerships Leo Bethell how he sees the future of our urban spaces:

    “Heavy and large vehicles will be removed from the city centre, as vehicle lanes make way for lightweight micromobility options. Cycle and pedestrian infrastructure will take priority over legacy vehicles meaning people will reclaim the city as a safe environment.”

    Making the city a safe environment is critical. Expect to see initiatives like ‘School Streets’ in the UK become commonplace everywhere. School Streets are council-led schemes that restrict motor traffic access outside schools at key times. This leads to safer access to schools and better use of the space outside school by children and families walking, scooting, cycling, and wheeling to school.

    Expect to see many more initiatives that ‘reclaim’ the streets too. It’s fundamental to making our cities greener and more liveable. Designing our streets for humans first and transport / vehicles second is a powerful way to turn the tables on polluted cities & chaotic urban environments.

    The Laka journey so far…

    And where does Laka fit into all of this? Finally we asked Tobi what sets Laka apart from the rest:

    “Well firstly, being tech-driven we have lots of data points compared to your standard business insurer. We have thousands of cargo bikes on the platform and we know very well what the risk looks like. Price is important, but it’s not everything. Service is essential and can be broken down between the actual claims offering, which we have as best in class, I would argue. And then of course it’s our ability and willingness to go beyond that.

    On the one hand, this would be through the products we are offering, liability cover, goods in transit, and I’m sure more in the future. On the other hand, it’s the integration of the ecosystem we build around your needs and your existing operations. If you have fleet management software for example, Laka just seamlessly integrates, captures the right data and makes it super easy to work with you.”

  5. CAKE signs meaningful 5000 motorcycle contract with premium distributing partner Goldwin inc for Japan

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    Acceleration for LEVA-EU member CAKE continues ahead of the timeline in Asia.

    CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles, today announced the closing of a significant partnership in Japan with the premium sportswear manufacturer and distributor Goldwin, who just signed a three-year contract. The partnership relies on Goldwin Inc’s 70 year experience and well-established network covering manufacturing, distribution, sales and branding, working with premium sports and outdoor brands such as Goldwin, The North Face and Helly Hansen.

    Accelerating ahead of timeline, and following the ongoing expansion in North American and European cities, the closure of the deal marks the second clear step in CAKE’s partner strategy for the Asian Market.

    “The entry into Asia couldn´t be more right than contractually hooking up with the pinnacle of high quality partners and product specialists Goldwin Inc.” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE

    “Goldwin is a company that I have come to know well on an operational level over the years, with a number of close business colleagues managing its business. Their commitment to quality, innovation, purpose and customer care is world leading. Aside from the business relevancy, I’m flattered that we get to work with just them and no one else in such an important market as Japan.”

    “Although the motorcycle business is a new challenge for Goldwin, we deeply respect CAKE’s ambition, fascinating product design and its unique sustainable business model. With the addition of CAKE into our brand portfolio, We truly believe that Gloldwin will be able to offer more diverse value and experience to the Japanese outdoor/sports market. We are very excited to be a part of the CAKE family and cannot wait to explore a new business frontier hand in hand with CAKE.” says Mori Hikari , Managing Executive Officer of Goldwin Inc.

    Aside from the CAKE’s direct to user model implemented for Europe and North America, Asia will be developed on a partner basis, together with premium operators. Additional partnerships for other Asian markets will be announced in 2023.

    About Goldwin

    Established in 1951 in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture. With our corporate philosophy “to realize a fulfilling and healthy life through sports” we develop high-performance sportswear including our original “GOLDWIN” brand mainly for the Japanese market. From research and development to planning, manufacturing, quality control and sales, we strive to provide professional use, athlete-oriented products and services for our customers.

    In 2021, we announced our long-term vision “PLAY EARTH 2030” in tackling priority issues to resolve climate change and to integrate sustainability into our business model. By 2030, our goal is to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by increasing the use of green materials in more than 90 percent of our products. corp.goldwin.co.jp/eng/

    About CAKE

    CAKE is a Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles and mopeds, with a clear mission to inspire towards a zero-emission society, by combining excitement and responsibility. The model range currently consists of three different platforms – the versatile offroader Kalk, the modular utility bike Ösa, and the urban commuter Makka. Thanks to an extensive range of accessories and configurations, CAKE is addressing a wide matrix of users and applications, including commercial use for last-mile delivery and other short-haul urban transportation. Along with numerous awards and recognitions for its design and innovative approach to mobility and other societal challenges, CAKE was identified as one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company in both 2020 and 2021, and received the Time Magazine 100 most important inventions award in 2021. www.ridecake.com

  6. Van Raam’s ‘safest two-wheeled bicycle in the world’ sees a new release

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    Due to the unique frame construction and motor system, the Balance low-entry bicycle from LEVA-EU member Van Raam is claimed to be the safest (electric) two-wheel bicycle available. With this model, you can always place both feet on the ground while sitting in the saddle. The Balance has many unique riding characteristics and is therefore suitable for many people who cannot cycle on a traditional two-wheeler. Plus, it is completely produced in the Netherlands.

    Renewed Balance low-entry bike

    The Balance bicycle with a low entry has been renewed and can be ordered from October 2022 via Van Raam dealers.

    The new model sees a range of adjustments:

    • Entry has become even wider and lower, making it even easier to get on and off the bike.
    • The lock is more accessible, placed at the rear wheel instead of the front wheel.
    • New design with a modern look, including matte black accents.
    • Instead of vacuum forming, the chain guard is made by injection moulding at Van Raam’s sister company Your Plastic Solutions. This technique makes the chain guard even sturdier.
    • New standard color (Grey Blue Matt, RAL 5008) and new option colours, Signal Red Gloss, RAL 3001 or Light Ivory Matt, RAL 1015.

    Good elements are preserved
    Alongside a number of improvements, the core elements that were present in the previous Balance have of course been retained.

    VanRaam describes the new model’s benefits:

    • The bicycle has a unique frame construction: a low step-through so the rider can always have two feet directly on the ground while remaining seated on the saddle. It is slightly different from a normal low-entry bike, which has a low entry point, but a high seating position. We call this false safety, getting in and out is easier, but the driver is still sitting high and when suddenly stopping, things can go wrong.
    • With the Balance, the overall ergonomics of the frame are such that the rider can easily get on and off due to the low entry, but also sits lower and still can make an optimal pedalling movement. This is because the rider is not above, but behind the bottom bracket. Due to the different seating position, the rider can remain seated on the saddle and still have two feet on the ground. The rider also sits lower, so that the center of gravity is also lower.
    • A more forward pedalling movement allows you to use the power of your legs better than with a classic bicycle. This makes cycling extra easy and comfortable.
    • Other advantages of the unique frame construction are less strain on the wrists, back, neck and shoulders.
    • Many variations of the model are available such as pedal assistance/e-bike, and accessories such as a stick holder.

  7. Wisper introduces new sales team member

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    Source: Cycling Industry News, BikeBiz

    LEVA-EU member Wisper appoints Paul Sims-Williams as a key player in dealer network development

    Sims-Williams will be working alongside Jeremy and Tim as part of the sales team, helping to support and grow the Wisper dealer network in the UK. He will be on the road visiting the dealer network and displaying the full range of Wisper bikes.

    The brand said: “As part of our continuing endeavour to provide top quality support to our dealers, and to meet the expected high demand for e-bikes in general and Wisper bikes in particular next year, we are very excited to announce that Paul Sims-Williams is joining the Wisper team!

    Sims-Williams has worked in the bike industry for over 30 years and has worked for Ison Distribution, Karrimor, Zyro and Moore Large amongst others. He has also worked in the retail sector so understands the difficulties that a bike retailer can have from day to day.

    He said that he is “really looking forward to getting out on the road for Wisper Electric Bikes. I will be taking a sample from the new Tailwind range of bikes out with me which is going to blow everyone away.”

    Wisper has this month launched its new Tailwind range of bikes which weigh just 19kg. The range has two sizes of easily removable in-frame batteries, and the three unique build kits offered on the Tailwind range allow the customer to tailor their bike to suit their specific requirements.

    Wisper has been at the forefront of the UK e-bike industry since its inception in 2005. Based near Sevenoaks in Kent, Wisper offers a high-quality range of electric bikes using the latest motor and battery technology. The brand designs and develops its bikes in-house before they are manufactured at its state-of-the-art production facility in Portugal.

  8. Bafang Direct-to-dealer Services see primary launch with select brands

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    In the past, to meet the individualized needs of different e-bike brands, LEVA-EU member Bafang Electric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Bafang) developed a variety of products and provided after-sales services to brands in a flexible and efficient way. With the maturity of products and development of consumers’ service requirements, some brands took the initiative to ask Bafang to extend its services further to include dealers. To meet the evolving market demand, over the past two years Bafang has developed a direct-to-dealer service (DDS) mode for select bicycle brands and dealers in response to their service requirements, creating a comprehensive, closed-loop system.

    This concept was first put into practice in February 2021; in this preliminary stage, the service was available only to a few selected dealers. Following with an excellent response, Bafang’s dealer services network has further expanded and now serves dealers of multiple brands.

    As one of the world’s leading electric bike drive systems and electronic components manufacturers, Bafang knows its responsibility for the continuous flow and exchange of information between brands and their dealers. Therefore, Bafang has refined and strengthened its DDS, heavily investing in the project to provide applicable training programs for the existing products each year.

    In February 2021, Bafang launched the DDS with a Dutch brand, Gazelle. In the first interactive training stage, the brand invited a few dealers to thoroughly trial the dealer services system and assess any problems that arose. By the end of 2021, all of Gazelle’s dealers had been connected to the Bafang DDS system. For the Gazelle brand alone, Bafang will continue to provide more than 700 dealers with services including product training, customer service, and spare parts sales.

    Currently, 5 brands have joined Bafang’s DDS, and the Bafang dealers’ service team has established contact with more than 1,200 dealers to provide relevant services.

    The Bafang DDS service team boasts established technicians with years of industry experience who will train dealers and workshop employees to ensure that they can provide high-quality services to their customers. The scope of services provided by Bafang DDS includes:

    – Free replacement and maintenance of parts (within the warranty period)

    – Stable diagnostic systems

    – Training courses for new products

    – Technical documents in various languages for download (e.g., manuals, e-learning videos,

       assembly/disassembly demonstrations)

    – Quick response and follow-up on any technical issues

    – Sharing of the dealers’ experiences

    At present, the Bafang DDS system remains in its initial development stage, including the logistics system, service platform, training activities, etc., which are being continuously improved upon. In the future, Bafang plans continued expansion of the system to quickly meet dealers’ demands with real-world data and support. Dealers will have the advantage of using the full range of services provided by Bafang and purchasing parts directly through the system, while Bafang Dealer Services itself will continue to expand service outlets and increase service personnel. In April of this year, Bafang held a professional, innovative, and successful online training event with Fischer Bicycle and its international dealers, and is preparing for the provision of a professional service system for more brands and dealers in the future.

    Although the Bafang DDS is a relatively new offering, many dealers have shown great enthusiasm and encouragement for the program, providing valuable suggestions for Bafang to improve the subsequent service work.

    Bafang dealer service process

    How does the Bafang DDS function? Following the signing of a dealer service agreement by a bike brand, the brand’s list of dealers and their relevant details is shared with Bafang. Bafang then prepares all goods and content for the dealers, who can submit product queries through the dedicated DDS web portal. Bafang’s service engineers handle all incoming queries promptly, liaising remotely with the dealer through the most appropriate channels to reach a resolution.

  9. Stromer official “e-bike” supplier for Alinghi Red Bull Racing

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    LEVA-EU member Stromer has entered a partnership with Alinghi Red Bull Racing in their preparations for the 37th America’s Cup. Stromer will be providing fast electric bikes, or “Speed Pedelecs”, as well as developing new special editions that will carry the Alinghi Red Bull Racing name.

    Participation in the ‘America’s Cup’, the oldest sporting trophy in the world (1851), requires vision, an innovative spirit, and a certain willingness to take risks. After an absence of ten years, Alinghi has joined forces with Red Bull with the goal of winning the 37th America’s Cup, hosted in Barcelona from August to October 2024. The Swiss company myStromer AG, a leading manufacturer of Speed Pedelecs, is now working to help Alinghi Red Bull Racing achieve this goal as the team’s official supplier of electric bikes. This collaboration is based on a long-term vision and will not only boost the team’s mobility in Barcelona, but everywhere that they go. Stromer will also introduce a Special Edition in the colors of Alinghi Red Bull Racing that is based on the model ST7 in 2023.

    Alinghi Red Bull Racing’s training location is Barcelona, a busy metropolis. To support the team members on their daily journeys in the city, Stromer is the team’s official supplier of e-bikes. In addition to fast electric bikes, Stromer is also providing the team with racing bikes in the colors of Alinghi Red Bull Racing to help train the sailors. Cycling will play a key role in this competition for the 37th America’s Cup, both on land as well as on the water. The energy for the mechanical systems is generated on board by pedal systems that are operated by four members of the team: the “power group”. Modern mobility is thus a common thread between Stromer and Alinghi Red Bull Racing thanks to their interest in efficiency and performance.

    Sailing has fascinated humans around the world for centuries. Alinghi Red Bull Racing stands for performance and perfection, just like Stromer. We expect this partnership to increase the global brand awareness of Stromer and to enhance the focus on the topic of alternative mobility. We are also excited to launch an ST7 Alinghi Red Bull Racing Special Edition in 2023.” Tomi Viiala, co-CEO of myStromer AG

    We are looking forward to our collaboration with Alinghi Red Bull Racing. Passion and perfection are just two values that we share. We wish Alinghi Red Bull Racing a perfect preparation phase and victory at the next America’s Cup. We are naturally also proud to be able to ensure the mobility of the team in Barcelona with our bikes.” Karl Ludwig Kley, co-CEO / CFO of  myStromer AG

    These new boats, the AC75, are bringing cycling and sailing closer: the rules of the class allow having cyclists on board to provide the energy to operate the boat systems. The fact that we will be able to ride bikes as part of the preparation in Barcelona will also be a huge advantage for the whole team. We are truly lucky that we will be able to rely on Stromer in our quest for the next America’s Cup. We represent the colors of Swiss industry in the world and stand for the same values: precision, quality and performance. A huge thanks to them for it!” Arnaud Psarofaghis, Alinghi Red Bull Racing Sailing Team


    Stromer supports sustainable, environmentally friendly mobility solutions. Stromer Speed Pedelecs can be ridden up to 45 km/h with engine assistance and represent the best of Swiss engineering. The models capture the imagination through an exclusive combination of timeless design, smart connectivity, pure performance, and maximum range.

    Stromer ST7 Alinghi Red Bull Racing Team Edition

    Exclusively for its partnership with Alinghi Red Bull Racing, the Swiss company will manufacture a special series of its top model, the ST7, in the team’s colors. The new Stromer flagship combines cutting-edge technology and high-end components to create a Speed Pedelec truly in a class of its own. With a 1,440 Wh battery and a range of up to 260 km, the ST7 is the world’s first “Speed Pedelec” with new electronic Smart.Shift technology from Pinion, thus introducing vehicle driving dynamics to the e-bike. It combines reliable and virtually maintenance-free gear-shifting technology with the advantages of electronic shifting via a shift lever. Planning for additional Special and Limited Editions is currently underway.

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