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  1. Major upgrade for Madrid’s shared e-bike fleet

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    Source: TheMayor.eu, T.V. Iolov

    The city’s e-bike service is seeing extensive development, from rebranding, to payment updates, to anti-vandalism measures. The changes come as Madrid continues to work towards fully unlocking the potential of cycling.

    José Luis Martínez-Almeida, the Mayor of Madrid, has unveiled the newly upgraded iteration of Bicimad, the city’s public electrical bicycle system. Firstly, the network is working towards featuring a total 7,500 e-bikes and 611 stations, reaching all 21 districts of the city. Additionally, the new E-FIT model will be made of recycled aluminium, presenting a more manageable, ergonomic and robust design that substantially improves the user experience.

    Key upgrades:

    • Anti-vandalism design: Tires feature an anti-puncture design, an anti-theft system is integrated into the chassis, and all wires and lights are now integrated into the frame.
    • Maintenance: Bicycles anchored in a parking point are permanently monitored, with physical buttons available for users to indicate that maintenance is required.
    • Payment system upgrade: Payments are now possible through MPass, the system associated with buses, car parks etc. in the city.
    Image: TheMayor.eu
  2. Belgian interest in MaaS highlighted in new survey

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    Source: MaaS Alliance, A. De Mol

    Citizens have shown their interest in mobility as a service (MaaS), or shared mobility, in an online study by the Belgian Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport.

    The survey received 3,000 respondents, representative of the population of Belgium, with researchers collecting data on both the current use of mobility apps and future interest in them. The key findings were as follows:

    • The younger the participant, the more likely the use of mobility apps. Route finders were the most commonly used application.
    • Over 40% of smartphone users had no mobility apps.
    • There is huge unexplored potential for MaaS in Belgium. 6 out of 10 respondents stated interest (majority higher employed, educated, male)
    • 80% stated they would use MaaS for recreational trips, and 60% stated they would use MaaS for utilitarian trips.
    • 4 of 10 respondents anticipate that MaaS usage will impact their travel behavior. This is closely linked to the current transport type.

    MaaS Alliance’s Conclusions:

    This first survey conducted on the Belgian population indicates that there is a strong interest in MaaS applications among all age groups. There remains a huge untapped potential for MaaS, shown by the discrepancy between the interest and the actual usage of MaaS applications.
    Important to note is that a strong share of all participants considers to change their travel behavior thanks to MaaS, mainly in favour of public transport. This seems to imply that MaaS solutions will result into a modal shift.

  3. ‘Cycle’ B2C subscription service launches in Berlin – featuring LEVA-EU member Rad Power Bikes

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    Source: SAZ Bike, T. Lambert

    The e-bike rental service Henry Mobility (Berlin), which previously specialized in the commercial sector, is now also aimed at end customers. The subscription service under the name ‘Cycle’ starts in Berlin.

    Rad Power Bikes have paired up with Cycle to provide two cargo bikes for the pilot project: Radrunner and Radwagon. The subscription will be priced at EUR 79.90 per month, with a choice between monthly rentals or a cheaper annual contract.

    Compared to other cargo bikes, Rad Power’s offering may seem small, but with their robust luggage racks at the front and rear and the high payload of 136 and 156 kilograms, they offer significantly more transport options than conventional bicycles.

    Included in the service are maintenance, insurance, and workshop appointments – all available via the smartphone app. Having previously only catered to B2B clients, the service’s launch in Berlin is a new B2C venture, with the potential to expand into additional European cities.

    The Radwagon 4: Available via Cycle, Berlin
  4. Turin’s MaaS service trail nears completion, receiving high marks

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    Source: TheMayor.eu, Iolov, T.V.

    Dubbed the ‘Netflix of mobility’, Turin’s mobility as a service (MaaS) pilot scheme will end at the beginning of October 2022. As the first such initiative in Italy, the project aimed to discourage people from taking their cars when traveling downtown.

    Co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition, the project had a duration of exactly one year. The first, and preliminary, results were presented on Wednesday, 7 September, to the 5T Viability Commission. One hundred individuals who did not own cars were selected for the scheme, with an average age of 39. The single pass granted access to various services including public transport, scooters, taxis, electric scooter, car sharing, and car rental services.

    Positively, of pass holders, 81% of users expressed great satisfaction, with an overall rating of 4.25 out of 5 given to the scheme. Almost all of the testers reported a five-minute reduction in travel times, ten percent say they save up to fifteen minutes. Of available mobility options, the most popular was public transport, followed by car sharing and rental services.

    The success of the scheme has not gone unnoticed, with a further 3.3 million euros in state funding and 1.3 million euros allocated by the Piedmont Region for MaaS projects. The goal is to finalize the project by mid-2023.

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