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  1. Ten years of innovation: Interview with Pendix founder and CEO Thomas Herzog

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    The Zwickau-based company Pendix is ​​no stranger to the bike industry and cyclists, with its self-developed eDrive retrofit drive. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, we spoke about the company’s technological, initial spark, as well as milestones and developments over the last decade up to the present day.

    Mr. Herzog, what was the brilliant technical idea behind the founding of Pendix?

    At the time, we offered development services for customers in our first company. In 2012, this also included the company Mifa, for which we developed a cargo bike drive. The project captivated us so much at the time that we wanted to develop our own drive according to our ideas as the next step. That’s how everything got rolling.

    What technical background do the founders of your company have?

    At the time, we all studied engineering at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau and met in the “Formula Student” project. This is an international competition in which students construct racing vehicles themselves and then compete against each other. In addition to their engineering studies, all of our founders had already completed practical training in the fields of technology or business.

    Can you describe what the special features of the first Pendix development were at the time?

    With pleasure. It was important to us that our own motor worked silently and did not generate any noticeable pedal resistance. In addition, our design had to be very flexible and suitable for use with a wide variety of bicycle models and really offer retrofitting at the level of the major manufacturers.

    And how was your idea later received by the market?

    It was a really radical experience and one that we will never forget: We went to the Eurobike bicycle trade fair in Friedrichshafen for the first time in 2014 and showed our system to the public there. I remember people who stood spellbound at our stand for minutes and couldn’t take their eyes off our product. As they left, they turned around several times and had pure enthusiasm in their eyes. That really gave our team a boost for the market launch.

    What insights did you gain from the launch of the first product – what further developments did you derive from this?

    The product launch of our first retrofit drive was in 2015. It had a 330 Wh battery. Through practical use, feedback from customers and ongoing observations and tests of our own, we had determined that a larger battery would be a useful addition. As we gained more experience with the system, we gradually came across further opportunities for improvement. These included more power, more efficiency, an external lock, protective covers and other extras and smaller adjustments. We then implemented these bit by bit in subsequent model generations and new developments. And even today, of course, the optimization process is not yet complete.

    Can you tell us something about the technical milestones that followed?

    Of course. The next milestone was in 2017. Here we started with a larger 500 Wh battery. This provided even more range and thus more flexibility and application possibilities for our retrofit drive. A 65 Nm version of our motor followed in 2020. With this update, we primarily ensured greater efficiency. The very next year, the eDrive IN was finally released. This was a new concept. Here we moved away from the mid-engine and instead implemented a system with a hub drive. This is particularly useful for cargo bikes because the power is then applied directly to the wheel.

    Is there currently a technical highlight in the company? What was it developed for?

    Yes, that is the new integrated mid-engine gDrive, which will be launched in 2025. We developed this together with our shareholder Johnson Electric specifically for use in city and trekking bikes. Because a mid-engine with a gearbox like the gDrive is ideal in terms of its position on the bike when it comes to a natural riding feel. In addition, such a motor has better efficiency. Because the gDrive is also small, light and is installed directly, we are following the current trend of integrating more and more components into the bike. Sustainability is also an important aspect for us. Together with Johnson Electric, we ensure high environmental, labor and social standards along the value chain and focus on repairs instead of complete replacement and disposal: Thanks to the modular design of our gDrive, individual elements can be repaired if necessary, so the entire system does not have to be replaced.

    How would you describe the development of your company as a whole – what makes you particularly happy and proud today?

    Over the last ten years, we have developed from a small start-up in Zwickau to an established medium-sized company. Sometimes it is hard to believe how quickly it all happened. Some things feel like they were only yesterday. But despite the big changes, you can still feel the spirit of an agile company here today. We are particularly proud of the ease of use, which is reflected in every detail of our products. And of course we are particularly grateful to everyone who has accompanied us on our journey so far and continues to do so.

    More information: https://pendix.de/

    About Pendix:

    The bicycle drive manufacturer Pendix, founded in 2013, is part of the Pendix Group. On the market since 2015, the employees of Pendix GmbH focus on the further development and marketing of products such as the Pendix eDrive, the Pendix eDrive IN hub motor and the integrated Pendix gDrive mid-engine. From the drive production in Zwickau and the VSC.BIKE bicycle production in Allstedt, the drives, components and bicycles are sold or used by more than 750 authorized Pendix dealers, 37 bicycle manufacturers worldwide and 35 industrial customers. Johnson Electric International AG has been the majority shareholder of Pendix GmbH since 2022. High quality, sustainability, reliability and smart technologies drive Pendix to deliver the best possible quality and make a contribution to the environment.

    Thomas Herzog (right), Pendix founder and CEO
  2. MAHLE SmartBike Systems launches its new system X30

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    MAHLE SmartBike Systems, the eBike company of automotive component supplier MAHLE, has launched its new X30 drive system for eBikes.

    The new MAHLE X30 consists of motor, battery, HMI (human machine Interface) and other components and extends the X-Series system platform. The highlight is the new motor. This is a robust and functional unit that maintains the light, sport, and intelligent DNA characteristic of all MAHLE products, offering both balanced and versatile assistance. This new hub motor is designed to provide great performance on any terrain, with a 45 Nm torque (compared to a mid-drive motor) and weighs just 1.9kg. The MAHLE X30 has therefore set a new standard for hub motors and has once again revolutionized the market for lightweight eBike systems. Its highly advanced technology makes it suitable for all riders, whether on the road, in the city or on tracks. It is even suitable for kids eBikes. The new MAHLE X30 is also compatible with all the components, accessories, and digital environment of the MAHLE X20 system, which means that the complete system can be equipped with Pulsar ONE, eShifters, HMI, iX2 or iX3 batteries and External Battery eX1 (e185).

    As a leading supplier of lightweight eBike solutions with many years of development experience, MAHLE SmartBike Systems is committed to development and innovation. With MAHLE X30, the company has launched a versatile, robust, functional and technologically advanced system that will markedly change the world of lightweight eBike systems. MAHLE X30 System combines lightweight innovation with robust versatility, providing individual support for diverse riding conditions and significantly improving the riding experience.

    New motor, same ecosystem:

    MAHLE X30 System can be integrated perfectly with the X20 components and existing digital ecosystems, guaranteeing uncompromising compatibility. This compatibility enables seamless upgrades and access to advanced features,
    maintaining consistent performance across the X Series.

    The design of this rear hub motor allows for perfect system synergy as a result of lower energy losses, increasing energy efficiency by 15% compared with a middrive motor, allowing the user’s activity to be extended in an environmentally friendly way up to a distance of almost 190 km.

    In addition, the versatility provided by the X Series platform allows bicycle brands to build eBikes with a pedal assist sensor or with a cadence and torque sensor, creating different riding experiences.

    One of the innovations of this system is that the installation of the torque sensor allows for a much more precise watt analysis, enabling the motor to respond to the rider’s needs at all times. Also, our technology together with AI and machine learning means that the eBike learns from the rider’s behavior and adapts to both riders and their environment.

    The MAHLE X30 System is customized according to the DNA of the bike brand that implements it on its models, as well as by discipline and, customer philosophy. The motor mapping is defined together with the manufacturer concerned and implemented on the eBikes at the end of the production line. This leads into a special bike and riding experience on each different brand, behaving
    differently even when using the same system.

    The launch of the new MAHLE X30 System is associated with renown partners in the bike industry such as Bianchi in road, Husqvarna in kids and Stevens in urban, among others.

    For more information:

    Website MAHLE X30: https://mahle-smartbike.com/X30
    MAHLE SmartBike Systems website: https://mahle-smartbike.com/

  3. Ellio Max receives Best Buy award from Fietstest

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    The Belgian e-bike brand has attained a top honour from the independent bicycle test platform

    At the end of April Ellio submitted its Ellio Max to the ADR Bicycle Test 2024 for a thorough assessment. The newest edition of the Ellio Speed ​​Pedelec family members was tested and inspected by a panel of a total of 216 members. Following deliberations, the panel awarded the Ellio Max as ‘Best Buy’ in the Speed ​​Pedelecs category.

    Reviewer Luc said, “Very pleasant spedelec, powerful support, excellent riding comfort, this bike has everything you could wish for, highly recommended”.

    To avoid a one-sided, positive outcome in reviewing, Fietstest.nl uses more than 1900 independent and experienced panel members to produce a reliable result. This is why many bicycle brands are drawn to participate in its bicycle test and vie for its quality mark.

    The Ellio Max is a versatile and powerful e-bike, featuring 27.5 inch wheels, a top speed of 45 km/h, a range of 50-100 km and a belt drive, it also features Ellio two-wheel drive with automatic shifting system.

    About Ellio

    Ellio E-bikes is building the mobility of tomorrow by developing the most accessible speed pedelecs and drive technology on the market. Just like the car, Ellio fits perfectly into the daily lives of its users.

    Ellio E-bikes have all-wheel drive (two-wheel drive), drive fully automatically and are 100% Belgian made.

  4. Bafang presents revolutionary Gear Variable Transmission (GVT) technology platform and new 5-speed automatic gear hub

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    Spearheading a new era for the shifting experience, Bafang proudly introduces its innovative Gear Variable Transmission (GVT) technology platform, along with its latest creation based on GVT—the G500A, an internal 5-speed automatic shift hub designed for high-powered eFat bikes. Offering a groundbreaking shift experience for eBikes, G500A is debuting at the 2024 China Cycle Show.

    Breaking Cycling Boundaries with the Revolutionary GVT Technology Platform

    GVT, short for Gear Variable Transmission, represents years of meticulous research and development by Bafang. This technology elevates the eBike shifting experience to a new level with precise automatic shifting mechanisms and advanced transmission control, creating seamless and smooth gear changes that aligns the eBike and rider as one, turning what was once merely a concept into reality. Products featuring GVT technology are belt-drive-friendly and offer a high degree of integration, enabling greater design possibilities. Moreover, GVT significantly reduces common maintenance issues and durability concerns found in existing shift systems, thus extending the overall lifespan of eBikes.

    “Over the past 3 years, we have launched the automatic hub motor and the automatic gear hub series, both of which have received positive feedback from various markets. We are very proud and honored,” said Zou, the chief engineer of the Bafang GVT. “It is this motivation that has led us to decide to give it an official name, to better acquaint everyone with it. Regarding the GVT technology platform, in the future, we will further interpret it through more innovations.”

    Photo: Products powered by Bafang GVT Technology: G500A, G300A H700, H710, H720

    The 5-Speed Automatic Gear hub – The Latest GVT Technology

    As the latest innovation on the GVT platform, the G500A is a 5-speed automatic gear hub specifically crafted for high-powered fat-tire eBikes, designed to effectively tackle challenging terrains like snow and sand. G500A can withstand torque ratings of over 200Nm and supports speeds of 45km/h and 60km/h. It is available with 175mm and 190mm dropout options to accommodate most eFat bikes.

    Bafang’s commitment to quality and reliability is reflected in its rigorous testing standards. Each of the five gears in the G500A undergoes at least 10,000 impact tests, ensuring durability and rider confidence.

    G500A simulated load testing

    With the introduction of the GVT technology platform, Bafang aims to set a new benchmark for drive system reliability and durability in the eBike industry. As the GVT platform continues to evolve, Bafang is developing more ground-breaking products, underscoring its commitment to leading the industry towards higher technological standards and user experiences.

  5. New website and service partners for AureusDrive

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    The Swiss developer of affordable, robust and stylish electric bicycles has debuted a fresh new website and announced additional partners in the brand’s home country

    Founded in 2017, AureusDrive develops, designs, conceptualizes, configures and assembles e-bike systems with a focus on the commuter. Following on from successful past expansion, the brand has shared its new website redesign, aimed at making the user experience clearer, easier and more enjoyable. The company stated:

    “The new website has a modern look and a clear shop layout. These and many other adjustments have been made to increase your comfort when using it. We hope you like the new features and look forward to offering you an even better shopping experience in the future!”

    AureusDrive also announced the addition of four new Swiss workshop and service partners to its network, in a further commitment to serving the needs of riders. The locations are: Cycle Grenat Sàrl in Grand-Lancy, RIDERSCAVE in Poliez-Pittet, Merkli 2-Rad Sport in Wetzikon ZH, and Veloservice Fertal in Willisau.

    “With these new partners, we are not only expanding our geographical reach, but also our service expertise. They now offer you more workshop options for repairs, maintenance and advice on all aspects of your AureusDrive e-bike. We are excited about this new collaboration and look forward to continuing to offer you the best possible service.”

  6. Alternative to buying an e-bike: the electric retrofit drive

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    Source: Pendix

    E-bikes are popular but expensive. Recent studies confirm this. Electric retrofit drives, such as the Pendix eDrive, offer an alternative solution. They can be installed without major modifications and equip regular bicycles with the advantages of e-bikes.

    Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in Germany, as shown by the SINUS Institute and BMDV’s 2023 Bicycle Monitor. According to the monitor, a quarter of respondents plan to purchase a bicycle or pedelec (electric pedal-assist bicycle) in 2024. Pedelecs, commonly referred to as e-bikes in Germany, are particularly favored, with 48 percent of potential buyers interested in acquiring such a bike.

    The amount people are willing to spend on these bikes averages slightly over 1,400 euros, according to the study. However, there’s a catch: e-bikes are generally much more expensive. EY, a consulting firm, noted in its 2023 bicycle study that electric bikes in Germany are among the most expensive in Europe, averaging around 2,800 euros per e-bike. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t deter cyclists from opting for electric biking. After all, there are alternatives in the form of retrofit electric drives. These are typically not only cheaper than buying an e-bike but also offer additional benefits.

    Electrical Upgrade for Your Favourite Bike

    One example of such a retrofit drive is the Pendix eDrive. It consists of a gearless mid-drive motor and a battery. Both can be installed on almost all frame models and types of bicycles with a so-called BSA bottom bracket. The motor is directly built onto the bottom bracket, while the battery can often be mounted on the screw holes for the bottle cage. For those who swear by their existing bicycle but still want electric assistance, this provides a practical solution: your favourite bike can be transformed into an e-bike in a short time. The familiar riding feel and appearance remain intact, essentially just upgraded.

    Move Further, Ride More Relaxed

    With the additional electric assistance, several things change, including increased range and agility. Motors like the Pendix eDrive provide pedal assistance up to a speed of 25 kilometres per hour. This allows for tackling longer distances or hilly terrain without the rider becoming overly exhausted. The Pendix eDrive offers three different battery options, allowing for ranges of 37 to 240 kilometres depending on the model, external conditions, and riding style. Charging time with a 160-watt charger ranges from two to three hours.

    Such a retrofit drive can also be adjusted to individual fitness levels. For example, the Pendix eDrive offers three modes, ranging from light, barely noticeable pedal assistance to up to 200 percent additional pedal power. This provides assistance in all riding situations, from leisurely rides on flat terrain to mountain crossings with steep inclines, loose surfaces, or strong headwinds. The optional app allows for further fine-tuning of assistance levels.

    The bicycle remains a bicycle

    If one wishes to engage in a more intense workout, the electric assistance can be deactivated at any time. Due to its gearless construction, a motor like the Pendix eDrive adds little weight when turned off, resulting in no significant pedal resistance. Additionally, the drive is completely silent, preserving the familiar feel of riding one’s own bike.

    A retrofit drive can also help bring together people of different ages and fitness levels. With individual electric assistance, the entire family can ride together on a spring tour without anyone feeling overwhelmed or left behind, whether it’s grandparents or parents with children on child seats.

    Support for Everyday Activities

    A retrofit electric drive not only provides a more relaxed and sporty riding experience on family outings or off-road adventures but also offers support in everyday life. Those who frequently transport groceries or work materials by bike or take their children to daycare will experience relief and arrive at their destination more relaxed and less exhausted. A retrofit electric motor like the Pendix eDrive is suitable for cyclists of all ages.

    Older generations, in particular, stand to benefit. Retrofitting without major changes to habits can provide them with greater participation and keep them mobile and active, whether running errands or pursuing leisure activities—hills, additional weight from bags, or long distances are no longer obstacles. Thus, the bike remains a constant companion in every stage of life.

    Uncomplicated Enhancement of the Bicycle

    In addition to the cost efficiency of the retrofit solution compared to purchasing a new e-bike, there are other economic aspects. The familiar bike experiences an increase in usability and resale value. There are also maintenance benefits. A system like the Pendix eDrive, with its gearless construction, is not only compact and lightweight compared to other designs but also wear-free and maintenance-free. This saves costs and ensures longevity. And if one eventually wants to exchange their current bike, transitioning to a new bike with the Pendix eDrive is simple.

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be a used bike that receives an upgrade through the electric motor. Numerous manufacturers integrate such solutions directly into their factory models. Additionally, at partner retailers, a regular new bike can be purchased and equipped on-site with a Pendix eDrive. While retrofitting the motor and battery is relatively easy for those with DIY skills, the manufacturer recommends safe and reliable installation by a professional dealer.

    For more information on installation requirements, features, variants, and technical data of the retrofit motor, visit: https://pendix.de/edrive

    About Pendix: Established in 2013, bicycle drive manufacturer Pendix is part of the Pendix Group. Since its introduction to the market in 2015, Pendix GmbH’s employees have focused on the development and marketing of products such as the Pendix eDrive, the hub motor Pendix eDrive IN, and the integrated mid-drive Pendix gDrive. The drives, components, and bicycles are distributed or utilized by more than 750 authorized Pendix dealers, 37 bicycle manufacturers worldwide, and 35 industrial customers. Pendix is driven by quality, sustainability, reliability, and smart technologies, aiming to deliver the best possible quality and make a contribution to the environment. Since 2022, Johnson Electric International AG has been the majority shareholder of Pendix GmbH.

  7. MAHLE announces new features in My SmartBike App

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    The My SmartBike application brings new features for its users, both for the cyclist and bicycle brands equipped with MAHLE systems.

    What all these new features have in common is the ability to offer a greater personalisation of the application, to give the cyclist a more attractive environment within which he/she can feel more identified, as well as to further personalise the way of riding with his/her eBike.

    My SmartBike App available for Apple Watch

    My SmartBike App can now be controlled through any Apple Watch model, allowing the user to start, stop and view a summary of their activity. They can also change the level of assistance or view other basic metrics such as battery status, heart rate or time en route, making it a perfect feature for urban users. The user must have the My SmartBike app open in the background to be able to use the Apple Watch together with the eBike.


    Another new feature of this update is the possibility of locking the electrical system assistance via the My SmartBike App. This new functionality is an excellent security complement to the manual lock.

    Choose how to start your journey

    With this new functionality, the rider will be able to configure how their electric bike starts, allowing them to select the level of assistance, the status of the lights, the configuration of the motor maps or if they want to use the Smart Assist to worry only about enjoying the route. This functionality depends on the user’s eBike model and the country where he/she is located.

    My SmartBike App now more immersive

    The customisation of the application environment with the bicycle manufacturer’s logo and colours allows the user to feel more identified with their tastes and enjoy a complete brand experience.

    For more information:

    My SmartBike App website: https://mahle-smartbike.com/digital-ecosystem/

    Descarga My SmartBike App iOS: https://apps.apple.com/sg/app/mysmartbike/id1566348476

    Descarga My SmartBike App Android:

    MAHLE SmartBike Systems website: https://mahle-smartbike.com/es/

    MAHLE SmartBike Systems

    MAHLE SmartBike Systems is the specialized division for the design and development of drive systems for electric bicycles of the German MAHLE Group, an international leader in sustainable mobility solutions for the present and the future.

    The team, of more than 150 people, is made up of software and hardware engineers, industrial and electronic engineers, quality specialists, 3D designers, creative, production and materials experts and a long list of professionals to which are added another 80 people distributed in the different centers of the group in Spain, Germany, and Asia.

    With Palencia as the headquarters of this great project, MAHLE SmartBike Systems brings together the R&D, Marketing, Operations and Sales activities of MAHLE in the electric bicycle industry.

    MAHLE ultra-light and compact systems, consisting of the motor, batteries, controllers, components, and all types of intelligent solutions for electric bicycles, are integrated and perfectly interconnected with each other to offer the rider a fully customized
    experience. For all these features, more than 80 brands worldwide, including those whose innovation is revolutionizing the cycling industry, incorporate MAHLE drive systems as the perfect choice in terms of integration, cost and efficiency for electric mobility.

  8. Antric donates to good cause via weniger e.V.

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    The cargo bike innovator has gifted an Antric One V4 to Weniger e.V. an association for people and organisations that want to embrace the idea of “less”

    Weniger describes itself as a learning and action space for impulses, suggestions and concrete implementations, where the strategies of sustainable development are also taken into account. More specifically, it is a legal entity that can be used by various projects, offering individuals and groups its brand and the infrastructure of a non-profit association. The aim is ensure that ideas are put into practice that contribute positively to the sustainability transformation of society. Various Weniger projects are designed to promote sustainable development, such as the “Paperless happy”, “CleanUp” and “Playground dwarves” projects.

    Antric‘s Cargobike offers a perfect solution with its cargobox and large load volume. “Specifically, we use the Antric for our work at and with primary schools in Witten, especially for our “MüTos – rubbish collection combined with romping around” programme. We also take part in the annual RuhrCleanUp on our cargo bike and transport the collectors’ heavy rubbish bags, because collecting rubbish is fun, lugging rubbish is less so. In general, the Antric offers us a mobility option for our numerous projects that fits in with our values,” says Patrick Schulz, employee of weniger e.V.. Antric began as a project in the Bochum University of Applied Sciences, and has been developing vehicles somewhere between e-bikes and electric cars since 2015.

    The feedback so far has also been extremely positive and has attracted a lot of attention on the streets of Bochum.

  9. New additions at myStromer AG

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    Three new team members strengthen the speed pedelec brand’s offering, across technology, marketing and account management roles.

    Christoph Lindlein is responsible for global marketing management in his role as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Franz Reindl is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and heads the R&D department and Lennart Wolff is looking after the region of Northern Germany as the new Stromer and Desiknio Account Manager. Since August 2023, Christoph Lindlein (37) from Germany has worked as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and headed the company’s marketing strategies.

    After completing his degree in Sports Economics and Management at German Sport University Cologne and in International Marketing in Melbourne, Australia, Christoph Lindlein began his career in 2010 at the German sporting goods manufacturer adidas at its headquarters in Herzogenaurach. In 2011 he moved to Switzerland to join the INTERSPORT International Corporation. He successfully held several marketing positions there over the next 12 years. His most recent responsibilities included the global marketing strategy for the INTERSPORT Group and the establishment of long-term marketing partnerships with leading sports brands such as Nike, adidas and Puma. He also drove the development of the marketing strategy of exclusive brands from INTERSPORT.

    Christoph Lindlein explains why he moved to Stromer: “After more than 12 years in the sporting goods industry, I decided to change directions. Inspiring people to adopt a more active and healthier lifestyle has always been a motivating factor and driving force behind my career. I also strongly believe in the importance of more sustainable mobility and would like to be an active part of the mobility transformation – and above all inspire people to sustainably change their habits and behavior when it comes to mobility.”

    He continues: “I am convinced that authentic and emotional storytelling will strengthen the brand awareness and customer loyalty of Stromer and Desiknio over the long-term. Together with our innovative product solutions, this can not only drive the transformation of mobility and generate growth, but can even inspire our customers across generations. With Stromer and Desiknio I have found two fascinating brands with highly innovative products and an incredibly passionate team.” Christoph Lindlein works at the Stromer Campus in Oberwangen near Bern, Switzerland.

    Since March 2023, Franz Reindl (30) from Austria has been responsible for the Research & Development department as the CTO at the Stromer Campus in Oberwangen near Bern. The industrial and mechanical engineer brings with him valuable experience from the automotive industry that he can integrate into the product development for Stromer Speed Pedelecs. He joins us from KTM AG (currently Pierer Mobility) in Austria, where he most recently worked as the Head of R&D and was responsible for the Development department for the sports car series KTM X-BOW GTX, GT2 & GT-XR.

    His role includes building and leading a highly efficient 45-member Research & Development team with a clear focus on digital innovations. The expanded team works with an intense focus on developing new solutions in short time periods and is raising the quality to the next level. “Sometimes it is up to us as engineers to find solutions to the challenges of mobility. My team and I will continue to develop attractive solutions with maximum safety and comfort. Our good connections with the automotive industry will support us in our undertakings,” explains Franz Reindl.

    Starting in December of last year, Lennart Wolff (35) took on the support of Stromer and Desiknio dealers in the Northern Germany region as Account Manager and successor of Nuscha Vakilzadeh. Lennart Wolff brings an affinity for e-bikes: He has already been working in the e-bike industry for seven years. For the last five years, he worked as the store manager at the eBike Company in Hamburg. He developed his passion for Stromer early on – with his first job in the bike industry: “It was a Stromer ST2. That S-Pedelec fascinated me immediately; its power and range were just perfect for my commute. I am excited to be able to represent the brands Stromer and Desiknio in Northern Germany.”

    About Stromer

    Founded in 2010 and based in Oberwangen, Switzerland, the company is shaping the future of mobility with its Speed Pedelecs. myStromer AG produces all its e-bikes at the Oberwangen site and is the market leader in the Speed Pedelec category (fast e-bikes < 45 km/h). The company employs around 180 people, has three subsidiaries (USA, Netherlands and Romania) and sells its products in 25 countries. “Swissness” is Stromer’s promise of quality, design, precision, reliability and respect for the environment. Since 2021, the Spanish brand Desiknio has enhanced the product range with high-quality urban bikes (< 25 km/h). With its high-end products, Stromer offers commuters a contemporary mobility solution. This can be confirmed by the < 450 million kilometers traveled on Stromers. Stromer is #HereToChange.

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