Klever e-bikes widely awarded by Fietstest

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The independent panel of bike testers continues to praise Klever models across the range, with recent awards for Best Buy and Best in Test

Klever Mobility, the Dutch maker of powerful and reliable e-bikes, now boasts nine models on the Fietstest awards board, with the most recent accolades being Best Buy for the Y Muse 45, and Best in Test for the X Speed Pinion Alpha. Fiestest reviews are compiled from a panel of 1,900 independent reviewers, with the aim of offering consumers a truly impartial picture of product performance, value and quality. Klever’s repeated appearance in the top ranks is a testament to their pillars of power, safety, reliability and sustainability.

Top rated bikes include the Y Muse, with a reviewer describing it as a “fantastic bike with rear wheel motor”, saying it “gets up to speed quickly and easily, stable at 45 km/h”. Top rated features included its powerful support, clear display, pleasant to use display, powerful engine and silent motor.

On the X Speed Pinion Alpha, the tester said: “Very cool bike. Goes very fast and smoothly. Feels solid. Great if you are looking for a pedelec”. Highlights across the board for this model were its pleasant to use display, silent motor, that it drives great and has a strong frame.

About Klever Mobility:

Klever Mobility supplies REAL45 Power E-bikes.

Our mission: everyone out of the car and on the speed pedelec to work. Clean mobility, great outdoors, no traffic jams or parking hassles.

We’re contributing to that by making powerful Speed ​​Pedelecs that guarantee a wonderful and safe riding experience. This is how we make commuting the best time of the day!

We really believe that Speed ​​Pedelecs will play an important role in modern sustainable mobility and with our Klever teams in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan we work hard on that every day!

We design our bikes from the scratch and make sure all parts of the system integrate with each other to create the most powerful, safe and reliable Speed Pedelecs around.

As a daughter company of Kymco, we have the access to the know-how and 50 years of experience in the e-scooters to make sure we can succeed in this mission.

Our speed pedelecs are available from our carefully selected dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. Check our website for your nearest dealer. Or request a test drive directly from us: https://klever-mobility.com/


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