Bafang presents revolutionary Gear Variable Transmission (GVT) technology platform and new 5-speed automatic gear hub

29 days ago

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Spearheading a new era for the shifting experience, Bafang proudly introduces its innovative Gear Variable Transmission (GVT) technology platform, along with its latest creation based on GVT—the G500A, an internal 5-speed automatic shift hub designed for high-powered eFat bikes. Offering a groundbreaking shift experience for eBikes, G500A is debuting at the 2024 China Cycle Show.

Breaking Cycling Boundaries with the Revolutionary GVT Technology Platform

GVT, short for Gear Variable Transmission, represents years of meticulous research and development by Bafang. This technology elevates the eBike shifting experience to a new level with precise automatic shifting mechanisms and advanced transmission control, creating seamless and smooth gear changes that aligns the eBike and rider as one, turning what was once merely a concept into reality. Products featuring GVT technology are belt-drive-friendly and offer a high degree of integration, enabling greater design possibilities. Moreover, GVT significantly reduces common maintenance issues and durability concerns found in existing shift systems, thus extending the overall lifespan of eBikes.

“Over the past 3 years, we have launched the automatic hub motor and the automatic gear hub series, both of which have received positive feedback from various markets. We are very proud and honored,” said Zou, the chief engineer of the Bafang GVT. “It is this motivation that has led us to decide to give it an official name, to better acquaint everyone with it. Regarding the GVT technology platform, in the future, we will further interpret it through more innovations.”

Photo: Products powered by Bafang GVT Technology: G500A, G300A H700, H710, H720

The 5-Speed Automatic Gear hub – The Latest GVT Technology

As the latest innovation on the GVT platform, the G500A is a 5-speed automatic gear hub specifically crafted for high-powered fat-tire eBikes, designed to effectively tackle challenging terrains like snow and sand. G500A can withstand torque ratings of over 200Nm and supports speeds of 45km/h and 60km/h. It is available with 175mm and 190mm dropout options to accommodate most eFat bikes.

Bafang’s commitment to quality and reliability is reflected in its rigorous testing standards. Each of the five gears in the G500A undergoes at least 10,000 impact tests, ensuring durability and rider confidence.

G500A simulated load testing

With the introduction of the GVT technology platform, Bafang aims to set a new benchmark for drive system reliability and durability in the eBike industry. As the GVT platform continues to evolve, Bafang is developing more ground-breaking products, underscoring its commitment to leading the industry towards higher technological standards and user experiences.


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