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  1. Bimas Bikes exhibits at Eurobike for the first time

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    Source: NieuwsFiets.nu

    LEVA-EU member Bimas Bikes showcased its own line of Bimas Bikes, the Argeus project bikes, and its collaboration with Oowi bike-sharing service at Eurobike 2022.

    Jan Willem de Ronde of Bimas Bikes shared, “We have been going [to Eurobike] as a visitor for years, but this is of course a completely different dynamic. What we want to show here is of course our own brand Bimas Bikes, the cargo bike is the [our] most successful at the moment. We also produce OEM bicycles on a project basis. Our factory also makes a large number of bicycles for other brands, which are also exhibited here at the fair,” referring to bicycles of the Argeus project. Of their own range, the new Bimas eTour 7.5 e-bike made its debut at Eurobike 2022.

    Continuing to discuss Bimas’ partnerships, de Ronde explained, “[Argeus] is its own brand, but [more of an] umbrella. Someone can choose to carry the Argeus, but they can also put their own brand name on it. The bikes that we show here are actually a kind of starting point, we will discuss the method of final assembly at a later stage. We also have customers, with whom we start from paper, but then you have to speak to someone who already knows exactly what they want. Such customers often already have a very strong idea about the model, the parts, and the marketing strategy. These customers often already have their own collection, but are looking for something to replace or expand.

    The third item showcased by Bimas Bikes was their close collaboration with Oowi, a bike-sharing service. Bimas Bikes manufactures the physical bikes, while Oowi is responsible for the sharing platform itself.

    Image source: nieuwsfiets.nu
  2. Pendix: Eurobike was a complete success

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    The Zwickau-based drive specialist and LEVA-EU member Pendix can look back on a successful Eurobike. The company presented its various eDrive drive systems at the world’s largest bicycle trade fair, which was held for the first time in Frankfurt am Main. The Pendix eDrive INs aroused particularly great interest – a serial hybrid drive that was specially designed for the B2B sector.

    The crowd at the Pendix stand was already large during the dealer days. Companies and journalists informed themselves about the innovative drive technology of the Pendix eDrive IN and its possible uses. Test drives were possible for the first time on the test site outside the halls, which many visitors took advantage of and were amazed at the chainless drive.

    Interest was also unbroken during the end customer days. The established retrofit systems for the private sector continue to be a sustainable option for turning your own bike into an e-bike. “Many customers also take the drive with them when they buy a new bike,” reports Alexandra Elschker, Head of Marketing at Pendix.

    She looks back with satisfaction: “The days at the trade fair were exhausting, but the atmosphere and the feedback from customers were phenomenal. After the long Corona break, it was just nice to be able to talk to people on site again. Above all, the visits and discussions with our long-standing customers were great. The generous ambiance in Frankfurt has taken everything to a new level.

    It was also a special experience for Managing Director Thomas Herzog: “It wasn’t our first Eurobike, but the trade fair was still very exciting for us. For the first time, visitors could drive the Pendix eDrive INs themselves and give us direct feedback. What can I say? The feedback was consistently positive – after the hard work and the waiting time caused by the pandemic, it is difficult to put into words how happy we were. We were often praised for our app, but also for our service and our reliable availability, which made us just as happy. We can hardly wait for Eurobike 2023.”

  3. So nice to see you (again) at Eurobike

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    The LEVA-EU team thoroughly enjoyed the many meetings with members, candidate members and other parties interested in Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) at Eurobike this year. Having live discussions about innovations, market expansion, sustainable policies, rules and regulations, changing public opinion, … was so refreshing and inspiring. However, we still don’t understand why we all had to move.

    Throughout the meetings, LEVA-EU received many compliments on the work done so far and just as many encouragements to keep up the good work. There is still a lot of work left to do in many different fields: e-cargocycles, speed pedelecs, e-trailers, e-scooters, … Eurobike convinced us of the fact that LEVA-EU is on the right track in fighting the LEV-corner.

    On the Thursday, in the traditional info-meeting, LEVA-EU presented an update on important European regulatory issues involving electric bicycles and other light, electric vehicles. The agenda included the review of technical legislation for E-Bikes and all other LEVs, state of play in standardization, the EU proposal for a new battery Regulation and the DLR-report on emission saving potential of LEVs. Please contact LEVA-EU Manager Annick Roetynck, annick@leva-eu.com, if you are interested in receiving the presentation.

    All in all, this Eurobike was suitably different from all other editions. At last, it is no longer a bicycle show, it has now finally started to reflect the large diversity of LEVs available on the market to cater for a variety of use and users. Only on Friday afternoon, we made it to the outdoor test-track where we feasted our eyes on a vast range of (sometimes crazy) vehicles with 1, 2, 3 or more wheels. A truly exciting sight!

    And yet, we are not entirely happy with some of the fundamental changes that Eurobike has undergone. The Messe is monstrously large and it takes up a lot of time to get from one hall to another. The lay-out is very confusing and some halls are not exactly attractive. LEVA-EU was forced to resort to a meeting room off hall 9.1.  Although it was a quiet place to meet and catch one’s breath, we were completely excluded from the fairground itself. Many people found it difficult to find us. Also, according to several companies, who either had a stand this year or were considering taking a stand next year, participation is far more expensive than in Friedrichshafen. Furthermore, some prospective exhibitors were turned down because, allegedly, there was not enough room. Unusual policy, considering there was clearly enough free space available to accommodate more exhibitors.

    The question is also how much bigger Eurobike wants to become. There are still some halls available, but it was already impossible for professional visitors to see everything in three days. The question also seems to be whether there is really a need for more square metres or rather for finetuning the exhibition concept? Also, Frankfurt has not proven that it was really necessary to move house. What is the added value of the new location? Our travel-time has been reduced with a few hours but we, for one, would gladly return to Friedrichshafen. There, we have our familiar holiday home, our preferred restaurants and a heavenly spot on the lakeshore where we can enjoy the sunset over a glass of wine after the fair. We still do not understand why we had to give all this up for Frankfurt.

    As for visitors, this edition of Eurobike did not do better than the last edition before COVID, which was in 2019. This year, the fair welcomed 33,780 visitors compared to 39,834 in 2019, that is still more than 15% less. On Saturday and Sunday, 27,370 consumers came round to see the show, compared to 21,240 in 2019. That is almost 30% more but the 2019 show only had 1 day, this year there were two public days.

    Next year, Eurobike is planned in the penultimate week of June. Who has been consulted about this? Certainly not the many dealers who will have to leave their shop for an exhibition in THE busiest time of the year. And what about all the parents who, in that period, are on call to support their children in exams or who are expected to attend long-awaited proclamations? The dates have been chosen with a view to linking Eurobike to the German National Cycling Congress on 20 and 21 June. Federal Mobility Minister Volker Wissing stated: “Next year we are going to combine two major dates for the cycling community in Germany and therefore create more and better opportunities for an exchange between professionals, cycling enthusiasts and policymakers. My goal is to have us all pulling together at our National Cycling Congress to make it easier for people to choose sustainable modes of transport. This includes systematically closing gaps in the cycling network and improving the relationship between bicycles and other vehicles. Since Eurobike follows right after, I’m hoping for plenty of input for digital and innovative solutions. I’m looking forward to a successful event in Frankfurt.

    Unfortunately, the Minister seems to forget that Eurobike is an international exhibition, so it might prove tricky to get Chinese, American or even French trade visitors interested in a German national cycling congress. Moreover, trade visitors are at Eurobike for doing business. It proves to be very difficult to attract their attention for anything that takes their focus away from that business. Time will have to tell whether the National Cycling Congress delegates will be an interesting addition to the traditional public of Eurobike trade visitors.

  4. QWIC Mira, the e-bike for an active lifestyle

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    On the first day of Eurobike 2022, LEVA-EU member QWIC presented a brand new e-bike, the QWIC Mira. This comfort e-bike has been specially designed to make everyday life easier and more comfortable. With the Mira you can maneuver comfortably through the day.

    The QWIC Mira invites you to go cycling. From functional bike rides to trips through nature, the Mira is versatile.

    Comfort and power

    The high-quality parts of the Mira offer the comfort that we have come to expect from QWIC. The iconic low step-through frame ensures that you can get on and off easily, even with groceries and children on the bike. The powerful QWIC battery (known from the luxurious Premium Q and adventurous Atlas) is positioned in such a way that it can be installed and removed smoothly.

    Versatile e-bike

    With the various cargo options, the Mira is perfect for all kinds of purposes and easy to adapt. Thanks to the sturdy rear carrier, the Mira can carry 27 kg of cargo. The MIK HD click system makes it easy to change accessory. For example, by removing the child seat when you go into town to have a drink.

    Mira Daily & Mira Tour

    The QWIC Mira is available in two versions, the Daily and the Tour version. The Daily is the perfect bike for all daily activities. This version comes with a powerful 65Nm motor and chain drive. The QWIC Mira Tour gives you just that little bit of extra comfort you need for longer distances and hilly terrain thanks to an even more powerful motor (80Nm) and belt drive.

    Both models are available in Jet Black color. The Mira Daily also has a fresh Sage Green version and the Mira Tour is available in the elegant Desert Copper color.

    QWIC Dealer Shows

    QWIC dealers can experience the QWIC Mira for themselves during the QWIC Dealer Shows in August and September in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. All technical questions about this new model will also be answered.

    Prices and options

    The QWIC Mira Daily is for sale for €3,499 and the price of the QWIC Mira Tour is €4,099. The Mira comes standard with a 522 Wh battery and an optional 756 Wh battery is available (surcharge €420). Other options include the QWIC charging station (€299) and GPS connectivity (€199).

    For sale

    Delivery of the QWIC Mira will start in the fourth quarter of 2022.

  5. Enabling urban vehicle concepts – Hirschvogel at Eurobike

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    Source: Automobil Industrie

    Vehicles should be emission-free, cities should become more livable. There is no shortage of ideas for tomorrow’s urban mobility. Whether it’s a cargo bike or a light vehicle, the problem lies in implementing the vehicle concepts in such a way that they are both qualitatively convincing and come onto the road at a competitive price. Only then will the mobility turnaround in the cities, and why not in the countryside, really pick up speed.

    Components for the requirements in the “light” vehicle segment

    The Hirschvogel Group would like to support vehicle suppliers along the way. The component manufacturer, which focuses on the automotive sector and is based in Denklingen in Upper Bavaria, has founded a micromobility business unit. In the “Future Mobility” themed hall at the Eurobike, the company will be presenting components that were specially developed for the requirements of the “light” vehicle segment, the so-called Light Electric Vehicles (LEV). The products are manufactured in a separate production facility. “This allows us to act flexibly and quickly from the customer-specific design to the start of series production and beyond,” emphasizes Michael Schleich, who is responsible for the new business unit. If the orders reach large series format, they are integrated into the classic production world of the industrialization specialist. The local-for-local production ensures short distances and secure supply chains in the European market.

    Ready-to-install axle systems

    The highlights at the trade fair include two axle systems that Hirschvogel has developed to series production based on its AXIMO component platform: an L2e axle for three-wheel vehicles, which enables new, dynamic driving behavior thanks to its innovative design and compact construction, and an axle set especially for two-track light vehicles L6e class. Both axles are ready-to-install complete systems and designed as load-bearing components. Due to the AXIMO modular principle, customer-specific adjustments, for example to the track width, the load capacity or the connection points, are easily possible. 

    A differential developed specifically for the needs of micro mobility can be integrated into the drive axles. It is small, compact and ensures harmonious cornering behavior in multi-lane vehicles. “Like many of our components, the differentials are massively reshaped. This has a positive effect on the material properties, i.e. the stability and service life of the components. In addition, less material is required, which leads to higher cost efficiency and lower component weight,” says Schleich.

    Lightweight aluminum bike components

    Bike components from Hirschvogel, such as cranks or bike dropouts, are also lightweight. In addition to forming, the multi-stage, complex further processing plays an increasingly important role in the production of aluminum components. Hirschvogel offers both from a single source.

    Trade fair premiere for the AXIMO electric drive

    Hirschvogel celebrates its premiere at the Eurobike, on the one hand as an exhibitor, on the other hand with the electric drive from AXIMO. The innovative, extremely robust direct runner was specially developed for the challenges of commercial use, for example in the courier or rental sector for cargo bikes or S-pedelecs. With its 60 Newton meters of torque, the rear engine has one of the best performances in this application area. It supports powerfully from a standing start both when driving forwards and when reversing, which is particularly important for heavily loaded cargo bikes. The innovative sensor technology is built into the engine to protect against moisture, dirt, careless handling and vandalism. According to the AXIMO modular concept, the drive can also be adapted to other light vehicles.

    “We are open to the ideas of vehicle manufacturers,” says Schleich. “The trade fair is a platform for talking to each other about how we can realize the vehicle concepts of tomorrow.

  6. M820 – modern, efficient, silent, and powerful: Bafang defines a new level for mid-mounted drive systems

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    M820, the new mid-mounted motor from Bafang, is the ideal drive for ebikes (eMTB & eRoad) whose rider is at more advanced levels, tackling moderate climbs with short, gritty conditions.

    With the new M820 drive, Bafang expands its powerful portfolio of mid-mounted motors and further consolidates its position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eBike drive systems. The lightweight (2.3kg), compact motor, protected by a magnesium housing, delivers a convincing 75Nm at 250W rated power at either 25km/h, 32km/h or 45km/h. Especially in this segment, magnesium’s specific advantages come into play including superior heat conduction, ultra-lightweight, exceptional corrosion resistance, and vibration reduction.

    Improved performance, narrow Q-factor

    Furthermore, the M820 impresses with a newly designed stator and rotor in the heart of the motor, which provides an increase in motor performance compared to previous models. This is thanks to the narrow Q-factor, and a newly-developed ISIS standard crank arm which, due to its narrower design, will give the rider a better performance. The rider’s strength is transferred more directly and linearly from the hips and legs to the pedals (narrower Q-Factor). The M820 motor is also suitable for other crank models.

    When used for eMTBs, the motor can be combined with various products in the Bafang portfolio to form a set, such as the DP E181.CAN display (eye-friendly LED display, integrated Bluetooth, light activation sensor), either with the powerful in-tube BT F116 or BT F014 batteries, and the SR SD071.02 sensor.

    For eRoad bikes, a combination of the following components is recommended: Display variants (new UI design) DP C244.CAN or DP C263.CAN, supported by the slim in-tube battery BT F050.B360.C for a sporty and attractive bike design, with the set completed by the SR SD071.02 sensor.

    This motor thus offers a wide range of applications and can be adapted in many ways to the respective application. The first samples can be ordered now, and series production will start in August 2022.

    Boost your ride

    Another great feature of the M820 is the boost function called “Rocky”. Activating this function is simple, with a single or double click on the “+” sign, dependent on if you already in the boost mode. When entering the “Rocky mode” (seen in the display as a special Rocky icon) the rider will enjoy a “Rocky push feeling” for a set continuous period.

    Bafang will present the M820 motor at Eurobike 2022, Frankfurt, at the Bafang booth in hall 8.0/#H40 alongside other innovative new products. Plus, it can be test ridden by visitors in the demo area F10.0/D02.

  7. Stromer and Pinion join forces for a new e-bike gearbox system

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    Source: Bike Europe, J-W. van Schaik

    Gearbox specialist Pinion will launch its next generation of e-bike drive gearboxes with introductory partner and LEVA-EU member Stromer at Eurobike 2022.

    After 10 years of growing central gearbox technology in the cycling marketplace, the next generation has arrived,” announces Pinion. The German high-tech company announced a further expansion of its cooperation with Swiss speed-pedelec pioneer Stromer.

    Integrated within the new Stromer ST7
    After two years of development, Stromer will be the first speed-pedelec manufacturer to integrate a completely new Pinion shift controller into the new flagship ST7 e-bike.

    The bike and system will be on display at the Pinion booth D08 in hall 12 and Outdoor Demo Area F12.0/139 as well as at the Stromer booth in hall 12/C17 and Outdoor Demo Area F12.0/H03.

  8. Podbike nominated for the Eurobike Innovators Prize 2022

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    The Podbike FRIKAR by LEVA-EU member Podbike AS has been nominated for the Eurobike Innovators Prize 2022 in a competitive and inventive bicycles category.

    An online audience will select which nominees in the category reach the final round by casting their votes, so participation by all visitors to the Eurobike website is encouraged.  The Podbike FRIKAR e-bike is up against established giants with large followings, so the competition is tough.  All votes will be considered and a panel of experts will then decide the winner.

    To vote for the Podbike FRIKAR e-bike, click here:   

    The Podbike® Frikar is helping fight the climate crisis by offering an alternative to motor vehicles for short journeys and daily commutes. Practical, efficient, attractive, and suitable for riding in comfort 365 days per year, this innovative design puts the fun factor back into daily life whilst not disregarding those elements of safe travel that we’ve become accustomed to. Comprehensive braking systems, independent suspension, and fully-enclosed all-weather protection for rider and child/cargo mean this street-worthy design is a certified contender and one to be celebrated.

  9. Pendix at Eurobike: serial hybrid you can touch

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    The drive specialist, and LEVA-EU member, Pendix is ​​also represented at the Eurobike trade fair this year, which this time is primarily dedicated to future mobility. In line with this, the Zwickau-based company is presenting its innovative Pendix eDrive IN hub drive, which was specially designed as a B2B product for the bicycle and micro-mobility sector. Visitors can try out the drive at the fair and take test drives.

    The basis is the brushless drive technology of the previous eDrive models. In order to keep the number of components, wear and tear, and maintenance costs to a minimum, there is also a serial hybrid variant. This version of the drive does not require a mechanical drive train, but an electric chain. The energy generated by the driver is sent to the rear motors via a generator. The European Commission recently decided to put bicycles with this drive technology on the same legal footing as conventional bicycles.

    The Pendix eDrive IN is already being used in various model projects. For example the logistics company Postnord has added eight cargo bikes including Pendix eDrive IN to its fleet. The new serial hybrid technology is also already being tested on the Stadtaffe model from cargo bike manufacturer Vowag. Series production of the Pendix eDrive IN is scheduled to begin at the end of 2022.

    Pendix Managing Director Thomas Herzog is looking forward to the reactions of the specialist audience: “Our entire team put a lot of heart and soul into the development of the Pendix eDrive IN. And I think a really innovative and future-proof drive has emerged with which we want to help drive the turnaround in traffic. In any case, the first reactions from our customers are consistently positive, and I’m looking forward to hearing what the Eurobike visitors think after they’ve done a lap.”

    The Eurobike will take place from July 13th to 17th, 2022 in Frankfurt am Main. In Hall 8, where Pendix is ​​represented at booth F19, everything revolves around “Future Mobility” over 30,000 square meters. In addition to bicycles, the focus is primarily on e-mobility, climate protection, digitization and sustainability, light electric vehicles, or cargo bikes. Topics such as microhubs, the last mile, or connections to public transport are also part of the program.

    Image: Eurobike
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