MAHLE SmartBike System in Eurobike 2023: Unveiling Smart solutions to expand Smart Mobility

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MAHLE SmartBike Systems will show its cutting-edge solutions for the eBike industry in Eurobike 2023 in its main booth in Hall 8, Stand H14 and in the Demo area in F28 Pavilion 12, taking place from June 21st to 25th in Frankfurt. It does so with the focus on three strategic areas: Smart Accesories, innovative App features and drive systems designed for all segments including Gravel, Urban and Road.

The range of offerings includes the X20 rear hub system, which is not only the lightest on the market but has also been recognized with the most relevant awards in the industry. Additionally, the company will be presenting a complete variety of smart accessories and new App features that will take the connectivity with the SmartBike to the next level.

This year, Eurobike, the major international trade fair in the bike industry, arrives exceeding last year’s number of participating exhibitors. The second edition of this leading trade fair in Frankfurt will see even more exhibitors on board, making it an event not to be missed.

Following its SMART premise, MAHLE SmartBike Systems will present its latest innovations with the aim of leading smart mobility in the Bike industry. Highlights include the new Range Extender e185, recently launched by the company and now joined by the charging base Energy Hub, as well as the new functionalities of My SmartBike APP to take connectivity between the Bike and rider to the next level. Visitors to the booth will also be able to see disruptive drive system solutions for eBikes, especially suitable for segments such as Gravel, Urban and Road and try them out in the Demo Area.

The new Range Extender e185 from MAHLE represents a revolution for riders who want to go further or tackle the most demanding routes. Weighing only 1.1 kilograms, the company says it is the lightest on the market and has the best weight-to-capacity ratio, providing 171 Wh of power to increase the range up to 60km.

The Range Extender e185 is said to be the only range extender on the market that fits into a standard bottle cage and is compatible with any electric Bike ePowered by the successful MAHLE X20, the lightest drive system on the market, providing extra range for the battery with minimal additional weight.

Now, on top of that, the new Energy Hub is a charging base for the Range Extender e185 that allows hassle-free charging by simply resting your device on the Energy Hub and starting charging, ensuring the rider never runs out of battery. Nevertheless, this game-changing accessory goes beyond charging your Range Extender e185 with ease but also turns it into a cutting-edge power bank to charge other devices like cell phones or computers, becoming the perfect accessory to expand all the possibilities of your MAHLE X20 System.

In addition, and in line with the digital DNA of the company to lead smart mobility in the eBike industry, MAHLE One ecosystem will be presenting some new features designed to enhance the riding experience in a more active way:

Smart Assist

Smart Assist is a personalized mode within the System that, based on the inclination of the terrain and the weight of the user, adapts the behavior of the MAHLE X20 System to guarantee a seamless and intuitive riding experience at each moment of the ride.

Bike Update Through App

Also showing is a convenient feature that allows the rider to update the System software with their mobile phone from My SmartBike App via Bluetooth® in just a few minutes.

Strava Integration

In addition, MAHLE SmartBike Systems is thrilled to offer Strava Integration, so the riders can now record their activities with any device that can be linked to the platform, and once uploaded, the activity can be imported into the My SmartBike App, transforming communication between the two platforms into a two-way communication.


Finally, the brand is introducing Routing, a feature that allows the rider to create routes based on their Strava activities or a GPX file, not only riding from point A to point B but also receiving clear guidance and instructions to enjoy the route in My SmartBike App along the way.

Next generation e-Light Drivetrain Integration

This year, in Eurobike 2023, the company will present the integration project of the MAHLE X20 System with an innovative electric drivetrain technology for eBikes. A joint project between Pinion Smart.Shift, Desiknio and the intelligent and lightweight MAHLE X20 drive system, it is designed to take electric shifting in the e-light eBike segment to the highest level. These unique e-light bikes, equipped with a MAHLE X20 hub motor and an integrated 240Wh battery, are the first to combine the maintenance-free Pinion gearbox with the Smart.Shift technology, and a Gates belt drive made of carbon to create an innovative and worry-free drivetrain for sleek and lightweight eBikes.

X20: the lightest and most awarded drive system on the market

MAHLE X20, the lightest system on the market, weighing in at only 3.2 kg, is also the most advanced in its class, offering a frictionless 55 Nm of torque with a seamless start and cutoff to the assistance.

Additionally, because of the way the system is integrated in the frame, the natural pedaling feeling and the functional and minimalistic HMI, X20 is a great help to the rider in not getting distracted from the road and the ride. Thanks to all this, MAHLE X20 has been awarded as the most innovative system in the latest two edition of the two leading awards in the industry: Eurobike Innovators Prize and Design & Innovation Awards.

X35+: the most balanced solution

X35+ System provides the perfect solution for daily use, combining extremely light and ideal power performance to assist and offer the right support for natural riding. The system can easily switch on at the touch of a button, helping safety in urban mobility.

MAHLE SmartBike Systems stand is in Hall 8, Stand H14, and in the Demo area at F28 Pavilion 12, where visitors will have the chance to personally test the innovations and technologies that ePower the most innovative eBikes on the market.


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