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  1. This Weekend: Online LEVA Live Tech Training

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    LEVA-EU sister organization in the USA, LEVA organizes a technical training coming weekend! Be part of something great. Find below more information about the event or go to LEVA’s Facebook. Book quickly, there is only a limited number of spots available! 

    Information about the event.

    Date: June 27 and 28 from 8 AM to 12 PM Eastern Time.

    Language: English.

    Teacher: Ed Benjamin – chairman LEVA and lead instructor.

    4 levels & technician certification for only $550: Full four levels + book (electric bike maintenance manual) + practice kit. Save travel time, expenses, and avoid #stayhome

    To book your spot: Please make your payment to the Light Electric Vehicle Association Paypal via account me/levausa or [email protected]

    Note: You can also do the theoretical part live online, to book for just $325.

    About the Program
    The Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) E-Bike Technician Training and Certification Program consist of 2 levels of training and certification. The training has been developed for LEVA by Dr. Don Gerhardt and various LEVA members and e-bike manufacturers. The training is based on training developed on battery systems and electric vehicles for universities and community colleges by Dr. Gerhardt.

    Edward Benjamin teaches many of the courses. He has worked in bicycle shops as a mechanic and store owner since 1969. For the last 20 years, he has been involved in sourcing and technical issues as a consultant to the industry.

    The syllabus for the course is the same in any location or with either instructor. But the instructors will add material and information from their particular backgrounds. Dr. Gerhardt is more engineering and science, Ed Benjamin is more bike shop, bike mechanic, and maximizing profitability.

  2. Ex-Minister of Transport and e-Mobility Expert join Norwegian e-Bike Start-Up CityQ 

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    LEVA-EU member CityQ is in the process of developing a new 4 wheel e-bike with car-like features, such as a roof for weather protection as well as sophisticated technology for comfort. The company is one of the pioneers in the European light electric vehicle industry. Today, the innovative Norwegian start-up has attracted two senior transportation experts that will join the team and take the company to the next level.

    Ketil Solvik Olsen, the former Norwegian Minister of Transportation joins the Board of Directors together with e-mobility expert and Chairman, Morten Wiese. They will both serve as advisors for the company.

    “I have followed CityQ since I was Minister of Transportation, and I look forward to contributing and advocating this new green mobility concept. Cycling is healthy and sustainable for the environment and it is becoming increasingly important and efficient for inner-city commuting.  CityQ is making cycling more convenient and attractive in all kinds of weather,” says Solvik Olsen.

    Chairman of the Board, Morten Wiese has extensive experience within the automotive industry and was engaged in THINK, the pioneering Norwegian electric car manufacturer. He is also the Chairman of the Board at MoveAbout, the first car-sharing operator and e-mobility service in the world to go 100% electric.

    “CityQ might look like a car but is an e-bike.  It has a roof, doors and the capacity to transport both passengers and cargo. E-bikes are a more efficient and convenient mode of transport for inner-city travel and you will not get stuck in traffic.  Moreover, there is no need to search for costly parking.  I am looking forward to contributing to a cleaner and less congested traffic in European cities”, says Wiese.

    The CityQ team includes senior resources with experience in developing and launching electric-cars, motor-bikes, bicycles and e-mobility sharing. CityQ is launching its latest version beginning of June 2020 and opening up for pre-ordering.

    Find more information @ CityQ LinkedIn or @ CityQ website.

  3. Pivot Cycles introduce Phoenix Dock Tool System

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    When LEVA-EU MemberPivot set out to design a sophisticated, Pivot exclusive on-the-bike tool system, they weren’t thinking “cleverly hidden”, they were thinking “NASCAR pit crew”.  With Phoenix Dock on a bike, mid-ride adjustments and repairs happen in mere seconds, and tools are always strategically located when necessary. Carrying high quality, full-feature tools is necessary on every ride, but weighing down the hydration pack, or wasting time extracting hidden tools, is not.

    “We love the idea of on-bike tool storage.  However, many hidden tools take longer to access then actually completing the repair.  We wanted to design a system that makes accessing the tools faster than reaching into your pack,” says Pivot Cycles President and CEO, Chris Cocalis. “Now you can also have the cleanest setup and be the quickest to get back to riding or offer assistance to other riders in need.” 

    Phoenix Dock tool kits can be installed on any bike with water bottle bosses, typically under or on top of the downtube. Bikes like the Switchblade have a third set of bosses under the top tube specifically designed for Phoenix Dock integration. Developed in collaboration with the industry-leading tool innovators at Topeak.

    Topeak shares Pivot’s vision of innovation making them the ideal partner in creating super easy to access, high-quality tools worthy of being mounted on a Pivot.  The Phoenix Dock system offers three unique configurations to tailor on-the-bike tool storage.

  4. Ellio’s Headstart

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    LEVA-EU member Ellio took a headstart, even though Belgium is basically in lockdown. Within one month, a substantial amount of customers bought the recently released Ellio speed pedelec. It seems to be that projected targets will be achieved earlier then expected.

    Now changing mobility patterns become visible as an effect of all Corona measures, the Belgium based start-up appears to benefit from this shift in modes of mobility.

    Ellio is happely announcing that a second batch of 250 Ellio’s is in production and soon available to public. Ellio testrides may be booked here: https://rideellio.com/boek-een-testrit.

    Find Ellio’s press release in Dutch.

  5. QWIC’s Free Delivery of E-Bikes

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    LEVA-EU member QWIC offers consumers the possibility to order a readymade e-bike online that will be delivered for free. All made possible through QWIC’s network of 550 recognized dealers, who are providing professional and reliable service as ever.

    QWIC wants to help consumers during these special times with an outstanding service. ‘’Many people who want to buy a new e-bike this spring cannot go or do not want to go to a bicycle shop. That is where we come in. In close cooperation with our dealers, customers will receive their always trusted and professional service of QWIC, directly at home’’ said Taco Anema, CEO of QWIC.

    New trade patterns become visible during Corona times. Consumers increasingly start looking for a new e-bike online instead of visiting a physical bicycle shop. QWIC’s experts therefore provide a free and tailored advice by phone, optimizing the journey of customers searching a new e-bike. The e-bike ordered online is being delivered and ready to ride at home.

    Find more information @QWIC.nl/e-bike-thuisbezorgd.

  6. QWIC Wins Red Dot Design Award 2020

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    LEVA-EU member QWIC has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2020 with its latest e-bike, the Premium Q. Their Premium Q received the highest rating in the category Product Design. Only products with outstanding design and of a high quality win the award, given by an international expert jury. QWIC is delighted to receive one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.

    The Red Dot Design Award is an international design prize that has been awarded annually since 1955. With the Premium Q, QWIC won this globally recognized award in the Product Design category, the category for the most qualitative and innovative product designs. A total of 6,500 entries within this category have taken part in this year’s edition.

    Leonieke Kruims, Product Manager Research & Development QWIC: “As an R&D team, we are extremely happy with the Red Dot Design Award. During the Premium Q design, we carefully thought through every detail and sketched everything into the tiniest detail to achieve a unique and recognizable design. The fact that the Red Dot international jury recognizes our design means a lot to us. It is the highest international recognition for the time and attention we have put into the design.”

    Innovation and ease of use

    The Premium Q is the most innovative and progressive QWIC e-bike ever developed. The e-bike is composed of high-quality components and has a unique design, which several renowned designers have worked on. From the first sketch of the Premium Q, the design team took into account the integration of the largest battery ever developed by QWIC, because maximum range was one of the main goals. With the battery integration, no concessions have been made to the sleek QWIC design and ease of use.

    Robert Bronwasser, designer and owner Robert Bronwasser Design: “We set the bar high when developing the Premium Q. We wanted to develop a new electric city bike that uses innovation and technology to create high comfort and ease of use for the user. A bicycle that perfectly matches QWIC’s DNA: smart, urban and personal.”

    All of this resulted in the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2020 in the Product Design category. The Red Dot Award 2020 ceremony will take place on June 22 in Essen, Germany. QWIC previously won this award in 2014 with the QWIC Premium A2.1. In addition to the Red Dot Design Award, the Premium Q has already won two iF DESIGN AWARDS 2020 this year.

  7. QWIC News

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    LEVA-EU member QWIC launches its premium Q series. The Q series is characterized by its unique design, a powerful engine and an integrated battery. In addition, it can be fully synced with your smartphone and has GPS tracking. The Premium Q is awarded with two iF DESIGN AWARDS 2020 at the beginning of this month.

    QWIC’s premium Q has a remarkable design developed by various renowned designers and is composed of high-quality components. Customers will find an integrated engine and battery into the frame. This luxuries e-bike comes with a fast charging station that charges the battery within three hours, 5-year warranty and an automatic gear hub.

    Connectivity. It is QWIC’s first series of e-bike with anti-theft features made possible by an integrated GPS system, including the service of security service G4S. As a result, a stolen Premium Q can always be found with ‘Find my bike’ in the QWIC app. In case the e-bike cannot be found, there is a full compensation. Additionally, the application has 24/7 roadside assistance for QWIC-cyclists.

    iF DESIGN AWARDS 2020. The Premium Q and its fast charging station have both been awarded with the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 by an independent jury of design experts. The iF DESIGN AWARDS are recognized worldwide in the design and innovation industry, since 1953.

    Find more information about this limited edition e-bike at QWIC

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