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  1. Lacros announced asTweewieler Best Employer finalist

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    Souce: Tweewieler

    The independent professional jury of the Tweewieler Awards has announced Lacros as one of three finalists for the title of Best Employer of the Year 2023. They will go to the final on Monday 6th November with fellow finalists Atlas Bicycles, and Roto Two-wheelers.

    Bicycle dealers can attend the final on Monday afternoon, November 6, in the AFAS Atrium in Leusden, with free places for two of their employees. In addition to announcing the winners of the four Two-Wheeler Awards (Best Employer, Innovative Entrepreneurship, Most Customer-Friendly Shop and Two-wheeler Shop of the Year), an attractive programme has been drawn up around a variety of topics that affect the industry on a daily basis.

    Lacros: self-managing, mentally and physically fit teams

    Lacros has been an established e-bike manufacturer since 2009, with a team of passionate staff that assist customers with extensive info about their models with tailored advice, helping them to get the most value out of their bikes for years to come. Based in Schijndel, Lacros takes good employer practises more than seriously. For example, its employees are continuously trained individually (internally and externally), with self-managing teams that receive customized training, with mental and physical fitness being a key priority within the company. Stress is prevented as much as possible by efficient teamwork and a good work-life balance. The way in which Lacros has organized its personnel policy means that the company does not have to make much effort to find new employees; there is more supply than vacancies.

  2. 300 participants certified after successful series of technical trainings from QWIC

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    E-bike manufacturer and LEVA-EU Member QWIC started the year with a new series of technical training courses. In January and February, a total of 12 technical training sessions took place at eight different locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

    At QWIC’s recent training sessions, over 300 participants – QWIC dealers and mechanics – were retrained and certified. The training sessions not only gave participants the opportunity to brush up on their knowledge, but also to share experiences among themselves.

    The aim of the technical training sessions was to train and support QWIC dealers so that they can better respond to their customers’ questions and solve problems more effectively. At the end of the trainings, over 300 participants were officially certified.

    In addition, the training sessions also provided an opportunity to improve the provision of information to dealers. Sebastian Sterniak, Competence Centre Lead at QWIC, explains, “All questions asked by participants during the 12 training sessions have been compiled and will be shared with all participants, including answers and presentations from the training. The questions asked will also be incorporated into the information on QWIC knowledge base so that all dealers can benefit.

    To ensure that the training sessions matched participants’ needs as closely as possible, someone from the technical department was present during each session to hear experiences and share information.

    Feedback from participants
    Feedback from participants was very positive. Participants indicated that they liked the fact that these trainings were offered physically again and that the narrative was clear and transparent. In addition, they appreciated the fact that the training sessions focused purely on technique and tips for the workshop and were not sales-related.

  3. Bafang Electric launches its first Bafang Dealer Day, attracting hundreds of industry professionals

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    The first Bafang Dealer Day took place on January 16 in Nijkerk, generating a great response and positive feedback. More than 450 dealers took up the LEVA-EU member’s invitation to register for the event and made their way to the distinctive venue Hart van Holland. Here, much discussion surrounding Bafang itself, the dealer direct service, new products, and partner opportunities took place.

    Confident presentations and interactive exchange

    The day’s presentations were specially designed with dealer-specific information in mind, ranging from an overview of Bafang’s history to technical insight regarding the latest drive systems. Confidently leading the day’s proceedings was moderator Rens Merckelbach. He was joined by members of Bafang’s Benelux branch Vince Weerden, Santosh Mankoe, and Leroy van Heeren, the branch’s Service Manager, Dealer Direct Service Executive, and Customer Service Specialist respectively. Each presented on their specialist subject, taking time to answer any dealers’ questions on the matters at hand.

    New products and the BESST Pro Tool

    After a refreshment break the event continued, moving into an adjacent hall where dealers were able to view Bafang’s latest technological offerings up-close while receiving tailored advice from knowledgeable staff members.

    Alongside the isolated drive systems, batteries, and HMIs on display, a range of test bikes were available for dealers’ use. Supporting Bafang’s own test bikes were branded bikes boasting a range of systems, provided by Jools, Brinckers, BSP, and Dolly Bikes. Based on the faces seen around the specially designed test track, Bafang’s motto, “Engineered to make you smile”, rings true!

    The afternoon was then characterized by presentations of the latest products from Bafang by Lennart van Houwelingen, the Sales Manager for Benelux. Following this, Leroy van Heeren returned to deliver a presentation regarding the BESST Pro tool, which is sure to be an exciting prospect for many dealers.

    Rens Merckelbach concluded the event with a light-hearted lottery, where Bafang team members presented a selection of gifts to lucky attendees. Concluding with a classic networking session, the event can only be described as an extremely successful and slick launch of Bafang’s Dealer Day. Full of informative content and exciting ideas, the event clearly outlines Bafang’s focus on development in the European market, and is the product of a great team effort by the staff of Bafang Electric Ltd.

  4. Rad Power Bikes announces new CEO and opens UK service centres

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    Source: Cycling Industry News, M. Sutton

    Phil Molyneux becomes the CEO of LEVA-EU member Rad Power Bikes, following previous positions at Sony and Dyson.

    Molyneux will replace Mark Radenbaugh, who steps down from the role of CEO but remains the brand’s Chairman. “With Phil now leading the day-to-day operations, Mike will focus on eBike advocacy and innovation. Together they are devoted to accelerating the eBike revolution,” shares the Seattle-based eBike company.

    Rad Authorized UK Service Partners

    To improve after-sales service in the UK, partnerships across the nation have begun. The creation of authorized repair locations is a tried-and-tested method for improving customer satisfaction and is likely to help Rad Power grow its UK presence.

    The selected locations will offer all-around servicing capabilities, including the acquisition of spare parts for any Rad Power Bikes model. With a valid warranty, all labour and service costs are free of charge to the customer.

    In addition to regular services, Rad Partners will also have the option of offering a test ride on a Rad Power Bike, giving the brand a new physical presence.

  5. Rad Power Bikes aims to expand its network of European service partners

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    Souce: Nieuwsfiets.nu

    LEVA-EU member Rad Power Bike sells directly to consumers and has been increasingly establishing its cooperation with experienced bicycle specialists to create Rad Authorized Service Partners. This European coverage is especially useful if a consumer wants to have the bicycle repaired while on the road – for example during a holiday in Europe.

    In the Netherlands, Rad Power Bikes work with several selected companies such as KwikFit in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven, Fietscentrum in Lelystad and Fietskorpel in Voorburg. With more and more Rad Power Bikes e-bikes on the road, the brand is looking for local bike shops to help them keep those e-bikes in good shape. The American manufacturer promises entrepreneurs growth opportunities for the company by servicing, assembling and/or delivering Rad Power Bikes. Partners will receive individual practical training if required, and detailed problem-solving guides. Servicers can expect attractive fees, clear agreements and their own communication channel, exclusively for partners.

    Test Drives at Rad Authorized Service Partners

    Local bicycle repair shops can guarantee service and services on behalf of Rad Power Bikes, with the skill set to can keep the e-bikes with their specific characteristics in excellent condition. As Rad Authorized Service Partners, they provide professional maintenance and repair for all of the brand’s e-bikes. In addition, warranty work can also be performed, which is covered by the warranty and is free (parts and labour) for all RAD customers.

    In addition to the aforementioned services, Rad Authorized Service Partners also offer the opportunity to test-ride Rad Power e-Bikes. Consumers can experience for themselves the comfort and safety of a bicycle with ‘Fat Tires’.

    As the company continues to grow, with more riders switching to a Rad Power Bike, it is important for the American manufacturer to expand its range of service partners.

  6. Amslod opens latest ‘Experience Center’ in Bergen op Zoom

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    Source: NieuwsFiets

    LEVA-EU member Amslod recently opened an Experience Center in Bergen op Zoom. This marks the company’s 19th showroom in the Netherlands.

    Amslod is thus implementing its intended policy to be closer to the consumer. “Not only for the purchase of a new e-bike, but also for service and maintenance,” explains co-director Bert Jonkeren. “We have been working for several years to gradually expand the network of our Experience Centers and we are continuously looking for suitable locations that not only offer sufficient space but are also easily accessible and offer ample parking options. Bergen op Zoom also complies with that.”

    According to Jonkeren, the usefulness of Experience Centers has long been proven. “Last year we made a start to equip the Experience Centers with workshops and technical crew to further increase our level of service. GfK’s recent market research underlines that we are on the right track with this.”
    Jonkeren add that extensive testing of an e-bike before purchasing is not only fun, but also very important for the right choice. “An e-bike is something personal. The right size, comfort, high or low entry, type of engine and support determine your preference. We are 100% convinced that only the manufacturer itself can give the customer the best advice,” continues Jonkeren. “Only our own e-bike experts know all the ins and outs of Amslod e-bikes, down to the smallest detail. You simply cannot expect something like that from a dealer who has to sell multiple brands.”
    According to Jonkeren, the same also applies to the service and warranty departments. “The manufacturer itself can do this the very best. We, therefore, come to the customer’s home after purchase to handle all repairs and warranty questions. In this way, we ensure extra long cycling pleasure. Moreover, by excluding the middlemen, the purchase of an Amslod e-bike becomes a lot cheaper,”.

    Responding to growing demand

    The Experience Center in Bergen op Zoom meets all the requirements that Amslod sets for the showrooms on location. It is easily accessible and has sufficient parking spaces. With the Experience Centers, Amslod hopes to respond optimally to the explosively growing interest in cycling. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis and high fuel prices, many Dutch people have rediscovered the bicycle and now prefer to use an e-bike rather than public transport or the car. This development has not gone unnoticed by Amslod, because the production of e-bikes has been scaled up again in order to continue to meet demand.

  7. QWIC Dealershows: preparing for a successful 2023

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    In the months of August, September and October, LEVA-EU member QWIC’s Annual Dealershows took place in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. In total, Dealershows were held over 12 separate days at various locations spread across the 3 different countries. Almost 1,000 people visited the Dealershows.

    During the QWIC Dealershows, contact with the dealer is central. This is the time to discuss the cooperation between dealers & QWIC and to hear what dealers think of current and upcoming collections. Dealers can also ask any questions they may have regarding the models and brand.

    Newest QWIC model: the QWIC Mira
    This year, a key feature was the presentation of the latest e-bike, the Mira. QWIC received positive reactions to this new model, which fills the gap between the well-run Premium i series and the award-winning Premium Q.

    Hans Terpstra, Teamlead Sales Representatives NL & BE, on the Dealer Shows: “We wanted to show our (potential) dealers why it is nice to work with QWIC, that we have made improvements and continue to improve. That there is a stable collection for 2023 and we wanted dealers to leave confident of a great partnership. I think we have all succeeded well in that.”

    At the QWIC Roadshow in Germany, the main focus is our contact with the dealers”, says Rasched Abu- Isbeih, Sales Manager Germany at QWIC. “Pre-orders for the coming year are already being gladly taken up, since above all the good availability of the QWIC Portfolio can be underlined. Highlights of this year’s Roadshow were, in addition to the new QWIC Mira, which complements the portfolio in the Comfort segment, many personal conversations, and countless test drives.”

    Like last year, the technical corner was very well received. Here, dealers could ask their questions to the QWIC technical service staff. There was also a special counter for the QWIC Dealer Portal where visitors could view the latest novelties and ask questions. QWIC was present with a large team (from the technical service team, representatives, and customer service) and of course, the entire QWIC collection was present and available for testing. 

    Become a QWIC dealer?
    QWIC has over 750 dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Contact the team directly at verkoop@qwic.nl.

  8. Bafang Direct-to-dealer Services see primary launch with select brands

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    In the past, to meet the individualized needs of different e-bike brands, LEVA-EU member Bafang Electric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Bafang) developed a variety of products and provided after-sales services to brands in a flexible and efficient way. With the maturity of products and development of consumers’ service requirements, some brands took the initiative to ask Bafang to extend its services further to include dealers. To meet the evolving market demand, over the past two years Bafang has developed a direct-to-dealer service (DDS) mode for select bicycle brands and dealers in response to their service requirements, creating a comprehensive, closed-loop system.

    This concept was first put into practice in February 2021; in this preliminary stage, the service was available only to a few selected dealers. Following with an excellent response, Bafang’s dealer services network has further expanded and now serves dealers of multiple brands.

    As one of the world’s leading electric bike drive systems and electronic components manufacturers, Bafang knows its responsibility for the continuous flow and exchange of information between brands and their dealers. Therefore, Bafang has refined and strengthened its DDS, heavily investing in the project to provide applicable training programs for the existing products each year.

    In February 2021, Bafang launched the DDS with a Dutch brand, Gazelle. In the first interactive training stage, the brand invited a few dealers to thoroughly trial the dealer services system and assess any problems that arose. By the end of 2021, all of Gazelle’s dealers had been connected to the Bafang DDS system. For the Gazelle brand alone, Bafang will continue to provide more than 700 dealers with services including product training, customer service, and spare parts sales.

    Currently, 5 brands have joined Bafang’s DDS, and the Bafang dealers’ service team has established contact with more than 1,200 dealers to provide relevant services.

    The Bafang DDS service team boasts established technicians with years of industry experience who will train dealers and workshop employees to ensure that they can provide high-quality services to their customers. The scope of services provided by Bafang DDS includes:

    – Free replacement and maintenance of parts (within the warranty period)

    – Stable diagnostic systems

    – Training courses for new products

    – Technical documents in various languages for download (e.g., manuals, e-learning videos,

       assembly/disassembly demonstrations)

    – Quick response and follow-up on any technical issues

    – Sharing of the dealers’ experiences

    At present, the Bafang DDS system remains in its initial development stage, including the logistics system, service platform, training activities, etc., which are being continuously improved upon. In the future, Bafang plans continued expansion of the system to quickly meet dealers’ demands with real-world data and support. Dealers will have the advantage of using the full range of services provided by Bafang and purchasing parts directly through the system, while Bafang Dealer Services itself will continue to expand service outlets and increase service personnel. In April of this year, Bafang held a professional, innovative, and successful online training event with Fischer Bicycle and its international dealers, and is preparing for the provision of a professional service system for more brands and dealers in the future.

    Although the Bafang DDS is a relatively new offering, many dealers have shown great enthusiasm and encouragement for the program, providing valuable suggestions for Bafang to improve the subsequent service work.

    Bafang dealer service process

    How does the Bafang DDS function? Following the signing of a dealer service agreement by a bike brand, the brand’s list of dealers and their relevant details is shared with Bafang. Bafang then prepares all goods and content for the dealers, who can submit product queries through the dedicated DDS web portal. Bafang’s service engineers handle all incoming queries promptly, liaising remotely with the dealer through the most appropriate channels to reach a resolution.

  9. LEVA-EU member QWIC collaborates with E-Motion, e-bike distributor

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    Source: RadMarkt

    Dutch e-bike manufacturer QWIC has officiated its collaboration with E-Motion e-Bike Experts Group – gaining access to an independent network of stand-alone specialist dealers

    Rasched Abu-Isbeih, Sales Manager QWIC Germany shares, “I am very pleased that with the E-Motion e-Bike Experts Group and its e-bike experts we have been able to gain another important strategic partner to make the QWIC brand accessible to customers throughout Germany and to strengthen the stationary specialist trade.The E-Motion network currently consists of 75 specialist e-bike shops in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

    As QWIC reports, its quality e-bikes with durable components, modern design and comfortable riding characteristics were the decisive factors for E-Motion’s enthusiasm to collaborate, as well as the good availability of bikes and the fact that QWIC only offers servicing by its own employees. Another convincing argument is that dealers can respond to customer requests at any time and reorder e-bikes according to individual needs via the QWIC dealer portal without shipping costs.

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