Amslod opens latest ‘Experience Center’ in Bergen op Zoom

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Source: NieuwsFiets

LEVA-EU member Amslod recently opened an Experience Center in Bergen op Zoom. This marks the company’s 19th showroom in the Netherlands.

Amslod is thus implementing its intended policy to be closer to the consumer. “Not only for the purchase of a new e-bike, but also for service and maintenance,” explains co-director Bert Jonkeren. “We have been working for several years to gradually expand the network of our Experience Centers and we are continuously looking for suitable locations that not only offer sufficient space but are also easily accessible and offer ample parking options. Bergen op Zoom also complies with that.”

According to Jonkeren, the usefulness of Experience Centers has long been proven. “Last year we made a start to equip the Experience Centers with workshops and technical crew to further increase our level of service. GfK’s recent market research underlines that we are on the right track with this.”
Jonkeren add that extensive testing of an e-bike before purchasing is not only fun, but also very important for the right choice. “An e-bike is something personal. The right size, comfort, high or low entry, type of engine and support determine your preference. We are 100% convinced that only the manufacturer itself can give the customer the best advice,” continues Jonkeren. “Only our own e-bike experts know all the ins and outs of Amslod e-bikes, down to the smallest detail. You simply cannot expect something like that from a dealer who has to sell multiple brands.”
According to Jonkeren, the same also applies to the service and warranty departments. “The manufacturer itself can do this the very best. We, therefore, come to the customer’s home after purchase to handle all repairs and warranty questions. In this way, we ensure extra long cycling pleasure. Moreover, by excluding the middlemen, the purchase of an Amslod e-bike becomes a lot cheaper,”.

Responding to growing demand

The Experience Center in Bergen op Zoom meets all the requirements that Amslod sets for the showrooms on location. It is easily accessible and has sufficient parking spaces. With the Experience Centers, Amslod hopes to respond optimally to the explosively growing interest in cycling. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis and high fuel prices, many Dutch people have rediscovered the bicycle and now prefer to use an e-bike rather than public transport or the car. This development has not gone unnoticed by Amslod, because the production of e-bikes has been scaled up again in order to continue to meet demand.


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