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  1. Stromer ST5 Pinion – The executive of S-pedelecs

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    Following the launch of the new ST5 Pinion model in Imperial Red last year, Stromer is now offering this model as a complement in the standard colour Aventurine Green, available from official Stromer dealers.

    The new colour Aventurine Green, combined with the integrated frame design, gives this S-Pedelec a very slim and noble look. The name of the colour is inspired by the greenish colour and shimmering texture of the Aventurine quartz mineral. A fitting link to the standard paintwork of this top model.

    In addition to the elegant colour, the ST5 Pinion has much more to offer. It accelerates powerfully and takes commuters dynamically and safely from A to B, up to 180 km away. With the electric Pinion Smart.Shift shift, they can shift gears easily and at lightning speed. The 9-speed Pinion gearbox with carbon belt is durable and easy to maintain, the sound module emits acoustic signals and the extended mudguard keeps your bike free from splashes. Premium components and full connectivity complete the model.

    This Speed Pedelec (fast electric bike with pedal assistance up to 45 km/h) is perfectly suited for commuting on the street, and offers dynamic riding pleasure and a feeling of safety, balance and freedom.

    The technical details:

    • Electric Pinion Smart.Shift circuit
    • Range up to 180 km
    • 850-Watt rear-wheel motor with sport mode
    • TRP Hd944 Four-Piston Brakes
    • Fully integrated ABS (front)
    • Integrated Audio Module
    • Supernova M99 Pro 2 (<1900 lumens)
    • Connectivity via mobile network for GPS positioning, Smartlock, motor settings, statistics
    • Keyless battery ejection at the touch of a button
    • Fully integrated design and state-of-the-art technology
    • For extra riding comfort, optionally with suspension fork and suspension seatpost
    • Brooks Grips, Selle Royal Vivo Saddle
    • Retail price: EUR 10990 | CHF 11990

    Various financing solutions are available in most countries. Stromer also offers attractive fleet solutions for companies.


    About Stromer

    Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Oberwangen, Switzerland, the company is shaping the future of mobility with its speed pedelecs. myStromer AG manufactures all its e-bikes at its site in Oberwangen and is the market leader in the speed pedelec (fast e-bike < 45 km/h) category. The company has around 180 employees, three subsidiaries (USA, the Netherlands and Romania) and sells its products in 28 countries. At Stromer, “Swissness” stands for the promise of quality, design, reliability and respect for the environment. Since 2021, the Spanish brand Desiknio has been completing its range with high-quality city bikes (< 25 km/h). With its high-end products, Stromer offers a modern mobility solution for commuters. Just look at the more than 465 million km they have already ridden with a Stromer. Stromer is #HereToChange

  2. Stromer’s subsidiary brand announces Kross as a new production partner

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    Speed pedelec brand Stromer welcomes a new manufacturer on board to meet increasing demand for Deskinio’s premium urban bikes.

    Spanish company Deskinio was added to Stromer’s portfolio in 2021, and has had significant growth since then, especially in Germany. The brand is expecting a positive 2024, and to facilitate further growth it has recently changed its assembly and painting site from Italy, to Kross’ Polish production centre, with its R&D department remaining at its headquarters in Granada, Spain.

    Kross’ bicycle production history

    Over thirty years Kross has developed from a small company to one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Poland, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 bikes. Its cutting-edge facility is located in Przasnysz, Poland and has a dedicated R&D team, in-house testing lab, three production lines, carbon frame production, and automated painting, which enable Kross to make bikes from initial design to final product.

    A positive outlook from management

    Morten Kristiansen, Managing Director of Desiknio, has said the following on the new partnership :

    “For Desiknio, market leader in high-quality urban mobility solutions, quality and attention to detail are crucial. Our customers expect only the best from Desiknio – and with Kross we have one Partner who embodies an equal level of craftsmanship and quality in what they do.”

    Stromer’s Co-CEO Tomi Viiala has said:

    “We are pleased to have Kross as our new assembly partner for Desiknio. When searching, it was important for us to find a European assembly partner with a lot of knowledge and experience in assembly and painting of bicycles. With Kross we have the right partner for our growth plans.”

    Kross’ VP, Kacper Sosnowski is also very positive about this new venture:

    “We are looking forward to this collaboration. It is part of Kross’ strategy to offer our experience, product knowledge and resources to carefully selected partners. We are proud to be able to meet the growing demand for Desiknio bikes with our knowledge and capacity. I am convinced that the production location Europe is important in the purchasing process for end customers. Our location helps to shorten lead times and also has a positive impact on the CO2 footprint. Together with Desiknio, we are convinced that assembly in our factory is just a first step in our collaboration.”

  3. Ellio Max named Velofietser’s “Best speed pedelec” 

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    Belgian cycling press Velofietser has compiled a list of the best speed pedelecs after receiving feedback from bike dealers and testing a range of mid and rear-motor models.

    It divided its speed pedelec round-up into the following classifications – those with a rear motor that have max speeds of up to 45km/h with fast acceleration, and speed pedelecs with mid-engines that have slower max speeds of up to 35km/h, that bring a steadier flow of power. They also included the aspect of customer budgeting during their judging process.

    The best speed pedelecs were considered using the following factors: design, weight, motor selection, battery choice and overall quality of its components.

    Outstanding and distinctive engine, features, and software

    Velofietser described Ellio’s range as “next-generation speed pedelecs, with every aspect of them being intricately designed with great detail.”

    It summarised rear motored Ellio Max’s unique engine, features and software as being its greatest assets, and highlighted its standout features that were missing from fellow competitors: a cruise control function that maintains the pedelec at a sustained speed without the rider having to pedal persistently hard, and its automating engine braking, that contributes to a more unique and safer riding experience.

    Ellio Max’s battery capacity was also complimented, with its 1150 kW being equipped to cover long distances of 40 to 150km depending on the driver’s activity and support, making it a suitable model for longer commuting rides.

    Best speed pedelec thanks to its outstanding quality and price ratio

    Velofietser applauded Ellio on the innovative and unique experience the Ellio Max offers, with superb cruise control and engine braking that will make riders forget about derailleurs or gears, and declared that riders can trust its superb after-sales service.

    It concluded that the Ellio Max was awarded “Best speed pedelec” because of its excellent price-quality ratio, and is perfect for those looking for an innovative and powerful speed pedelec, thanks to its advanced technology and ability to cover long distances. Read the full review here.

  4. Stromer ST5 Pinion — Commuting with Benefits

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    Glide past cars in traffic dynamically and quietly – just one of the many advantages that characterizes the latest speed-pedelec model from Stromer.

    Power, Range, and Lightning-Fast Shifting

    With its maximum power, extensive range, integrated design, and high-end components, the Stromer ST5 offers excellent ride dynamics and an unparalleled riding experience. The electronic Pinion Smart.Shift system, paired with a 9-speed Pinion C 1.9i gearbox, allows for quick and precise shifting. The sport mode provides an extra boost.

    New Acoustic Experience and Carbon-Reinforced Mudguard

    The innovative integrated Stromer Sound System enhances the user experience with acoustic signals. Additionally, Stromer equips this model with a new extended mudguard made from robust, recyclable, carbon-reinforced polyamide (PA) produced through injection molding in Germany. This technology results in a 50% lower CO2 footprint in raw material production compared to an aluminum mudguard. Adapters are included for the choice between a long or short mudguard.

    Riding Experience, Refined Components, and Other Advantages

    The 850-watt powerful rear-wheel motor with a sport mode ensures dynamic and silent riding pleasure with support up to 45 km/h. The ST5 is maintenance-friendly thanks to the electric Pinion shifting and the Gates Carbon Belt Drive. It features high-end components such as Brooks handles, a Selle Royal Vivo saddle, a Supernova M99 Pro 2 headlight, and TRP four-piston brakes.

    • Electric Pinion Smart.Shift shifting
    • Range up to 180 km
    • Fully integrated ABS (front)
    • Integrated Stromer Sound System
    • Supernova M99 Pro 2 (1080/1870 lumens)
    • Connectivity via mobile network for GPS tracking, Smartlock, motor settings, statistics
    • Keyless battery ejection with a button press
    • Fully integrated design and cutting-edge technology
    • Optionally equipped with a suspension fork and sprung seat post for extra riding comfort
    • Mudguard adapter
  5. Stromer riders achieve 100 million kilometer milestone in 2023

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    Source: myStromer AG

    Speed pedelec manufacturer, Stromer has applauded its riders for riding a milestone of 100 million kilometers in 2023, averaging more than 300,000 kilometers per day since January 1st.

    The brand has put the milestone into perspective, by describing it as the equivalent of circumnavigating the Earth around 2,500 times, demonstrating the commitment of its riders to sustainable, electric mobility.                                                                                    

    Stromer states its e-bikes as a powerful and eco-friendly alternative to the car, and with this also posted its riders have managed to save 19,100 tons of CO2 by using its rides.

    Stromer announced this milestone as another testament to its successful 2023, with the Swiss organization looking forward to another year of providing electric bikes to customers through its 140 employees, and distribution in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania.

  6. ZIV releases comparative study on speed pedelecs in Europe

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    Source: Velobiz

    The German Bicycle Industry Association (ZIV) has undertaken the first-ever comparative study on the adoption of speed pedelecs in Europe, shedding light on the diverse regulatory frameworks and experiences in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

    The study, conducted by Dutch sustainable mobility consultancy Mobycon, delves into the regulations, safety records, and infrastructure considerations for vehicles traveling at speeds of up to 45 km/h.

    ZIV Managing Director Burkhard Stork emphasized the study’s importance, stating that it provides a vital information resource for engaging with policymakers and key stakeholders. The study explores key questions, including the regulatory landscape for speed pedelecs, safety records, optimal riding conditions, and cross-country lessons for regulation.

    The comprehensive study, available for free download, highlights the great potential seen by the bicycle industry in the S-Pedelec category to drive sustainable mobility solutions, attract new customer segments, and foster technical innovations. Switzerland, with its user-friendly rules and robust infrastructure, stands out as a prime example where S-Pedelecs enjoy significant popularity.

    Sales figures indicate varying degrees of success across Europe, with S-Pedelecs holding a market share of 20-25% in the e-bike market. In contrast, Germany, with historically restrictive rules, lags behind with a meager 0.5% market share in 2022.

    Anke Schäffner, Head of Politics and Advocacy overseeing the study, underscores the study’s importance in dispelling misconceptions surrounding S-Pedelecs. The findings offer a nuanced understanding of the benefits and potential dangers, filling the existing knowledge gap.

    The study reveals a regulatory landscape characterized by tension between promoting sustainable mobility and ensuring pedestrian and cyclist safety. While the EU maintains a uniform vehicle class (L1 eB), individual countries exhibit stark differences in their approach to cycling infrastructure, speed limits, and access requirements.

    The ZIV considers the study a crucial foundation for advocating policies that enhance the attractiveness of S-Pedelec use in Germany, aiming to align the nation’s approach with successful models observed in neighboring European countries.

  7. From surveying 400 speed pedelec users, 80% have reduced their car usage

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    According to Kopgroep’s survey on 400 speed pedelec riders, there is a direct relationship between speed pedelec purchasing and car usage reduction. They found 80% of speed pedelec owners use the fast bicycle for commuting instead of their (second) family car. This representative research confirms the perception of these bicycles as a transport alternative in the fight against traffic congestion in the Netherlands.

    The research reveals that fast bicycles are used frequently with a staggering 96% of riders using a speed pedelec for commuting, with two-thirds of these riders traveling more than twenty kilometers one way to work. 80% of them ride to work at least three days a week, with 68% riding (almost always) in bad weather. From these findings, it was calculated that the speed pedelec usage of the surveyed group covers more than 5000 km per year.

    High risk

    The speed pedelec is allowed to ride among motorized vehicles on the road in many urban areas. One-third of riders perceive the restricted top speed (45 km/h) of the speed pedelec as a significant risk when riding amidst cars. This is particularly relevant on roads where motorists often exceed the 50 km/h limit. In such situations, speed pedelec riders want the freedom to choose safer bicycle paths at a slower speed. The absence of this choice hinders further growth for speed pedelec usage. So far, some ministries have been reluctant to include this freedom of choice in the law.

    Ministerial Responsibility

    The municipalities of Rotterdam and Amersfoort are the first to offer this freedom of choice. Speed pedelec riders in these two municipalities can apply for an exemption, allowing them to choose between riding on the roadway or, at an adjusted speed, on the bicycle path. The survey shows appreciation for this approach, but it also highlights inequality among the 342 municipalities in the Netherlands. Various municipalities, including the province of Utrecht, will follow the example set by Rotterdam and Amersfoort. Speedy cyclists would need to see solutions from an adjustment of legislation rather than relying on individual exemptions per municipality.

    Better road education

    The survey also indicates other road users have insufficient knowledge of the rules regarding fast bicycle riding. An information campaign to better inform road users about speed pedelec positioning on the road and bicycle paths can help encourage potential riders to make the switch from cars to bicycles.

    The use of speed pedelecs means fewer cars are on the road, which helps to reduce emissions and ensure that more people meet daily physical activity requirements.

    More information

    Kopgroep, is an independent group of speed pedelec riders that consult with other speed pedelec users. This survey serves as an example of their work.

  8. Location and date confirmed for EUROBIKE 2024

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    EUROBIKE 2024, the show’s 32nd edition, will take place between 3 – 7 July, at Messe Frankfurt.

    The 32nd edition of the leading trade fair for bike and mobility products, EUROBIKE, takes place at Messe Frankfurt from 3 to 7 July 2024. The BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION will take place the day before the show, and will look to the future when the industry meets to discuss forthcoming trends and their risks and opportunities for the mobility market.

    In line with previous iterations, the platform for the bike and mobility world will be dedicated to trade visitors for three days from Wednesday to Friday before opening its doors to all bike fans at the weekend with a programme of events, races, tests and other opportunities. “As the new Eurobike in Frankfurt grows and gathers momentum, we see it as our mission to provide the bike and light electric vehicle sectors with guidance and planning security,” says fairnamic Managing Director and Head of EUROBIKE Stefan Reisinger explaining the reasons for the early scheduling.

  9. LEVA-EU Member Stromer sees 17% sales growth in 2022

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    Despite the challenges seen in global supply chains and an evolving workstyle, the speed-pedelec producer has enjoyed continued success.

    Stromer (myStromer AG) proudly reported a 17% growth in sales during 2022. The ST3 with Pinion gear was the most sold model, while the new high-end flagship ST7, the world’s first s-pedelec with electronic shifting Pinion Smart.Shift and Carbon Belt Drive, raised the bar for reach and power. In Benelux, Stromer is a leader in terms of market share (Belgium: 37% with a growth of 3% compared to the previous year; the Netherlands: 49.7% with a growth of 11%).

    Although the year presented challenges to the entire e-bike industry, including difficulties in supply chains and currency fluctuations, Stromer’s market position in Switzerland maintained its standing and the German market recorded double-digit growth.

    Co-CEO Tomi Viiala summarizes: “A 17% growth in 2022 shows that we are on the right track with Stromer and our offering. I believe that the subject of mobility in Europe and North America is still in its infancy and will continue to generate significant growth for the entire industry. We also see this positive trend in our Stromer customers, who drove 30 million km more in the past year than in the COVID year. In total, Stromer s-pedelecs have covered 99 million km in 2022.”

    myStromer’s 2023 Prospects

    In 2023, Stromer is again targeting double-digit growth as the s-pedelec market is projected to continue developing positively. To assist in this goal, additional staff will join the team with a strategic focus on retail support and sales, including a US-focused team.

    To support the expansion of the German s-pedelec market, myStromer, together with the lobby office Politik + Strategie and other manufacturers, is supporting the Allianz Zukunft S-pedelec project. Together with national partners, Stromer will offer innovative financing solutions for companies and individuals. Stromer is the first bicycle brand ever to launch an all-inclusive leasing solution with AMAG in Switzerland, covering all costs for maintenance, insurance, or new tires for the duration of the leasing contract.

    Co-CEO Karl Ludwig Kley adds: “We look forward to 2023 with confidence and a solid capital base. Over the past year we were able to take measures to secure our supply chains and increase production capacity for the future, this allows us to respond flexibly to market influences. In addition, we are constantly developing  on our existing product range and new innovations to further expand our market position.”

    Shifts in leadership structure

    Stromer enters 2023 with a few leadership changes. Tomi Viiala, who previously held both the position of Co-CEO and global leadership of Sales, will fully concentrate on his role as CEO in tandem with Karl Ludwig Kley. The position of Global Sales Director will be filled with immediate effect by Kobe Broos, who has led the Benelux Sales team since 2018 and has been General Manager for Benelux since 2021. Pieter de Greef will become the new General Manager of myStromer B.V., while he continues to exercise his position as Head of Retailer Support. Both Broos and de Greef bring years of experience from the automotive sector.

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