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  1. Klever launches new speed pedelec, the N Rogue 45 

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    Source: NieuwsFiets

    LEVA-EU Member Klever has introduced its latest e-bike model, the N Rogue 45

    The new launch reveals a brand-new frame design and is equipped as standard with an 850 Wh battery (a 1200 Wh battery is optionally available) and a 600W Biactron 2.0 rear wheel motor, which can be secured by means of the motor lock. The motor offers four different assistance options: N, Eco, Tour and Max. 

    N Rogue 45 is capable of carrying riders of up to 150 kg, and the XL version is suitable for taller riders up to 205 cm. 

    The e-bike is built primarily with own-brand Klever components, more and more of which are made in-house. This gives Klever greater control over all aspects of the bike to ensure all parts work together efficiently and reliably. Klever says it allows them to innovate regardless of the industry’s shortcomings. 

    The N Rogue 45 is Klever’s first speed pedelec under € 5000, with the brand aiming to make this segment accessible to a wider audience. Klever says they’ve put everything they’ve learned over the past decade into the N Rogue, making it practical, drivable and comfortable, as well as capable of carrying heavy loads. 

    As with other Klever products, dual sensor technology is in use; the N Rogue 45 is equipped with both a rotation and force sensor. This provides a natural and fluid support, without having to shoot forward with a single kick. 

    Regarding lighting, the N Rogue 45 is fitted with a powerful headlight of 730 Watt and 1350 Watt with high beam and a flashing light function. 

  2. Ellio develops Marty, pioneered for multiple cycling modes

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    Belgian brand Ellio has launched Marty, the cargo bike that can serve as a full replacement for the car. Marty was developed from the findings of an extensive survey among the Ellio community and Flemish workers. With Marty, Ellio wants to further respond to the needs of car users who want to make the “modal shift” to the bicycle. Commuting to work in combination with transporting children and shopping appears to be one of the main reasons for working people to take the car. With Marty, Ellio is the first to offer a real alternative.

    An online survey conducted by research agency iVOX on behalf of Ellio was undertaken between 4 and 11 May 2022 among 1,000 working Flemish people, representative by gender, age and diploma.

    The all-wheel drive E-bikes from Belgian-based, Ellio are notable for their unique design, with a low centre of gravity and unprecedented stability. In addition to the Ellio Elite, Enjoy and Essential, the brand is now releasing a new model called Marty. Marty retains the unique riding characteristics for which Ellio has become known, but also has a completely new frame that is also produced closer to home. Marty has been extended at the back so that groceries, children or extra luggage can easily be transported. The suspension is a first in the long tail bike market. As a result, shocks at higher speeds are absorbed perfectly.

    Marty will be available in two versions that refer to their speed limits: Marty 25 and Marty 45. Ellio’s main focus will remain on commuting, but now opens up possibilities for combined stops. From May 31 you can reserve a Marty in one of the four new colours: Mint Green, Light Blue, Rust Orange and Black Matt. The new model will officially go into production in the summer of 2023. And why the name Marty? It is a nod to Marty McFly, a character from Back to the Future. After all, the “long tail bike” is not a new concept, but Ellio is making it the future with Marty.

    “A cargo bike is nice for those who make short trips in the city, but you can’t call it a full-fledged alternative to the car because long distances are out of the question. With its large battery, the Marty 25 has an unprecedented range in the cargo bike market. Ellio goes even one step further with the Marty 45. It is the very first cargo bike that can really say it is a speed pedelec. The functionality of a cargo bike combined with the speed of a speed pedelec makes the model a worthy car replacement. ”

    — Jorrit Heidbuchel, co-founder Ellio

    With Marty, Ellio plays on combining commuting with shopping and transporting children. The design was extended at the rear and the brand developed attachments such as a children’s bench with footboard, and a cargo box to make combined routes feasible. No fewer than 7 out of 10 Flemings indicate that they sometimes make a stopover during their home-to-work journey. For example, 3 in 5 working Flemish people who do not only work from home, say that they sometimes combine their commute with shopping and 2 in 5 also combine this with picking up or dropping off their child(ren).

    It is remarkable that almost half of the working Flemish would consider making their home-work journey by bicycle if it is suitable for combined routes. Marty thus responds to a social necessity and appeals not only to the active Ellio community, but to the Flemish in general.

    The vast majority of Flemish people live within 40 km of their work. The ideal distance for Marty.

    We are increasingly living close to work. For example, more than 2 in 5 Flemish (43%) indicate that they have to travel between 10 and 40 kilometres from their main residence to work. For this distance, Marty 45 is the ideal commuter partner. A similar proportion (38%) say their work is less than 6 miles from their primary residence, an appropriate distance for the Marty 25.

    “For young families, the car is still too often the only option as a means of transport. Belgian legislation does not yet allow children to be transported on a speed pedelec. Ellio is therefore striving to apply a change in the law that allows children to be transported on a speed pedelec, provided that it does not go faster than 25 km/h. This way you can bring your children to school at a safe speed and drive straight to work on the higher speed of the speed pedelec. The potential for the modal shift is enormous!”

    — Tomas Keppens, Founder Ellio

    Sales info

    From May 31, the model Marty will go on pre-order in 4 colors: Mint Green, Light Blue, Rust Orange and Black Matt. Marty can be reserved online through the Ellio website.

  3. Research: Analysis of initial speed pedelec usage for commuting purposes in Flanders

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    Source: Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives

    New research by Herteleer et al. provides insight into commuter patterns in Flanders, Belgium

    The full research paper may be accessed here. The abstract below provides a synopsis of the researchers’ findings:

    “Speed pedelecs, pedal-powered two-wheelers with motor assistance up to 45 km/h, are relatively new vehicles for active travel on European roads, with Flanders at the forefront of adoption. Policies by European and national entities have allowed speed pedelecs to be used, yet the policies have been based on assumptions and modelling about speeds reached, rather than measured data. This paper presents an analysis of naturalistic speed pedelec behaviour by 98 individuals at 10 companies in Flanders, who logged commuting and leisure rides with smartphone GPS during three-week test periods as part of the 365SNEL project using fifteen-speed pedelecs, ranging in motor power from 250 W to 800 W. The cruising speed, the speed at which the largest distance is covered, and the 95th percentile (P95) speed (as a realistic maximum speed) are proposed as Key Performance Indicators to better evaluate speed pedelec behaviour. Cruising speeds for men were consistently higher than for women (mean values: men 38.2 km /h, women 33.5 km /h). For all participants, the mean commuting P95 speed of 40.1 km/h is 5 km/h below the expected 45 km/h, which points to potential over-regulation of speed pedelecs according to their expected maximum speed. Contrasting logged commuting cycling trips with leisure trips indicates that speed pedelecs can be characterised by their speed metrics, regardless of their travel purpose. Policymakers can therefore facilitate active travel with its commensurate physical and mental health benefits by investing in and designating routes for higher-speed (active) travel, and conversely reserve other routes for slower travel modes.

  4. Klever launches two new speed pedelec models

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    LEVA-EU member Klever Mobility launches two new top models utilizing ten years of design experience.

    N Rogue 45 – Discover more here

    Klever injects everything it’s learned over the past ten years into the N. It’s rideable, strong, practical, comfortable, and can carry heavy payloads. Plus, the N Rogue 45 is made mostly with an ever-increasing amount of in-house Klever components.

    The N Rogue 45 stands out for its value in the Klever Mobility range, being the first-speed pedelec retailing under €5,000. The brand new model features a fresh Klever frame design and is equipped with a 1200Wh battery and 600W rear wheel motor. This model is capable of carrying a payloads up to 150 kg, and the XL model is designed for riders up to 205 cm.

    As more and more Klever Mobility parts are made in-house, the brand gains the ability to control all aspects of the bike, ensuring all parts work more efficiently and reliably together. It also allows designers to innovate regardless of industry shortfalls.

    Y Muse 45 – Discover more here

    The new Y Muse 45 is the speed pedelec variant of the previous Y Muse 25 e-bike. The Y Muse 45 gives the rider unexpected high power, a fashionable design, and practical comfort. The model includes relevant safety features, a 600w rear wheel motor and is standard equipped with an 850Wh battery at a €5.299 price point. “If you are looking for everyday excitement, to outsmart the city traffic, or just to enjoy the controlled speed, the Y Muse 45 is your perfect fit.

  5. Stromer ST5 ABS receives ABC Award 2021 as “Best of Best `21” in the category “Transportation”

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    “The ABC Award is a globally unique design and industry competition that encompasses the entire world of mobility. Independent experts award outstanding products, projects and brands from all mobile areas: from best practices in communication to commercial and individual transport to pioneering innovations. The ABC Award shows the answers to new challenges in design and technology.”

    Organized by the German Design Council, the center of excellence for communication and knowledge transfer in design, branding, and innovation. For the ABC Award 2021, the expert jury from media, design, and brand communication honored the new Stromer ST5 ABS in the category “Transportation” – with the distinction “Best of Best ‘21”.

    As the world’s first fast e-bike with a standard fully integrated anti-lock braking system, the Stromer ST5 ABS offers the greatest possible riding dynamics and safety – combined with virtually seamless design down to the smallest detail. With high-end components, full connectivity, maximum performance, and a perfect combination of form and function, the Stromer top model is inspiring riders with the highest standards. Or as the jury for the ABC Award 2021 stated:

    “The Pedelecs from Stromer (…) have proven that much is possible with clear design lines, technical consistency, and excellence in production. This tradition is soundly advanced with the ST5 with fully integrated ABS in the familiar Stromer design language. Well-balanced proportions, elegant styling and precision down to the smallest detail – there are many Stromer impersonators on the market but achieving the level of quality of this brand’s e-bikes is no easy task.”

    With its innovative strength, the ST5 ABS stands for over ten years of brand tradition: Stromer has been responding to the challenges of urban traffic since 2009 – with powerful Speed Pedelecs that have redefined commuting with their striking design, speeds up to 45 km/h and ideal properties for both the city center and long distances. Stromer has won multiple awards for its innovative developments that successfully combine function, riding fun, design, and environmental protection – such as the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Award, or the Design & Innovation Award.

  6. Ellio January 2021

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    In the January 2021 update of LEVA-EU member Ellio there is news about Ellio’s new headquarter and about webinar in which they interviewed Nikolaas Van den Steen who is a reseacher on speed pedelecs.

    LEVA-EU member Ellio is starting 2021 with brand-new headquarters in the district of Vlaams-Brabant. With the expansion of its service to customers, their electric bicycle / speed pedelec is now available from several dealers and in their own showroom. Read here, for more information about the new headquarters.

    Interested in state of the art research about speed pedelecs? In the webinar series Ellio Talks, co-founder Jorrit interviews Nikolaas Van den Steen, who as a PHD student studies speed pedelecs. During the conversation, Nikolaas explains what are important aspects for people using a speed pedelecs. He also mentions 3 reasons why people would choose to buy a speed pedelec. The link to the interview is here.

  7. Belgian 2020 speed pedelec registrations slightly lower than in 2019

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    The Belgian registrations of speed pedelecs in 2020 did not match the results of 2019. The registrations came to a total of 12,503. That is 413 units or 3.2% less than the year before. In that year, speed pedelec registrations in Belgium made a leap of more than 44%.

    The lockdowns in Belgium have clearly taken their toll. The country was locked for the first time from March 17 to May 3. Sales in those three months were more than 26% lower than in the same period in 2019. In the second lockdown from 2 November to 13 December, the damage was limited. Only 1.7% fewer speed pedelecs were registered in November and December.

    In June, and especially in August, there was a lot of catching up. The registrations in June were a quarter higher than in 2019, in August the increase even reached 36%. These figures probably include quite a number of speed pedelecs that could not be delivered in the lockdown.

    It is not clear to what extent the shortage of parts has affected sales. From September onwards, registrations consistently lagged behind the year before, although the positive effect of COVID-19 should have played out in those months.

    Belgian speed pedelec registrations

    Month201820192020Change 2019 vs. 2020
  8. Stromer and Blubrake develop first Speed Pedelec with integrated ABS

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    LEVA-EU member Stromer developed the first speed pedelec with integrated anti-lock braking system (ABS). They worked together with Blubrake to make this development happen.

    Safety, efficiency and riding fun when commuting are central aspects in the development of Stromer’s speed pedelecs. Together with the light system, tire performance, high directional stability and grip in any weather, integration of an ABS was a logical step for Stromer to increase safety.

    The high demands Stromer places on quality and design required a special solution. Stromer worked together with Italian brake specialist Blubrake to tackle this challenging project.

    Their collaboration resulted in the newest generation of the ST5 model, their first and only speed pedelec with ABS fully integrated into the frame.

    The innovative ABS increases the safety standards of speed pedelecs by ensuring a safe riding experience, even at high speeds and with abrupt brake application in heavily congested urban environments. In other words, the new ABS prevents the front wheel from locking up and skidding to the side and ensures that the rear wheel stays on the ground, keeping the cycle manoeuvrable in any situation.

    Further information on the technical details and operating principle of the ABS: www.stromerbike.com/en/modelle/st5-abs

    The new ST5 ABS is available at specialist dealers from June 2021.

  9. Speed pedelecs numbers in the Netherlands double in 3 years

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    The number of speed pedelec registrations in the Netherlands has been growing in the first 6 months of 2020. Compared to 3 years ago, this number has doubled.

    The number of speed pedelecs is growing in the Netherlands. On 1 July 2020, a total fleet of 21,100 vehicles are on the Dutch roads. Compared to 1 July 2019, this is a growth of around 23% (17,200) – and the number has doubled compared to three years ago on 1 July 2017. A total of 3,300 pieces have been purchased (new and second hand) In the first 6 months of 2020, a total of both new and second-hand speed pedelecs were purchased. According to CBS, COVID-19 has had no impact on the sales.

    Sources: CBS, RDW.

    On 1 July 2020, the biggest group of speed pedelec owners were private owners (1). They own more than 19,500 speed pedelecs, or 92.4% of the total. The remaining speed pedelecs are registered on behalf of businesses, 1,600 in total. The ratio between privately and business owned speed pedelecs hasn’t changed much since 1 July 2017.

    Private owners of speed pedelecs were on average 51.5 years old on 1 July 2020. Some 66% are in between 45 and 65 years old.

    Groups of ageNumber of speed pedelecs
    16 until 351,310
    35 until 453,497
    45 until 556,482
    55 until 656,535
    65 until 751,530
    Sources: CBS, RDW.

    On average the owners of speed pedelecs are younger compared to electric cycle owners (2). For the latter, most owners are found in the group of 65 to 75 years old.

    As a final remark, most of the speed pedelecs are registered in counties that have a relatively low urban density or in towns.


    • = private owners are considered individuals, companies of 1 person, cooperatives/partnerships.
    • =  electric cycle of 250W 25 km/h

    Source: Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics.

    Photo by Klever Mobility

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