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  1. CAKE Continues Asian Expansion with New :site in Bangkok, Thailand

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    CAKE, the Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer, has officially launched in Thailand through its strategic official distribution partner, Stallions Motor (STL Group Holdings Company Limited), leveraging a vast network of manufacturing and distribution expertise within Thailand.

    This significant expansion aligns with CAKE’s mission to inspire and accelerate the transition to a zero-emission society, combining excitement with responsibility. Marking this milestone, CAKE Thailand has inaugurated its first-ever CAKE :site in Thailand, joining the rapid expansion in Asia with storefronts in Seoul, South Korea, and Tokyo, Japan.

    The first Thailand CAKE :site, located in the Bang Rak district at the heart of the city’s Creative District, is situated in a hundred-year-old building. This area is recognized by both international and local arts designers and events such as Bangkok Design Week, offering an immersive experience for electric motorcycle enthusiasts. Visitors and Customers can visit in-person for test rides, experiencing firsthand the innovative blend of sustainability and performance that CAKE motorcycles offer.

    Stefan Ytterborn, Founder and CEO of CAKE, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch: “I am currently visiting the new CAKE :site Bangkok and I am very impressed by the work and preparations here. Our entry into Thailand with Stallions is a landmark for our continued expansion in Asia. Stallions is an amazing partner to represent the CAKE brand, fully aligned with our mission. Can’t wait to see the progress here.”

    CAKE’s range of electric motorcycles is designed to be lightweight, quiet, and clean, making them ideal for the urban landscape of Bangkok. The collaboration with STL Group Holdings, a leader in Thailand’s motorcycle industry, ensures that CAKE’s innovative products are backed by local expertise and support.

    “The reason that CAKE Thailand’s launch in Bang Rak, Bangkok is more than just the introduction of new products; it’s about embracing and contributing to the area’s cultural and creative renaissance. It’s a venture that promises to electrify the streets of Bangkok with sustainable, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to an eco-friendlier future,” said Thirachet Lapjaturapit, CEO of STL Group.

    The CAKE Bangkok Pop Up is located at 1119 Charoen Krung Road, Si Phraya, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand.

    For more information on CAKE Thailand, its products, and its :sites, please visit ridecakethailand.com.

  2. CAKE opens New York City full service showroom

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    Source: Ride Cake (2023)

    As sustainable living and e-motorcycle enthusiasm continue to increase, LEVA-EU member CAKE has opened an additional flagship store in the USA, this time New York. With the success of their first North American showroom that opened in LA in October 2022, the lightweight CAKE range is in demand.

    As more motorcycle riders are considering electric variants, CAKE’s US showrooms also offer test riding facilities and full servicing. Situated in the historic Seaport district in Manhattan, the new showroom has waterfront bike paths to test the electric motorcycle range. It additionally offers a cultural hub where current and prospective consumers can discuss the sector and the motorcycles with each other and CAKE’s team of experts.

    Founder and CEO of CAKE, Stefan Ytterborn commented, “As the cultural and economic capital of the world, New York City is one of CAKE’s most crucial markets. The city is constantly reinventing itself to make life more sustainable and accessible to its residents. As New York paves the road to a more eco-friendly future, we’re excited to grow our presence in the city and demonstrate our unique vision for a zero-emission society.”

    With plans to reduce 80% of greenhouse gases by 2050 and the expansion of North America’s largest bicycle network, New York City’s sustainability outlook reflects that of CAKE’s zero-emission objectives. CAKE go far beyond clean output strategies by additionally sourcing materials responsibly and designing long-lasting and modular products to reduce e-waste.

    North America Managing Director, Eric Asmussen, remarked, “New York is already one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, and the city continues to move towards decarbonization. CAKE’s arrival is an opportunity to envision the radical possibilities of green infrastructure in the city. We can show the world that a carbon-neutral society doesn’t have to be boring. Just like what we do with CAKE’s products, we can combine responsibility and sustainability with innovations and excitement.”

    The CAKE:site NYC is located at 106 South Street, New York, NY 10038.
    More information on CAKE and its :sites can be found on www.ridecake.com

  3. CAKE Subscribe: an all-inclusive subscription model that caters to professional business needs

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    Launching in Sweden and France, LEVA-EU member, CAKE, has introduced its easy-entry micromobility fleet service.

    CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles is pleased to announce CAKE Subscribe: an all-inclusive subscription model that caters to professional business needs. The new program aims to ease the burden of upfront costs associated with buying a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, by requiring no down payment. Service and technical support are also included.

    I believe our electric motorcycles, mopeds, and electric bicycles are great transportation solutions with a wide range of applications,” said CAKE founder and CEO Stefan Ytterborn. “Whether for a private courier who needs a single bike or a larger business that needs a fleet of vehicles, I think CAKE has the right products for operating in urban environments. By removing down payments and taking care of service we are further reducing TCO for businesses that want to use CAKE motorcycles for their work” continued Ytterborn.

    The subscription model comes with no long-term commitments, and because every business need is different, all subscription models will be customized to the unique needs of each client. Whether a business needs a single bike, a massive fleet, or something in between, CAKE Subscribe can provide a risk-free way for businesses to get rolling with CAKE.

    CAKE subscribe is available in Sweden and France with more countries to come.

  4. CAKE launches its newest model, the Åik, at CES

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    LEVA-EU member CAKE unveils its latest utility e-bike within the professional :work series

    The Åik by CAKE is the utility choice for the demands of working professionals who rely on two-wheeled transportation for their livelihood or indeed for the demanding lifestyle requirements of individuals. Not to be mistaken as just an e-bike, it is a utility tool that redefines the category with an unsurpassed range and power of up to 224 miles and a gross vehicle weight of 200 kg. Like the Ösa, Åik is designed around a modular aluminium frame so customers can outfit the Åik with the suitable types of racks, bags, trailers, baskets, and passenger seats to suit the job at hand.

    By creating a transportation solution that does not require any special license to operate, CAKE has filled a gap in the :work series. The newest member of the :work family blurs the lines between lightweight electric motorcycles and utility e-bikes. For those who typically rely on motorized transportation, it opens up networks of bike lanes and paths that are off-limits to motorcycles and cars. It’s also indisputably easier to find a spot to park a bicycle than it is a motor vehicle.

    “With Åik joining the :work series lineup, we’re now offering a complete assortment of electric two-wheeled solutions for any business in need of a transportation solution,” said CAKE founder and CEO Stefan Ytterborn. He continued “Our range is optimized for artisanal needs, from the fastest deliveries in town through to surveillance work in the backcountry.” 

    In designing this bike, CAKE took its expertise from manufacturing high-performance electric motorcycles and applied it to e-bikes. The result is a robust bike that’s ready for the demands of commercial fleet use and everyday commuting alike.

    The key feature of the Åik is its battery, or batteries. One of the 750 Wh batteries can power the bike for up to 74.5 miles, but users can connect as many as three batteries to extend the range to cover more miles than most want to ride in a single day. The batteries can also power electronic devices such as temperature-controlled food boxes, electronic tools, and equipment. 

    Like the rest of the :work series, the Åik is also available direct to consumers and later this spring a wider assortment of accessories will be available to further suit their lifestyle needs. 

    The Åik is available for pre-order on ridecake.com and is expected to start shipping in May of this year.

    One way or another, all CAKE names derive from the island of Gotland. The Åik comes from the local ancient language “Gutniska” and means ’big and heavy load’ referring to Åik’s hundreds of utility combinations to pull, stow and carry heavy loads.

  5. LEVA-EU member CAKE commits to developing the Kibb

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    The new model is a semi-autonomous electric ATV for regenerative farming

    LEVA-EU member CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles, will move forward with development of the Kibb, an electric, semi-autonomous, all-terrain four-wheeler designed to handle the unique needs of regenerative farming. The Kibb is designed to handle light agricultural tasks autonomously with minimal impact to delicate ecosystems, and CAKE plans to bring the machine into production by 2025.

    Today, the machines employed for farming at scale contribute heavily to global greenhouse gas emissions, and negatively impact the ecosystems we all rely on for healthy food cultivation. With the Kibb, CAKE aims to provide a lower-impact agricultural transport option and support a growing movement toward sustainable farming.

    “Sustainable and responsible farming is vital for healthy ecosystems and we are aiming to make Kibb the number one tool for all future farmers.” says Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and founder of CAKE.

    The Kibb will be a multifunctional battery-powered ATV capable of operating with or without a human driver. The modular body of the Kibb will have different attachment points to allow for compatibility with a wide variety of ATV accessories. It can also act as a mobile power station, providing the farmer with a new best friend to perform the day-to-day duties associated with regenerative agricultural life. The Kibb will also be able to perform simple tasks autonomously, which will free up time to focus on other farm or ranch-related tasks while the Kibb is at work.

    To move the Kibb from a concept to a powerful industrial tool by 2025, CAKE will work closely with experienced farmers from a wide set of disciplines including organic farming, permaculture, and regenerative agriculture to address the mechanical challenges they face.

    The Kibb electric quad was first conceptualized by Fanny Jonsson, a Swedish transportation designer, during her Masters thesis work at Umeå Institute of Design. Jonsson interned with CAKE’s product design team as part of her thesis in 2022, and harnessed their expertise in product development to render the Kibb electric ATV platform. Since her graduation, CAKE has brought Jonsson onto the brand’s product development team full-time, where she will help bring the Kibb from render to reality.

    “Not only was the result from Fanny’s thesis an incredible achievement, but it was such an impressive reflection of the core CAKE values, that it was impossible not to turn the Kibb into reality,” continues Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and founder of CAKE.

    Jonsson adds, “When I started to build out the concept, I had real world challenges in mind, and explored heavily where there is the most unlocked potential on the market. Starting from the core CAKE DNA combined with a new vehicle type was truly exciting, and that CAKE started manufacturing this and is giving everyone the opportunity to follow the progress from my renderings and concept to reality is an honor as well as a great tool to take zero emission, regenerative farming to the next level.”

    The Kibb is still in its early development, and in order to make a vehicle that answers to the needs of future farmers, CAKE plans to begin by investigating the problems they face today. The brand welcomes consumers to follow along on the journey of trial and error as CAKE digs deep into the soil at farms around the world leading up to the anticipated release of the Kibb in 2025.

    One way or another, all CAKE names derive from the island of Gotland. The Kibb comes from the local ancient language “Gutniska” and means ox, representing the strength combined with gentleness and positive impact for biodiversity.

    Read more and follow the Kibb journey here: www.ridecake.com/kibb

  6. CAKE and Volta Trucks join forces to provide world’s first electric microhub for last-mile deliveries

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    LEVA-EU member CAKE and Volta Trucks have announced a joint initiative for providing global fashion giant the H&M Group with fully integrated, electric deliveries to its customers in Paris. Starting in February, the H&M Group will be able to deliver its orders all the way from the warehouses to the door of the customer, leveraging an unparalleled, efficient combination of electric trucks and electric two-wheelers. Tailored for future urban logistics, this solution aims to have a minimum impact on the city environment.

    “As a majority of today’s last-mile delivery chains will soon be banned in many of the world’s largest cities, H&M seeks to engage in future-proof solutions already now. This will enable for contributions of lower emissions and less congestion, while benefiting from far more efficient deliveries all the way to the end customer, paving the way for both healthier cities and business advantages,” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO, CAKE.

    Rolling hubs, and couriers on two wheels

    CAKE and Volta Trucks were both founded to tackle the modern challenges of transportation. Coming from two different vehicle platforms, yet sharing the same objectives, the integration of the two technologies offers immediate opportunities for e-commerce and the fast-growing delivery industry, now on its way to meeting game-changing laws and regulations globally.

    Volta Trucks, whose vehicles are electric trucks with industry-standard loading capacity, has developed a design that offers emission-free transportation and enhanced safety in urban environments. Allowed to pass through future city borders, the electric trucks make the perfect vessel for carrying full loads of parcels, and harbour in central locations while parcels are delivered last-mile by a set of CAKE bikes reaching the customers fast, without impacting the traffic, or struggling with parking.

    “We’ve designed the full-electric Volta Zero to be the cleanest, safest and most efficient urban delivery vehicle. Most of our customers are using trucks to deliver from out-of-town warehouses to inner-city stores. But as a forward-thinking brand, we’ve always sought innovative partners to deliver new and industry-redefining solutions. The partnership between Volta Trucks, CAKE and H&M Group will showcase how a combination of zero tailpipe emission transport solutions can bring benefits to brands, customers, and city centre environments.” says Essa Al-Saleh, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks.

    “An important part of our approach is to work openly and closely with partners, including to reduce emissions throughout our value chain. Initiatives like those with Volta Trucks and Cake help us advance our sustainability goals faster than we could on our own and have a positive impact in leading the transformation to a better fashion future. This starts with improving sustainability performance in our own operations and demonstrating the resilience of a sustainable business direction”, Paul Ticehurst, H&M Group Logistics Transport Lead.

    Paris leads the way

    Paris is one of the first cities in the world to regulate city transportation in favour of congestion and the climate. The French capital is targeting a late 2023 introduction of legislation, effectively limiting the movement of cars in its city centre. CAKE electric mopeds and motorcycles will be exempt from the ban that is expected to remove approximately 100,000 cars from the streets each day. Additionally, two-wheelers using combustion engines will by September 1st be subject to parking fees, while electric alternatives continue to enjoy free parking on Paris streets.

  7. CAKE unveils new model: The Bukk

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    The next level in the category of light electric off-road performance motorcycles is unveiled at the Italian Expo, EICMA 2022.

    LEVA-EU member CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles has unveiled the Bukk, a new off-road platform, with an initial limited edition-50 units, designed for trail and track use. The Bukk performance is equivalent to the A2 classification and continues CAKE’s commitment to accelerate the transition towards a zero-emission society, combining excitement with responsibility.

    “The Bukk represents the boundary-pushing performance ambition of CAKE products. This is a true next-level, off-road electric platform”, says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO at CAKE.

    “In our drive to promote sustainability, extending life cycles is a key focus enhancing purpose, innovation, performance and physical quality. The learnings from developing race and off-road motorcycles give us insight into what true durability really means. A key component that is being implemented in all our products, from basic commuter models to hard-core utility vehicles, is stretching life cycles. CAKE’s mission has always been to respect our world and those who live in it while inspiring towards zero emission, where true excitement blends with responsibility. This is what the Bukk is all about.”

    At 85 kg, the Bukk offers a category-leading power-to-weight ratio. Engineered and manufactured from scratch, including new and unique tooling, the frame, its geometry, suspension and components are new and unique, made with the lightest and most carefully considered alloys, constituting the new performance category. The newly developed drivetrain with 72V battery and 16kW motor delivers 420Nm of instant electric torque and a top speed of +100 Km/h, with three ride modes giving an array of riding style choices. Together with WP and Öhlins attuned suspension, the Bukk provides incomparable agility, control and speed, silently without polluting trails and tracks.

    The name Bukk means Thunder Cloud in the ancient language from the island of Gotland, CAKE’s testing ground and inspiration for the naming of all of its products.

    Just 50 Bukks will be produced during its limited edition run and will be finished in CAKE’s iconic Race series yellow tones. These 50 limited editions are available to order at 14,970$ / 14,970€ from November 8th on ridecake.com.

  8. CAKE signs meaningful 5000 motorcycle contract with premium distributing partner Goldwin inc for Japan

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    Acceleration for LEVA-EU member CAKE continues ahead of the timeline in Asia.

    CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles, today announced the closing of a significant partnership in Japan with the premium sportswear manufacturer and distributor Goldwin, who just signed a three-year contract. The partnership relies on Goldwin Inc’s 70 year experience and well-established network covering manufacturing, distribution, sales and branding, working with premium sports and outdoor brands such as Goldwin, The North Face and Helly Hansen.

    Accelerating ahead of timeline, and following the ongoing expansion in North American and European cities, the closure of the deal marks the second clear step in CAKE’s partner strategy for the Asian Market.

    “The entry into Asia couldn´t be more right than contractually hooking up with the pinnacle of high quality partners and product specialists Goldwin Inc.” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE

    “Goldwin is a company that I have come to know well on an operational level over the years, with a number of close business colleagues managing its business. Their commitment to quality, innovation, purpose and customer care is world leading. Aside from the business relevancy, I’m flattered that we get to work with just them and no one else in such an important market as Japan.”

    “Although the motorcycle business is a new challenge for Goldwin, we deeply respect CAKE’s ambition, fascinating product design and its unique sustainable business model. With the addition of CAKE into our brand portfolio, We truly believe that Gloldwin will be able to offer more diverse value and experience to the Japanese outdoor/sports market. We are very excited to be a part of the CAKE family and cannot wait to explore a new business frontier hand in hand with CAKE.” says Mori Hikari , Managing Executive Officer of Goldwin Inc.

    Aside from the CAKE’s direct to user model implemented for Europe and North America, Asia will be developed on a partner basis, together with premium operators. Additional partnerships for other Asian markets will be announced in 2023.

    About Goldwin

    Established in 1951 in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture. With our corporate philosophy “to realize a fulfilling and healthy life through sports” we develop high-performance sportswear including our original “GOLDWIN” brand mainly for the Japanese market. From research and development to planning, manufacturing, quality control and sales, we strive to provide professional use, athlete-oriented products and services for our customers.

    In 2021, we announced our long-term vision “PLAY EARTH 2030” in tackling priority issues to resolve climate change and to integrate sustainability into our business model. By 2030, our goal is to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by increasing the use of green materials in more than 90 percent of our products. corp.goldwin.co.jp/eng/

    About CAKE

    CAKE is a Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles and mopeds, with a clear mission to inspire towards a zero-emission society, by combining excitement and responsibility. The model range currently consists of three different platforms – the versatile offroader Kalk, the modular utility bike Ösa, and the urban commuter Makka. Thanks to an extensive range of accessories and configurations, CAKE is addressing a wide matrix of users and applications, including commercial use for last-mile delivery and other short-haul urban transportation. Along with numerous awards and recognitions for its design and innovative approach to mobility and other societal challenges, CAKE was identified as one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company in both 2020 and 2021, and received the Time Magazine 100 most important inventions award in 2021. www.ridecake.com

  9. CAKE Opens First North American Retail and Service Center in Los Angeles, California.

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    The newest CAKE site will also be the new headquarters for its North American operations.

    LEVA-EU member CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles, is proud to open the doors of its first North American CAKE site in Los Angeles, California. Not only is this the first site in North America, but it’s the first one outside of Europe. Located on Lincoln Boulevard in the vibrant Venice neighborhood, the new space will also serve as the headquarters for CAKE’s North American sales and marketing.

    Los Angeles was a natural choice when we planned our first location. California is the world’s largest market for off-road vehicles and it’s our strongest market in North America” said CAKE CEO and founder Stefan Ytterborn.Along with wanting to be close to our largest customer base, California’s progressive environmental policy is a good match with our vision of inspiring society towards a zero-emission society.” continued Ytterborn.

    The new CAKE site is a retail and service center, as well as an event space and showroom. Its proximity to the beach and trendy neighborhoods like Santa Monica, Venice, and Marina del Rey make it an ideal location for new customers to test ride CAKE’s urban commuter bikes, Makka and Ösa. Beyond retail and service, the facility will be a place to foster the community of CAKE riders and allow them direct access to the team behind the brand.

    Eric Asmussen, Managing Director N.A. for CAKE stated “We’re very proud to have our North American headquarters in Los Angeles. CAKE has already partnered with the city on a few key projects, like using the Ösa for patrolling bike paths with StreetsLA. Using the new site as a base of operations, we’re excited to continue our work with the city and all the people of LA who are tired of being stuck in traffic as we strive for a zero emission future as it drives toward a sustainable future.

    California has a long history of being on the leading edge of enacting environmentally responsible policy in the United States, which dovetails nicely with CAKE’s mission to accelerate the transition towards a zero-emission society, combining excitement and efficiency with responsibility. All products and components are designed and manufactured in-house to both optimize performance and allow the brand full control to minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing.

    The CAKE site L.A. is now open and is located 4112 Lincoln Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292.

    More CAKE sites are planned to open in cities around the U.S. in 2023.

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