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  1. CityQ Newsletter

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    This article brings an update on LEVA-EU member CityQ’s current affairs. It is now possible to preregister as a CityQ shareholder. They have partnered up with several new players, including a partnership for the assembly of their 4-wheel ebike which will be starting this autumn. In the course of this year, 20 ebikes will be prepared for a pilot project, production capacity will be ramped up and a new Cargo version of CityQ is shown to the public. For more information on becoming an investor, click here.

    CityQ entered a partner agreement with a leading electric car sharing company in Scandinavia and is becoming part of a mixed fleet offering for urban customers. They also partnered up with an EV automotive brand to assemble CityQ, starting in autumn. The partner will work for shares in preparing CityQ for mass production and an exciting market launch.

    The first 20 units are planned to be assembled for pilot customers and partners in 2021. It’s expected that CityQ will arrange demo events and invite all of their customers having preordered. Next year, CityQ will ramp up production capacity for mass production and eventually starting the delivery upon preorders.

    Below is the latest model with Cargo version, which is expected to be delivered to pilot customers in the following weeks. This model is characterized by having extra power and a long range battery alternative. Based on feedback of pilot customers, the family version will be upgraded accordingly.  

  2. CAKE proudly announces partnership with M- Volvo Car Mobility!

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    Last week, LEVA-EU member CAKE announced a new partnership with the mobility technology company Volvo Car Mobility regarding its car-sharing service, M.

    The first step in this partnership entails the introduction of CAKE’s Ösa utility bike with integrated power, into M’s fleet service operations in Stockholm. So far, M has 150,000 registered users. And since cars from M are used far more frequently than privately owned cars, there’s a huge need for cleaning and service.

    This is where CAKE comes in. Its Ösa bike boasts extensive reach, parking agility, the ability to load cleaning equipment, as well as a powerful battery that can run a vacuum cleaner. The M car-sharing service leverages an accessibility model, which aims to match supply to customer demand at every given moment. The goal is to save time, space, and money – for people and for the cities they inhabit.

    “It’s a true link between vehicles, dealing with and structuring the mobility chain for the future. Aside from the cleanliness and efficiency with a CAKE Ösa, the rationale for a 2-wheeler, being able to park next to an M car in need of service and cleaning, versus wasting time finding a parking lot and then having to carry vacuum cleaner and cleaning gear, is evident. With M being a part of the transition at large, as part of Volvo Cars, makes this a robust chance for CAKE to show skin and purpose. This collaboration has an incredible potential we hope to evolve further,” says Stefan Ytterborn CEO and Founder of CAKE.

    “To be sure, CAKE’s Ösa bike dovetails neatly with our sustainability aspirations. M’s operations team currently uses hybrid cars to service our fleet, which is fantastic. But now they can also use the Ösa bike for some tasks, further enhancing efficiency and shrinking our footprint. I’m also delighted that CAKE was able to configure the Ösa bike to meet our precise specifications and needs. This collaboration plugs directly into our goal of moving people sustainably,” says Steinar Danielsen, Sustainability Lead at M – Volvo Car Mobility.  

  3. Latest Podbike News: Test Series

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    November was a good month of testing for LEVA-EU member Podbike. They have been testing their vehicle’s bodywork for scratch resistance and added tinting. Still some work needs to be done on the former while on the latter they have made promising progress.

    In December’s first week, Podbike will be testing two bikes on the road. According to their optimistic agenda, they are also trying to assemble up to 8 bikes before Christmas.

    Curious about Podbike’s progress or how their vehicles look?  Go to their website or see what is out on Facebook. Link to the complete newsletter: Podbike

  4. It was a very good Eurobike!

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    LEVA-EU looks back on a very successful Eurobike. At our booth, all meeting tables were used full time by LEVA-EU members meeting with customers and suppliers. We met with numerous LEV-companies wanting to learn more about what LEVA-EU has to offer them.

    For the information meeting on EN 1594:2017 on Thursday, 63 participants registered. LEVA-EU Manager Annick Roetynck clarified the relationship between EN 15194 and legislation governing EPACs. For many attendants, it still came as a surprise to learn that EN 15194 is not a law, but merely a tool to comply with part of the legislation for EPACS. She further explained the difference between the old and the new EN 15194. She also provided all details on on the structure and the scope of the standard. She listed what makes an EPAC fully legal. She concluded with explanations on how the standardization process in Europe works, encouraging the companies present to get involved in the standardization work.

    On Thursday evening, LEVA-EU and LEVA welcomed no less than 40 guests for the networking dinner in the Zeppelin Hangar restaurant. A very wide variety of companies were there: vehicle producers, assemblers, component and accessory manufacturers, designers, HR companies, etc. After a short introduction of each company during the aperitif, the guests could then decide which companies to sit with for further networking during dinner itself. It was a (sometimes literally) resounding success, and upon general request the dinner will be on again at Eurobike 2020.

    Should you be interested in a copy of the presentation on EN 15194 and/or in the introductions of the companies that participated in the networking dinner, please contact Annick Roetynck, tel. +32 9 233 60 05, email annick@leva-eu.com

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    You can LEVA-EU Member Carla Cargo us at EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen: stand FG-O /503 next week. There you can meet with the CARLA people, testride CARLAs and learn about trends and innovations in the cargo business.

    Watch how CARLA is used to collect compost in Paris

    In this video we show you how comfortable Les Alchimistes in Paris can do compost with the support of a CARLA. Les Alchimistes has the mission to vegetate the city by recreating fertile soil locally. Click here to watch the video!
  6. Bafang introduces batteries

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    In addition to its various drive system options – front, rear and mid motors – LEVA-EU Member Bafang now extends its own battery portfolio to offer not only rack mounted and fully integrated inTube batteries, but also semi-integrated batteries for an even greater variety of frame designs

    Bafang, one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components and complete drive systems, expands its battery collection for e-bikes with the introduction of two new models for down tube applications, BT F07.450.C and BT F08.600.C, offering 450Wh or 600Wh energy content respectively.

    With these two new versions Bafang can now also offer an in-house solution for customers looking for downtube or other positions of a battery. Besides it is still possible to implement Bafang’s so-called “open system” which allows the combination of motors, controllers, sensors, displays and batteries from different (Bafang) series or even other suppliers. Due to their multitudinous development team of more than 40 engineers, Bafang can support its customers by securing perfect interaction between all those components.

    But there are also good reasons for relying on just one supplier of a complete drive system – and therefore for Bafang to develop and introduce the new batteries. Both versions, complementing now a range of nine battery types and sizes, apply the same design and main technical features:

    • Premium battery cells (type 18650)
    • Semi-integration into the frame’s downtube
    • Demounting sideways (to the left)
    • Charging on/off the bike – with two charger options to choose from (2A/3A charging current)
    • Capacity indicators (LED) on top of the battery
    • Production colour: black with optional decals
    Technical data BT F07.450.C BT F08.600.C
    Nominal voltage 43V 43V
    Nominal capacity 10.5Ah 14.0Ah
    Energy content 450Wh 600Wh
    Charging time (charge current) 5.5h (2A) 5h (3A)
    Dimension (L*W*H) 334*86*73mm 334*86*89mm
    Weight 3.0kg 4.0kg

    INTUBE BATTERY BT F09 for M800 drive train system

    The current 200Wh BT F05 will soon receive a larger cousin the 430Wh BT F09. High energy density, even greater mileage, long service life are all but good reasons to go for a bit more capacity. Aerodynamic low-profile design, with a mere 2.3kg still on the light side of things plus easy handling and (dis-)assembly. Perfect for Endurance eRoad or eGravel bikes, yet also for sleek flat handlebar Urban or Cross bikes.

    The new batteries will be available for Bafang OE customers as of Q4 2019.


  7. Smaller, lighter, cheaper: new Pendix retrofit system

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    At Eurobike 2019, LEVA-EU Member Pendix presents the Pendix eDrive150, a new retrofit system that converts bicycles into e-bikes. The Pendix eDrive150start is smaller and lighter than the two other system versions eDrive300 and eDrive500. With only € 999 the eDrive150 is also very affordable and ideal for commuters that are looking for electric tailwind during their journey to work. Functions and design of the system have been streamlined and reduced to the absolute basics. At 1.4 kg, the battery is a real lightweight and only slightly larger than a standard half-liter beverage can.

    The new battery is ideal for short distances or cyclists who only need punctual support. “Most commuters don’t run out of battery power in a day, so we decided to develop this smaller and much lighter version of the Pendix system and offer it as an alternative,” explains Thomas Herzog, co-founder and CEO of Pendix.

    Commuters in Germany cycle an average of 9.2 kilometers to their job. The new battery has a range of about 28 kilometers. “Time pressure, looking for a parking space and traffic jams mean stress,” explains Thomas Herzog, “and we want to make the journey to work a little more relaxed. Many of our customers drive to work with electric support and use the return journey as a workout.”

    Eurobike takes place in Friedrichshafen from 4 to 7 September 2019. Dealers and end customers will have the opportunity to test the Pendix eDrive150 for the first time.

    Further information:

    Virtual press kit Pendix: box.com/pendix

  8. Rad Power Bike introduces first 250W ebike: the Rad Runner

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    Fully optimized from the ground up, the RadRunner electric utility bike is unlike any ebike you’ve ever seen.
    This newest creation from LEVA-EU Member, Rad Power Bikes is a purpose-built problem solver that’s part moped, part cargo bike, and totally rad.

    Stacked with power, range, and comfort at an accessible price of € 1,199/$1,299,  the RadRunner stands out in its ability to offer multiple riding modes. With its patent-pending convertible seat, both the cyclist and a friend can ride scooter style.

    Designed to fit a wide variety of applications and all of Rad’s universal accessories, the RadRunner runs with anything it’s put up against.
    Dig in to the details here: https://radpowerbikes.eu/pages/radrunner

  9. Powerful Electric Cargo Trike Approved for European Markets

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    The RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike from LEVA-EU Member Rad Power Bikes received L2e-U type-approval and makes its European debut at two events in June.

    UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS – There is a new mobility solution available in Europe – the RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike designed by Rad Power Bikes. The RadBurro is one if not thé first to be Whole Vehicle Type Approved under the L2e-U category, allowing for 1,500-watts of clean electric power instead of the standard 250-watts. The power, combined with a long-range battery, large carrying capacity, and maneuverable frame with flatbed, truck bed and cargo box configurations, makes the RadBurro adaptable for a variety of industries.

    Rad Power Bikes, a global direct to consumer ebike company with a European headquarters in Utrecht, the Netherlands, showcased the RadBurro at the International Cargo Bike Festival in Groningen on 14-16 June and at City Transport & Traffic Innovation (CiTTI) Exhibition in Milton Keynes on 18-19 June.

    “We built the RadBurro to be a realistic, versatile, and affordable last-mile alternative that can help solve many of the transportation challenges that businesses and government programs face today,” said Teun Kruijff, European Commercial Specialist for Rad Power Bikes. “This type-approval means we can bring a powerful, proven solution to customers across Europe who are working to improve their operations and eliminate their carbon emissions.”

    The RadBurro first launched in North America in 2018 and is currently deployed by food companies, facility managers, urban cargo haulers, government and municipal organizations, and more.

    RadBurro Specs

    MSRP starting at €6,199 (includes shipping; excludes VAT)

    Pre-orders available now with fulfillment in August

    • 1,500W geared electric motor with 200Nm of torque and 35km/h top speed
    • 5Ah (2.52kWh) hot-swappable battery
    • 65-130+km range per charge, eliminating “range anxiety”
    • Adaptable into three configurations:
    • Flatbed (124 cm x 84 cm)
    • Truck bed (124 cm x 84cm x 30 cm)
    • Cargo box (standard size: 134 cm x 84 cm x 119 cm; XL size: 142 cm x 84 cm x 138 cm)
    • Power at the rider’s feet or fingertips:
    • On-demand twist-grip throttle
    • Five levels of intelligent pedal assistance
    • Integrated safety lights, tail lights, brake lights and turn signals
    • Equipped with rear view mirrors, steering lock, and horn
    • Motorcycle grade wheels, tires, and suspension fork

    Built for Business Fleet

    The RadBurro is one of three powerful solutions offered through Rad Power Bikes’ dedicated Commercial Division. Their fleet also includes the RadRhino Electric Fat Tire Bike and RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike, which are L1e-A category vehicles equipped with 750-watt motors, pedal assistance, on-demand throttle, and 40-72+km range per charge.

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