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  1. Laka and ListNRide partnership announced

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    A partnership between Laka and ListNRide had been launched to offer assurance and a better riding experience for bicycle riders and rental listers alike

    • Laka and ListNRide have partnered up to offer a seamless insurance integration 
    • Bike listers in the EEA will automatically receive insurance for  their bike rentals through listnride.com
    • This partnership aims to offer peace of mind for both the rider and the lister when renting out bikes and transform any place into the perfect ride. 

    Munich, 14/03/2023  – Laka, the award-winning micromobility insurtech that offers a unique collective insurance model in the UK, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany, is pleased to announce a partnership with ListNRide, the leading European bike rental platform.

    With ListNRide you now know where to rent any bike with peace of mind. Is there a bike that you have always had your eye on, but never got to try? Perhaps you are visiting a new city or country, but bringing your own bike is too much hassle? Maybe you just want to try something new? With ListNRide, finding the right bike for your needs is easy and convenient!

    Laka and ListNRide recognise that borrowing anything from someone else can be a risky business but with integrated fuss free insurance – there is no need to worry. Reducing the barriers when trying new things or exploring new cities is central to this likely pair.

    Laka’s commercial insurance is a great way to insure bikes for companies that rent them out, especially because it eliminates the need for them to create and manage their own insurance program, which can be time-consuming and costly. Additionally, by using Laka, ListNRide can take advantage of Laka’s expertise in the micromobility insurance market, which allows them to offer their customers comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. This is a win-win situation for both ListNRide and their customers.

    “We are really pleased to be able to offer ListNRide customers peace of mind and to protect the image of ListNRide as the best place to rent a bike.” said Tobias Taupitz, CEO of Laka. “As a disrupter in our own right we are continually looking for partners changing the way we cycle.”  

    “Through extensive conversations with both our private and commercial listers, we learned that insurance coverage, that provides both peace of mind and convenience, is an important and natural next step, as we continue to innovate and bring value-add solutions for our loyal customers and trusted partners”, said Gert-Jan van Wijk, MD of ListNRide.

    For more information about Laka and ListNRide please visit https://laka.co/de/gewerbliche-fahrradversicherung  and https://www.listnride.com/renting-a-bike

    About Laka

    Laka, winner of the ‘Best Cycle Insurance Provider’ Award five years in a row, was founded to better serve individual cyclists and businesses with a fairer, collective-driven approach to insurance. With a tech driven and customer centric approach, Laka has built on being an award-winning cycle insurer, to now being uniquely positioned as the go-to micromobility insurance provider in the UK and Europe. www.laka.co

    About ListNRide

    Launched  in 2017, ListNRide exists as an online booking platform for high-quality bike rentals anytime, in anyplace. Dedicated to transforming every place into the perfect ride, we foster a global cycling community through connecting riders with individual listers, mom and pop shops, and bike brands.

  2. E-bikes in the fast lane: record year reported for Germany’s bicycle trade

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    Source: ZIV

    The ZIV Bicycle Industry Association and VDZ Association of the German Bicycle Trade have published market figures for bicycles and e-bikes in 2022, reporting another record year for the German bicycle trade.

    E-bike production in Germany reached an all-time high, increasing to 1.72 million units (+20% from 2021), while sales also reached a new peak with 2.2 million units sold (+10% from 2021). A key driver of this growth is the clear trend towards second bikes. In addition to an urban bike or e-bike, consumers often opt for a second sporty or cargo bike.

    E-bikes hold a market share of 48% in Germany and, according to Burkhard Stork (Managing Director of the ZIV), are expected to overtake non-motorised bicycles in terms of unit numbers for the first time this year. In some product categories, such as mountain and cargo bikes, there is now a clear dominance for power-assisted bikes.

    The average sales price including VAT across all sales channels and models was €2,800 for e-bikes (this data includes the increasing share of high-priced cargo bikes, which pushes up the average price). Demands have changed and customers today want higher quality components, such as the gearshift, brakes, tires, and lighting, as well as a strong battery, suspension, app connection, good design, and long service life.

    The ZIV estimates the total stock of e-bikes in Germany at the end of 2022 to be 9.8 million units, meaning that there are significantly more than 10 million e-bikes on the road today. With regards to health benefits and mobility transition, e-bikes are used much more often and over longer distances; an average of 1,500 to 2,000 kilometres per year.

    E-mountain bikes have overtaken e-trekking bikes as the most popular type of e-bike among buyers, a shift that occurred in 2021 and has continued in 2022. There were 836,000 e-mountain bikes sold in 2022 (+23% from 2021), compared to 616,000 e-trekking bikes (-4% from 2021). In addition to e-mountain bikes, the biggest increases in demand have been for sporty e-bikes such as road, gravel, and fitness bikes, as well as e-cargo bikes and speed pedelecs.

    1.45 million e-bikes were imported in 2022, with the share of imports from EU countries being around 69% and the import share from Asia increasing slightly to 27%. This is due to the expansion of production in the EU/production sites in neighbouring EU countries, independence within the EU from developments in customs, and anti-dumping duty on imports of e-bikes from China.

    Around 98% of e-bike exports went to countries in the EU and EFTA. The Netherlands remained the most important export country with 24% (139,000 units), however this represents a significant decrease compared to 2021 (34% or 209,000 units). Austria and France followed at a distance with 12% each (same as 2021), Switzerland with 11% (+9% from 2021), Belgium with 11% (+8% from 2021), and Italy with 6% (same as 2021).

    Read the full report here.

  3. Micromobility Global Incentives and Subsidy Tracker for small electric vehicles launches

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    Source: Ride Review

    New tracker provides accurate information on 400 government incentives and subsidies for small electric vehicles in over 30 countries, allowing users to compare and choose preferences.

    A ground-breaking new tool developed by Micromobility Industries and Ride Review, has been launched to aid individuals in the purchase of small electric vehicles, e-bikes, scooters and mopeds, for example. The Micromobility Global Incentives and Subsidy Tracker is a unique database of information on over 400 government directives from over 30 countries, detailing information on relevant regulations and policies, and links to each program on the government’s website. This allows users to compare and choose the best option for them.

    With a focus on sustainability, health, enjoyment and cost-effective transport modes, small electric vehicles have surged in popularity in more recent years. The initial outlay remains the primary stumbling block for users, so any information on government incentives and subsidies that will encourage use and promote sustainability are essential.

    James Gross, CEO of Micromobility Industries and Ride Review commented, “The first challenge is people don’t know these incentives might be available to them and the second challenge is that many government websites are hard to parse and understand. By providing a centralized database of information on incentives and subsidies for small electric vehicles, the tracker will help individuals make more informed decisions. It will also support policymakers and industry stakeholders in understanding the landscape of incentives and subsidies for small electric vehicles, and how they can be improved to better support sustainable mobility.”

    Co-Founder of Micromobility Industries, Horace Dediu, declared, “The launch of the tracker is an important step forward for the micromobility industry as a whole. As more individuals, organizations and governments recognize the benefits of small electric vehicles for sustainable and cost-effective transportation, this tool will play a critical role in supporting their adoption and promoting micromobility around the world.”

    About Micromoblity Industries and Ride Review

    Micromobility Industries is a leading research and advisory firm focused on the micromobility industry. This includes ebikes, mopeds, scooters and other small electric vehicles. Micromobility is the fastest growing mode of transportation and the company organises large events and supplies media products like The Micromobility Landscape to the market. Tactical consulting, research and analysis are also offered to governments and organisations looking to explore the rapidly growing sector. See more at https://micromobility.io/
    Ride Review is the largest collection of reviews from independent experts on small electric vehicles. You can see more at https://ridereview.com/https://ridereview.com/

  4. MAHLE X20 ePowers the first e-Gravel bike from Mondraker

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    LEVA-EU member, MAHLE SmartBike Systems, is the core of Mondraker’s adventure, long-distance, and technical terrain-focused gravel e-bike.

    Mondraker has embraced the Gravel category, launching the Dusty, its first electric gravel bike, as a way to return to the origins of cycling based on fun, the ability to go further, and the pleasure of pedaling over more complicated terrain. All of this comes with a very marked off-road character, something that is in perfect alignment with the philosophy that Mondraker applies to all its mountain bikes.

    The versatility of the new Dusty ePowered by MAHLE X20 looks to encompass the three most in-demand disciplines of gravel bikes: adventure, long-distance, and technical terrain.

    The e-Gravel adventure bike
    For short and explosive rides when there is only an hour or for those 1-2 days, the Dusty offers all the range a rider could ever need by just choosing the length and intensity of the ride.

    e-Gravel bike for long distances
    The new Dusty ePowered by MAHLE X20 System can travel up to 180km with its 350Wh internal battery, depending on the level of assistance and altitude gain. The Range Extender e185 applies 171 Wh of extra power, allowing the rider to go farther than ever by extending the electric range for up to 60 kilometers.

    e-Gravel riding on more technical terrain
    The new Dusty has been designed to offer unparalleled damping, providing significant comfort and control over technical terrain, enabling the rider to take the eBike far beyond what is imaginable.
    Mondraker has collaborated with MAHLE to develop specific firmware to define the assistance characteristics of the motor for use on gravel eBikes, with the goal of simulating the effort always made by the rider. This concept is called “WATTS ON DEMAND,” and follows these three core principles: Non-intrusive system, sufficient support to satisfy use for gravel riding and an “unlimited” range.

    MAHLE X20: The most natural assisted pedaling experience
    The new Dusty is ePowered by MAHLE X20, the lightest system on the market, weighing in at only 3.6 kg (iX350 battery included), and the most advanced in its class, offering a frictionless 55 Nm of torque with a seamless start and cutoff to the assistance.
    The Dusty has three levels of assistance that are fully configurable through the MySmartBike App. Regardless of which of the three available assistance levels is selected, the lack of aggressive pedaling transitions provides an excellent balance between the power applied and the assistance provided by the MAHLE X20 System. As such, the assistance of the motor at all three levels is applied progressively and is proportional to the cadence. Regardless of the selected level, the contribution is progressive and completely natural.

  5. LEVA-EU member myStromer introduces the Speed Pedelec ST2 Pinion

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    With the S-Pedelec ST2 Pinion, the Swiss company myStromer AG is initiating the next evolutionary stage of its model range. The ST2 Pinion has been completely redesigned in 2023 and, with a customizable riding position and Pinion gearbox, replaces the previous ST2 Belt model.

    Pinion gearbox according to automotive standard
    The Stromer Speed Pedelec ST2 Pinion represents the next expansion stage of the Stromer model range with Pinion gearbox and was developed to transport commuters comfortably, safely and powerfully. The 6-speed Pinion gearbox uses technology from the automotive sector and offers a reliable shifting performance in every situation with a gear ratio range of 295%. In the Pinion gearbox all gears can be easily and conveniently changed using a twist shifter, both at a standstill and on the move. The shifting system is not under added load from the motor and reacts to every gear change quickly, precisely and free of wear. In combination with the Gates carbon belt drive, the ST2 Pinion is extremely low-maintenance.

    The top-class beginner S-Pedelec
    Stromer Bikes represent the best of Swiss engineering and are captivating thanks to their exclusive combination of timeless design, smart connectivity, pure performance and maximum range. The new ST2 Pinion is the perfect partner for shorter commutes and everyday errands. The gearbox, the easy-to-use shifting system and the belt drive are perfectly integrated into the clean Stromer frame design. For additional riding comfort, a suspension fork and a suspension seatpost are available as factory options. The 750 W rear-wheel motor provides quiet, powerful and dynamic assistance up to 45 km/h and, together with the 655 Wh battery, allows a range up to 120 km (can be optionally expanded up to 180 km). The top-class beginner S-Pedelec is available in the standard colors Moon Grey or Dark Grey, while the Launch Edition has an exclusive special Electric Green finish.

    Clean design, new ergonomics
    Compared to the previous ST2 Belt, the ST2 Pinion also boasts other important upgrades in addition to the Pinion gearbox. The 90 mm Satori Python stem not only has a SP Connect+ bracket ready, the tilt can also be adjusted in order to allow for a customizable sitting and riding position. The high-quality equipment also includes the large-volume Pirelli Angel GT Urban 27.5” tires, which are perfectly adapted to the daily commute and offer the required grip for riding every day. A reflector strip on the tires also increases the visibility and safety in road traffic. The seamless welded frame completes the clean design typical for a Stromer. This Stromer S-Pedelec also represents the premium technical class and brings with it not only high riding safety but also a larger range.


    • Launch Edition (LE) in Electric Green, with BQ655 battery (up to 120 km)

    • Standard Edition in Moon Grey or Dark Grey, with BQ655 (up to 120 km)

    The Stromer ST2 Pinion Launch Edition, in Electric Green with sport frame, is available in stores starting in April 2023. The Standard Editions of the ST2 Pinion, in Moon Grey and in Dark Grey, will be available starting in June 2023, both with a sport frame and a comfort frame.
    Price in EUR/CHF/USD:
    From EUR 6,890/CHF 6,990/USD 6,990

    About Stromer
    Founded in 2009 and based in Oberwangen, Switzerland, the company is shaping the future of mobility with its Speed Pedelecs. myStromer AG produces all its e-bikes at the Oberwangen site and is the market leader in the Speed Pedelec category (fast e-bikes > 45 km/h). The company employs around 140 people, has two subsidiaries (USA and Netherlands) and sells its S-Pedelecs in 23 countries. Since 2021, the Spanish brand Desiknio has enhanced its product range with high-quality urban bikes (25 km/h). With its high-end products, Stromer offers commuters a contemporary mobility solution. This can be confirmed by the > 390 million kilometers traveled on Stromers. Stromer is #HereToChange.

  6. LEVA-EU Member Dott shares new data on LEV usage as a result of the Energy Crisis

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    Source: Intelligent Transport

    According to the latest data from Mobility-as-a-service provider Dott, the energy crisis has encouraged more Europeans to travel using shared e-scooter and e-bike services.

    The survey, which considers the views of 1,402 Dott riders from across Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden, and the UK, found that over a third (36%) of its shared micromobility fleet users have switched their mobility habits as a direct result of the energy crisis. Within this group, 49% of riders were over the age of 55.

    Dott correlates these increases to a drop in car usage; 69% of riders that previously travelled by car or taxi had reduced these methods of transport in exchange for micromobility options. Additional key findings include:

    • 41% of Dott users have reported increased usage of bikes (private or shared) to move around the city since joining the service.
    • 63% of riders connect their ride with other public transportation options.
    • 50% of riders use Dott vehicles to reach work or school, and 61% to reach a private residence.
    • 34% of riders are now women, an increase of 48% since 2020.

    Henri Moissinac, Co-Founder and CEO of Dott, said: “Our shared e-scooters and e-bikes can help lower the cost of travel, whether for a whole journey or combined with public transport for longer trips. Charged by green energy, and with our operations relying on cargo bikes and e-vans, our fleet of vehicles provide efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable travel, at a time when fuel costs are putting people’s finances under pressure.”

  7. Trenergy invigorates communication strategy

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    Source: nieuwsfiets.nu

    Dutch Electric bike brand Trenergy is coming into the new year with a renewed focus on communication for the benefit of its customers and business.

    As reported in industry publication, nieuwsfiets.nu, the makers of electric bicycles continue to value communication as a core principle, and have committed to more deeply optimize this area on numerous points. This is especially vital in cooperation with dealers.

    AZ Import, creator of Trenergy, has always aimed to provide the best products and service, but knows that there can still be room for improvement. Commercial Assistant Maik Coobs was quoted: “By means of a survey, we asked our dealer network where we could improve ourselves. The points that emerged were improving the quality of our e-bikes and optimizing our communication flows. And we really do have news to communicate. For example, the further development of our bicycles, with the aim of improving the quality and reliability of our e-bikes. A number of employees have traveled to our factory in Portugal to contribute to optimizing the quality of our ebikes,” he explained, “but it’s also about the website. Our portal is not really optimal at the moment, which is why next year we will also focus on updating our website, which will make it easier for dealers to find their way and which will work much more efficiently and faster. Both for the dealers and ourselves.”

    Users can expect more visual content and an optimised experience both for dealers and consumers, along with faster performance speed and the most up-to-date information. The one-stop-shop will aim to let dealers take care of stock availability, documentation downloads and even warranty settlement.

    Digital communications and print brochures are to be reinvigorated, with professional and diverse photography set to show off the bikes at their very best over the coming year. Trenergy is also ensuring the approach is holistic, followed through both online and offline, with high-quality, locally sourced printing, strategic QR codes for a smooth user experience.

  8. Aureus Drive further expands its partner network

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    The LEVA-EU member continues to grow its test drive and service partners, ensuring customers have easy access to service options.

    Swiss-based Aureus Drive produces robust 45km/h e-bikes, aiming to provide ecologically sound mobility to all. The manufacturer has recently announced six further test drive and service partners:

    • Münsigen – sport2go
    • Biberist – sport2go
    • Wädenswil – sport2go
    • Stans – sport2go
    • Bern Bollwerk
    • Genf rive gauche

    By densifying its partner network, Aureus Drive provides nearby servicing options for a larger number of customers, allowing any warranty work or service requirements to be met more easily. The brand’s full service network can be found, here.

  9. Portugal becomes the first EU country to reduce VAT on bicycle purchases

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    Source: Cycling Industry News, S. Cox

    The European Cyclists’ Federation has reported that Portugal has inscribed an amendment to the 2023 state budget, reducing VAT on bicycle sales.

    The stated goal of increasing cycling modal share to 10% by 2030 is the driving force for the move, resulting in customers being able to save hundreds of Euros when purchasing bicycles.

    This comes 1 year after the EU passed legislation enabling member states to apply reduced VAT rates on the supply, rental, and repair of bicycles, including e-bikes, with Portugal becoming the first country to make use of this possibility.

    Portuguese consumers will now be able to buy bicycles at the lowest VAT rate of 6% starting from 1 January 2023. The savings potential is important: for the purchase of an e-bike costing €2,000 under the current standard VAT rate, consumers would save almost €300 (under the assumption that manufacturers and outlets fully pass on the reduction).

    The amendment to the 2023 state budget was justified specifically with the goal that is inscribed in the Portuguese national cycling strategy of reaching a cycling modal share of 4% by 2025 and 10% by 2030. The explanatory text states: “Such an ambition, essential for the protection of the environment, the reduction of fossil fuel consumption, people’s health and economy and the quality of life in and around cities, naturally requires measures that stimulate the paradigm shift from car to bicycle.”

    In parallel to the introduction of the reduced VAT rate, the Portuguese Parliament also approved the continuation of the incentive scheme for low-emission vehicles, including conventional, electric, and cargo bikes, in 2023. This means that consumers will be able to benefit both from the reduced VAT rate and the purchase incentive. The only downturn? Funding for the incentive scheme has always been much lower than actual demand during the last years.

    On December 7th 2021 the Council of the EU revealed a “modernised” VAT directive that considered the rates applicable across a range of goods. As a result, consumers across the EU benefited from a reduction on the price of their bicycles and electric bikes thanks to a significant piece of policy reform trimming the VAT to be paid.

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