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  1. Location and date confirmed for EUROBIKE 2024

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    EUROBIKE 2024, the show’s 32nd edition, will take place between 3 – 7 July, at Messe Frankfurt.

    The 32nd edition of the leading trade fair for bike and mobility products, EUROBIKE, takes place at Messe Frankfurt from 3 to 7 July 2024. The BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION will take place the day before the show, and will look to the future when the industry meets to discuss forthcoming trends and their risks and opportunities for the mobility market.

    In line with previous iterations, the platform for the bike and mobility world will be dedicated to trade visitors for three days from Wednesday to Friday before opening its doors to all bike fans at the weekend with a programme of events, races, tests and other opportunities. “As the new Eurobike in Frankfurt grows and gathers momentum, we see it as our mission to provide the bike and light electric vehicle sectors with guidance and planning security,” says fairnamic Managing Director and Head of EUROBIKE Stefan Reisinger explaining the reasons for the early scheduling.

  2. The 2023 Annual POLIS Conference will take place 29-30 November in Leuven, Belgium

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    Source: POLIS Network

    Europe’s leading sustainable urban mobility event returns in 2023, after a record-breaking 2022 conference.

    The annual event provides an opportunity for cities and regions to showcase their transport achievements to a large audience of mobility experts, practitioners, and decision-makers, both public and private.

    Visit the POLIS website and learn more, here.

    Regarding the host city, and current President, Leuven, the Polis Network shared: “Leuven, Belgium, is a mission-driven city that excels through inspiring governance models and the systems put in place for the public to innovate and get involved in critical decision-making processes. Dynamic and diverse, Leuven is at the forefront of innovation: indeed, the European Commission awarded the city as the 2020 European Capital of Innovation for its unique cooperation model — one that unites residents, institutions, and organisations and allows them to co-innovate, test, and apply groundbreaking solutions to fight climate change, foster the quality of life and education, and promote a sustainable, accessible, and inclusive mobility system.

  3. Amazon outlines plans to double European ‘micromobility hub’ presence by 2025

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    Source: Zag Daily, B. Hubbard

    Currently utilizing micromobility hubs in 20 cities across Europe including London, Munich and Paris, Amazon plans to significantly expand its offering, to the delight of the micromobility industry.

    The smaller, central delivery hubs represent a more sustainable last-mile delivery option, allowing packages to be transported via cargo-bike and on foot. In the city center, this allows many issues typical of last-mile logistics to be reduced or negated, including traffic, parking, and fuel costs.

    The hubs are one part of a wider €1 billion investment by Amazon to electrify and decarbonize its transport network across the European continent over the next five years.

    In relation to the story, Zag Daily discussed the investment with representatives from Zedify, Beryl, and EAV, all of which specialize in the micromobility or cargo-bike sector.

    Speaking about Amazon’s move, Rob King, Zedify’s CEO and Co-Founder, told Zag Daily: “Zedify have been utilising microhubs for cargo bike deliveries for many years and it’s hugely exciting to see some of the biggest names in logistics endorsing this model.”
    “Urban deliveries need to be done better and it is change at this scale that’s going to meet those multiple challenges head on – whether that’s efficiency on cost, cutting emissions or meeting consumer demands.”

    Beryl’s CEO Philip Ellis told Zag: “For last mile deliveries or short journeys, the bikes are by far the best and offer the most time efficient way to move large or heavy items, so hopefully Amazon’s expansion will raise their profile even further as a fundamental transport necessity.”

    The bikes are operated by a variety of partner businesses, not directly by Amazon. One approved bike supplier is EAV Solutions. “EAV is supporting the adoption of innovative new micromobility based logistics by enabling the change away from legacy operation practices with its ecosystem of urban specific transport solutions,” said Adam Barmby, CEO and Founder of EAV.

  4. IRF Start-up Label: 2022 Applications Open

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    Source: IRF Start-up Label – International Road Federation (IRF )

    The IRF (International Road Federation) Start-up Label is a seal of excellence that recognises impactful companies.

    Establishing a new company requires confidence-building with clients, investors, current and future employees, and the IRF aim to support impactful mobility start-ups by helping them build trust with their stakeholders. Trustworthy organisations are recognised if an innovative and impactful product, service or value proposition has been developed by a credible team. The organisation also need to prove that technical goals can be achieved and that they have strategies in place to protect their innovation and execute a sustainable business strategy. By receiving the IRF Start-up Label and IRF’s official endorsement, start-ups can demonstrate credibility and earn sustainable trust with their stakeholders. Awarded Start-ups also benefit from IRF’s most valuable assets: unique knowledge and expertise, broad networking capabilities and extensive data services.

    To obtain the label, each start-up is assessed and each application is examined by a pool of IRF experts in charge of delivering a global evaluation of the company. Experts analyse the following criteria: impact on IRF’s key fields of action; environmental and social impacts; level of innovation and the company’s capacity to protect it; market tractionk i.e. the degree to which the product or the service satisfies an existing need, its viability and its scalability; founders’ profiles.

    The reward for obtaining the IRF Start-up Label is three years’ benefits from IRF’s official endorsement:
    Year 1
    – Mentoring and Exposure. Mentoring is provided by a qualified IRF expert focusing on a topic chosen by the award-winning organisation. Exposure to applicable audiences is gained by co-signing an official press release, while also having the opportunity to participate in the IRF’s networking events.
    Years 2 and 3 – Networking. The IRF will aid the organisation with key networking actions following the identification of yearly priorities. This includes an introduction to relevant companies, experts and public bodies, dependent upon goals and IRF’s capabilities.

    IRF Start-up Label winners from 2021 were ASIMOB and Valerann. ASIMOB automate visual road inspection tasks to aid maintenance teams. Its lightweight solution uses IoT and AI to detect incidences and help to keep all road types in the safest possible condition. Valerann is a pioneering Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Saas company that motivates global control centres and road operators via their intelligent traffic management platform, Lanternn by Valerann.

    Applications for the 2022 award are now open. Submissions must be made by 31st August 2022 and can be made here.

  5. Electric bicycle maintenance market reaches €200 million

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    Source: nederlandelektrisch, Els Stultiens

    When we think of electric bicycles, we consider the forward-thinking technology behind this increasing market.  A growing number of cyclists are choosing the electric range over more conventional bicycles, but with this choice comes a maintenance cost.  However, the expenditure is perhaps not as daunting as we might expect.

    The research

    According to Multiscope’s E-bike Monitor study among 3,200 Dutch cyclists, the annual maintenance for electric city bicycles and speed pedelecs averages at a mere 41 euros.  Only slightly more expensive are the maintenance costs for mountain bikes and hybrid bicycles, averaging at 44 euros.  As one might expect, due to their more complex designs, electric folding bicycles, cargo bicycles and tricycles break the 50 euros quota, but only just.  This category has a mean annual cost of 54 euros.

    Bearing distinct similarities to brands in all markets, maintenance costs varied according to the manufacturers.  Focusing on the five largest e-bike brands, Giant’s Electric City Bike range averaged at only 30 euros per annum.  Most expensive were Sparta’s range at an average of 56 euros, with Batavus (35 euros), Gazelle (38 euros) and Stella (46 euros) filling the gap.

    Good news for bike shops

    Multiscope’s study also included data on where the aforementioned maintenance takes place.  Nearly two-thirds (66 percent) chose bikes shops for upkeep duties on their electric bicycles, while 14 percent preferred to consult the manufacturers.  Owners of electric bicycles and private individuals accounted for 9 percent of this study and in 7 percent of cases, no maintenance was required.

    The research showcases the annual value of the Dutch electric bicycle maintenance market, now worth 200 million euros.  With this increasingly-popular two-wheeled trend set to continue, bike shops are gearing up for busy schedules and accountable costs.

  6. Provomec upgrades battery assembly, e-bike display and controls

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    Updates from LEVA-EU member, Promovec:

    New Battery Line

    Provomec has a new production line enabling the brand to produce battery packs with larger cell format (21700), offering more charge cycles and more energy per volume. This is expected to begin running in October 2021. View the photos on LinkedIn here.

    Minimalistic e-bike display and controls

    Provomec’s new Smart Grip has integrated display and controls, significantly increasing safety whilst cycling, receiving a Eurobike award for its patented design.

    “It is an advanced grip with buttons and a display integrated into the left handle,” explains Promovec spokeswomen Monika Figen at Eurobike. “The grip shows user interactions in the display and has haptic feedback when pressing the buttons.”

    Source: https://www.bike-eu.com/products-innovations/nieuws/2021/09/promovec-minimises-e-bike-display-and-controls-10141359?utm_source=Vakmedianet_red&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20210924-bike-europe-e-bike&tid=TIDP5326164X77EFDC9BAD104F41A6C52336E5C5EADBYI4&utm_content=Email

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