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  1. Bafang “shifts” to hassle-free riding – the new 3-speed automatic gear hub

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    LEVA-EU member Bafang introduces its new 3-speed automatic gear hub. This intelligent-acting hub takes over from the driver the otherwise manual process of changing gears, according to the speed, in a quiet, discreet, and precise fashion… automatically! Instead of shifting gears, the motto is ‘enjoy!’

    Photo: Bafang/3 speed automatic gear hub

    Bafang is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eBike drive systems and continues to expand its extensive product portfolio in the drive components segment with fresh innovation. Weighing only 1.7kg, this powerful 80Nm hub can be supported by both chain- and belt-driven motors. Plus, it can be used without any electric assistance at all on standard pedalling bicycles. This automatic gear hub is particularly suitable for e-trekking, e-city, and e-cargo bikes (reduction ratios of 1:1, 1:1.36, and 1:1.65).

    Low maintenance – high performance

    An optional speed detection sensor replaces the traditional sensor installed on the chain stay, providing a very clean solution for mid-drive systems. The new 3-speed automatic hub has precise shift points depending on wheel speed, thanks to Bafang’s exquisite clutch mechanism. The hub can be combined with eMotors that are designed to support up to 25km or 32km. Furthermore, it can of course also be used for regular bicycles. No matter if 20’’ or 24’’, for folding/concept bikes, or for the bigger sizes such as 26’’or 28’’, the gear hub excels. The shift points are ideally matched (cadence calculated/based on a 38T/16T chain wheel), so manual, hectic shifting is no longer necessary. This means less distraction from the road, with more riding comfort and safety for the rider.  In terms of components, there is no need for an additional shifter and shift cable, resulting in lower maintenance requirements, easier servicing, and high performance.

    Furthermore, this stylish and solid-looking automatic shines with the following technical data: Belt freewheel (optional, open to Gates specifications), 16T or 18-single freewheel specifications, OLD: 135mm, spoke hole: 36x13G, additional chain wheel inside. Due to the powerful design of this innovative gear hub, it can only be integrated in applications equipped with disc or V brakes.

  2. QWIC, Bafang and Enviolo to provide a fully integrated cycling experience

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    Source: Enviolo

    Enviolo and LEVA-EU member Bafang have successfully completed the integration of Enviolo’s AUTOMATiQ control units into Bafang’s drivetrain system and display unit. The new firmware integration allows the cyclist to change all bike and ride settings such as the cadence setpoint or calibrate Enviolo’s AUTOMATiQ interface through the Bafang system. This provides a fully integrated user experience as all settings can be changed through one display control unit resulting in a clean handlebar. Additional LEVA-EU member QWIC will be the first bicycle company to launch e-bikes with the Enviolo and Bafang integration.

    Billy van den Ende, Director of Brand Experience at Enviolo: “Our goal is to get people out of the car and onto a bike but we need to build great bikes to be able to achieve this goal. We believe that by offering a fully integrated user experience we are creating a safer and more pleasurable ride experience. Bafang is one of the leading manufacturers of complete e-drive systems and it only makes sense for us to integrate the Enviolo AUTOMATiQ systems with Bafang’s motor system. QWIC is a long-term Enviolo partner and we are very proud to have this new technology on QWIC’S innovative Premium i Auto model.”

    Jos Schutte, Technical Innovation Lead at QWIC: “With every generation of e-bikes we work on making them smarter and better. But “smarter” should not, of course, mean that the bike becomes more complicated. On the contrary, we strive to make cycling itself as enticing as possible. The cooperation between Enviolo, Bafang and QWIC allows us to improve the cycling experience for the user. A big benefit of the QWIC Premium i Auto model is that it’s now possible to change desired cadence setpoint of Enviolo AUTOMATiQ through the Bafang display, eliminating any need for extra controllers and ensuring a clean handlebar.

    Joe Jiang, Marketing & Sales Director at Bafang: “Bafang and Enviolo are two pioneering companies in the e-bike drive world that have built up an excellent reputation in recent years. Therefore, it was only a matter of time for both companies to work closely on new projects together. Bafang has found Enviolo to be an ideal partner. Together we provide the right concept and the right, future-oriented product to meet the existing and future demands and requirements of the bicycle industry. Both companies are enormously innovation-driven and are therefore looking forward to a new, inspiring, processive and forward-looking projects that are oriented towards the customer and meet their needs.”

  3. Bafang overcomes the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic

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    Recently, the severe spread and skyrocketing infection figures of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused great uncertainties in the manufacturing industry in many places. The market is facing escalating challenges such as shortage of raw materials, sluggish logistical efficiency, severe supply difficulties in Corona-related sealed-off areas (see e.g. Shanghai port closure) and suspension/impediment of battery product exports.

    LEVA-EU member Bafang is actively addressing these influencing factors and challenges to meet customers’ trust and expectations. Based on a sophisticated supply chain with a carefully developed management system, the company has implemented sound production and transportation planning. The company’s production management has imposed strict pandemic prevention requirements on the regular operation of each production line. At the same time, Bafang has had the foresight to increase and structure the finished product and raw material stock sufficiently to ensure long-term internal production and thus maximum stocking of the central warehouse.

    Although the global chip shortage continues, Bafang Electric has very good chip replacement solutions for its electronic control components. Strategic cooperation with key suppliers ensures a stable supply of the required raw materials. Also beneficial is Bafang’s pricing of most order items for six months, which helps to counteract the pressure of rising raw material prices. Due to the close, cooperative collaboration and support of the suppliers involved and the closely synchronized supply structure, Bafang Electric is in the advantageous position of being able to implement a stronger “anti-risk strategy” with regard to core components.

    The company’s entire logistics department (incl. import/export) responds quickly to the challenges of daily transport and delivery. Here, Bafang not only uses the remaining open channel of the Shanghai port, but actively and constructively seeks other available export channels in various trans-regional cities such as Beijing, Qingdao, Nanjing, Ningbo, Xiamen and Shenzhen.

    “Although shipments have been delayed to varying degrees due to the impact of the Covid 19 virus, we are able to respond in a timely manner to local policy and channel opening decisions, with appropriate actions, and adjust our measures with pinpoint accuracy. Thus, we can ensure continuous export of goods.” said the director in charge of Bafang Import and Export Department.

    Furthermore, Bafang is working hard to increase its own capacity at production plants abroad. Coordinating domestic and overseas delivery systems thus leads to more effective support and management of more customer orders and demands. In support of this, Bafang is in close and positive communication with the OEMs involved to discuss and adjust production schedules accordingly.

    Bafang is committed to protecting customers’ interests to the highest degree and ensuring the continuous supply of e-bike drive systems worldwide. In the current pandemic situation, with its drastic measures/restrictions in places, such as the Shanghai port lockdown, these challenges can only be overcome through joint, constructive cooperation.

  4. Bafang gets stronger and lighter – the new power engine, the M510 mid-motor predestined for E-MTB enthusiasts who prefer steep ramps and bike parks

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    LEVA-EU member Bafang introduces its new M510 mid-motor, the successor to the proven M500, for rugged and demanding applications.

    As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eBike drive systems, Bafang strives to offer the best motor and system solutions for a wide range of categories – and continues to do so with the new M510 in the powerful mid-motor class. The strong torque of 95 Nm is the same as the M500 but the overall torque curve of the M510 is higher than that of the previous model. This is clearly noticeable with the extreme high cadence support of 120 rpm. To further push this efficiency of the power increase, the rotor and the segmented stator were revised and a Magnesium housing was constructed, reducing the total weight of the M510 by a full 500 grams (18%) to 2.9kg (weight M500 = 3.4kg).

    Smooth starting, powerful acceleration

    In addition, the software for the starting characteristics has been optimized to provide a smoother and more controllable start. These characteristics allow for a better entry into short curves or crisp climbs. With tremendous peak power, acceleration is customarily powerful and right on point!

    Agile and sensitive

    It is precisely on steep climbs or in tight bends where it is most important for the engine to release the right amount of power with pinpoint accuracy. Too much power causes the tyres to spin, while too little power leads to unstable handling. Thanks to the high sensitivity of the torque sensor, the M510 can gague the right amount of power according to the rider’s pedaling force, and dial in the appropriate assistance. With this power spectrum, the M510 mid-motor is the ideal choice for performance-oriented use, whether in the bike park or when conquering technically challenging uphill climbs!

    In addition to the lighter construction, the mid-mounted motor has been equipped with refinements such as increased waterproofing, a 12V light module, and integrated connections. Furthermore, the M510 is compatible with a common chain guard, has the same motor mount as the M500/M410, and offers the option of a hidden speed sensor installation.

    The M510 motor is compatible with most of the products in the Bafang portfolio, such as the Intube battery, the displays DP E180/181 with a clean LED HMI, the optional upgraded color version DP C242 HMI, the hidden speed sensor with two different magnetic fixation solutions, and the upcoming new Bafang APP. By producing the above components in-house, Bafang is able to guarantee delivery times of 60 to 90 days.

    The M510 motor has already been in successful use since the beginning of the year, in the professional CST PostNL Bafang Mountainbike Racing Team with team manager and MTB icon Bart Brentjens. Powerful – The comment of Kjell van den Boogert, E-Biker of the CST PostNL Bafang Mountainbike Racing Team, who is currently in Noli, Italy at the team training camp: “I am happy with the new M510! The engine feels much more powerful and is also very quiet”. M510 – Powerful, compact, light and dynamic.

  5. Bafang launches end of year giveaway

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    Bafang has unveiled their end of year giveaway, which offers the chance to win an Alpek Evoke – Bafang powered eMTB. The giveaway can be entered here.

    Wrap up 2021 with a smile!

    WIN an Alpek Evoke – Bafang powered eMTB 

    2021 was quite a year. How about a big giveaway to ring in the new year with a smile? We want to reward our fans as we continue on our incredible e-drive journey together. Bafang has teamed up with awesome ebike partner Alpek to bring you a stand-out prize! 

    Our Gold Prize winner will receive an Alpek Evoke mountain bike worth €4,490.

    The Evoke eMTB is easy, intuitive and super fun. Power up your rides, go further, and take on more technical challenges thanks to e-assist. The Evoke features a hydroformed frame with RPS suspension, 4-piston disc brakes, internal cable routing, and of course a Bafang M500 motor with 95Nm of torque!

    On top of that we’re offering our lucky runners-up:

    10 Silver prizes of a Bicycle Repair Kit worth €21.45

    20 Bronze prizes of a Sports Armband worth €7.15

    To be in the running for this electrifying prize, enter via any of the methods in the widget below. There are plenty to try, and you can even get a loyalty bonus if you have entered one of our competitions before!

    The competition is open until 31/12/2021 December 2021 and we wish all of you the best of luck! Winners will be chosen at random within 1 working day of the closing date. 

    (No purchase necessary, min entry age 18, closes 31/12/2021)

    Winners will be chosen at random from all valid entries, and entrants will need to check their entry method messages to see if they have been successful, and supply their full address to receive their prizes.”

  6. Bafang launches H700 built-in automatic dual speed drive system

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    LEVA-EU member Bafang introduces new H700 rear drive system for eCity segment – Clean, Compact and Dynamic

    As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eBike drive systems, Bafang is committed to providing the best motor and system solutions for a wide range of categories – whether for front-drive, mid-drive or rear-drive systems. In the third quarter of 2021, Bafang will launch the brand-new built-in H700 automatic dual speed rear-drive system – a clean, compact and dynamic rear motor as the core part that aids urban commuting for eCity segment.

    Bafang’s development team has been making constant innovations and improvements in the field of electric drive, and has successfully integrated the transmission into the motor through independent research and development – achieving a highly-integrated built-in automatic dual speed motor. The H700 rear motor is not only equipped with the deceleration system that Bafang is known for, but is also integrated with the automatic dual speed system subject to years of research and development. The motor automatically adjusts the gearbox ratio by detecting the speed of the vehicle during cycling, so that the rider can get a better cadence without manually shifting and experience greatly improved riding comfort without affecting the power of the motor.

    Meanwhile, the compact structure does not affect the overall size and shape of the motor. With a weight of 3.2kg, a maximum outer diameter of 136mm and standard OLD of 135mm, H700 rear motor can be adapted to the standard eBike sizes for both belt and chain transmissions. In addition, the motor wiring is on the left side of the outlet structure to enable a concealed harness inside the frame to avoid unnecessary scratches. While the H700’s 250W rated power meets legal requirements, with 32Nm of torque, it can easily ensure a strong performance for riders in daily commuting and leisure use.

    Bafang designed the system with a smooth and non-marking outer tube. The slender 10Ah intube battery and controller are integrated into the downtube to enable a more stable structure; the simple single-button display is embedded on the tube to result in easy operation and full release of the handlebar space, with its Bluetooth function as an option to enable cyclists with diverse application experiences; and finally, the high-precision torque sensor, independently developed by Bafang, lets cyclists enjoy a more relaxed and pleasurable trip during the workday commuting or on outings with friends on weekends.

    During the COVID-19 epidemic, healthy travel has become a common aspiration for the public, and the eBike, as a sign of low-carbon travel, is becoming a new riding fashion. The brand-new H700 rear-drive system launched by Bafang is built to focus on the concept of a clean bike to let you enjoy a free, relaxed and flexible travel experience even while cycling in crowded cities.

    The H700 drive system has been presented at the 2021 Eurobike, Bafang booth: A1-303

  7. M200 New Bafang Mid-Drive Motor

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    With the new M200 mid drive, Bafang has created a strong offering for a booming market, with considerable growth potential untapped in the entry-level category.

    Bafang’s development team has successfully worked on the internal construction of mechanical and electrical parts of the motor, reducing the number of gears and switching to a combination of nylon and steel gears – resulting in an even smoother and almost 100% silent function without compromising the motor power.

    With its high value, the M200 becomes an interesting option for entry-level e-bikes. Due to Bafang’s “open system” strategy, OE manufacturers and bike brands can opt for a complete drive system – and choose from their vast range of batteries (450Ah or 600Ah – integrated, semi-integrated or rack mounting options) and displays/HMIs. Or they can rely on Bafang’s team of engineers and software specialists when combining the M200 motor with components from other suppliers.

    The decision for a full Bafang specification could be positively influenced by the BESST option: With the ‘Bafang E-Mobility Sales & Service Tool’, specialist dealers and the service department of the bike manufacturer have comprehensive access to the data of the motor, battery, display, sensor(s) and control unit – in order to detect and correct errors, install software updates and thus better guarantee the reliable and smooth functioning of the drive system over its entire service life.

  8. Bafang back to work

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    LEVA-EU member Bafang, one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components and complete drive systems, has reacted to the current events surrounding the emergence of the coronavirus. Bafang took measures to fully restore its supply chain and recommence full production capacity to meet customer requirements.

    Medical teams from Suzhou, Bafang’s hometown, had been dispatched to support the efforts in Hubei province to control the coronavirus outbreak. Bafang learned from the Suzhou City Center for Disease Control and Prevention that these teams were in short supply of essential protective equipment, and immediately mobilized all contacts and resources to organize the purchase and delivery of 1.153 sets of professional protective suits.

    “Bafang is an enterprise founded in, and growing in, Suzhou. It is our responsibility to help the Suzhou medical team in Hubei and we feel honored to do so. We hope these warriors will return safe and sound,” said Sunny He, Co-founder of Bafang Electric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

    At Bafang, the entire company and personnel is hopeful and confident that the epidemic will very soon be effectively controlled, and that emergency measures will be lifted.

    Find the press release via @InMotionmar

  9. Bafang News

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    Suzhou (PRC), January 30th 2020 – As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of e-bike drive systems, LEVA-EU member Bafang wants to inform their customers about the consequences of an officially ordered business shut-down due to current public health reasons.

    Following a governmental statement from the city of Suzhou, all corporations have to keep their offices and production sites closed for another week after the traditional Chinese New Year festivities. “Instead of the usual maximum of 60 days, the delivery of components to OE customers could be extended by a few days”, says Jack Brandsen, Europe General Manager for Bafang. “We expect 65 to 70 days lead time in the upcoming weeks. This is still much shorter than most of our competition.”

    This statement only takes into account the current decision situation. Should the authorities in China take further measures and/or extend the current mandatory break for companies, even greater delays in the supply chain cannot be ruled out.

    Find here all press releases of LEVA-EU member Bafang

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