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  1. Bafang presents revolutionary Gear Variable Transmission (GVT) technology platform and new 5-speed automatic gear hub

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    Spearheading a new era for the shifting experience, Bafang proudly introduces its innovative Gear Variable Transmission (GVT) technology platform, along with its latest creation based on GVT—the G500A, an internal 5-speed automatic shift hub designed for high-powered eFat bikes. Offering a groundbreaking shift experience for eBikes, G500A is debuting at the 2024 China Cycle Show.

    Breaking Cycling Boundaries with the Revolutionary GVT Technology Platform

    GVT, short for Gear Variable Transmission, represents years of meticulous research and development by Bafang. This technology elevates the eBike shifting experience to a new level with precise automatic shifting mechanisms and advanced transmission control, creating seamless and smooth gear changes that aligns the eBike and rider as one, turning what was once merely a concept into reality. Products featuring GVT technology are belt-drive-friendly and offer a high degree of integration, enabling greater design possibilities. Moreover, GVT significantly reduces common maintenance issues and durability concerns found in existing shift systems, thus extending the overall lifespan of eBikes.

    “Over the past 3 years, we have launched the automatic hub motor and the automatic gear hub series, both of which have received positive feedback from various markets. We are very proud and honored,” said Zou, the chief engineer of the Bafang GVT. “It is this motivation that has led us to decide to give it an official name, to better acquaint everyone with it. Regarding the GVT technology platform, in the future, we will further interpret it through more innovations.”

    Photo: Products powered by Bafang GVT Technology: G500A, G300A H700, H710, H720

    The 5-Speed Automatic Gear hub – The Latest GVT Technology

    As the latest innovation on the GVT platform, the G500A is a 5-speed automatic gear hub specifically crafted for high-powered fat-tire eBikes, designed to effectively tackle challenging terrains like snow and sand. G500A can withstand torque ratings of over 200Nm and supports speeds of 45km/h and 60km/h. It is available with 175mm and 190mm dropout options to accommodate most eFat bikes.

    Bafang’s commitment to quality and reliability is reflected in its rigorous testing standards. Each of the five gears in the G500A undergoes at least 10,000 impact tests, ensuring durability and rider confidence.

    G500A simulated load testing

    With the introduction of the GVT technology platform, Bafang aims to set a new benchmark for drive system reliability and durability in the eBike industry. As the GVT platform continues to evolve, Bafang is developing more ground-breaking products, underscoring its commitment to leading the industry towards higher technological standards and user experiences.

  2. Bafang display wins design award

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    The e-bike system manufacturer’s DP C010 display receives accolade at the German Design Awards.

    Bafang achieved great success at the German Design Awards 2024, its DACH sales manager, Andre Fuchs, attended the event to accept Bafang’s award for its DP C010 system, which won best product design in the bicycles and e-bikes category. According to the German Design Awards’ website, the system wowed the judges with its user-friendliness, efficiency and aesthetically pleasing advantages.

    Bafang’s C010 display has a high-resolution, waterproof 4.0 inch TFT screen, and has six built-in languages with features including USB charging, maps, and Bluetooth connectivity.

    This news adds to an already exciting start to 2024 for Bafang, the brand has recently received an CNAS accreditation for its laboratory, giving extra assurance about the strict compliance of its products.

  3. Bafang Laboratory Center receives CNAS accreditation

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    Bafang Electric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is committed to building a world-class professional testing laboratory for two-wheel drive systems, elevating industry product quality standards. Most recently, the Bafang Laboratory Center officially obtained its accreditation certificate from the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). This achievement comes in the wake of the company’s continuous upgrading of quality management practices, and dedication to product quality, both fundamental elements in the survival and development of enterprises.

    International Authority Accreditation

    CNAS accreditation signifies that the outstanding hardware facilities and management practices of the Bafang Laboratory Center have reached international recognition standards, and that the facility possesses the technical capabilities to conduct high-quality professional testing. In following CNAS guidelines, Bafang will further enhance the reliability of its diverse product range including motors, HMIs, controllers, and sensors, as well as the compatibility of its complete systems for electric rides.

    As an official Chinese accreditation body, CNAS is responsible for the review and supervision of certification organizations, testing institutions, laboratories, and other qualified assessment institutions. Under the authority of the Certification and Accreditation Authority of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA), CNAS has achieved international recognition of its test results with numerous global organizations, helping to accelerate product certification and project advancement for companies and enabling Bafang and its upstream and downstream partners to respond to market demands more rapidly and accurately.

    Bafang Quality Management System

    To date, Bafang has successfully established the acoustics laboratory, motor performance laboratory, battery performance laboratory, eBike system performance laboratory, EMC laboratory and reliability laboratories in mechanical and environmental, as well as other specialized testing facilities. Bafang has allied with riders all over the world to conduct on-site application tests on professional tracks and has assembled a quality management team that covers every stage of the product lifecycle. Through a multi-channel, whole-process quality management system, Bafang pioneers product quality invariably.

  4. Global e-bike drive systems brand, Bafang, looks to embrace challenges and drive progress in 2024

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    As the eBike industry faced a challenging year in 2023 due to a slowdown in demand caused by an unstable international climate and high inventory levels, Bafang, a global drive system supplier with over 20 years of experience in the two-wheeled industry, proactively adjusted its pace to meet market changes. The company further solidified its industry-leading position by leveraging advanced products and superior services.

    Looking ahead to the upcoming year, Bafang plans to continue strengthening its investment in technology and product quality to maintain its resolute and mission-driven approach. The company will push for sustainable development in the industry with unwavering confidence, inject vitality into the market, and lead with a firm step.

    Bafang focuses on providing high-quality and high-performance drive system solutions for global customers, earning the trust of OEMs, brand owners, dealers, and end consumers around the world. In 2023, Bafang celebrated several milestone moments including its first dealer conference, the topping-out ceremony of its new-energy factory, its 20th anniversary, and its seventh technical exchange meeting. Additionally, a series of achievements in battery production, technical recognition by major international product awards, and the successful deployment of the DDS dealer service system all showcased Bafang’s impressive corporate strength and broad market prospects worldwide.

    Furthermore, Bafang continues its expansion into electric motorcycle powertrains with its sister brand, T&D. In 2023, T&D joined forces with Bolt.Earth to deliver unparalleled user experiences, transforming the mobility landscape. Bafang, T&D, and Bolt.Earth teamed up at EICMA 2023 to showcase the strength of their partnership and the future of sustainable mobility.

    Social responsibility and industry mission are indispensable beliefs on Bafang’s path to development. Facing industry challenges head-on, Bafang will continue to focus on product performance, quality control, and after-sales service, ensuring that “quality” and “warranty” are at the forefront of the company’s focus. The company will provide more comprehensive support and protection to each customer by improving production automation coverage and expanding the global after-sales service layout.

    At the same time, Bafang recognizes that its responsibility and mission should not only be limited to high-quality products and services but also contribute to the prosperity of the entire industry. The company is willing to actively participate in industry cooperation, share experiences, and achieve mutual benefits. On the occasion of the New Year, Bafang extends sincere New Year wishes to partners around the world, expressing gratitude for the ongoing support. In 2024, the company will continue to maintain its resolute belief, work together, and create a shared future.

    About BAFANG:

    BAFANG, one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components and e-drive systems, has been developing components and complete systems for electric vehicles since 2003. The company is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (603489.SS) and focuses on all global emobility trends of the future: be it individual e-bikes, e-scooters or for public bike sharing systems.

    Bafang employs over 1000 people at 10 international locations worldwide. The headquarters, development and production sites are located in Suzhou, in the immediate vicinity of Shanghai/China. A virtual tour of the new headquarters in Suzhou via a VR Panorama Tour starts here. Bafang has sales and service centers in the Netherlands, the USA, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, and China. The newly opened plant in Poland focuses on the production of mid-motor systems for the European markets.

    Website: www.bafang-e.com
    E-Mail: info@bafang-e.com

  5. Bafang’s continuous progress: Enhancing waterproof performance and more

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    Bafang reveals design and engineering processes behind ongoing product advancement

    Suzhou, October 2023 – It is not just about new developments, it’s also about enhancing existing products. This includes sustainability, product lifespan, design, and construction techniques. These aspects hold immense importance for Bafang, particularly its dedicated R&D department. As a result, the manufacturer has identified waterproofing as just one key focus area, aiming to make consistent incremental improvements as technologies and the wider industry continue their boundless development.

    Water poses a substantial threat to the lifespan of electronic drives. As a well-established Chinese e-drive manufacturer, Bafang is committed to consistently enhancing its products in response to this challenge. To ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, the manufacturer places great importance on user input and experience.

    This commitment is evident in the rigorous testing of new models and ongoing improvements to existing products in the market. Products are thus continually upgraded to extend the intervals of product maintenance and increase the overall product lifespan. These improvements go hand-in-hand with a reduced environmental impact (less waste, lower resource requirements), helping to continuously solidify Bafang’s position as a leading player in sustainable e-mobility development.

    What’s new?

    Through continuous communication and seamless collaboration between all relevant departments, Bafang is committed to further enhancing the robustness and water-resistance of its e-bike applications. In line with internal design and quality standards and in response to rising user demands for waterproof performance, the team has set specific waterproof upgrade targets and comprehensive plan for various components within its drive systems, including motors, gear-hubs and displays, which ensures the feasibility and successful implementation of this modernization, all while maintaining the IPX6 standard for waterproofing.

    What measures are being taken?

    In pursuit of upgrading waterproofing capabilities across its range, Bafang engineers pays meticulous attention to product structure design and are diligently analyzing and refining the structural elements that safeguard its products from water intrusion. This involves a comprehensive evaluation of seals, enclosures, and internal components to fortify their ability to withstand moisture and environmental challenges.

    Bafang’s commitment to modernization is underpinned by a holistic approach that ensures products not only meet but exceed waterproofing standards. By fine-tuning the product structure design, the team aims to elevate the overall waterproof performance, providing customers with a superior and dependable experience.

    What’s the benefit?

    The benefits of Bafang’s comprehensive approach to improving waterproofing and product design are threefold. Firstly, customers can expect an enhanced and trouble-free experience, as products are improved to better withstand the rigors of various weather conditions. This translates to reduced post-purchase maintenance and a more satisfying ownership experience.

    Secondly, Bafang’s commitment to sustainability ensures that products have a reduced environmental footprint. Selecting eco-friendly materials, optimizing design, and reducing maintenance frequency and the use of excess materials all contribute to a greener planet and reduced impact on the environment.

    Lastly, the manufacturer’s dedication to waterproofing and overall product improvement not only results in better-performing e-drive systems but also extends the lifespan of components. This means customers can enjoy long-lasting, reliable, and environmentally conscious solutions, making Bafang their preferred choice for e-bike components.

    What’s next?

    Planning, implementing, and upgrading the modernization of products requires a structured approach. Bafang meticulously develops comprehensive plans, considers all relevant aspects, and ensures feasibility. This approach enables continued incremental improvements across the product line, encompassing batteries, drive systems, HMIs and gear hubs.

    By establishing clear requirements and objectives, Bafang is set to define achievable and verified standards. These standards serve as a foundation for exploring various alternatives, rigorously evaluated to deliver optimal solutions. This journey may lead us to the introduction of a higher standard. Going forward, customers can anticipate a future filled with even more highly innovative, shapely and robust products from Bafang.

  6. Bafang promotes evolution for electric motorcycles, with new brand T&D

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    As certified innovators in the electric bicycle sector, Bafang has taken another step forward in sustainability with the launch of its electric motorcycle powertrain brand, T&D.

    Recognising the diversity of the motorcycle sector, T&D has developed complete drive systems for off-road, sports and touring motorcycles, mopeds, and indoor entertainment vehicles. Extensive R&D and confidence in the parent brand, means the new powertrains are already generating some excitement. Part of the T&D strategy is to develop meaningful and mutually beneficial associations with other like-minded organizations and brands, in a market that is accelerating at a phenomenal pace, and with a complete service solution, integrated supply chain, and impressive, targeted products, T&D is set to become a top name in the industry. Under the tagline Electric Evolution, the brand is dedicated to leading harmonious technology for a greener future.

    To stay up to date with the latest news and tech from T&D, sign up to the newsletter here.

  7. Bafang Electric launches its first Bafang Dealer Day, attracting hundreds of industry professionals

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    The first Bafang Dealer Day took place on January 16 in Nijkerk, generating a great response and positive feedback. More than 450 dealers took up the LEVA-EU member’s invitation to register for the event and made their way to the distinctive venue Hart van Holland. Here, much discussion surrounding Bafang itself, the dealer direct service, new products, and partner opportunities took place.

    Confident presentations and interactive exchange

    The day’s presentations were specially designed with dealer-specific information in mind, ranging from an overview of Bafang’s history to technical insight regarding the latest drive systems. Confidently leading the day’s proceedings was moderator Rens Merckelbach. He was joined by members of Bafang’s Benelux branch Vince Weerden, Santosh Mankoe, and Leroy van Heeren, the branch’s Service Manager, Dealer Direct Service Executive, and Customer Service Specialist respectively. Each presented on their specialist subject, taking time to answer any dealers’ questions on the matters at hand.

    New products and the BESST Pro Tool

    After a refreshment break the event continued, moving into an adjacent hall where dealers were able to view Bafang’s latest technological offerings up-close while receiving tailored advice from knowledgeable staff members.

    Alongside the isolated drive systems, batteries, and HMIs on display, a range of test bikes were available for dealers’ use. Supporting Bafang’s own test bikes were branded bikes boasting a range of systems, provided by Jools, Brinckers, BSP, and Dolly Bikes. Based on the faces seen around the specially designed test track, Bafang’s motto, “Engineered to make you smile”, rings true!

    The afternoon was then characterized by presentations of the latest products from Bafang by Lennart van Houwelingen, the Sales Manager for Benelux. Following this, Leroy van Heeren returned to deliver a presentation regarding the BESST Pro tool, which is sure to be an exciting prospect for many dealers.

    Rens Merckelbach concluded the event with a light-hearted lottery, where Bafang team members presented a selection of gifts to lucky attendees. Concluding with a classic networking session, the event can only be described as an extremely successful and slick launch of Bafang’s Dealer Day. Full of informative content and exciting ideas, the event clearly outlines Bafang’s focus on development in the European market, and is the product of a great team effort by the staff of Bafang Electric Ltd.

  8. Bafang offers the chance to win any e-bike featuring their system

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    In its final Giveaway of 2022, LEVA-EU member Bafang is offering up to 3000 EUR towards a powered-by-Bafang e-bike model.

    The ‘Bafang Giveaway Trail | Stage 3’ closes the popular competition series that has run through 2022. Details from the Giveaway landing page can be seen below.

    “The power is in your hands – our grand prize winner can claim a Bafang-powered e-bike worth up to €3000!

    “We want to see your views from the trail, the open road, the city streets! What makes you smile when you’re out and about on two wheels? Submit your very best photo or video in the theme and approved entries will head to a public vote to determine the winner.

    “Entry is easy, submit a file, link to your video via the form, or enter by publicly posting your media on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #BafangGiveawayTrailStage3

    You’ll have until Janurary 6, 2023 to enter your media, and we can’t wait to share in your views!”

    Visit the Giveaway landing page, here.

    Visit the Giveaway directly, here.

    Visit the Bafang-owners bonus round, here.

  9. Bafang Sponsorships 2022 – Applications open

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    LEVA-EU member Bafang is looking for new sponsorship partners who are ready to represent Bafang on a global scale.

    In the upcoming sponsorship scheme, the manufacturing giant aims to support and collaborate with a range of e-bike riders and racing teams.

    Bafang is seeking partners with whom to work for both parties’ benefit. Collaboration, creativity, and communication have been outlined as highly valued in potential partners. Visual content (photo/video) will be a key aspect of any selected partnerships; alongside this, event support, technical discussion, and more can be explored. The scheme aims for selected partnerships to grow into close working relationships beyond the basic exchange of goods. Generous sponsorship deals are available to suitable candidates. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

    Full details can be found via the Bafang website, here.

    The Bafang Sponsorship Opportunities interest form can be accessed directly, here.

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