Last call for LEVA-EU meeting on dumping, Thursday 16 November in Brussels

232 days ago

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The possible revision of the trade defence measures against e-bikes from China is the direct reason for LEVA-EU to convene a meeting on Thursday, 16 November in Brussels. The trade association for light electric vehicle businesses argues that a new period of 5 years of measures would continue to cause unprecedented damage to the electric bicycle sector in Europe. That is why LEVA-EU wants to discuss with the affected companies and their lawyers how the current immense problems can be tackled jointly and how a possible request for review can be jointly responded to.

The meeting is open to any company which currently is or has been affected by actions by customs and/or OLAF. Both LEVA-EU members and non-members are welcome. The companies and their lawyers can participate in the meeting free of charge, provided they first register with LEVA-EU manager, Annick Roetynck, annick@leva-eu.com, tel. +32 475 500 588.

The companies are invited to submit a short report of their case to LEVA-EU, which will allow to organize the consultation around a few “cases“. That consultation will be aimed at achieving a possible joint approach to all customs/OLAF actions as well as to the possible review of the dumping measures. The meeting is also intended to offer lawyers the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues about argumentation and defence in various cases.

The companies known to LEVA-EU as being under attack have been invited directly. All other companies and/or their lawyers are urged to register with LEVA-EU as soon as possible, upon which they will receive a direct invitation.  All companies involved are also requested to pass on the invitation for this meeting to other companies that are under attack.

In the meantime, MLEX reports that “EU manufacturers” have effectively requested the Commission to extend the anti-dumping and countervailing duties on electric bikes from China for another 5 years. According to MLEX, “the companies asking for a review, argue that without import restrictions, there’s a risk Chinese rivals will resume distorted imports in Europe and hurt EU businesses.” The Commission is expected to decide by 19 January whether to open expiry reviews.

Further background information on this issue can be found in the following articles:

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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