Vivium provides home care by QWIC e-bikes

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2 November QWIC – Care staff of Vivium Zorggroep in the Dutch Gooi en Vechtstreek region recently received 45 QWIC e-bikes with which they will provide care at home. This mobility solution was created when it became apparent that healthcare staff needed transport on an e-bike, because of its convenience, speed and sustainable character. With its care lease concept, Riemersma Leasing offers the total solution for all of Vivium’s mobility needs.

Vivium: “Carefree travel is part of the Vivium Mobility Arrangement and means that we support employees as much as possible when traveling to and for work. The Vivium Teams that provide care at home work in the neighborhood, in a limited area with short distances. Often also in the center, where parking a car is difficult. The e-bike is then a perfect means of transport.”

The employees of the Weesp Centrum team (photo right), among others, received their electric bicycles. “The bikes are really great!! We are very happy with these beautiful bikes, the old ones were really finished and we continued to spend money on them. So thank you very much again for providing beautiful and safe bicycles. We also find the panniers with Vivium on them very beautiful and practical. ”

Dirk-Jan Hilboesen, Sales & Marketing QWIC: “We are extremely proud that the Vivium care staff provide care at home with our QWIC e-bikes. The healthcare personnel do important work and we are happy to contribute to make their work more comfortable, efficient and faster. ”

Collaborating parties
The mobility solution for Vivium was developed in collaboration with Riemersma Leasing. QWIC supplies the white e-bikes that Vivium leases at Riemersma. Service to the bicycles is provided by the local QWIC service points Bike Totaal Bout in Huizen and Bike Totaal Daatselaar in Bussum.

Customized care lease
Joost van den Akker, Riemersma Leasing: “We know the market in which healthcare institutions operate. Weknow, for example, that recruiting staff in the healthcare sector is a serious challenge. And we know how healthcare institutions can distinguish themselves in the field of mobility in the labor market. Without organizational hassle, because Riemersma Leasing takes care of that. The “Customized care lease” concept offers advantages for both the care institution, the employee and the clients. A great solution with which we support Vivium very well.”

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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