The Altlas: QWIC’s newest release

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Meet the newest and most adventurous QWIC e-bike: the Atlas

Adventure, unforgettable impressions, and new routes. QWIC presents a completely new e-bike segment: the Adventure series. Within this segment, the Dutch e-bike brand is proud to unveil the Atlas, an off-road e-bike with the quality recognizable in all QWIC designs, but suitable for all terrains, designed for users who want unlimited access to off-road paths in addition to paved road surfaces.

The Atlas challenges

The QWIC Atlas cries out for long journeys and challenges. This Adventure bike has been developed for daily commuting and recreational use in adventure style. The Atlas offers the choice between the Vario, with continuously variable hub gear and maintenance-free belt drive, or the Derailleur version, with derailleur gear and chain drive.

5 unique features of the Atlas:

  • Innovative design: The integration of the battery in the top tube of the e-bike is completely new. This makes placing the battery even easier and makes the Atlas super stable.
  • Brute power: To guarantee serious distances on both paved and rougher roads, the latest technology from the electric vehicle industry has been applied. The Atlas has a powerful battery (522Wh/756Wh) and a strong 90Nm mid-mounted motor.
  • Award winning charging station: Innovation is one of the spearheads of QWIC. This is reflected in the award-winning charging station. The station fully charges the battery in a record time of three hours, can put the battery in hibernation mode to maintain the ideal capacity, and is also very user-friendly. And, no more ugly cables, this prize winner also looks great in the living room.
  • Adventure: The Atlas’ fat tires give maximum grip on off-road terrain. The Atlas is ideal for long distances, panniers, water bottles and a pump are easy to carry. The e-bike can also be expanded with a front carrier specially designed for this bicycle.
  • Connected & fully protected: The location of the Atlas is easy to trace with the GPS system. To enjoy the Atlas completely carefree, there is mobility insurance via the QWIC app and a 24/7 roadside assistance service available.

Available from February 14

The Atlas Derailleur will be available from February 14, 2022, at various QWIC dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The Atlas Vario will be delivered to dealers in the spring of 2022.


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