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‘Electric Evolution’ signifies five pioneering e-motorcycle drive systems.

Boasting 20-years of e-bicycle engineering, Bafang has branched out into what is arguably a logical next step forward, e-motorcycle drive systems. Manufactured in the same R&D location in Suzhou, China, T&D represents another opportunity to embrace greener technologies and a sustainable future.

Why e-motorcycles?

Bafang can contribute to the planet’s electric revolution and joins the e-motorcycle market as it begins to gather some significant pace. With many fans and partners alike, Bafang is set to make a good impression on the market with the new venture.

When quizzed about the inner workings of T&D, Head of T&D, Vice General Manager of Bafang, Sunny He shared, “As a team, we sincerely value the harmonious existence of nature and humanity and are keenly aware of the natural demand for sustainable and intelligent products for our shared future. One way to achieve that coexistence is to follow the natural rhythm of things, and the time of e-motorbikes has truly arrived, the time is rife to go green.”

The name, T&D, originates from Chinese culture; Tian & Di, or heaven and earth. It is reflective of the brand’s harmonious ecosystem outlook and is set to win many fans.

What T&D will offer.

Five e-drive systems have been developed by T&D to deliver electric solutions for every rider. On offer are off-road, sports, touring, urban, and indoor entertainment drive systems, all developed to produce the very best propulsion and riding experiences in accordance with nature and the planet. All the components in each drive system are certified as “green”, an accolade for other manufacturers to follow. More information can be found on the new T&D website and by subscribing to the T&D newsletter.

Product highlights.

FE01 (Storm) Off-Road Drive System:
• Compact and lightweight design weighing only 21.66Kg
• Vehicle-grade software architecture using the CAN communication protocol
• Peak power at 60Kw
• Torque exceeds 125N.m
• Accomplishes climbing gradients of up to 60%
• 0 – 50Km in 2.8s
• 90% system efficiency

LI01 (Forest) City Commuting Drive System:
• Simple and efficient lightweight structure
• Multiple high-precision current and temperature sensor motor
• 72V 50Ah imported lithium battery
• BMS with 6 major protection functions
• 247N.m rear wheel torque
• Top speeds of circa 80Km/h
• Nimble and manageable handling


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