1. Podbike April News

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    30 April 2020 – Podbike’s monthly overview is published. Please find in this post an overview of major achievements and some announcements.

    Several adjustments have been made to improve Podbike’s velomobile. They progressed in converting 3D printed parts into injection mouldings, implemented a body revision to prevent leaking when its raining and adjusted the inner mirror of their product.

    April was also a month of testing. Test bike number 7 was succesfully sent to Germany where it will be tested according national and international standards. Podbike is looking forward to the results of all conducted tests.

    Podbike is announcing that they will get a brand new online (web) store, which is scheduled to be launched before summer ends. If costumers have any input or comments on the stores design, please let them know via: [email protected].

    Due to Corona measures, all events that Podbike would have been participating are either canceled or postponed. New events will be announced when Corona is in a more controllable stage.

  2. Update on Podbike during Covid-19

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    Since 13 March, like other European countries, Norway is ‘’closed down’’. LEVA-EU member Podbike is currently not that much affected by the Covid-19. Of course, most of their team members work from home and supporting the workshop manager from there. It could also happen that certain components will not arrive in time due to delays in the supply chain. However as mentioned before, Podbike’s production timeline is still scheduled as it was before, namely late this year.

    Six of the ten Podbikes have finalized testing after several improvements, which means they are now ready to drive on the road. Number seven will soon be tested at a third-party German laboratory. During testing, the complete Podbike and parts needs to meet strict safety requirements according national and international standards.

    The Podbike team is also focusing on the development of a child seat and expects to finalize this by the end of the month. Find the design below.

    Events where Podbike should have been present are either cancelled or postponed by the organizers. After the Covid-19 situation is in control, Podbike will be found at other venues and shall communicate this as soon as possible.

    Podbike is now at your service @Facebook

  3. Podbike News

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    LEVA-EU member Podbike published their February update.

    Since September 2019, plenty of Podbikes have been tested. In February, four more have been tested by their test drivers and two more are planned to be tested. Find a video about testing @Podbikes’ Facebook.

    Podbike used its feedback from testing to implement many improvements. This has resulted in a complete redesign of certain components. Although this caused some delays, the first Podbike series production is still planned for later this year.

    Find Podbike at Spezi, 25/26 April 2020 in Germersheim, Germany. Or in Stavanger, Norway at ‘’Den Nasionale Sykkelkonferansen’’, 25/26 May 2020.

  4. Podbike News

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    LEVA-EU member Podbike sticks to their original production plan and will start late 2020 with it. But before that, some thorough testing of three Podbikes will be carried out. Additionally, they have also made some technical changes at the locks.

    To match their growing ambitions, a new employee has been appointed that is responsible for technical aspects of the Podbike.

    Find here more information about LEVA-EU member Podbike

  5. Podbike Reviewing 2019 and the Year Ahead

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    LEVA-EU member Podbike starts the year with a review of major results in 2019. It also looks forward to a promising 2020!

    In 2019, Podbike has made valuable progress in their organization and product development. Newly acquired investment resulted in a new workplace to develop and produce their product. The team has expanded from 2 to 6 members and the amount of pre-orders has grown worldwide to a staggering number of more than 2000 Podbikes. In short, they have learned and improved a lot.

    In the year ahead, Podbike will take their product from R&D to production and commercialization. 2020 will be the year to release the first commercial Podbike. Furthermore, Podbike will try to further expand their team and to find additional funding.


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