Podbike preparing for the next phase in its quest to become the leading provider of velomobiles:

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Following an eventful 2021 with a string of successful launch events, EUR 3.2million in raised capital, and a record number of pre-orders, Podbike is transitioning from start-up to early growth phase. Kicking off 2022, the company is accelerating the transition by making changes to its management structure and by launching a recruitment campaign to further strengthen its team.

Podbike founder Per Hassel Sørensen

Podbike AS announced on the 6th of January that Åge Højmark has been appointed the new CEO of the company. Mr. Højmark will succeed Anne-Lise Heggland and will assume the responsibilities effective from January 1st, 2022. Mrs. Heggland founded Podbike together with Per Hassel Sørensen (CTO) in 2016 and has for the past six years held the role both as CEO and CFO.

Mr. Højmark brings over 20 years of international experience within operations and business development and holds both an MSc in Engineering and an MBA. For the last 8 months he has served as COO in Podbike and has been instrumental in setting up the company for this next phase.

New Podbike CEO, Åge Højmark

Mrs. Heggland, who has planned this transition for some time, will continue in her role as CFO and is looking forward to dedicating more of her time to developing the financial planning and control required as the company grows.

Both Mrs. Heggland and Mr. Sørensen are excited about the development of the company – “This is an important next step in the development of Podbike. We now have an experienced Board and Management in place to take the company through the next phase. This is the culmination of our effort since we started the company six years ago and will allow increased focus on delivering Podbike´s growth plan.” 

Podbike, which is frequently referred to as the Tesla of e-bikes due to their novel and innovative approach, will start delivering their first product, the e-bike FRIKAR, in 2022. With global ambitions and over 3400 pre-orders the target is to grow its topline from zero to EUR 8 million during the next year and to scale up quickly from there.

Mr. Højmark in a comment says – “It is an honor to be trusted with this responsibility. As for most start-ups, there have been many challenges during this first phase but so much has been done correctly. To be allowed the opportunity to further develop a company with such potential is a privilege. Podbike´s dedication and practical approach to green mobility and sustainability adds meaning to this challenge. Achieving a transition to more efficient and sustainable modes of transport are essential if we are to achieve the UN 2030 sustainability goals.”.


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