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  1. Vosper: “E-bikes step up in a down market”

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    Source: Bicycle Retailer

    2023 wasn’t a great year for the e-bike market, with high inventory & low sales, and struggling relationships between suppliers and retailers. This is unlikely to improve in the immediate future.

    Decreased Imports

    A recent analysis by Rick Vosper in Bicycle Retailer shows that the number of imports for both classes of bikes fell significantly in 2023 (Figure 1) as suppliers attempted, and succeeded in, decreasing the number of orders in the pipeline.

    Pedal only bike imports for 2023 were down by 41% from 2022, which itself was down 31% from 2021. In 2023 5.3 million units were imported, which represents the lowest number of pedal-only imports since the first recorded year in 1981. To compare, e-bike imports were 990,000, down 10% from 2022, which represents a 25% increase from 2021.

    Figure 1: USA E-Bike imports vs pedal only bikes
    Source: eCyclceElectric & U.S Department of Commerce (USDOC)

    Not only that but e-bikes are steadily gaining market share, from 2% in 2016 to more than 18% of pedal-only bike sales in 2023 (Figure 2). This increase inversely correlates with the decrease in pedal only bike imports.

    Some have speculated that when e-bike imports reach 20% of pedal only, it will mark an infection point for e-bike sales in the U.S., and that a large increase in market share will happen as a result.

    However, Vosper disagrees commenting “I am sceptical of this projection. Here’s why: some large majority of e-bike sales are in the very bottom of the mass market as low-end bikes shipped D2C from China and other Asian manufacturers. These units have no direct parallels in the pedal-only market segment, so there’s no basis for an apples-to-apples comparison, which renders that 20% number arbitrary. To really see the relationship, we’d have to look at dealer and mass retailer sales and filter the bottom feeders out of the equation somehow. At present I don’t believe the industry has the resources to do this.”

    Figure 2: E-bike imports as a percentage of pedal only (20″+)
    Source: USDOC

    An ongoing problem

    Despite the cuts in imports in 2022 and 2023, there’s still inventory excess due to the huge number of imports during the years of COVID (2020 & 2021), this indicates that the inventory excess is a long-term problem. On the bright side, e-bikes seem to be doing better than other product categories. In an informal poll on the Facebook group Cycling Industry Recover, 56% of retailers reported that their e-bike sales are up relative to their pedal only models. Perhaps this is indicative of future buying trends.

  2. Stromer ST5 Pinion now available in the U.S.

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    Following a successful launch in Europe, Stromer’s high-tech ST5 Pinion brings all its features to American riders.

    Source: American Luxury

    Stromer continues to advance its high-performance e-bike legacy with the introduction of the ST5 Pinion edition, a model that builds upon the features of the 2020 ST5 ABS model. This new iteration incorporates automated Pinion gear-shifting, enhancing the electric cycling experience. The core of the ST5 Pinion is a sophisticated collaboration between human and machine, where Pinion’s electronic Smart Shift system efficiently selects optimal gear ratios among nine speeds. Stromer’s anti-lock brakes contribute to stability during braking, preventing traction compromise.

    In addition to its functional features, the ST5 Pinion includes integrated audio alerts for actions like startup sequences or charging status. These audible cues add to the bike’s overall sophistication. The inclusion of a Gates Carbon Belt Drive and a 750-watt rear hub motor contributes enhanced efficiency and power. The bike is equipped with Bluetooth and cellular connectivity, enabling GPS tracking and over-the-air updates.

    The ST5 Pinion ensures safety with head and tail lights for both day and night use, coupled with TRP hydraulic disc brakes for robust stopping power on varied terrains. Despite pushing the boundaries of performance and technology, the ST5 Pinion maintains an elegant aesthetic, featuring handmade grips, a Selle Royal saddle, and recyclable carbon fenders that reflect a dedication to luxury craftsmanship.

    Available in limited edition hues starting at $11,990, the ST5 Pinion is a truly impressive electric bicycle, blending electronic intelligence with considered design. This model, recently released in Europe, is now available in North America in Launch Edition red or Aventurine green for US$11,990.

  3. CAKE Opens First North American Retail and Service Center in Los Angeles, California.

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    The newest CAKE site will also be the new headquarters for its North American operations.

    LEVA-EU member CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles, is proud to open the doors of its first North American CAKE site in Los Angeles, California. Not only is this the first site in North America, but it’s the first one outside of Europe. Located on Lincoln Boulevard in the vibrant Venice neighborhood, the new space will also serve as the headquarters for CAKE’s North American sales and marketing.

    Los Angeles was a natural choice when we planned our first location. California is the world’s largest market for off-road vehicles and it’s our strongest market in North America” said CAKE CEO and founder Stefan Ytterborn.Along with wanting to be close to our largest customer base, California’s progressive environmental policy is a good match with our vision of inspiring society towards a zero-emission society.” continued Ytterborn.

    The new CAKE site is a retail and service center, as well as an event space and showroom. Its proximity to the beach and trendy neighborhoods like Santa Monica, Venice, and Marina del Rey make it an ideal location for new customers to test ride CAKE’s urban commuter bikes, Makka and Ösa. Beyond retail and service, the facility will be a place to foster the community of CAKE riders and allow them direct access to the team behind the brand.

    Eric Asmussen, Managing Director N.A. for CAKE stated “We’re very proud to have our North American headquarters in Los Angeles. CAKE has already partnered with the city on a few key projects, like using the Ösa for patrolling bike paths with StreetsLA. Using the new site as a base of operations, we’re excited to continue our work with the city and all the people of LA who are tired of being stuck in traffic as we strive for a zero emission future as it drives toward a sustainable future.

    California has a long history of being on the leading edge of enacting environmentally responsible policy in the United States, which dovetails nicely with CAKE’s mission to accelerate the transition towards a zero-emission society, combining excitement and efficiency with responsibility. All products and components are designed and manufactured in-house to both optimize performance and allow the brand full control to minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing.

    The CAKE site L.A. is now open and is located 4112 Lincoln Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292.

    More CAKE sites are planned to open in cities around the U.S. in 2023.

  4. Ebike sales outstrip Electric and Plug-in Hybrid cars in the USA

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    Source: Electrek

    It is well established that the coronavirus pandemic has spurred increased ebike sales around the world. People are looking not only for more socially distanced ways to get around, but are also seeking healthier transport alternatives. With rising concern for our environment, ebikes are more appealing than ever.

    The numbers released by the Light Electric Vehicle Association in the USA, vividly reflect the rising interest in electric bikes. Despite supply chain and logistic challenges, the USA recorded 790,000 electric bike imports in 2021, a substantial 70% increase on the 463,000 imports in 2020.

    By comparison, sales of electric cars and plug-in hybrids came to 652,000 units in 2021, according to BloombergNEF.

    While it is an extremely promising trend, it is worth noting that ebike adoption figures in Europe have outpaced cars for a few years now, and indeed are on track to overtake sales of all cars. Estimated sales for ebikes in Europe are around 3 million units, while in Asia it is more like 35 million.

    There are many benefits that come from increasing ebike use, be it individual fitness, mental health, fuel cost savings, reduced carbon footprint, less air and noise pollution and so on. But the same can be said for non-electric bicycle use. Yet sales of traditional bikes have not seen anything like the same kind of growth. It is reasoned that this is down to the increased comfort gained from electric assist, meaning that you can still enjoy the positive impact on your wellbeing, without arriving sweaty or worn out. Ebikes are taking off for leisure purposes too, allowing people to go further and faster in the pursuit of fun.

  5. ‘Universal Basic Mobility’ pilot begins in Oakland, California

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    Source: CitiesToday

    Oakland’s local Department of Transportation (OakDOT) has recently introduced a Univeral Basic Mobility Pilot, aiming to reduce dependency on cars, and remove the financial barriers limiting alternative modes of travel.

    Oakland residents can benefit from US$300 credit, valid for use with sustainable modes of transport – this includes public transit, bikeshare, and shared e-scooter options. In its first stage, 500 pre-paid debit cards were distributed to interested participants at random; if the pilot receives longer-term funding after evaluation in spring, more residents will be selected from the waiting list.

    Oakland Mayor, Libby Schaaf shared, “Oakland is a place where our drive to innovate with our public services matches with our community values, and I’m so proud that OakDOT is proving the value of that pairing once again with this pilot effort.”

    Additionally, the scheme integrates community-based organizations to provide education on alternate transportation options. In the long-term, Oakland hopes to transform the way residents think about transport, causing a modal shift and moving away from a dependency on cars.

  6. 25% extra on Chinese e-bikes for US?

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    According to the US trade paper Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, Chinese-made e-bikes, would be subject to a 25 percent tariff under a proposal released Friday. The tariff, which could take effect in a matter of months, would increase the retail price of the bikes by hundreds of dollars, perhaps enough to make them uncompetitive with e-bikes made elsewhere, and dampening interest in one of the bike industry’s most promising sectors.

    The electric bikes are included in a list of 284 product codes, representing $16 billion in imports, released by the Trump administration. The list will go through a public comment process, including public hearings, before the U.S. Trade Representative decides whether each product code should be subject to the tariff. The process is likely to take several months.

    The full article is here: https://www.bicycleretailer.com/industry-news/2018/06/19/us-proposes-25-tariff-china-made-e-bikes#.WyuzPqczZPY

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