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  1. Swobbee joins DOT Studio project for safer e-micromobility battery charging solutions

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    New York pilot scheme is part of administration’s “Charge Safe, Ride Safe” plan to support safe e-bike use

    Battery charging and swapping innovator, Swobbee, is excited to be part of the DOT Studio, a partnership between the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT), the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), and Newlab, that aims to identify, test, and evaluate the most promising e-micromobility battery charging solutions, with the aim of improving safety and efficiency.

    As a Studio participant, Swobbee is working with key stakeholders, including New York City Fire Department and local delivery workers, to test and refine products to fit the unique needs of New York City’s food delivery workers. Learnings from the pilot will be essential for informing the City’s approach to infrastructure in the era of electric micromobility.

    The pilot will test a variety of technologies to charge e-bike batteries at multiple locations across the city.

    “New Yorkers rely on delivery workers for so much, and this innovative pilot program will test different technologies to make this technology safer as we continue to do all we can to help protect workers from the dangers that lithium-ion batteries can pose,” said New York Mayor Eric Adams. “By investing in battery-swapping networks and fast-charging e-bike docks, we’re building e-bike-friendly infrastructure and preparing our city’s streets for a new generation of users. Today’s announcement builds on our holistic strategy to ensure that we safely harness the transformative potential of e-bikes in our city.”

    “Delivery workers are under enormous economic pressure. When time is money, it’s no wonder when unsafe practices become the norm,” said Deputy Mayor for Operations Meera Joshi. “Delivery workers deserve a safe and sustainable way to make a living, as we all do. This pilot will not only protect them, but the families who share their homes. It is a crucial step in helping to create order and safety in the e-micromobility space.”

    “The tremendous growth in electric bikes and other legal, two-wheeled devices provides an exciting glimpse into a future where New Yorkers are less dependent on large, more dangerous vehicles to get around,” said New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez. “Supporting this ridership boom with safe, public infrastructure can help make our city safer and more sustainable — while providing vital infrastructure for our delivery workers, who have one of the toughest jobs in New York City. We thank Mayor Adams for his support through the ‘Charge Safe, Ride Safe’ action plan to develop this pilot.”

    “Spreading education about safe practices for lithium-ion batteries is one of the FDNY’s top priorities,” said Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) Commissioner Laura Kavanagh. “We know these fires can cause serious injury, and even death. We are grateful to our partners in city government for their out-of-the-box thinking on how we can embrace this new technology while also protecting lives.”

    Swobbee warmly invites interested industry vehicle OEMs to join them, and participate in the vehicle ecosystem, providing bikes with safe batteries for delivery workers. Visit Swobbee’s website to get in touch.

    Learn more about the pilot at the NYC Goverment website.

    About Swobbee

    As a provider of rental batteries and battery charging stations, Swobbee offers the world’s first manufacturer-independent battery swapping system. The Berlin-based green tech company supports micro-mobility businesses in implementing efficient, safe, and sustainable charging processes. Swobbee’s mission is to build a network of battery exchange stations with the goal of positively impacting the energy and mobility transition. Network effects such as cost savings and increased safety are created by reducing the distance traveled to swap batteries and by monitoring all charging processes and batteries. Swobbee’s battery exchange system allows for a risk-free and cost-optimized operation of various applications of electric micro-mobility, such as cargo bikes, scooters, kick scooters, and mopeds.

  2. Swobbee and Motovolt join forces to launch 200 battery swapping stations in India

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    This collaboration mainly focuses on addressing challenges with battery life, charging time and cost, helping to improve overall user experience for two-wheeled EV’s in India.

    German battery-tech company Swobbee has entered into a strategic partnership with Motovolt Mobility to revolutionize battery charging and enhance the efficiency and lifespan of electric vehicle (EV) batteries in India. The collaboration aims to deploy 200 battery-swapping stations across the country within the next two years, kickstarting with the inauguration of two stations in Delhi and Kolkata.

    Motovolt Mobility’s Founder & CEO, Tushar Choudhary, highlighted the challenges faced by the electric two-wheeler sector in India, such as high upfront battery costs, limited range, battery performance issues, and concerns about end-of-life battery use and safety. The collaboration seeks to address these challenges by introducing Swobbee’s battery-swapping services, allowing customers to subscribe to a swapping solution provider, to eliminate the need to purchase batteries upfront. This ensures optimal battery performance, safe and efficient charging, and proper disposal of end-of-life batteries.

    Choudhary emphasized Motovolt’s commitment to understanding customer pain points and overcoming them through unique services, product innovations, and industry collaborations. Swobbee’s battery-swapping services will initially target business customers, including delivery and transport services, before gradually becoming available to private customers.

    Thomas Duscha, CEO & Co-Founder of Swobbee, stressed the significance of removing access barriers to clean mobility solutions in India. The partnership aims to improve LEV usage for businesses and private consumers. Swobbee stations are designed to be a universal infrastructure solution capable of accommodating various LEV battery types from different manufacturers.

    The collaboration’s future plans include onboarding other EV manufacturers and establishing a comprehensive battery-swapping network for various vehicle makes and types across India. Swobbee, with existing stations in Europe and collaborations with major entities like Volkswagen, Total Energies, and NIU 2 Wheelers, has also undertaken pilot projects in Indonesia and is part of the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC) alongside Honda, Piaggio, and Yamaha.

  3. Swobbee realizes first project in south-eastern Europe

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    GreenTech startup from Berlin, LEVA-EU member Swobbee, puts out feelers in the direction of Southeastern Europe for the first time. Its cooperation with a local vehicle service provider is beginning to bear fruit.

    In the future, Swobbee will work with the Greek fleet service provider Evedima to charge and operate micromobility vehicles more sustainably in various cities in Greece. The first Swobbee station has already been set up, with more to follow in the coming weeks.

    Evedima specializes in providing services and infrastructure for urban mobility and transport services. In Greece, the company is responsible, among other things, for operating the Finnish e-kick scooter sharing company, Hopp.

    For part of the first collaboration project by Evedima and Swobbee, a battery changing station was set up in Vouliagmeni near Athens, where exchangeable batteries for Hopp’s electric scooters can be charged and changed quickly and easily. This saves the company from complex loading logistics with warehouses on the outskirts of the region, improving cost efficiency and environmental balance of sharing vehicles.
    “We are very pleased to be strengthening sustainable mobility in Greek cities together with such a strong partner as Evedima. This is Swobbee’s first project in South East Europe and we hope to expand our presence in the region in the future,” said Thomas Duscha, CEO and co-founder of Swobbee.

    More Swobbee stations are to be set up in the coming weeks, including the Greek capital of Athens.

  4. Batterty swapping company Swobbee raises further 2 million Euro of investment

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    Berlin-based Swobbee, a leading provider of rental batteries and battery swapping stations for urban mobility, has raised another 2 million Euro in an extended Series A round. Polish fund SpeedUp Energy Innovation and Dutch Stichting Clean Future Dividend Fund joined the group of earlier investors. The company will use the raised capital to intensify its efforts to scale the solution in additional European and non- European markets.

    Founded in 2017 as GreenPack and pivoted to Swobbee in 2020, the climate tech startup developed a solution based on integrated hardware and software to offer battery swapping stations for electric vehicles. Thus reducing the barrier of adoption of innovations from the electric mobility sector by building charging infrastructure. The company aims at increasing the profitability of most of the shared micromobility players by leveraging the usability of light electric vehicles, resulting in the reduction of the vehicle’s downtime due to the need to charge the batteries.

    The company’s battery swapping infrastructure takes the responsibility for the physical process of recharging batteries off the hands of light electric vehicle owners or suppliers operating under the so-called last-mile delivery model. Each of our stations is equipped with 8 to 30 battery slots. We currently offer charging infrastructure for 8 (soon 10) types of batteries, which, in Europe, allows us to be compatible with about 70% of current light electric vehicles, or so-called LEVs, used by players in the shared micromobility as well as last-mile-delivery sectors. – describes the solution to Thomas Duscha, CEO and co-founder of Swobbee. Using our device, the owner or manager of the vehicle swaps an empty battery with a full one in a few minutes and can continue using the vehicle, without unnecessary downtime. – Duscha adds.

    Co-founder & CEO Thomas Duscha built his business experience working for brands such as Lidl, Adidas, and the Azoty Group, as well as creating the GreenPack project, which laid the foundation for today’s Swobbee. Stephan von Wolff (COO) and Ludwig Speidel (CFO) complement the executive positions with their profound expertise in the hardware-industry and finance.

    A key part of Swobbee’s product is the software installed in the charging stations and the application that enables smooth and efficient use of the stations. The software, created from

    scratch by the company’s team, is an end-to-end solution, meaning that it controls the entire battery charging and management process within the station.

    With its activities, the company supports the fight against pollution, which is in line with the regulatory objectives indicated by EU bodies. With an infrastructure that supports urban electric vehicles, offering easy access and extending the possible range of routes taken by users, Swobbee allows operators of fleets of light electric vehicles, such as bicycles and scooters, to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 87%.

    The company operates in the urban micromobility market, whose global market potential, according to a McKinsey report, is estimated at around €500 billion in 2030. Swobbee’s product is already used by companies such as Tier, Onomotion, Bolt, and Galp. The urban micromobility market is estimated to grow at a CAGR rate of about 17.5% over the next seven years. Of which the largest segment of this market, as much as 73%, involves electric- powered devices.

    Our cities are polluted and overcrowded. It is impossible to fit more cars on streets that were sometimes built hundreds of years ago. That’s why it’s so important to make the use of LEVs economically viable and useful at the same time – comments Bartłomiej Gola, General Partner of SpeedUp Energy Innovation which is part of SpeedUp Group. When the micromobility trend began, technology was not ready for the use of replaceable batteries in LEVs, which significantly minimize vehicle downtime, thereby improving their unit economics. Swobbee, in our opinion, is likely to become one of the key beneficiaries of technological advances in this area. What’s more, we predict that the use of micromobility devices will amount to up to 15% of all short-distance trips, with a range of up to 8 kilometers. This is just one of the market figures that leads us to believe in the enormous potential facing the Swobbee team. – Gola adds.

    “We are thrilled to invest in Swobbee, which is at the forefront of sustainable micro-mobility solutions,” said Dagmar Parizkova, Director of Clean Future Dividend Fund foundation (stichting). “Swobbee’s battery-as-a-service and charging-as-a-service model is not only environmentally friendly but also highly practical, enabling seamless mobility through their industry-leading software and hardware. Having spent many years in the energy storage space, Clean Future Dividend Fund is equipped to assist Swobbee in all facets of its business.” We are proud to co-invest alongside EIT InnoEnergy, one of the largest investors of sustainable energy, to support this exciting sector.”

    “Having spent many hours engaging with the management team of Swobbee, we are confident that their leadership will guide them to success,” noted Devin Sebok from Richfox Capital, fund manager of Clean Future Dividend Fund. “With the boom in the e-mobility sector, companies like Swobbee that are providing the much-needed infrastructure will allow the EU to hit their zero-emission goals.”

    The SpeedUp Energy Innovation Fund and Stichting Clean Future Dividend Fund have joined an extended Round A, in which the company was previously backed by EIT InnoEnergy among other investors. The team plans to use the funds raised to further develop its platform and, most importantly, to expand its network of stations in Germany and other countries. In particular, Swobbee’s expansion plans outside Germany envisage entering Eastern European and Southeast Asian markets in the upcoming months and years. So far, Swobbee is already operating stations in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal.

    About Swobbee

    As a provider of rental batteries and battery swapping stations, Swobbee offers the world’s first manufacturer-independent battery swapping system. The Berlin-based climate-tech company supports micromobility companies in implementing efficient, safe, and sustainable

    charging operations. Swobbee has set itself the task to build a network of battery-swapping stations with the goal to have a positive impact on the energy and mobility transition.

    Network effects like cost savings and increased safety are created by reducing the distance one needs to drive to swap batteries and by monitoring all charging processes and batteries. This enables risk-free and cost-optimised operations for diverse electric micromobility applications, such as cargo bikes, scooters, kickscooters, and mopeds.

    For more information, visit https://swobbee.de/

    About SpeedUp

    SpeedUp Venture Capital Group is a leading group of venture capital funds, investing in enterprises in an early stage of development (seed – Series A). Areas of their interest include enterprises and entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Europe, who want to conquer the global market by utilizing their self-developed solutions. Cooperation with companies is based on a 3-8 year investment horizon. SpeedUp Group looking for innovations from areas such as: consumer internet, electromobility, EnergyTech, MarTech, Sustainability, MedTech, IoT and hardware.

    For more information, visit www.speedupgroup.com

    About CFDF

    The Clean Future Dividend Fund (CFDF) was founded in February 2020. CFDF is investing in both promising and already established renewable energy, energy storage, and battery technology projects and companies with the ultimate goal of delivering an outperforming return to its investors and promoting the use of renewable and cleaner energy sources and energy storage technologies throughout the world. The fund manager is Richfox Capital Investment Management B.V.

    For more information, visit www.cfdf.eu

  5. SBMC: LEVA-EU member Swobbee joins the association to advance swappable battery systems

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    Source: RadMarkt

    Founded in 2021, the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC), is an association of companies that want to advance swappable battery systems for sustainable mobility through global, open standards.

    Founded by 4 members, KTM, Honda, Piaggio, and Yamaha, the consortium has now grown to a total of 21 members, including Berlin battery-as-a-service startup, Swobbee.

    With its many years of practical experience in the field of battery replacement infrastructure and the system configuration of battery technologies, Swobbee will make a valuable contribution to the development of a high-performance battery that is compatible with all vehicles. Swobbee will be actively involved in the planning and implementation of battery swapping field trials for electric motorcycles.

  6. New mobility EU pilot project starts with SWOBBEE & URBAN DRIVESTYLE in Berlin

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    The e-bike manufacturer URBAN DRIVESTYLE and the Berlin GreenTech startup, LEVA-EU member SWOBBEE, announce a partnership and launch an innovative exchangeable battery subscription model for the utility e-bikes from URBAN DRIVESTYLE in Berlin.

    The exclusive fat e-bikes in a casual signature look from the Berlin manufacturer URBAN DRIVESTYLE are ideal companions for long journeys in the urban environment – the perfect vehicle for fun, family, friends & work goes every mile. Both the UNI MK CLASSIC and the UNI SWING are developed and handcrafted in Berlin, Niederschöneweide, and are, therefore ‘Made in Germany’. With one charge, both e-bike models cover distances of up to 80 kilometers at a top speed of 25 km/h.

    The extensive range of stations offered by the exchangeable battery network provider SWOBBEE is now expanding the UD Bike Community’s radius of use. The utility e-bikes UNI MK CLASSIC and UNI SWING from URBAN DRIVESTYLE are now being delivered with SWOBBEE-compatible AES batteries. If necessary, the battery can be exchanged for a full one at the SWOBBEE changing stations in just a few seconds – the range and operating times are therefore almost unlimited, a great plus in terms of flexibility for commercial customers. The new interchangeable app for iOS and Android and the operator dashboard offer easy access: Drive straight to the station, log in with the app, swap the battery and continue driving. Simple, convenient, and fast. The SWOBBEE station network will be rolled out in all major German cities by 2024.

    The SWOBBEE test subscription in combination with the UD e-bikes was presented for the first time at the VELOBerlin – with test rides of over 1000km on the two days of the fair it was a complete success.

    The puristic fat e-bikes from URBAN DRIVESTYLE show that the turnaround in mobility can be really stylish. We are very happy to work together to make the URBAN DRIVESTYLE e-bikes even more attractive as a sustainable, city-friendly mobility alternative through innovative battery-as-a-service offers,” explains Tobias Breyer, Head of Marketing & Co-Founder, SWOBBEE.

    What connects us with SWOBBEE is above all the claim to promote the traffic turnaround through innovative concepts. The flexibility provided by the SWOBBEE exchangeable battery stations is a perfect benefit for our customers. The partnership is therefore an ideal, logical next step for us and we look forward to further cooperation,” says Tilmann Eberhard, URBAN DRIVESTYLE.

    Together, the two partners are also implementing a pioneering pilot project that offers a glimpse of the future of urban mobility. The starting signal for the “Berlin Bike Booster” campaign will be given shortly, as part of which the SWOBBEE Sharing Points will be opened for b2c applications for the first time.

  7. Swobbee start-up receives additional growth capital to provide ‘battery as a service’

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    Source: Bike EU – Jo Beckendorff

    A new strategic investor has joined Swobbee – EIT InnoEnergy SE. EIT will provide €3,000,000 of growth capital, a figure that is being matched by Swobbees’s existing investor.

    LEVA-EU member Swobbee is a start-up providing multi-vendor, multi-modal battery swapping stations for all types of small electric vehicles. The €6,000,000 injection will allow the German service to further develop and expand across neighboring Europe.

    Swobbee co-founder and CEO Thomas Duscha shares, “With EIT InnoEnergy we are very pleased to have such a renowned, globally active partner on our side. This is not only a confirmation of being on the right track, but for us, it is also the starting point to be able to take further investors on board as we now start scaling.”

    This new relationship goes beyond simple financial assistance; EIT InnoEnergy is well versed in the establishment and scaling of young tech innovation companies. With its large international network, Swobbee has gained some serious traction alongside its new investor.

    Micromobility plays a decisive role for the transport turnaround in urban areas. This makes it all-important to establish a comprehensive network of high-performance charging and exchange stations for all the different types of vehicles,” says EIT InnoEnergy Transport and Mobility Head, “With its open-manufacturer technology platform, Swobbee has what it takes to take a prominent position in the market.”

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