Swobbee and Motovolt join forces to launch 200 battery swapping stations in India

171 days ago

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This collaboration mainly focuses on addressing challenges with battery life, charging time and cost, helping to improve overall user experience for two-wheeled EV’s in India.

German battery-tech company Swobbee has entered into a strategic partnership with Motovolt Mobility to revolutionize battery charging and enhance the efficiency and lifespan of electric vehicle (EV) batteries in India. The collaboration aims to deploy 200 battery-swapping stations across the country within the next two years, kickstarting with the inauguration of two stations in Delhi and Kolkata.

Motovolt Mobility’s Founder & CEO, Tushar Choudhary, highlighted the challenges faced by the electric two-wheeler sector in India, such as high upfront battery costs, limited range, battery performance issues, and concerns about end-of-life battery use and safety. The collaboration seeks to address these challenges by introducing Swobbee’s battery-swapping services, allowing customers to subscribe to a swapping solution provider, to eliminate the need to purchase batteries upfront. This ensures optimal battery performance, safe and efficient charging, and proper disposal of end-of-life batteries.

Choudhary emphasized Motovolt’s commitment to understanding customer pain points and overcoming them through unique services, product innovations, and industry collaborations. Swobbee’s battery-swapping services will initially target business customers, including delivery and transport services, before gradually becoming available to private customers.

Thomas Duscha, CEO & Co-Founder of Swobbee, stressed the significance of removing access barriers to clean mobility solutions in India. The partnership aims to improve LEV usage for businesses and private consumers. Swobbee stations are designed to be a universal infrastructure solution capable of accommodating various LEV battery types from different manufacturers.

The collaboration’s future plans include onboarding other EV manufacturers and establishing a comprehensive battery-swapping network for various vehicle makes and types across India. Swobbee, with existing stations in Europe and collaborations with major entities like Volkswagen, Total Energies, and NIU 2 Wheelers, has also undertaken pilot projects in Indonesia and is part of the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC) alongside Honda, Piaggio, and Yamaha.


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