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  1. AureusDrive visits partners in Belgium and Switzerland

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    Swiss electric bike and e-bike drive systems brand AureusDrive has shared updates from recent workshop and repair and test centre visits in nearby regions.

    AureusDrive develops, designs, conceptualizes, configures and assembles e-bike systems with a focus on the commuter. Last week, the company’s two founders and managing directors, Sergio Tresch and Gabriel Barroso, embarked on a visit to seven partner workshops in Belgium. During this excursion, they not only explored picturesque landscapes and cities but also gained valuable insights into their partner market.

    The trip provided AureusDrive with an opportunity to strengthen relationships with esteemed partner workshops and collaborate on future improvements and innovations. This collaboration proved to be invaluable, enabling them to implement various optimizations and ensure that the brand’s high-quality Power45 S-Pedelec fully aligns with the needs and requirements of the Belgian market.

    In addition, AureusDrive is pleased to introduce new partners, bikesLab and Vélochouché in French-speaking Switzerland. They are currently available for service and repairs, and soon they will also offer test drives.

    The team eagerly anticipates reaping the rewards of this journey and further fortifying partnerships.


    AureusDrive, founded by Sergio and Gabriel in 2017, envisions ecological mobility for everyone. The startup specializes in developing, designing, conceptualizing, configuring, and assembling e-bike systems, with a particular focus on the commuter. The brand’s affordable, sturdy, and stylish e-bikes aim to encourage commuters to make the switch from cars to e-bikes. Currently, AureusDrive boasts a team of 12 employees and is experiencing rapid growth. Its e-bike community is approaching four digits, collectively covering an impressive seven-figure mileage. As a result, AureusDrive has already reduced CO2 emissions by 150,000 kg.

    AureusDrive’s mission is to provide affordable, sturdy, and stylish electric vehicles for all. In addition to this core mission, AureusDrive offers services in Lucerne and extends its support to partners throughout Switzerland. AureusDrive provides delivery and collection services for e-bikes (free of charge for warranty cases) and offers cost-effective replacement rental e-bikes.

  2. Aureus Drive further expands its partner network

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    The LEVA-EU member continues to grow its test drive and service partners, ensuring customers have easy access to service options.

    Swiss-based Aureus Drive produces robust 45km/h e-bikes, aiming to provide ecologically sound mobility to all. The manufacturer has recently announced six further test drive and service partners:

    • Münsigen – sport2go
    • Biberist – sport2go
    • Wädenswil – sport2go
    • Stans – sport2go
    • Bern Bollwerk
    • Genf rive gauche

    By densifying its partner network, Aureus Drive provides nearby servicing options for a larger number of customers, allowing any warranty work or service requirements to be met more easily. The brand’s full service network can be found, here.

  3. AureusDrive celebrates 5 year anniversary

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    AureusDrive develops, designs, conceptualises, configures and assembles e-bike systems with a focus on the commuter. As they celebrate 5 years in business of ecological mobility, the Swiss e-bike brand recently shared a couple throwback photos from their early days of development.

    The update detailed how almost exactly five years ago, Gabriel Barroso and Sergio Tresch founded AureusDrive GmbH. The first prototypes were built and tested a little more than 5.5 years ago, and as seen in the photo below, the first prototype with a rear wheel hub motor was still painted by hand. Later, the first two Classic prototypes were picked up from Rhenus in Basel with a Peugeot Partner. At that time the model was still called g45c, as seen in the lower picture.

    Sergio building a prototype in the laboratory at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, early 2017.
    Collection of the pre-production model of the g45c in Basel in autumn 2017.

    The brand wrote: “We look back on an exciting time and are happy to have put around 2,000 e-bikes on Swiss roads and thus make a contribution to more ecological mobility.”

    E-bikes from AureusDrive’s new 2023 Classic and Comfort series are now available for ordering. New orange and mint colorways feature for the season, along with some technical improvements.

  4. Switzerland: new e-bike & speed pedelec requirements

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    Source Velosuisse – From April 1, 2022, there will be a general daytime running light obligation for all e-bike riders and from April 1, 2024, a speedometer obligation for fast e-bikes (up to 45 km/h, called speed pedelecs in EU). For S-pedelecs already in circulation,there will be a transition period until 2027. The Federal Roads Office, FEDRO, has clarified the new regulations at the request of Velosuisse. The most important facts in brief:

    • The daytime running light applies to all e-bike types without exception, including e-MTBs and e-road bikes.
    • The existing lighting can also be switched on as daytime running lights; no special or separate daytime running lights need to be fitted.
    • The daytime running light on e-bikes does not require type approval in Switzerland.
    • For (daytime) running lights, clip-on battery lights that can be removed (for theft protection and recharging) are also accepted.
    • The daytime running light must not flash or dazzle and should be visible at 100 meters. The light intensity is not specified in more detail.
    • The speed display on fast e-bikes does not have to be calibrated. However, it should at least display the actual speed and may not deviate more than 10 percent plus 4 km/h above the actual speed.
    • Even slow e-bikes, for which there is no speed limit, can in future be fined CHF 30 for speeding.

    Questions about daytime running lights in detail:

    Is there an exception to the mandatory daytime running lights for sport e-bikes or e-MTBs?
    No, there are No exception for sports vehicles. The obligation to ride with lights also during the day applies to all slow and fast e-bikes (motorcycles incl. light motorcycles, see Art. 18 VTS). However, there is no change to the equipment requirements for the lights (i.e. there is no obligation to equip with daytime running lights). From April 1, 2022, only the obligation to drive with lights during the day will be newly introduced. If there is no daytime running light, the minimum lighting already prescribed today can be switched on.

    On which roads and streets should the mandatory daytime running lights apply? 
    The lighting obligation applies to all public traffic areas. A traffic area is public if it is not used exclusively for private purposes and can therefore be used by an undefined group of users. A forest path or a bike trail is therefore usually a public road and the lighting obligation also applies there.

    Does the daytime running light only apply to the front, as it does to cars?
    Yes, if so-called daytime running lights (special lights) are fitted for driving with lights on during the day. If there are no daytime running lights, the minimum lighting already prescribed today can be switched on. This means at least one white light directed to the front and one red light directed to the rear, resting light (Art. 178a Para. 1, resp. Art. 179a Para. 1 VTS).

    Is a light intensity defined for the daytime running light?
    In the case of low-speed e-bikes (light motorcycles), the lighting equipment does not require type approval (with the exception of any direction indicators, the installation of which is optional. However, if they are present, they must be type approved). The lights must not dazzle and must be visible from a distance of 100 meters. 
    Also for fast e-bikes (in contrast to the other lighting devices) there is no obligation for type approval for the daytime running light (see Annex 1 No. 2.1. TGV). However, the luminous intensity should be roughly equivalent to the state of the art, as is otherwise the case for daytime running lights (e.g. on small motorcycles).

    Are removable lights allowed during the day?
    According to Article 178a Paragraph 1 VTS, the lights must also be permanently attached to slow e-bikes. We consider lights with a click lock (or comparable attachment) to be permanently attached lights (they can be removed when the vehicle is parked, e.g. to protect against theft).

    The regulation comes into force on 1.4.2022. Is there a transition period?
    The obligation to drive with lights on during the day will apply immediately from April 1, 2022.

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