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  1. SUPER73 Launches K1D In Europe, Best-In-Class Children’s Electric Balance Bike With State-Of-The-Art Technological Advancements

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    SUPER73’s K1D Becomes First-In-Class To Offer Regenerative Braking To Unlock Confidence and Freedom For Kids While Making Riding Safe and Fun

    SUPER73, the American lifestyle adventure brand specializing in electric motorbikes, recently announced the European launch of its first youth series vehicle, the K1D. Developed with a perfectly complemented blend of fun and safety, the SUPER73 K1D offers a best-in-class electric balance bike option for kids ages four to eight.

    Available in four colorways, the K1D’s design was influenced by 80’s BMX and Motocross culture to create a neo-retro balance bike with a 60-minute playtime. Further separating itself from the competition, SUPER73 emphasized a technology-focused theme throughout the kid’s electric balance bike, including innovative technology such as regenerative braking and the safest battery in any kid’s balance bike.
    “The technological advancements in the K1D youth series balance bike are groundbreaking from a safety, performance, and durability standpoint. We’re excited to announce the highly anticipated product will arrive to the European market in 2024,” said LeGrand Crewse, SUPER73 CEO. “At SUPER73, we’re focused on driving the technology of our products forward while making it fun and safe for our customers. The launch of K1D provides us with an entirely new customer base of young, aspiring riders, and we’re thrilled to be leading the charge in our industry.”

    A critical feature of the SUPER73 K1D is the first-in-class, innovative regenerative braking, which is only available in this model and the soon-to-be-launched C1X. The basic idea of regenerative braking is when a rider releases the throttle, the vehicle will use the electric motor to flow current back into the battery, slowing down the vehicle and charging the battery. This feature means longer-lasting brakes, more range on the battery, and an inherent safety measure put in place to protect further the youth who can modulate speed with the throttle alone.

    Furthering the safety protocols and technological innovation implemented in the K1D, the electric balance bike features a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (LiFe PO4) that is resistant to thermal events, allowing riders to continue charging the battery in all weather conditions. The K1D’s battery charges in 45 minutes, which is exponentially faster than the typical four-hour charge time of its competitors. Additionally, Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries have two times the battery life than existing competitor’s batteries.

    In addition to the technological and safety advancements, below are several features found in SUPER73’s K1D:

    Get Comfortable – K1D comes equipped with a motorcycle- and motocross-inspired seat style.

    Ride in Your Own Style – Living up to SUPER73’s standard of high-end finish and design, the K1D features an exclusive hexagon pattern on the gum wall tires and the handlebar grips, making the throttle highly visible, while riders can choose between Blu-Tang, Sriracha Red, Obsidian, and Prickly Pink color options.

    Grow With The Bike – The K1D offers removable hexagon patterned foot platforms, removable and adjustable oversized pegs for two different positions, and multiple handlebar options to fit the height of riders.

    Class Modes For Speed Modulation – Three different class modes allow riders to learn the fundamentals of an electric balance bike at a lower speed, and then boost performance as comfort and experience increase. Similar to our current offerings, two standard modes will be easily accessible by the rider, with a locked and secured third “Track Mode” mode for the more advanced competitors on closed courses.

    Through the launch of K1D, SUPER73 wants to help educate kids on appropriate rider safety at an early age by teaching them the proper way to ride, along with other safety measures from the start. As riders grow, they will graduate from the K1D to other SUPER73 models targeted at an older age demographic armed with the experience, knowledge, and education to ride properly and safely.

  2. SUPER73’s one-off bike brings the old world to the new to tackle the Wall of Death

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    In this unique collaboration, LEVA-EU member SUPER73 created a custom build, designed for the ultimate thrill seeker, Marvin Prinssen.

    The origins of the wall of death lay among the carnivals and fairs of the early 20th century. This newfound phenomenon amazed crowds of all ages, hitting its peak popularity before the 1950s. With walls popping up everywhere from Coney Island to Blackpool, this death-defying stunt inspired a generation of riders. The roar of bikes like Indian Motorcycle’s 1923 Scout became commonplace within these towering cauldrons of noise. In recent years it has become something of an anomaly, lost to the annals of time, slipping through the cracks and crevasses of a world so ready to forget the past. But there are still those few who march to the beat of their own drum and move proudly against the mainstream.

    After a visit to a wall of death and a chance encounter, an unlikely relationship formed at Wheels and Waves, Biarritz 2022. Marvin Prinssen, affectionately known as Marvellous Marv, is a Dutch wall of death rider and one of the heads behind The Lucky Daredevils. He’s a rugged eccentric with a patchwork of tattoos and an infectious smile. He seems totally relaxed as his bleached blonde mullet billows in the wind as he cruises effortlessly along the wall. His motley crew has been stunning crowds across the globe for years.

    After a brief discussion on how a SUPER73 would fare if put to the test on the wall, we decided to let Marv do what he does best. Take a look at how it ended up here.

    We decided to create an electric bike that is custom-made for the wall of death in every way. One that Marvin and his crew could incorporate into their shows. The spokes were reinforced and strengthened while a rigid front fork keeps the bike sturdy when battling against the intense g-force. An extended seat upholstered with anti-slip material helps keep the riders stuck to the bike. The bike was changed to single speed and a throttle added to allow the riders to get up to top speed as quickly as possible. The goal here was to create something that would not only catch your eye but be able to take whatever the wall could throw at it. A stark copper paint job gives the frame that SUPER73 pop while the relocation of the battery keeps it safe from any spills amongst the tHrills.

  3. Super73 pays tribute to Ducati with a one of a kind electric bike

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    The manufacturer Super73 loves original models and their latest creation pays a fine tribute to the Ducati brand.

    Source: Super73 and Cleanrider

    With the unique style of its electric bikes and its brand image, the American manufacturer Super73 underlines its creativity with several one-off models that will remain unique. This is the case with their latest creation which pays homage to Ducati.

    Following the release of concept bikes in the image of Hot Wheels or the Le Mans Porsche 935, the Californian manufacturer is back with a bike entirely dressed in red and embellished with a few golden parts. A mix of colours that very easily evokes Italian sports cars.

    Ducati Classic details for this Super73

    Based on a ZX, this concept features Magura MT5 braking with 203mm and 180mm discs and wide Tropper sidewall tires. The transmission is always ensured by a crankset and a chain, connected to the rear wheel where the engine is located. This is powered by a 615 Wh battery.

    Super73 pays attention to the details of this unique model with a reinvented version of the Ducati Classic logo on the rear wheel hub. Also, the fork features a cover in the shape of a Birra Moretti Italian beer bottle cap.

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