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  1. M820 – modern, efficient, silent, and powerful: Bafang defines a new level for mid-mounted drive systems

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    M820, the new mid-mounted motor from Bafang, is the ideal drive for ebikes (eMTB & eRoad) whose rider is at more advanced levels, tackling moderate climbs with short, gritty conditions.

    With the new M820 drive, Bafang expands its powerful portfolio of mid-mounted motors and further consolidates its position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eBike drive systems. The lightweight (2.3kg), compact motor, protected by a magnesium housing, delivers a convincing 75Nm at 250W rated power at either 25km/h, 32km/h or 45km/h. Especially in this segment, magnesium’s specific advantages come into play including superior heat conduction, ultra-lightweight, exceptional corrosion resistance, and vibration reduction.

    Improved performance, narrow Q-factor

    Furthermore, the M820 impresses with a newly designed stator and rotor in the heart of the motor, which provides an increase in motor performance compared to previous models. This is thanks to the narrow Q-factor, and a newly-developed ISIS standard crank arm which, due to its narrower design, will give the rider a better performance. The rider’s strength is transferred more directly and linearly from the hips and legs to the pedals (narrower Q-Factor). The M820 motor is also suitable for other crank models.

    When used for eMTBs, the motor can be combined with various products in the Bafang portfolio to form a set, such as the DP E181.CAN display (eye-friendly LED display, integrated Bluetooth, light activation sensor), either with the powerful in-tube BT F116 or BT F014 batteries, and the SR SD071.02 sensor.

    For eRoad bikes, a combination of the following components is recommended: Display variants (new UI design) DP C244.CAN or DP C263.CAN, supported by the slim in-tube battery BT F050.B360.C for a sporty and attractive bike design, with the set completed by the SR SD071.02 sensor.

    This motor thus offers a wide range of applications and can be adapted in many ways to the respective application. The first samples can be ordered now, and series production will start in August 2022.

    Boost your ride

    Another great feature of the M820 is the boost function called “Rocky”. Activating this function is simple, with a single or double click on the “+” sign, dependent on if you already in the boost mode. When entering the “Rocky mode” (seen in the display as a special Rocky icon) the rider will enjoy a “Rocky push feeling” for a set continuous period.

    Bafang will present the M820 motor at Eurobike 2022, Frankfurt, at the Bafang booth in hall 8.0/#H40 alongside other innovative new products. Plus, it can be test ridden by visitors in the demo area F10.0/D02.

  2. Mahle X20 drive system production begins in Slovenia

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    Source: RadMarkt

    LEVA-EU member, Mahle, has begun production of the X20 e-bike drive system at its assembly line in Slovenia. The site, located in Šempeter pri Gorici, currently employs around 20 workers and has already delivered its first engines after becoming operational this year.

    The Mahle X20 drive system weighs less than 3.2 kilograms – including the battery and control unit. The motor delivers an impressive 23 Newton meters of power directly to the wheel, comparable to a mid-motor of 55Nm of torque, making the model suitable for gravel bikes, racing bikes, and urban e-bikes. Within the X20, a range of sensors monitor acceleration, speed, torque, temperature, and cadence. Artificial intelligence then works within the motor to continuously adjust drive power in line with cyclist behavior.

    Dr. Armin Messerer, Vice President Mechatronics and responsible for the E-Bike Drive Systems division at Mahle shares, “We are pleased that the industrialization of the X20 went so smoothly and that we have already been able to deliver the first e-bike motors from Šempeter to our customers. With our X20 drive system, which can be installed almost invisibly in the frame and hub, we offer our customers a top-class product that sets new standards in terms of power-to-weight ratio.

    Image via: RadMarkt
  3. Bafang gets stronger and lighter – the new power engine, the M510 mid-motor predestined for E-MTB enthusiasts who prefer steep ramps and bike parks

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    LEVA-EU member Bafang introduces its new M510 mid-motor, the successor to the proven M500, for rugged and demanding applications.

    As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eBike drive systems, Bafang strives to offer the best motor and system solutions for a wide range of categories – and continues to do so with the new M510 in the powerful mid-motor class. The strong torque of 95 Nm is the same as the M500 but the overall torque curve of the M510 is higher than that of the previous model. This is clearly noticeable with the extreme high cadence support of 120 rpm. To further push this efficiency of the power increase, the rotor and the segmented stator were revised and a Magnesium housing was constructed, reducing the total weight of the M510 by a full 500 grams (18%) to 2.9kg (weight M500 = 3.4kg).

    Smooth starting, powerful acceleration

    In addition, the software for the starting characteristics has been optimized to provide a smoother and more controllable start. These characteristics allow for a better entry into short curves or crisp climbs. With tremendous peak power, acceleration is customarily powerful and right on point!

    Agile and sensitive

    It is precisely on steep climbs or in tight bends where it is most important for the engine to release the right amount of power with pinpoint accuracy. Too much power causes the tyres to spin, while too little power leads to unstable handling. Thanks to the high sensitivity of the torque sensor, the M510 can gague the right amount of power according to the rider’s pedaling force, and dial in the appropriate assistance. With this power spectrum, the M510 mid-motor is the ideal choice for performance-oriented use, whether in the bike park or when conquering technically challenging uphill climbs!

    In addition to the lighter construction, the mid-mounted motor has been equipped with refinements such as increased waterproofing, a 12V light module, and integrated connections. Furthermore, the M510 is compatible with a common chain guard, has the same motor mount as the M500/M410, and offers the option of a hidden speed sensor installation.

    The M510 motor is compatible with most of the products in the Bafang portfolio, such as the Intube battery, the displays DP E180/181 with a clean LED HMI, the optional upgraded color version DP C242 HMI, the hidden speed sensor with two different magnetic fixation solutions, and the upcoming new Bafang APP. By producing the above components in-house, Bafang is able to guarantee delivery times of 60 to 90 days.

    The M510 motor has already been in successful use since the beginning of the year, in the professional CST PostNL Bafang Mountainbike Racing Team with team manager and MTB icon Bart Brentjens. Powerful – The comment of Kjell van den Boogert, E-Biker of the CST PostNL Bafang Mountainbike Racing Team, who is currently in Noli, Italy at the team training camp: “I am happy with the new M510! The engine feels much more powerful and is also very quiet”. M510 – Powerful, compact, light and dynamic.

  4. Freeflow Technologies set to begin production following £1.65m funding boost

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    Source: Cycling Industry News

    Existing investors have contributed a further £1.6 million in funding to see Freeflow Technologies, who produce electric bike motor drives, launch into Q1 2022 production.

    David Hemming, managing director at Freeflow Technologies told C.I.N., “This funding round puts us in production and ready to begin selling into the market from Q1 of 2022. 70 brands currently have our unit on their radar for integration and it may well have been more had mainland Europe been without Covid complications. I am looking forward to being able to travel with our demo units to introduce the system further next year.”

    He added, “Our investors could see that, despite the headwinds of the pandemic, that Freeflow has moved positively and at a time where opportunities exist in an exciting space. Freeflow Technologies is here to challenge and while we’ll start with some of the market’s more agile brands, in time we’ll come to feature on some of the industry’s blue chip brands. For e-Bike designers, we have a system that is very plug and play and can work in harmony with a brand’s existing battery or switch suppliers.”

    Boasting an ever-growing team and talent-pool, Freeflow Technologies is set to produce 2,000 mid-motor units via its Scottish production line in 2022. Having already been utilised in the Twmpa Cycles’ wooden electric bike, all eyes are watching to see where this UK motor will appear next.

  5. FreeFlow Technologies secures £1.85M funding

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    30 November 2020 – FreeFlow Technologies (FFT), the developers of the world’s lightest power to weight e-bike motor and LEVA-EU Member has secured £1.85m from a heavily over-subscribed funding round. FFT prepares to capture a share of the rapidly growing global electric cycle market.

    The new investment will support a move to a new headquarters and R&D facility in East Kilbride and further strengthen the team with senior technical positions and assembly engineers recruited.

    FFT’s “novel” patented e-bike transmission system is more lightweight, compact and provides a higher power density than other products, with the motor and battery easily assembled into the bicycle frame rather than an oversized attachment as is common with current electric bikes. This achieves a look that makes the e-bike look, and ride like a normal bike, a key requirement for brands and their end customers. The company has also developed an unprecedented mechanical transmission system for fixed wheel bikes that allows the rider to freewheel, whilst retaining the smooth ride quality of fixed wheel.

    Martin McCourt, Chairman of FreeFlow Technologies said: “The e-Bike market is booming as many sections of society seek alternatives to public transport and take a greater interest in their personal health. Great trends that truly benefit our citizens and our environment. The FreeFlow drive system transforms the look and riding performance of e Bikes. Now an e-Bike can look like a normal bike, and ride like one!”

    There are already a number of brands working on frame designs to incorporate the new FreeFlow Technologies ETS (Electronic Transmission System) into bikes for launch into the market in 2021.

    The new funding round was led by investment syndicate Kelvin Capital and supported by Equity Gap, Foresight Williams and Scottish Enterprise.  The company raised £1.8m in an earlier funding round in October 2018.

    John McNicol from Kelvin Capital said:  “The events of 2020 has brought an unexpected rise in the number of people cycling and, in particularly e-Bike sales, something that hasn’t been seen since the 2012 Olympics.  Kelvin Capital is delighted to back FreeFlow Technologies with this investment round.  It is a business bringing innovation to a well-established market with an impressive management team including the ex-senior exec team of Dyson and business leadership from major cycling brands such as Cannondale, Rapha, Marin Bikes and Whyte Bikes.”

    David Hemming, Managing Director of FreeFlow Technologies:  “Before Covid hit the world the e-bike sector was forecasted to grow by double digits each year for the foreseeable future however the global pandemic has changed the way people think about bikes across all walks of life.  The needs of exercise and wellbeing and the need for a viable transportation options to and from work that is an alternative to public transport are now high on the public’s mind. David added: “The Covid pandemic has also accelerated the cargo/last mile delivery sector as well with many companies looking to get deliveries from suppliers to end consumers with increased urgency and efficiency.  This sector is also on a huge growth curve with e-Bikes being seen as a significant part of that solution, particularly in urban areas of the world.”

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