1. EUROBIKE dedicates new area to Light Electric Mobility

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    A spotlight on micromobility and lightweight vehicles

    Source: EUROBIKE

    2023 will see EUROBIKE expand to include new types of vehicles of all sizes and classes that demonstrate solutions for an alternative future mobility. Also on display will be urban infrastructure, another integral part of the overall mobility complex. This will feature feasible systems that can coexist and function safely as an alternative means of propulsion.

    The broad selection of light electric vehicles will collaborate in the Future Mobility Hall 8, with a test track on the exhibition grounds to give all interested parties the opportunity for hands-on experience.


    The Light Electric Mobility Area focuses on products from established global brands and small and medium-sized enterprises. Start-ups in micromobility and lightweight vehicles, mobility infrastructure and services will additionally feature at the exhibition in 2023, a year in which electric microvehicles, such as e-scooters, will have equal footing with the traditional four-wheeled vehicles.

    The announcement from EUROBIKE stated: “We’re extending the range of EUROBIKE beyond the bicycle, e-bike and cargo bike and including the vehicle types so important for implementing the green mobility transformation, namely light electric and micromobility vehicles as well as infrastructure and services for mobility…Light electric vehicles in all their diversity will be on display in concentrated form in Future Mobility Hall 8 as well as on the open-air grounds with a test track, where all interested visitors will be able to gain a true experience of driving and using them. Services ranging from fleet management, leasing, insurance through to infrastructure providers are all part of the new EUROBIKE in Frankfurt as well.”


    21 June 2023, Hall 8

    Created in 2022, the EUROBIKE CONVENTION provides a perfect platform for the LIGHT ELECTRIC MOBILITY exhibition. On offer at the world’s largest bicycle and future mobility program, is an opportunity to stage discussions on current issues of the green mobility transformation. “Smarter Tomorrow” is the motto of the 2023 Future Mobility Conference, reflective of how the mobility sector can be of influence in the debate surrounding smart cities and industry, and responsibilities in climate protection, the mobility transformation and industrial policy.

    EUROBIKE and BEM: together for more electric mobility

    Joining EUROBIKE for the first time as a partner in the LIGHT ELECTRIC MOBILITY Area is the German Federal Association for eMobility (BEM) whose members will also be planning their own formats on the subject.

  2. Microlino: the Pioneer Series – Digital launch

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    LEVA-EU member Micro Mobility Systems has unveiled the launch edition of the Microlino – limited to 999 vehicles

    After six years in the public eye, the Microlino is ready to take to the streets, driving off a production line based in Turin, Italy. The Pioneer Series vehicles are equipped with a 10.5kWh battery giving up to 177km of range. Additionally, the Microlino incorporates a sunroof and premium vegan leather and suede interiors for a truly luxury light electric vehicle experience.

    See the full launch video here.

    To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Microlino, Micro Mobility Systems will host a virtual launch event on their channel, Tuesday 24th May 2022, at 5 pm. Future launch dates, memberships, and other exclusive benefits will be shared.

  3. Cake Delivers Its First Production Series Ösa

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    30 April 2020 – LEVA-EU Member CAKE, today announced the delivery of the first production series of its utility motorbike platform, Ösa. Delivery has started in the United States with Europe, Asia-Pacific and other global markets starting in the coming weeks.

    “We are thrilled to announce that the Ösa platform is now ready for delivery to riders here in the US and, within just a few weeks, around the world,” said CAKE Brand Manager, Zach Clayton. “Whether it’s a restaurant delivery service doing neighbourhood deliveries or a surfer looking for a low-impact way to get to the beach with their board, the Ösa models provide so many ways for people to expand enterprise opportunities and exploration.”

    CAKE’s electric motorcycles are built with a purpose to inspire people to contribute to speeding up the journey towards a zero-emission society by combining excitement and responsibility. Apart from being a light, clean, and quiet electric motorcycle, the Ösa is derived from the diversity of work and differentiated needs of the customer. What to bring and what to carry varies greatly between the office worker and the craftsman, and the roads toward the destination include highways and trails and everything in between. As a result, CAKE’s solution was to build an electric and modular utility commuter vehicle that serves a wider range of riders with off-road capabilities.

    Learn more about the Ösa @RideCake.

  4. QWIC Wins Red Dot Design Award 2020

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    LEVA-EU member QWIC has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2020 with its latest e-bike, the Premium Q. Their Premium Q received the highest rating in the category Product Design. Only products with outstanding design and of a high quality win the award, given by an international expert jury. QWIC is delighted to receive one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.

    The Red Dot Design Award is an international design prize that has been awarded annually since 1955. With the Premium Q, QWIC won this globally recognized award in the Product Design category, the category for the most qualitative and innovative product designs. A total of 6,500 entries within this category have taken part in this year’s edition.

    Leonieke Kruims, Product Manager Research & Development QWIC: “As an R&D team, we are extremely happy with the Red Dot Design Award. During the Premium Q design, we carefully thought through every detail and sketched everything into the tiniest detail to achieve a unique and recognizable design. The fact that the Red Dot international jury recognizes our design means a lot to us. It is the highest international recognition for the time and attention we have put into the design.”

    Innovation and ease of use

    The Premium Q is the most innovative and progressive QWIC e-bike ever developed. The e-bike is composed of high-quality components and has a unique design, which several renowned designers have worked on. From the first sketch of the Premium Q, the design team took into account the integration of the largest battery ever developed by QWIC, because maximum range was one of the main goals. With the battery integration, no concessions have been made to the sleek QWIC design and ease of use.

    Robert Bronwasser, designer and owner Robert Bronwasser Design: “We set the bar high when developing the Premium Q. We wanted to develop a new electric city bike that uses innovation and technology to create high comfort and ease of use for the user. A bicycle that perfectly matches QWIC’s DNA: smart, urban and personal.”

    All of this resulted in the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2020 in the Product Design category. The Red Dot Award 2020 ceremony will take place on June 22 in Essen, Germany. QWIC previously won this award in 2014 with the QWIC Premium A2.1. In addition to the Red Dot Design Award, the Premium Q has already won two iF DESIGN AWARDS 2020 this year.

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