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  1. ‘Universal Basic Mobility’ pilot begins in Oakland, California

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    Source: CitiesToday

    Oakland’s local Department of Transportation (OakDOT) has recently introduced a Univeral Basic Mobility Pilot, aiming to reduce dependency on cars, and remove the financial barriers limiting alternative modes of travel.

    Oakland residents can benefit from US$300 credit, valid for use with sustainable modes of transport – this includes public transit, bikeshare, and shared e-scooter options. In its first stage, 500 pre-paid debit cards were distributed to interested participants at random; if the pilot receives longer-term funding after evaluation in spring, more residents will be selected from the waiting list.

    Oakland Mayor, Libby Schaaf shared, “Oakland is a place where our drive to innovate with our public services matches with our community values, and I’m so proud that OakDOT is proving the value of that pairing once again with this pilot effort.”

    Additionally, the scheme integrates community-based organizations to provide education on alternate transportation options. In the long-term, Oakland hopes to transform the way residents think about transport, causing a modal shift and moving away from a dependency on cars.

  2. Close to 400 applications for cargo bike subsidy in Saxony, Germany

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    Source: SAZ Bike

    Over 2021, a total 386 funding applications were submitted in Saxony by clubs, companies, municipal and special-purpose associations.

    Since March 2021, Saxony has offered a subsidy of up to 500 euros for bicycles and up to 1500 euros for pedelecs. Organizations can apply to have up to five companions sponsored each year, with a further 700,000 euros available in 2022 to continue building on the scheme’s success. Economics Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) shared, “The continuously high number of applications shows that there is a great need for such means of transport. Especially in urban areas, the cargo bike has great potential as an agile and environmentally friendly means of transport.”

    While there has been minor criticism of the program as it finds its feet, there is no denying the transformative effect it is having on communities in Saxony. Highlighting the massive potential of green transport methods.

  3. The Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI) and the urban mobility SOLUTIONS network are calling for cities from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America to become involved as leading city, take-up city or training participants

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    The SOLUTIONS network and the UEMI are looking for take-up cities to work together on the implementation of sustainable urban mobility measures. This is part of a new partnership with the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) and the European Green Vehicles Initiative (EGVI) as part of the EU-funded project FUTURE-RADAR.

    As part of an effort to deliver on the New Urban Agenda the team invites cities to help assessing the opportunities for sustainable mobility concepts in their wider context of sustainable urban development. The mission of the SOLUTIONS and UEMI partnerships is to support the take-up of sustainable urban mobility solutions in cities across the world and foster the integration of urban electric mobility solutions into sustainable transport strategies.
    Join the global effort !

    A wide range of cities will be involved throughout the different project phases. The focus will predominantly be on ‘second-tier’ cities, rather than mega-cities. The regions targeted represent different levels of maturity in terms of experience with sustainable urban mobility related actions. This will be addressed by adopting different approaches for these regions. Cities, as well as local and national officials can now apply to become involved in the UEMI and the SOLUTIONS network for one of the different city categories.

    Further details are here: http://www.uemi.net/call-for-change-maker.html



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