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  1. Wisper and BackPedal join forces to combat bike theft

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    Source: BikeBiz

    Wisper Electric Bikes has taken a significant step in enhancing bike security with its latest partnership with BackPedal. Effective immediately, Wisper Bikes will provide tracking, recovery, and insurance services integrated into its electric bike range.

    What sets Wisper Bikes apart is the incorporation of BackPedal’s cutting-edge tracker and alarm directly into the bike’s electric system. The tracker enables real-time monitoring of the bike’s location through a dedicated app. Additionally, riders can lock the bike via the app, triggering an alarm on their phone if the bike is tampered with.

    The tracker and alarm, seamlessly integrated into the bike’s battery, have a built-in battery backup. Even if the main battery is removed or the bike is turned off, the tracker continues to function for 21 days, automatically recharging when the bike is powered on again.

    In the unfortunate event of a theft, BackPedal’s trained recovery agents, boasting an impressive 85% retrieval rate and an average recovery time of 17 hours, utilize the tracker and Bluetooth beacon to locate and retrieve the stolen bike. Should recovery take longer than two weeks, the third component of this comprehensive system comes into play—insurance. BackPedal, in coordination with its insurance partner, ensures a brand-new Wisper bike is delivered to the user’s doorstep.

    David Miall, CEO of Wisper Bikes, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We have been working on offering an affordable, comprehensive bike theft prevention system to our customers since 2020. Working with BackPedal, we believe we have at last found the perfect solution.” This collaboration not only reinforces Wisper Bikes’ commitment to customer security but also sets a new standard in the fight against bike theft.

  2. Interview: ten years of Pendix – e-bike drives from Zwickau

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    At the end of 2013, five founders launched a concept for retrofittable e-bike drives. Pendix GmbH was born. Today the company has developed into an internationally known manufacturer in its field. In an interview, CEO Thomas Herzog talks about unforgettable moments, milestones and new opportunities.

    Mr. Herzog, ten years ago Pendix started with its idea for retrofittable electric bicycle drives. Is there anything from the early days that you remember as if it were yesterday?

    Yes, the entry in the commercial register on November 18, 2013 is a day for our founding team that we will probably never forget. The product idea for Pendix was already there at the time. In January 2014 we had a workshop in the ADAC Tower at Sachsenring with all employees and investors. This meeting from the early days is still very present in my mind today: We approved a strong roadmap there and had the first prototype on the test bench three months later. Sales then started almost a year and a half later, in August 2015.

    What has changed in the company since the early days; What, on the other hand, has remained completely the same?

    At the beginning we started with strong and promising ideas. We were brimming with entrepreneurial spirit and energy. The strength and creativity remain to this day. In addition, we have also greatly professionalized our structure in recent years. You ask me what hasn’t changed for us? All I can say is: the people, the atmosphere and the togetherness. The topics at the lunch table have remained the same. (smiles)

    What were the two biggest milestones of the stage so far?

    By taking over VSC.BIKE in 2019, we were able to merge our expertise in drivetrain construction with the skills of a frame builder. Since then, we have been offering a unique combination of skills from a manufacturer in our industry. This benefits customers, among other things, in the development and coordination of cargo bike solutions. The next big milestone was Johnson Electric joining us in 2022. By working with the world’s leading industrial engine manufacturer, we have, so to speak, put the turbo in place for our future. We can rely on our partner when it comes to issues such as sustainability, scalability of our product range and securing our supply chain.

    What has shaped your company more than anything else – are there people or circumstances that you are particularly grateful for today?

    Everyone who has walked the journey with us to this point or who has accompanied our company for a while has helped to shape us. Above all, of course, are our employees, who remain loyal to us to this day. I am and we are all very grateful to you. I would also like to mention two other names that were and are very important for our development: Firstly, there is Mr. Stier from the TGFS in Leipzig. That was our first investor back then. A big thank you also goes to Stephen Dowling from Kator PTY, our investor from Australia. Without these people, Pendix wouldn’t be what it is today.

    How would you summarize in one sentence the characteristics that have carried your company throughout its history?

    It’s not just strength and speed that have led to our success so far, but also inner strength.

    What are you currently focusing on, what goals will you pursue with Pendix in the next few months?

    What we are all really excited about right now is the introduction of the Pendix gDrive. This is the first mid-engine with gearbox permanently installed on the bike in our company history. We built a first sample with which we carried out driving tests. The software and hardware came together for the first time – such a test is always a big moment for our team. We developed the new gDrive specifically for city and trekking bikes. Because: A mid-engine position on the bike is ideal when it comes to a natural riding experience. The start of production is planned for early 2025.

    Thought experiment: We’ll do this interview again in a decade; Where do you see your company then?

    I like to look into the crystal ball. What I see is: We have become one of the top five European manufacturers of electric drives for bicycles. I can also see that we are still based in Zwickau, here in Saxony.

  3. AureusDrive expands partnerships and capacity

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    Swiss electric-bike manufacturer & retailer, AureusDrive, has confirmed exciting news for the last quarter of 2023. It has welcomed a new partner on board, and increased its own capacity.

    New partner on board

    The brand has greeted a new partner, Brunusbike, in Aardorf, Switzerland, an e-bike store that sells mountain bikes, gravel bikes, racing bikes, children’s bikes, city bikes, and scooters. The shop is now offering servicing for AureusDrive e-bikes, as well as test rides for the following AureusDrive electric models:

    • Power45 white, M
    • Comfort 25 black, S

    Brunusbike store in Aardorf, Switzerland.

    Company expansion

    AureusDrive also confirmed it added an extra 130 square meters of additional space, by extending its existing e-bike workshop, and building a new servicing and test ride room. This exciting move gives more capacity to produce bikes and support new and existing customers.

    The larger, extended workshop where AureusDrives’ e-bikes are now produced.

    The new room that AureusDrive has built for test rides and service.

    These latest developments are examples of promising news for the brand as it looks ahead to 2024. Learn more about AureusDrive.

  4. Last call for LEVA-EU meeting on dumping, Thursday 16 November in Brussels

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    The possible revision of the trade defence measures against e-bikes from China is the direct reason for LEVA-EU to convene a meeting on Thursday, 16 November in Brussels. The trade association for light electric vehicle businesses argues that a new period of 5 years of measures would continue to cause unprecedented damage to the electric bicycle sector in Europe. That is why LEVA-EU wants to discuss with the affected companies and their lawyers how the current immense problems can be tackled jointly and how a possible request for review can be jointly responded to.

    The meeting is open to any company which currently is or has been affected by actions by customs and/or OLAF. Both LEVA-EU members and non-members are welcome. The companies and their lawyers can participate in the meeting free of charge, provided they first register with LEVA-EU manager, Annick Roetynck, annick@leva-eu.com, tel. +32 475 500 588.

    The companies are invited to submit a short report of their case to LEVA-EU, which will allow to organize the consultation around a few “cases“. That consultation will be aimed at achieving a possible joint approach to all customs/OLAF actions as well as to the possible review of the dumping measures. The meeting is also intended to offer lawyers the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues about argumentation and defence in various cases.

    The companies known to LEVA-EU as being under attack have been invited directly. All other companies and/or their lawyers are urged to register with LEVA-EU as soon as possible, upon which they will receive a direct invitation.  All companies involved are also requested to pass on the invitation for this meeting to other companies that are under attack.

    In the meantime, MLEX reports that “EU manufacturers” have effectively requested the Commission to extend the anti-dumping and countervailing duties on electric bikes from China for another 5 years. According to MLEX, “the companies asking for a review, argue that without import restrictions, there’s a risk Chinese rivals will resume distorted imports in Europe and hurt EU businesses.” The Commission is expected to decide by 19 January whether to open expiry reviews.

    Further background information on this issue can be found in the following articles:

  5. Santos Bikes reveals E-Patrol emergency services e-bike

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    Dutch custom e-bike maker will release the specially developed electric bike next year

    Scheduled for release in mid-2024, the Santos E-Patrol is an innovative model meticulously tailored to cater to the specific demands of government agencies, ambulance services, rescue teams, and nature conservation organizations. It incorporates advanced technologies aimed at enhancing surveillance and defense operations, meeting the rigorous criteria expected by organizations, with a profound understanding of performance.

    The Santos E-Patrol is driven by a 4th generation programmable full-option Performance CX Smart Bosch motor, ensuring efficient operation during extended surveillance missions. Its 750-watt removable intube battery guarantees reliable performance even under demanding circumstances.

    Safety and convenience are paramount in the design of the E-Patrol. Standard features include track and trace functionality, allowing for real-time vehicle location tracking. An optional electronic shifting upgrade is available for enhanced control and precision during operations. With the brand’s track record spanning more than two decades of meeting riders’ requirements, the Santos E-Patrol offers both durability and excellent riding characteristics.

    The expert team behind this design is well-prepared to assist organizations in acquiring the premium E-Patrol. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to explore the possibilities presented by this model, providing a dependable solution for mission-critical needs.

    Santos is a small and independent bicycle brand with a passion for cycling and a great love for quality. What started in a shed in Lisse has now grown into a bicycle specialist where a team of around 20 cycling enthusiasts work daily on the cycling dreams of Santos customers.

  6. Bafang’s continuous progress: Enhancing waterproof performance and more

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    Bafang reveals design and engineering processes behind ongoing product advancement

    Suzhou, October 2023 – It is not just about new developments, it’s also about enhancing existing products. This includes sustainability, product lifespan, design, and construction techniques. These aspects hold immense importance for Bafang, particularly its dedicated R&D department. As a result, the manufacturer has identified waterproofing as just one key focus area, aiming to make consistent incremental improvements as technologies and the wider industry continue their boundless development.

    Water poses a substantial threat to the lifespan of electronic drives. As a well-established Chinese e-drive manufacturer, Bafang is committed to consistently enhancing its products in response to this challenge. To ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, the manufacturer places great importance on user input and experience.

    This commitment is evident in the rigorous testing of new models and ongoing improvements to existing products in the market. Products are thus continually upgraded to extend the intervals of product maintenance and increase the overall product lifespan. These improvements go hand-in-hand with a reduced environmental impact (less waste, lower resource requirements), helping to continuously solidify Bafang’s position as a leading player in sustainable e-mobility development.

    What’s new?

    Through continuous communication and seamless collaboration between all relevant departments, Bafang is committed to further enhancing the robustness and water-resistance of its e-bike applications. In line with internal design and quality standards and in response to rising user demands for waterproof performance, the team has set specific waterproof upgrade targets and comprehensive plan for various components within its drive systems, including motors, gear-hubs and displays, which ensures the feasibility and successful implementation of this modernization, all while maintaining the IPX6 standard for waterproofing.

    What measures are being taken?

    In pursuit of upgrading waterproofing capabilities across its range, Bafang engineers pays meticulous attention to product structure design and are diligently analyzing and refining the structural elements that safeguard its products from water intrusion. This involves a comprehensive evaluation of seals, enclosures, and internal components to fortify their ability to withstand moisture and environmental challenges.

    Bafang’s commitment to modernization is underpinned by a holistic approach that ensures products not only meet but exceed waterproofing standards. By fine-tuning the product structure design, the team aims to elevate the overall waterproof performance, providing customers with a superior and dependable experience.

    What’s the benefit?

    The benefits of Bafang’s comprehensive approach to improving waterproofing and product design are threefold. Firstly, customers can expect an enhanced and trouble-free experience, as products are improved to better withstand the rigors of various weather conditions. This translates to reduced post-purchase maintenance and a more satisfying ownership experience.

    Secondly, Bafang’s commitment to sustainability ensures that products have a reduced environmental footprint. Selecting eco-friendly materials, optimizing design, and reducing maintenance frequency and the use of excess materials all contribute to a greener planet and reduced impact on the environment.

    Lastly, the manufacturer’s dedication to waterproofing and overall product improvement not only results in better-performing e-drive systems but also extends the lifespan of components. This means customers can enjoy long-lasting, reliable, and environmentally conscious solutions, making Bafang their preferred choice for e-bike components.

    What’s next?

    Planning, implementing, and upgrading the modernization of products requires a structured approach. Bafang meticulously develops comprehensive plans, considers all relevant aspects, and ensures feasibility. This approach enables continued incremental improvements across the product line, encompassing batteries, drive systems, HMIs and gear hubs.

    By establishing clear requirements and objectives, Bafang is set to define achievable and verified standards. These standards serve as a foundation for exploring various alternatives, rigorously evaluated to deliver optimal solutions. This journey may lead us to the introduction of a higher standard. Going forward, customers can anticipate a future filled with even more highly innovative, shapely and robust products from Bafang.

  7. NEOMOUV gets inspiration for its e-bikes from the world of fashion

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    La Flèche, France, October 2023 – In a booming e-bike market, NEOMOUV stands out. Known for its cheerful, bubbly colors, the Sarthe-based brand now is taking things one step further by creating the position of an art director. Olivier Schaack, art director of TV5 Monde and a former member of the Canal + group, has been entrusted with this mission: to draw further inspiration from the world of fashion and contemporary trends for the bicycle as everyday object. NEOMOUV thus reinforces its uniqueness. To celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, the French brand has also unveiled two new artistic collaborations, with STOUL Peintresse and XKuz.

    In a booming e-bike market, it’s hard for new converts to two wheels to choose a bike and recognize a brand. NEOMOUV’s aim has always been to draw inspiration from fashion trends to make its bikes unique and recognizable at first glance.

    Continuing with this philosophy, the electric-assist bike specialist, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, has taken a new step by creating the position of an art director, entrusted with Olivier Schaack, who brings extensive experience in the audiovisual and digital sectors to the job. Olivier Schaack spent nearly 20 years as art director for the Canal + group. He is currently artistic director of TV5 Monde. His mission is to structure NEOMOUV’s approach with rigor and consistency across all media, from bike frames to communication tools, campaigns and social networks. “A brand needs to be unique and stand out thanks to visual elements that create preference. When they succeed in doing so, some brands no longer need their name to be recognized. How can we do this for a brand of e-bikes, with its technical requirements and a public that is discovering or rediscovering cycling for environmental or economic reasons?” asks Olivier Schaack.

    The response is summed perfectly in NEOMOUV’s tagline: “The hardest thing is choosing the color” – color to stand out in a sector where dark tones, from grey to black, still dominate. “Some bicycle brands are recognizable by the design of their models and offer one or two iconic models. That’s not our market. We offer a wide range of twenty-six bicycle models (urban, folding, hybrid and MTB) for a broad public. From the outset, color, inspiring joy and pleasure, was part of NEOMOUV’s DNA,” comments Sophie Guieysse, NEOMOUV’s Managing Director. In the soft mobility segment, the brand aims to offer bicycles that are easy to use, reliable, affordable, and colorful.

    At the beginning of 2023, NEOMOUV presented its new, minimalist, but colorful logo: three strokes revealing an N, an M and a V in green, yellow and orange. For the bicycles, the color range has been reviewed and reduced to 16. “We have 12 permanent colors that are in harmony with the logo, and 4 colors that will change each year according to trends,” explains Olivier Schaack. The new colors will be in line with the latest collections from fashion houses and lifestyle labels.

    To realize its design vision, the company can rely on its own industrial facilities. In June, NEOMOUV acquired its Portuguese partner, UNIBIKE, a specialist in assembling and painting. This acquisition enables NEOMOUV to control part of its supply chain and deliver customized models in small series. “We already deliver bikes to local authorities in their own colors,” explains Sophie Guieysse.

    NEOMOUV, the e-bike purist, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with two artistic collaborations: contemporary urban art movement artist STOUL Peintresse and painter/plastician XKuz (Fabien Mazé). The two artists were able to express themselves on the ELAIA 2 urban model. The result: two unique bikes with artsy, urban designs to showcase the UNIBIKE’s experience in paintings.
    For more information on NEOMOUV, visit www.neomouv.com or on Social Media : https://www.facebook.com/neomouv and instagram.com/neomouv

  8. AureusDrive visits partners in Belgium and Switzerland

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    Swiss electric bike and e-bike drive systems brand AureusDrive has shared updates from recent workshop and repair and test centre visits in nearby regions.

    AureusDrive develops, designs, conceptualizes, configures and assembles e-bike systems with a focus on the commuter. Last week, the company’s two founders and managing directors, Sergio Tresch and Gabriel Barroso, embarked on a visit to seven partner workshops in Belgium. During this excursion, they not only explored picturesque landscapes and cities but also gained valuable insights into their partner market.

    The trip provided AureusDrive with an opportunity to strengthen relationships with esteemed partner workshops and collaborate on future improvements and innovations. This collaboration proved to be invaluable, enabling them to implement various optimizations and ensure that the brand’s high-quality Power45 S-Pedelec fully aligns with the needs and requirements of the Belgian market.

    In addition, AureusDrive is pleased to introduce new partners, bikesLab and Vélochouché in French-speaking Switzerland. They are currently available for service and repairs, and soon they will also offer test drives.

    The team eagerly anticipates reaping the rewards of this journey and further fortifying partnerships.


    AureusDrive, founded by Sergio and Gabriel in 2017, envisions ecological mobility for everyone. The startup specializes in developing, designing, conceptualizing, configuring, and assembling e-bike systems, with a particular focus on the commuter. The brand’s affordable, sturdy, and stylish e-bikes aim to encourage commuters to make the switch from cars to e-bikes. Currently, AureusDrive boasts a team of 12 employees and is experiencing rapid growth. Its e-bike community is approaching four digits, collectively covering an impressive seven-figure mileage. As a result, AureusDrive has already reduced CO2 emissions by 150,000 kg.

    AureusDrive’s mission is to provide affordable, sturdy, and stylish electric vehicles for all. In addition to this core mission, AureusDrive offers services in Lucerne and extends its support to partners throughout Switzerland. AureusDrive provides delivery and collection services for e-bikes (free of charge for warranty cases) and offers cost-effective replacement rental e-bikes.

  9. Research highlights preference for proper cycle infrastructure among e-bike and cargo bike users

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    Source: Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives

    Research published in the latest edition of Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives reveals the route preferences of cyclists across different categories of bicycle.

    The research was in part inspired by the growth of cargo and electric bike markets, in this case classed as ‘innovative’ bikes, as well as the numerous environmental and health benefits of cycling and improved cycling infrastructure. Researchers Michael Hardinghaus and Jan Weschke aimed to make better data available in the adoption and kinds of cycle infrastructure projects. The methodology adopted a graphically assisted online discrete choice experiment.

    The different infrastructure needs anticipated by such innovative bikes includes potentially wider track, and consideration of different acceleration behaviour. The authors also identified the lack of past research that specifically compares or differentiates bicycle types. Small sample sizes and inconsistencies in conclusions lead them to state that current research is not sufficient for understanding route choice among these categories.

    The sample set consisted of 687 users, of which 271 were e-bike users, 166 cargo bikes and 250 regular bikes. The majority of the group were males ages 25-54, with more than 70% being daily cyclists. For the route choices, features for cyclists to assess included whether arterial road or side street, presence of bike lane, cycle path, or protected bike lane, maximum speed for cars of 50 km/h or 30 km/h, cycle street (no through traffic, residents only), living street (max. speed cars 7 km/h), cobblestone or asphalt surface, presence of on-street parking, and presence of trees.

    Findings from the survey indicated that individuals who use cargo bikes and e-bikes place a greater emphasis on the quality of infrastructure compared to those who use conventional bicycles. This underscores the need for increased investment in such facilities, given the continued rise in popularity of these bicycle types.

    In terms of statistics, the research found that:

    “Protected bike lanes for example are valued about 20 % higher by cargo bike users and even nearly 40 % higher by e-bike users than by users of regular bike types. In the same way, bike paths, side streets and asphalt as smooth surface are valued between 15 % and 60 % higher by cargo bike users while e-bike users have higher preferences for bike lanes, bike paths, cycle street and side streets in the range between + 20 % and + 60 % compared to regular bike users.”

    The authors concluded that physically separated infrastructures along main streets such as bike paths and protected bike lanes are of major importance, as well as routes through side streets in general and cycle streets with priority for cyclists. It is hoped that the results shall be useful in supporting the design of future-proof bike friendly cities.

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