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  1. CityQ Joins eSync Alliance

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    Source: eSync

    LEVA-EU member and automotive innovator CityQ becomes one of the latest eSync Alliance members, allowing it to provide OTA updates and diagnostics for the first time

    On May 10, 2023, the eSync Alliance, a global automotive initiative for the standardization of over-the-air (OTA) updates and diagnostics, welcomed LEVA-EU member CityQ and Luxoft as new association members. The pair join a rapidly growing network of automakers, Tier-1 suppliers and digital software companies already enjoying the benefit of the eSync bi-directional data pipeline.  

    CityQ’s range of four-wheeled e-bikes aim to maximize comfort, capacity, efficiency, and safety by providing users with an attractive alternative to a car for urban personal transport. Manufactured in Germany, the bikes can travel at speeds of up to 25km/h and can be fitted with a modular storage compartment for last-mile logistics and deliveries.

    An example of CityQ’s four-wheeled electric bike

    Mike Gardner, Executive Director of the eSync Alliance, said: “The eSync Alliance is growing rapidly and the addition of CityQ and Luxoft – two companies working in diverse and important areas of the automotive sector – demonstrate how important a standardized OTA specification is to the industry’s future. We’re confident that both businesses will prove to be valuable partners and we look forward to their unique perspectives contributing to a stronger standard in the months to come.” 

    Morten Rynning, CEO at CityQ, said, “Working with the eSync Alliance will enable CityQ to add connectivity for OTA, and to remotely diagnose and upgrade the vehicles. As well as improving the service we can offer to CityQ owners, this will be particularly useful for fleet management, one of our major markets.” 

    Proven in millions of vehicles globally, eSync is a robust, repeatable solution for OTA deployment. The only universal bi-directional pipeline, eSync is currently used by more than 30 OEMs and Tier-1s, helping to simplify the development process and speed up the transition to SDVs. 

    About CityQ 

    CityQ is the first vehicle platform for city pods and 4-wheel e-bikes, with doors and full weather protection, as well as a cargo bed for luggage and rear seats for 2 children. The e-bikes feature connectivity and pedal by wire instead of mechanical chain or gears. CityQ is the new e-bike with car capabilities, making the shift from car to bicycling easier. See CityQ

    About the eSync™ Alliance
    The eSync™ Alliance is a non-profit trade association driving a multi-company solution for Over-the-Air (OTA) updates and diagnostics data in the automotive electronics space, potentially saving billions of dollars per year for automakers. By working together in the Alliance, companies benefit from a simplified development environment made possible by a standardized yet customizable platform. The Alliance is based around the eSync platform of cloud and embedded components, providing a secure data pipeline to devices within a vehicle. Further information is at https://www.esyncalliance.org/ 

  2. European production line for Lacros

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    Source: NieuwsFiets.com May, 2023

    Lacros has been on the market since 2009 and has since become a core brand in compact electric bicycles. In 2021, the manufacturer moved to a self-developed business premises in Schijndel in Brabant, where consumers come from far and wide for a test drive, service, advice or to buy one of the models from the collection.

    The market for compact electric bicycles is a niche market, but Lacros feels comfortable with it, because the numbers have increased enormously in recent years.

    Compact e-bikes may be smaller in size, but often big on performance and benefits. They are ideal for use in the so-called ‘last mile’ and handy in public transport, camper, boat or caravan, but the electric folding bicycles from Lacros are also extremely suitable for daily use and for longer distances. Thanks to their versatility and ease of use, these bicycles contribute to sustainable mobility.

    Lacros is sold directly to consumers, but also works with more than 60 dealers in the Netherlands, further increasing availability and service level. In addition to the Netherlands, Lacros also has dealers (bicycle shops and caravan companies) in Belgium, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. The brand also provides a home service, and Lacros has five service buses driving around in the Netherlands and Belgium for this purpose. Lacros bicycles find their way to users all over Europe, from Finland to Greece and from Germany to Ireland. “Our customers say it’s great that any problems are resolved quickly. For example, if a spoke is broken on holiday, we will send a new one. We sometimes do that with loaner batteries,” says marketing manager Jesse Smits. “That is a form of service that you do not encounter everywhere. After-sales is simply very important, also because our bicycles are not only used on holidays, but also very often daily for commuting. Then people just have to be helped quickly, if necessary. We can also offer them a loaner bike.”

    In terms of production, Lacros no longer works in Asia, but from its own production facility in Europe. According to Smits, they do this on the basis of high quality standards. Having their own production facility ensures that they have 100% control over all steps of the production process. In addition to the large showroom in Schijndel, the workshop is also located there, where all bicycles are assembled and adjusted. Maintenance and any repairs are also carried out here. The end user can configure his or her ordered bicycle to a certain extent, in order to tailor it to their user wishes. Permanent Dutch mechanics in Schijndel ensure that the bicycles are assembled as ordered by the customer. “We have everything in-house here. We carry out repairs here ourselves and we have everything in stock,” continues Smits. “That was of course a bit less at the beginning of corona, for example with the tires or gear systems, but now everything is back in order.”

    The main target group on which Lacros focuses are recreational users, aged 40 and over, who travel with a camper or boat. But also people who use a compact e-bike for commuting. Lacros distinguishes itself from other brands by being priced in the middle segment. According to Smits, the collection with a Bafang or Motinova mid-engine is valued for its powerful driving performance, and also in hilly areas abroad. “Our compact bikes ride like a big bike with 28” wheels. Partly for this reason, our top model, the S 600 XL, also won at Fietstest.nl. It is very comfortable and for an electric folding bike also a bit bigger with 24” wheels,” says Smits. “We also use larger batteries on our bicycles. A battery of 720 Wh is certainly quite large for an electric folding bike, but we also go for comfort. We equip our models with suspension, a curved handlebar, wide gearing and a wide saddle. That translates into the handling of, as I said, a big bike. And that is appreciated by the customer, because the bike is also suitable for longer distances. In any case, the battery can handle it easily,” says Smits. “Moreover, we can also provide tailor-made solutions, for taller or shorter people. We have also supplied bicycles to people with disabilities, for whom we have ordered and fitted specific parts to keep them safe on the road.”

  3. The ingeniously simple S4 & X4 e-bike from VanMoof

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    Source: VanMoof, 9th May 2023

    VanMoof distills 13 years of in-house innovation into its most accessible and reliable ride yet. The S4 & X4 come equipped with iconic tech and in four vibrant new colors.

    The very best of VanMoof, ingeniously simplified

    The latest release from the city e-bike pioneers distills 13 years of in-house innovation, expertise, and rider feedback. The new VanMoof S4 & X4 share the iconic frame shapes of the best-selling VanMoof S3 & X3, but have been entirely rebuilt to offer the very best of the brand’s technological innovation in its most simple, accessible, and reliable models to date.

    “One of the hardest things in life is to make things more simple. With the S4 & X4, we’ve mastered the art of simplification to make our e-bikes more accessible and reliable than ever.”

    Taco Carlier, Co-founder of VanMoof

    Signature VanMoof tech, streamlined design, and all-new parts

    Optimized for fast, frequent rides, the S4 & X4 feature automatic 2-speed gear shifting and an integrated Gen 4 Kick Lock that secures the rear wheel with a tap. VanMoof’s signature anti-theft tech including onboard alarms and location tracking is built-in for worry-free riding. The rider-favorite Turbo Boost provides on-demand acceleration, and dynamic motor support creates an effortlessly intuitive ride. A built-in phone mount allows the VanMoof app to be used as a dashboard, tracking every ride’s speed, duration, and distance. The S4 & X4 come in four vibrant colors: Evergreen, Sunbeam Yellow, Purple Fog, and Foam Green.

    “We spend a lot of time listening to prospective riders. And what we heard clearly was the desire for our key features and iconic VanMoof design – in an e-bike that was even more simple, more accessible, and more reliable. We designed the S4 & X4 specifically to meet their needs”

    Ties Carlier, Co-founder of VanMoof

    The VanMoof S4 & X4 launches worldwide via vanmoof.com from May 9 for $2,498 / £2,198 / €2,198. In the EU, Evergreen will be on sale from May 9. Purple Fog will be on sale in late May, Sunbeam Yellow in late June, and Foam Green in late July. In the US, Evergreen will be on sale in late May, Purple Fog in June, Sunbeam Yellow in July, and Foam Green in late July. In the UK, Evergreen will be on sale in early June, Purple Fog in late June, Sunbeam Yellow in July, and Foam Green in August. Riders can join the waitlist to be notified before each color goes on sale.

    About VanMoof

    VanMoof was founded in 2009 by Taco and Ties Carlier, two Dutch brothers who dreamt up the perfect city bike. Today, its sleek, multi-award winning e-bikes offer a high-tech and feature-rich experience for a global community of riders. As the world’s fastest growing e-bike brand, VanMoof is on course to redefine the future of urban mobility and get the next billion on bikes. VanMoof sells its e-bikes directly to riders online, with hubs in over 50 cities worldwide, from Paris and New York, to San Francisco and Tokyo.

  4. Speed pedelecs given towpath permission in Belgium

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    Source: HBvL

    Formerly off-limits to speed pedelecs, Flemish towpaths are now open to their use, as long as 30km/h speed limits are adhered to. The updated ruling is to coincide with new road signs dictating the information.

    Nearly 2,000 km of paved towpaths and dyke roads span the length of the waterways in Flanders. Traditionally used by those managing and maintaining the waterways, they are also popular with walkers and cyclists, with speed pedelecs omitted unless the route is part of a highway navigation.

    The Flemish Minister for Mobility Lydia Peeters (Open Vld) and De Vlaamse Waterweg have readdressed this, however. Wies Callens of the Fietsbond was delighted by the decision, commenting, “We have been asking for this since 2019, because towpaths invite people to travel long distances, for example for commuting. But also because it is absurd to make a distinction between bicycles with pedal assistance. In a 30 km/h zone it is not forbidden to drive a Ferrari because it can reach up to 300 km/h, as long as everyone uses their common sense and keeps to the permitted speed.”

    Due to take place from the summer, Aidan Reinquin, spokesman for Minister Peeters, added, “This does not require a change in the law, but new road signs. They will now be placed as soon as possible. We start in Ghent. The new rule, let it be clear, will only take effect when those new signs have been placed. These are signs with a P on them. Signs that are now there in some places and that indicate that speed pedelecs are prohibited will be removed.”

    To safeguard activities and pave the way for better towpath usage, Minister of Mobility Peeters has mapped out a new vision ‘Functional and recreational co-use of towpaths’ with De Vlaamse Waterweg. He announced that in addition to speed and safety restrictions, there is a recognition that the towpaths are in total darkness at night: “Proper maintenance is important and lighting can be installed in well-considered locations based on safety considerations.”

  5. Allowing speed pedelecs on cycle paths does not appear to be less safe

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    Source: News Fietsberaad

    Speed Pedelec owners have been given a choice of riding on roads or cycle paths in a pilot scheme in the Netherlands

    Current laws in the Netherlands stipulate that Speed Pedelecs are not allowed to use cycle paths. However, riders may prefer to use these routes instead of joining a busy or fast road network, or when the cycle path gives a shorter route, or if parents are cycling with their children on the school commute, before continuing to their workplace. The main concern of such use however, would be safety.

    Data on Speed Pedelec speeds was compiled by DTV Consultants, commissioned by Tour de Force. The report was published in February this year and included information on Amersfoort and Rotterdam pilot schemes. Owners were able to apply for an exemption, allowing them to use the cycle paths in dense urban areas. The schemes were simple to create and didn’t cause any confrontation. Although faster than regular bikes, early data also showed no greater number of crashes than with regular cyclists. However, there was not enough data to make any conclusions on whether the cycle path option affects road safety for these users.

    Allowing Speed Pedelec riders to use roadways and cycle paths seems sensible. The high speed of such bikes means they can compete with vehicles on road networks, and appeal over long distances, in hopes of encouraging new users and aiding health and the environment. National agreements and regulations on road use by the Speed Pedelec are advocated for by Tour de Force. Until wider research is completed, they suggest that users in those pilot regions should be given the opportunity to ride on local cycle paths.

    Following completion of the aforementioned pilot schemes, a new, much larger trial is planned in Utrecht.

  6. Stromer wins Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2023 for outstanding design quality

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    Stromer has been awarded the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2023 in the Product Design category for the design quality of the Stromer flagship ST7.

    The Red Dot: Best of the Best is the most coveted prize of the competition and is only awarded to leading designs. This award for design quality confirms Stromer’s competence in design-oriented product development. The Swiss manufacturer of e-bikes is honored to be a winner of the world’s most renowned design competition.


    Aesthetically pleasing, functional, smart or innovative – every year the Red Dot Jury rewards products with exceptional design quality with the Red Dot Award: Product Design. The Red Dot label is internationally known as one of the most coveted quality seals for good design. In 2023, the submitted products from 60 countries in 51 competition categories were judged by 43 internationally recognized, independent judges. The products did not compete with each other, but were individually evaluated.


    Stromer speed pedelecs are shaping the future of urban mobility – for everyday commuting with more riding pleasure, efficiency and quality of life. Stromer has set itself the goal of developing the best speed pedelecs in the world and making people enthusiastic about using them every day. The Stromer Community is very active. More than 80,000 people worldwide ride a Stromer on their way to work, to the shop or in their spare time. In total, more than 390 million kilometers have been covered with a Stromer.


    The ST7 combines cutting-edge technology and high-end components in an unparalleled speed pedelec in its unique, integrated design. With its 1440 Wh powerful battery, a range of up to 260 km and the electric Pinion Smart.Shift shifting, Stromer’s flagship once again raises the bar in the speed pedelec market. Thanks to the 12-speed C1.Pinion-Smart.Shift drive with robust Gates Carbon belt, the ST7 is particularly durable and easy to maintain. The new rear-wheel motor (940 W / 52 Nm) supports powerfully, dynamically and silently up to 45 km/h.


    The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions in the world. Participants can register for three Red Dot Award disciplines: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design, and Red Dot Award: Design Concept Products, brands and communication projects, prototypes and design concepts. For each award, a jury convenes annually to review the entries individually and then decide which entry will be awarded.


    Founded in 2009 and based in Oberwangen, Switzerland, the company is shaping the future of mobility with its Speed Pedelecs. myStromer AG produces all its e-bikes at the Oberwangen site and is the market leader in the Speed Pedelec category (fast e-bikes > 45 km/h). The company employs around 140 people, has two subsidiaries (USA and Netherlands) and sells its S-Pedelecs in 23 countries. Since 2021, the Spanish brand Desiknio has enhanced its product range with high-quality urban bikes (25 km/h). With its high-end products, Stromer offers commuters a contemporary mobility solution. This can be confirmed by the > 390 million kilometers traveled on Stromers. Stromer is #HereToChange. www.stromerbike.co

  7. E-bike manufacturer QWIC opens brand new Experience center in Amsterdam North

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    The QWIC Experience center is open once more. Since the beginning of this year, QWIC has moved into a brand new building in Amsterdam North. After the move from Amstelveen and the construction of the new location, the doors of the Experience center are now open to consumers.

    The new Experience center has an area of over 500m2. Consumers can view the entire QWIC collection there and enjoy test rides on all available models. In addition, QWIC’s e-bike experts are ready to inform visitors about the technical aspects of e-bikes.

    Visit by appointment

    Visitors to the QWIC Experience center can take advantage of extensive tailor-made advice. In order to help customers in the best possible way and for them to enjoy focused attention, it is possible to reserve a time slot for the visit. This can be done via the QWIC website: https://qwic.nl/qwic-showroom/.

    Location & opening times

    Disketteweg 53, 1033 NW Amsterdam
    Open from Wednesday to Friday from 09:30 to 17:00 (excluding public holidays).


    There are plenty of free parking spaces next to the building, and electric charging stations are also available. Of course there is also ample parking for bicycles.

    Experience center to support QWIC dealers

    It is not possible to purchase an e-bike in the QWIC Experience center. QWIC e-bikes are sold through a network of 750 QWIC sales outlets. This means that there is always a QWIC dealer nearby who can provide service if necessary.


    In addition to a convenient location, good accessibility and sufficient space, sustainability was an important aspect for QWIC in choosing the right location. The new location is an energy-efficient and sustainable building, with solar panels and constructed using circular materials.

    About QWIC

    QWIC is a fast-growing manufacturer of premium design e-bikes. The producer is active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. QWIC’s ambition is to reduce current mobility problems and environmental pollution by developing innovative electric bicycles. With a modern design and the use of the best components, QWIC takes its electric bicycles to a higher level every year. This is proven by the many e-bike awards that QWIC has recently won, such as the AD Bike Test 2021, the ElektroRad Test 2022 and internationally recognised design awards like the German Design Award 2022.

  8. Marc Burkhardt joins QWIC as Sales Representative Germany

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    E-bike manufacturer and LEVA-EU member QWIC is excited to announce the addition of a new team member, Marc Burkhardt. As of April 3rd, Marc starts as the new Sales Representative for the Western part of Germany

    Marc is a highly experienced sales professional with over 30 years of sales experience, including over 20 years of experience in the specialist retail sector in the mobile phone industry. With his track record, he brings a wealth of experience to the QWIC team.

    Marc Burkhardt:I am excited to join the QWIC family and promote the brand’s e-bikes to existing and new dealers. QWIC is an exciting and innovative company, and I am looking forward to working with my new colleagues to drive the growth of the brand.”

    His focus will be on continuing the good cooperation with the existing dealers and also expanding the dealer network, and on securing and expanding the brand positioning in his sales territory.

    More vacancies available
    QWIC is constantly looking for enthusiasts who want to contribute to the growth of QWIC. Do you want to be part of QWIC’s success? Check out all vacancies here.

  9. Incentives to enable e-bike purchases for staff considered in Australia and New Zealand

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    Source: MicromobilityReport, S. Green / Stuff.co.nz, S. Edmunds

    In Australia and New Zealand, active transport lobbyists and Green MPs are pushing for the introduction of financial purchase incentives to encourage corporate e-bike purchasing schemes

    WeRide Australia officials were scheduled to meet on 23rd March with the Federal Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Catherine King, to push for salary packaging assistance to be extended to e-bikes. This would bring provisions in line with those recently introduced for electric cars in Australia, in a move designed to tackle emission reduction goals.

    WeRide Australia executive officer Peter Bourke stated, “We know even if every single vehicle purchased from today is an electric car, we will not get anywhere near the emission reduction goals the government has signed up to for the transport section. We’re saying electric cars are part of the solution but they are not the complete solution.

    “Anyone in the bicycle sector is well aware of the benefits of the bicycle, whether it’s the health benefits and reducing congestion but right now we’re talking about emissions reduction. The transport sector needs to do some heavy lifting in terms of reduction of emissions and e-bikes are certainly part of it, so they should be considered the same way at e-cars when it comes to incentives for more people to buy them.”

    He also referenced the UK’s Cycle to Work scheme, pointing to the potential to persuade people onto two wheels: “In the UK, 40% of people who took out a bike through the Cycle to Work scheme hadn’t been considering buying a bike and 40% were women. It simply makes bike riding more attractive.”

    In New Zealand, a Taxation Bill is going through parliament, with a supplementary order paper from Green MP Julie Anne Genter proposing a scheme for employers to offer their staff e-bikes without incurring fringe benefit tax.

    Deloitte tax partner Robyn Walker said, “There is definitely a trend toward employers wanting to provide benefits which have health benefits, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a popular option – and more popular than providing public transport.”

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