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  1. Vässla launches its new “electric bike for all”

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    Source: DiGITAL, P. Mattsson

    LEVA-EU member Vässla has always stood out for their unique designs. Now, their latest product has been unveiled, an e-bike that “anyone can afford, and sit comfortably on.”

    Vässla Pedal, as it is called, has a stripped down design, and lacks displays, switches, and cabling. The battery is almost completely integrated into the bicycle’s frame. The bike is only available in a single size – 24 inches. The idea is to satisfy everyone’s needs, regardless of gender or size. “With an electric motor that drives, the diameter of the wheels is no longer a factor, something that traditional bicycle manufacturers have not really grasped”, says Vässla’s founder and CEO Rickard Bröms.

    “We have made a SEK 30,000 electric bicycle that everyone can afford and everyone can sit comfortably on. A commuting monster, something you can ride a couple of miles on every day,” he continues.

    The e-bike is available purchase outright, or via a subscription service with the goal of improving the accessibility of the e-bike market to all. With a range of 10 miles, and a host of accessories set to launch over time, the product is designed to meet a commuter’s daily needs while being open to other uses such as grocery shopping.

    More information regarding the Vässla Pedal can be found here.

  2. Trenergy offers dealer tours of new premises

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    Source: NieuwsFiets

    Following excellent development, LEVA-EU member and e-bike brand Trenergy relocated into an upgraded facility, and now offers dealers the chance to explore the new location

    For Trenergy, this year’s dealer cycle was not only dominated by the innovations in its collection, but also by the presentation of the new building. Dealers were offered a tour of the offices, the spacious warehouse, and finally the showroom, where the bicycles were presented. Trenergy director Taco Reydon also shared that additional development of the showroom is planned for the future, further amplifying Trenergy’s offering to prospective clients.

    Reydon and sales manager René Driessen notice that the dealers are becoming more careful when ordering new bicycles, and have observed shifts in market behavior, “The past year has been crazy. Some customers ordered two to three more than usual because they wanted to be assured of bicycles. But someone who normally does 100 bicycles will not suddenly sell 300,” explains Driessen. “And when we wanted to deliver the ordered bicycles, it sometimes didn’t work out. In good consultation, we then started canceling bicycles, which we were able to sell to other dealers. That is why we now prefer that entrepreneurs order slightly less, but then purchase it.

    But besides telling the dealers to think carefully about their order, they naturally do that themselves too,” adds Reydon. “They notice that many other suppliers are also starting to deliver. Moreover, the prospects are uncertain due to, for example, the high energy bills. We hope, of course, that people will leave the car at home more often and take the bike more often, but dealers are not all ready to anticipate this yet. But if you ensure that you have a nice range and an organization with which dealers can work well together, then you will be fine.”

    Outside of hometown developments, Trenergy expanded into the Belgian markets during 2021 and will continue its development through this year.

  3. UDV research: E-bikes are not more dangerous than regular bicycles for most users

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    Source: fietsberaad.nl

    Statistics provided by the German Insurers Accident Research (UDV) indicate that an e-bike is no more dangerous than a regular bicycle in most cases, despite differing opinions.

    As e-bike usage in Germany has grown, so has the associated number of accidents. At a glance, it appears the proportion of elderly people involved in e-bike crashes may have increased, but following analysis, this can actually be attributed to a higher proportion of elderly riders using e-bikes. What is striking is that there are relatively more single-vehicle accidents involving e-cyclists and more accidents generally outside of built-up areas.

    Of course, the question is whether e-cyclists run a higher risk per kilometer driven. E-cyclists in Germany drive on average 1.8 times as many kilometers per day than regular cyclists. Once the difference in distance is taken into account, it is revealed that the age group 34-74 is not at a higher risk. This applies to involvement in accidents, the cause of accidents, and the outcome (injury or fatality). However, the risk is higher for those between 18-34 years old and to a lesser extent the over-75s. German researchers hypothesize that young people may take more risks while riding and use the pedal assist to ride faster than regular cyclists.

    Incidentally, Germany also struggles with incomplete accident figures. The police only register injury crashes and hardly any single-vehicle crashes. Therefore, a research gap is present and further analysis must be considered once data is available.

  4. TILER’s loading tile for shared bicycles

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    Source: fietsberaad.nl

    Wireless charging for e-bikes has been underway for some time now, with the potential to revolutionize the charging landscape. LEVA-EU member TILER’s loading tile is now being used in practice at various locations.

    TILER developed the induction technology for its charging tile in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology.

    Shared bicycle provider MOBIAN has recently started using the tile in Amsterdam to wirelessly charge its fleet of e-bikes immediately after use. No special hub administrator is needed to arrange this, enabling the vulnerabilities of regular chargers to be bypassed.

    To integrate the loading tile, it is only necessary to replace the regular bicycle kickstand with a special loading stand that allows wireless charging. This makes it relatively easy for bicycle sharing and rental companies to adapt their bicycles.

    The loading tiles have also been utilized by shared-bicycle scheme providers elsewhere, for example at NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout and at Arnhem Central.

  5. Stromer ST3 Special Edition – At the Stromer Universe as a camouflaged prototype

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    At the “Stromer Universe” in Antwerp, where LEVA-EU member Stromer’s latest models were unveiled, myStromer Co-CEO Tomi Viiala rode an ST3 Special Edition in a camouflage wrap together with the sales teams from Stromer B.V. in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL).

    Based on the Stromer ST3 with Pinion gearbox and Gates carbon belt introduced last year, the Special Edition comes in a special Ipanema Brown finish and is equipped with the 983 Wh battery and the Kinekt suspension seatpost (optionally also with a suspension fork and front ABS).

    Pinion gearbox according to automotive standard

    The Stromer ST3 Pinion is an extremely dynamic Speed Pedelec. The 9-speed Pinion gearbox uses technology from the automotive sector and offers a reliable shifting performance with a gear ratio range of 568%. In the Pinion gearbox, all gears can be easily and conveniently changed using a twist shifter, both at a standstill and on the move. The shifting system is not under added load from the motor and reacts to every gear change quickly, precisely and free of wear. In combination with the silent Gates carbon belt drive, the ST3 Pinion is extremely low-maintenance.

    Clean design

    All components – the gearbox, the easy-to-use shifting system, and even the belt drive – are cleanly integrated into the clear Stromer frame design. The 820 W rear-wheel motor quietly and dynamically provides assistance up to 45 km/h, and the ST3 Edition’s 983 Wh battery allows up to 180 km of range.

    Cutting-edge communication between bike and rider

    Like all Stromer models, the ST3 Special Edition is also fully connected. Connected via the cellular network and the free Stromer OMNI connect app, the bike has GPS localization and Smartlock: when being pushed in locked mode, the motor is blocked, the alarm (horn & flashing headlight) and GPS localization are activated, and the owner is notified by text message or email. Automatic locking and unlocking from a certain distance are performed via Bluetooth, if so desired. New functions such as the service reminder or crash alert messaging supplement the range of features in the user-friendly OMNI app. The app also enables the adjustment of motor settings to suit the rider, upload of the ride statistics, changes to the profile, and much more.

    Optional ABS – added safety

    With the new Stromer ST3 Special Edition, you commute not only with maximum riding dynamics but also in safety. In addition to large-volume tires and a high-quality light system, the model is optionally available from the factory with fully integrated ABS. ABS drastically reduces the risk of the front wheel locking and the rear wheel lifting off the ground and guarantees a safe and pleasant ride on the daily commute to work. Also available with the suspension fork option and with multiple stem and handlebar variants.

    The ST3 Special Edition is suited for year-round commuters who are out and about in any weather. It offers a low-cost and low-maintenance alternative to commuting by car – for efficient mobility in commuter traffic.


    • Special Edition (SE) in Ipanema Brown, with BQ983 battery (up to 180 km)
    • Special Edition (SE) in Ipanema Brown, with BQ983 battery (up to 180 km), optional suspension fork and ABS and Comfort Stem


    • Special Edition Ipanema Brown from September 2022
    • Special Edition Ipanema Brown with ABS and suspension fork from October 2022

    Price in EUR/CH:

    • Special Edition Ipanema Brown: from EUR 9,108; CHF 9,881
    • Special Edition Ipanema Brown with ABS and suspension fork: 10.643, – Euro; 11’880.– CHF

    Stromer Universe Lucerne and Antwerp

    Stromer once again focuses on its proven in-house exhibition in 2022 in order to present all its new products at one time in a special atmosphere. In the “Viscose Eventhalle” in Emmenbrücke/Lucerne and in “Felix Pakhuis” in Antwerp, trading partners and invited guests had the opportunity to talk to the management, market managers, product managers, and marketing team of Stromer and to take a test ride of the new models in urban traffic. The focus was shared between the new flagship ST7 with Pinion gearbox and electronic Pinion Smart.Shift system, the ST3 Special Edition in Ipanema Brown, and the 25 km/h model from Desiknio, Stromer’s new brand. The guests in Antwerp were also able to enjoy two evening events with shows.

    #HereToChangeMobility event

    For the first time, Stromer organized the side event #HereToChangeMobility on the third day of the Stromer Universe in Antwerp. The event was dedicated to current mobility trends, the health of employees, and mobility solutions for the future. The event was targeted toward leading mobility managers who are aware of sustainability, who are looking for inspiration, and who wish to create added value for their mobility policies. At the heart of the presentation was a panel discussion moderated by sports journalist Ruben Van Gucht (VRT) on the topic of mobility, featuring Koen Kennis (Alderman of Mobility), Brecht Mangelschots (Sr. Reward Consultant SD Worx), Jean-Marc Ponteville (Press & PR D’Ieteren) and Tomi Viiala (Co-CEO myStromer AG).

    Both the Stromer Universe and the #HereToChangeMobility event were a resounding success among international partners and key accounts. In addition, a number of interested end customers also made good use of the opportunity to test the new Stromer models on-site on public days.

  6. Vattenfall and CAKE reveal hidden CO2 sources when producing an electric motorcycle by demonstrating carbon footprint with a cube

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    Stefan Ytterborn: “The term fossil-free vehicles is greenwashing until the entire production part has been decarbonized, regardless of the fuel they are running on”

    Vattenfall, a leading European energy company, and LEVA-EU member CAKE, the Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles, today announced an innovative initiative for visualizing carbon emissions from production. Within the joint project “Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever”, CAKE and Vattenfall are revealing the climate impact of producing one CAKE Kalk OR electric offroader by placing it in a cube, 8.6 meters tall, that represents the volume of carbon emissions created in the production of the bike – 637 cubic meters, equal to 1,186 kg CO2e.

    The popular term fossil-free vehicles is greenwashing until the entire production has been decarbonized, regardless of the fuel they are running on. In fact, most companies do not know the carbon footprint of their own products. To understand and tackle our own impact, we have measured the emissions from our entire production chain for one CAKE Kalk OR, and started to decarbonize every step to a minimum by 2025. By doing so, our second most important contribution to the planet is to inspire other manufacturers to step up and do the same,” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE.

    Annika Ramsköld, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Vattenfall commented:

    Vattenfall works to achieve fossil-free living within one generation and is dedicated to finding partnerships that inspire and break barriers. This is one such project, where our main contribution is the broad knowledge in fossil free solutions and electrification of industries we have acquired over decades from our own as well as other industries.

    Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever – revealing climate impact

    Within the project Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever, Vattenfall and CAKE have been collaborating since 2021 with the aim to produce the first ever truly fossil-free vehicle – the CAKE Kalk OR electric offroader. The first step in the decarbonization process was taking the bike apart and measuring the impact, from a climate perspective, of every individual part. The two companies worked together to quantify the carbon emissions from step one of the manufacturing process for each component as well as final assembly – from raw material to finished product.

    The life cycle assessment (LCA) concluded that producing one CAKE Kalk OR currently results in emissions of 1,186 kg CO2e, equal to a volume of 637 cubic meters. Every successful step taken results in shrinking the volume. The route to fossil-free production will involve both CAKE and its existing suppliers, as well as a number of innovative producers of alternative components and materials that offer opportunities for emissions to be further reduced.

    An integral part of the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever collaboration between Vattenfall and CAKE will be the cube, a three-dimensional visualization of the carbon footprint from production. The visualization itself is an innovative approach to building a broad understanding of an urgent global issue that is often talked about, but difficult to comprehend. The objective of the cube is to raise awareness among consumers, inspire the manufacturing industry in general, and position Vattenfall and CAKE as leaders in the transition to fossil-free production.

    The many misperceptions of fossil-free

    Anything that is produced results in a certain carbon footprint. Consumers can make a large difference by consuming less and more consciously if they are given the opportunity to understand what fossil-free means. For instance, research has shown that 83 percent of all EV owners believe that they are already doing enough for the climate. The reality is that an electric car results in carbon emissions of 35 tonnes when produced, a figure that manufacturers are rarely able to provide.

    Carbon emissions from producing different products (weight and volume):

    – A pair of jeans: 33 kg CO2e, 18 m3

    – Beef, 1 kg: 60 kg CO2e / 32 m3

    – Using up a full tank (60 liters) of gasoline in a car:

    – Petrol: 182 kg CO2e / 97 m3

    – Diesel: 206 kg CO2e / 110 m3

    – CAKE Kalk OR electric motorcycle: 1,186 kg CO2e / 637 m3

    – A 46 inch LED television: 1,334 kg CO2e / 713 m3

    – A mid-size electric car: 25-35 tonnes CO2e / 13,359-18,703 m3

  7. Transport for London will add an e-bike fleet to the city’s shared cycle scheme

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    Source: POLIS

    The TfL bike hire scheme’s pricing will now mirror that of London bus fares, with the addition of e-bike options.

    The transport scheme in London allows individuals to ride buses and trams in the city for 60 minutes, at a price of £1.65. From 12 September 2022, a fleet of 500 e-bikes will also become available for hire in 30-minute increments. Additionally, seven new docking stations will be opened in the Southwark neighborhood.

    Reaching more than 1.3 million bike rentals, July 2022 was the busiest month on record for the TfL Santander Cycles bike rental program. Since September 2021, each of the 11 months has surpassed the prior month’s record high, demonstrating a steady increase in usage. The extension is therefore predicted to be extremely well-received.

    The new pricing scheme is as follows:

    • A new flat rate of £1.65 per 30-minute ride, with the existing daily access fee to be eliminated.
    • A new and flexible monthly membership option for £20 per month, which will allow customers to take unlimited 60-minute rides per month.
    • An annual membership including unlimited 60-minute rides, which is double the current time limit, to be provided with an increased fee of £120, reflecting increased operating costs and inflation since the last change in 2013.
    • Kick-off booking is available to registered users for £3.30 per 30-minute ride or £1 per 60-minute ride for monthly and annual members.
  8. The TILER Charging Tile helps MOBIAN on its way with shared e-bike fleets

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    Source: NieuwsFiets.nu

    Park and Ride provider MOBIAN has expanded its range of shared bicycles with electric shared bicycles in Amsterdam, utilizing LEVA-EU member TILER’s innovative product to combat previous drawbacks.

    The new e-bicycles are wirelessly charged on a TILER charging tile via a special charging stand. The e-bikes are charged immediately after use with no hub administrator required.

    The booming market for electric bicycles continues to bring fresh innovation. The e-bike charging process is redesigned with TILER’s product, which has transformed the traditional methods for charging e-bikes. “Parking is charging and nothing else needs to be done. All it takes is a Charging Tile and the bike stand must be replaced with TILER’s own Stand,” says TILER marketing manager Amarins Tamminga. “This is ideal for unattended shared bicycle fleets, where charging is sometimes forgotten by the user and standard chargers are very fragile and not made for such intensive use.

    ‘In TILER we see a cool vandal-proof solution’

    MOBIAN founder Sven Snel speaks of “an awesome, new, and accessible way to charge e-bikes. The trend of the e-bike has not escaped our attention in recent years, but to be able to offer electric shared bicycles in a good way on our MOBIHUBS turned out to be quite a challenge. We have ventured into e-bikes before, but too often encountered destruction of our charging products,” says Snel. “In TILER we see a great vandal-proof solution and are therefore happy to take on the challenge of adding e-bikes to the shared mobilities on our MOBIHUBS again.”

    Charging solution for rental bicycles

    MOBIAN is not the first to collaborate with TILER; the brand is already active in other shared bike concepts, such as rental bicycles in hotels and fleets of e-bikes for staff. They have also recently started a project with a bicycle sharing hub at Arnhem Central.

    We are very excited to start this project with MOBIAN, especially because they have experienced for themselves that there must be a charging solution if you want to offer e-bikes in autonomous hubs. TILER’s vision is to change cities, more focused on people and nature, and the combination with MOBIAN’s park & ​​ride concept fits perfectly with this,” says Christiaan van Nispen, founder of TILER.

    From this week on, e-bikes can be rented at the MOBIHUB Ijsbaanpad location and later this month also at MOBIHUB Amsterdam West. If the project is successful, the companies hope to be able to further roll out the scheme in various Dutch cities.

  9. Time to test ride: VanMoof reveals the all-new S5 & A5 are ready to take to the streets

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    LEVA-EU member VanMoof reveals that the VanMoof S5 & A5 are available to test ride in Amsterdam and Berlin (with test rides to be available in other cities across the globe throughout August and September).

    Following a record-breaking launch in April that achieved unprecedented website traffic and an international buzz, VanMoof’s latest e-bikes are now ready to take to the streets. Riders can test ride both models of the brand’s latest generation of groundbreaking city e-bikes, the VanMoof S5 & A5.

    Test ride schedule

    While Amsterdam and Berlin are the first two cities to launch test rides, riders will be able to book test rides in London, Paris, Hamburg, Munster, New York City, and San Francisco later in August and September. 

    Test rides will be available in further cities across the world through September and October.

    New bikes, new frames

    Both new 5-Series frames offer riders the easiest and accessible way to ride a VanMoof. The S5 is a refresh of the unmistakable VanMoof straight frame with slightly smaller wheels. The high riding position remains the top pick for controlled cruising. The brand-new A5 model has a lowered step-in frame, making it easy to jump on and off on nimble city rides. The all-new frame was designed with people new to biking in mind.

    Engineered to perfection

    The VanMoof S5 & A5 feature a re-engineered ultra-silent and powerful motor, a long-range battery, an extra powerful Boost button, and all the latest VanMoof anti-theft tech. The new handlebar interface made of LED Halo Rings communicates real-time feedback on speed, battery levels, unlocking and more. The all-new lowered step-in A5 frame opens the opportunity for more riders worldwide to have their first e-bike experience. The VanMoof S5 & A5 come in a gray finish and are available to buy for the introductory price of $2998.

    How to book a test ride

    Riders can view which cities worldwide currently offer test rides and book theirs here.

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