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  1. All-new drive unit for SCOTT Addict eRIDE

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    The SCOTT Addict eRIDE now features the new MAHLE X20 system, released 20th April 2022- the world’s lightest e-road bike just got faster, more versatile, and even more powerful. LEVA-EU member SCOTT’s eRoad bike raises the bar yet again.

    The SCOTT Addict eRIDE has been the cornerstone of the brand’s eROAD segment for a couple of years and this benchmark lightweight E-Bike just raised the bar again. Working with drive train partner Mahle, the bike now features a new lighter, more powerful system – the Mahle X20.

    The result is a bike for the discerning rider, a truly lightweight package at 10.6kg. Full integration with an engine that can be tuned to provide custom levels of support and simply turned off when not needed.

    E-Road bikes aren’t on this earth to make things easier. They’re here to make things more interesting, to help you climb higher, longer and steeper. 

    Discover the features and technologies behind the SCOTT Addict eRIDE below.

    Visit the official SCOTT Addict eRIDE webpage here.

    View the release video for the e-bike here.

    Design and Integration
    SCOTT’s DNA is ITD – Innovation, Technology, Design – and the Addict eRIDE featuring the Mahle X20 is an excellent example of this. Everything on the bike from components to drive train and drive unit works as a single system. The minimalist design of the drive unit allows SCOTT to keep the aesthetic and design of its premium road racing bike the Addict RC, and a fantastically low weight of 10.6 kg.

    A major enabler of this is the new X20 system from Mahle. This hub-driven motor allows for a minimalist silhouette so it’s truly indistinguishable from a traditional road bike. Hidden in the downtube is a 250Wh battery with the possibility of replacing a water bottle with a Range booster to further extend your horizons.

    As the drive unit is located in the hub, the new X20 hub features an innovative plug system and a standard thru-axle making the removal of the rear wheel as easy as on a regular bike. Integration extends to the controls: a simple button on the top tube showing power and mode through color and optional shifters under the grip tape.

    The new Mahle X20 sees power increase to 60Nm which means a smoother and more powerful acceleration for the rider with more power on tap. The Mahle unit is hub-driven which leads to a very smooth experience for the rider in terms of power delivery.

    The system has evolved across the board from weight to performance and integration.  The new rear hub weighs in at 1.399kg, shedding over 500g from the system with better integration and control. The hub also switches to a standard 142×12 thru-axle and can take a full range of freewheels from SHIMANO, SRAM and N3W.

    It’s a true smart system that can make adjustments through a range of sensors including a new torque and cadence sensor in the bottom bracket. These allow the E-Bike to accurately read each watt of power you apply, giving the user the appropriate response thanks to AI and Machine Learning. The system learns from you and adapts to your needs and the environment at every moment leading to a better riding experience.

    Smart Riding
    A key benefit of the new X20 system is the ability to customize the system to the rider’s preference. Do you want maximum support when the road gets steep or simply minimal support and to be pushed hard physically? Only have two hours for a ride but want to cover more ground? This is also possible. The Mahle ONE app allows the rider to set their own limitations, not the road.

    In short, the system can adapt to you and to your needs. A simple Sunday spin in January can be just as pleasurable as a long day up the Stelvio Pass in Europe. Your bike, your way.

    Customization is simple using the new Mahle ONE app. Riders can personally configure the level of power and response from the system at each of the three power modes. 

    As an additional benefit, the drive unit is dragless. This allows the rider to turn the system off to conserve battery on a descent or on the flat. Your battery is no longer a limit.

    Light Weight
    The lightest electric-assist road bike frame on the market just got even lighter. With a frame weight of just 1.04kg, a drive unit total system weight of 3.2kg and a complete bike weight of 10.6kg, the Addict eRIDE is a milestone in the electric road assist category. More than a number, the Addict eRIDE has been developed in close collaboration between our dedicated eRIDE and road engineers to perfectly balance the needs of a drive unit with the superior carbon layering of a World Tour-proven road bike.

    For eROAD bikes which seek to replicate the feeling of a traditional bike, the low weight of the Mahle X20 system is really a game-changer that contributes to low overall bike weight.

    SCOTT and Mahle first worked together on the Addict eRIDE models released in 2020. With a shared philosophy of seamless integration and uncompromised riding performance, the two brands have reached the perfect synergy with the integration of the new Mahle X20 system into SCOTT’s Addict eRIDE models, rider-focused innovations that result in a better riding experience.

    The Addict eRIDE Range
    The Addict eRIDE is available in 5 different models including a dedicated Contessa version as part of SCOTT’s Contessa Signature Collection: Addict eRIDE Ultimate (9.999,00 €), Addict eRIDE 10 (7.499,00 €), Addict eRIDE 20 (6.999,00 €), Addict eRIDE 30 (5.999,00 €). Contessa Addict eRIDE (6.999,00 €). Pricing may vary according to market.

  2. Temporary offer of 5-year warranty on QWIC e-bikes

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    E-bike manufacturer QWIC starts the new cycling season with a 5-year warranty campaign. The offer applies to all models from the 2022 brochure. QWIC produces innovative e-bikes with high-quality components. With this temporary campaign, QWIC shows confidence in its products. 

    Participating e-bikes 
    Participating models are all models from the 2022 brochure, including all Premium i models and all speed pedelecs from QWIC (Performance RD11 Speed, MA11 Speed, and MD11 Speed).

    5-year warranty
    The 5-year warranty applies to all mechanical and electrical parts, which normally have a 2-year factory warranty. The 5-year warranty also applies to the battery, although after two years there is an annual depreciation.  

    Consumers can easily claim the 5-year warranty. The campaign runs from Tuesday 15 March 2022 to Thursday 30 June 2022. When a consumer buys one of the action models in this period, they only have to register the bike through QWIC’s promotion page. Subsequently, they will receive the warranty certificate by email.

  3. The Bird Bike arrives in the UK via an exclusive Halfords partnership

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    Source: BikeBiz

    The launch, by LEVA-EU member Bird, aims to take advantage of rising e-bike sales in the UK

    In an exclusive partnership with Halfords, the ‘Bird Bike’ from Bird will pedal its way onto UK streets. The electrically assisted cycle features a 250w rear hub motor from fellow LEVA-EU member Bafang.

    Available in three colourways, compatible with the Bird app, and with a new step-through model joining the range this summer, Bird Bike will likely have riders flocking to their nearest Halfords for a test ride.

    Brian Buccella, senior vice president at bird shares, “The UK is investing heavily in its cycling infrastructure and people are now looking to micro-electric vehicles to replace their petrol-powered trips. The Bird Bike not only offers both new and experienced cyclists the thrill of the ride, but also the safety and technology synonymous with our brand.”

  4. CAKE claims ‘Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award’ for 2022

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    The CAKE Kalk AP, developed in collaboration with Southern Africa Wildlife College, was named a winner for 2022.

    Source: Outdoor Retailer

    The Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards recognize products and retail services that excel in four major categories; spark, desire, function, and impact. After careful consideration by a panel of expert judges, the LEVA-EU member CAKE’s Kalk AP was selected as one of the prestigious winners in 2022.

    Known as the ‘Outback Patroller’, the Kalk AP is the original anti-poaching bike, optimized for wildlife conservation. Working in collaboration with Southern Africa Wildlife College, the product will help anti-poaching units protect Africa’s endangered wildlife.

  5. Rad Power Bikes News

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    LEVA-EU Member Rad Power Bikes has created a digital home for ebike news, culture and Rad Stories.  It is called The Scenic Route, to discover things that can inspire and empower ebike riders, whether it’s technical advice from their resident team of experts or the adventures of fellow Rad riders. Rad Power Bikes strives to tell stories about a world where transportation is energy-efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all.

    Most recently, they have put the spotlight on Chris Douglas, a longtime Radvocate who made a decision that saved another man’s life.

    Subscribe to The Scenic Route to hear more about Douglas, learn about how to prep your drivetrain for winter, and get updates on all things Rad.

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